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The original strand.

The Zyken Virus, also known as kauhukuva(finnish, chimera), and bệnh dịch hạch chết người (vietnimese, the deadly plague), is said to be the last remaining surface of the chimera species.

Home Planet: Baal
Powers and Abilities: Oniyōshi,
Appears In:  Manga, Anime, Game, Book, and Movie




After the Chimera were wiped Nearly extinct with only one person, Zyken, living, Zyken decided to get together with a mad scientist to continue his line of heirs. The scientist extracted Zyken's DNA and then decided to use special biotechnology in order to turn the DNA into a living, breathing organism."

Armaldo would later find out about this virus and preform more experiencing on it. He would later steal a part of DNA chip from the Alien Codon Stream and add that into it. Several years later and inject this into his son, Pyro.


Due to the massive experiments on the DNA turning it into a virus as well as injecting it with samples from all across the omniverse it has a wide virety of applications. As an actual living being the Virus has it's own personailty which is unique from others

Powers and Abilities 


Zyken displaying energy absorption.

Zyken Virus has all of the abilities of the Chimera. The virus is capable of absorbing the soul of matter, energy, and even the DNA, of other beings. Allowing him to use it in various ways. As well as Cimera's natural affinity to Nature and the rare abilitly t transform into a beast form, half beast, half man form as well. The beast transformation seems to be the true repersentation of the thing inside the host.

As stated in the Web Of Intrigue, the virus changes on a rapid scale, changing and evolving into something else. Pryo states that for every time he becomes badly beaten, whenever he recovers, he becomes stronger multiplied by his inguries. So literally whatever doesn't kill them will only make it stronger. Allowing the being and it's host to evolve without limit.


Zyken cannot live without a host. If the virus doesn't infect a host sucessfully within 72 hours after incubation it will wirher away and die.

The Virus seems to hate extreme sunlight demon heirtage.

The virus seems to hate most galtican metals due to it's angel heirtage.

The host is susceptile to the influence of the virus and its thirst for blood.

Infection Process

The virus is highly contagious and can infect organisms through a multitude of means:

  • Physical Contact: If a non-infected person is bitten or scratched by an Infected person, or a Hunter, the virus can spread directly to the victim resulting in their infection.
  • Exposure: Coming into contact with an Infected Water Tower, or a Hive can result in the infectious agents spreading to nearby humans.
  • Bodily Fluid Contact: Infectious bodily fluids and materials are capable of infection through open wounds.
  • Injection: As demonstrated by the Project D-Code soldiers, the virus can be spread through direct application via injection.

One of the viruses entering a victims cells.

The Virus goes through many steps. Once infection, the virus "plugs in" and activates the 'junk' DNA in its victim, resulting in several biological changes that create (and recreate) sentience within the infected creature's cellular makeup. It acts by affecting the protein encoding regions of the promoter introns in each cell. As a retrovirus, it contains both RNA and the reverse transcriptase enzyme, allowing it to insert its own genetic codes into the host's cells. It enters, re-purposes and changes the cell, replicating previously dormant non-coding segments of the organism's DNA. This is called step one.

More often than not, these changes are too drastic and 50% of all infected organisms die from massive organ failure and cell saturation. Of the surviving percent another 40% will go mad and give in to their feral instincts, leaving Pryo to describe them as Zombies. Of the 10%, if the victim survives, the Virus further mutates, becoming an actual living being within the host. Armaldo described the appearance of a teratoma. This is called step two.

The final step is when the newly formed living organism bonds with the hosts body. Pryo described this as a newborn feeding off its mother and giving her body some benefits in return. When bonded the newly lving organism, often called Zyken just like it's creator, will start to turn th body into it;s full manifested form. Zyken will turn the users body into its psycal peak and it's mental peak with a wide virety of other abilities.

Effects on Host


Pryo Displaying his power of the virus.

The primary effect of the Virus is turns the host into their peak capability and form. Hosts will display feats that make them appear to be demons.

Their mental capacity will increse. Pryo esitmated this to increse the overall IQ by 60 points which now puts him on the level of a genius. 

According to Armaldo, they are extremely strong, they can lift naturally as much as an ant can, or in other words 50X their weight.

In terms of speed, Pryo is seen being able to outrun racing cars without diffculty. The host are also extremely agile and balanced.


One appearance of an host

They also gain extreme senses, to the point that they can outmanuver an entire team of tracking dogs. The users also gain a sixth sense being able to sense danger  right befome it come into contact with them. 

The user gains an incredible healing factor.recovering from minor injuries within seconds and major injuries within a day. 

The user gains 99 pairs of chromosomes. Another effect is that host practically become infertile, with only a 15% change of being able to reproduce per reconstruction. 

In terms of appearance, the host will stay the same but growing animal like ears as well as fangs. Eventually the host will also grow horns on their head. The more horns stating the older they are. The users eyes also change, the most common being yellow with silter irises. Some other colors include red which is indicated in those who posses Alpha traits.

Darcia eyes

Pryo's new eyes.

Virus will also pass it's own abilities to the host such as it's adaptation, absorbtation, and nature lover. In order to use the absorbtion, the user will have to use their fangs.

The user also secrates venom that they can willingly control from their fangs and claws. The venom can infect the victims with whatever those comes in contact with.


  • This is my final adaptation of how I would like a favorite power to be incorporated.
  • Like many things, the alternate name for this, kauhukuva, is a finnish word.
  • I have taken element from this virus from the blacklight virus in protoype as well as venom in the Marvel comics. As well as the concept of the Jinchuriki in Naruto. 
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