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Universe Super Smash Bros.

Zorm is the leader of the Demon Army and the final boss of Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars's Adventure Mode. He plans to use his demon soldiers to turn the World of Trophies into the World of Doom. He also plans on using his demon slaves to take over the Smash heroes' bodies instead of turning them into trophies. He was usually Tabuu's rival before the events in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He also has the ability to transform into anybody, including the Smashers. (similar to PROXY's ability)

Role in Rise of an Unleashed Army

Before his time as the Demon leader, Zorm lost to his rival, Tabuu in a contest to see who will try to rule the Smash World. However, after Tabuu's defeat, Zorm finally had the chance of creating his demon army in order to turn the World of Trophies into the World of Doom. He also planned on using his demon minions to take over the Smash heroes' bodies instead of turning them into trophies. His hideout was a volcano filled with demon babies and possessed leeches. Zorm even sent his army to serve Palpatine to make him think he is the leader of the demon army. Then, Palpatine enlisted the help of Darth Vader, Ganondorf, General Grievous, Bowser, and Wario. They would hunt down any fighters that get in the way of Palpatine's plans. Darth Vader, however, secretly trained his secret apprentice, Starkiller to hunt down the heroes and to overthrow Palpatine so that Vader could control the demon army.

Later, as Darth Vader entered Palpatine's throne room, Palpatine ordered his demon soldiers to leave so that he can speak with Vader, but they didn't move. Zorm in his Starkiller form then broke through a window, whom Vader thought was his real apprentice. But then, Zorm transformed back into his real form, and Palpatine and Vader realized that Zorm is the true demon leader. Vader then decided to attack Zorm instead of Palpatine. Before Vader could continue attacking, Zorm quickly defeated Vader and knocked him unconscioius. As Mario and the other fighters entered the throne room, they, along with Palpatine and Vader, were easily pushed back out of the palace, and Zorm transported back to his lair.

After a brief moment of unconscioiusness, the heroes and Palpatine woke up. Mario and Zelda then helped Darth Vader wake up from unconscioius. After thinking of a plan to defeat Zorm, Palpatine declared that he, Vader, and the other villains will team up with the heroes to defeat the demon leader. As Ganondorf entered, he prepares to fight the heroes, but was told that Palpatine and Vader will join the heroes in a confrontation with Zorm. Ganondorf agrees to join, and so did Bowser, Wario, and Grievous.

As the heroes and villains reached Zorm's volcano lair, they fought a lot of demons at the main gates. They got into Zorm's lair, and battled a lot more demons along the way. When they reached Zorm, he became furious and attacked them, while transforming into any one of the heroes, in order to confuse them. However, Mario, and the others defeat Zorm, but he gets up, and turns into his second form. Despite Zorm's attempts to beat the heroes, he was thwarted, and was dragged back into the lava. Before everybody could celebrate their victory, Zorm attempted to make one last move and turned into a huge fire demon. Zorm did his best to kill the heroes, but they finally defeated him, and he sinked into the lava and his volcano lair began to collapse. The heroes and villains however escaped, then looked upon the ruins of the fallen volcano.

Zorm's Alternate Forms

These are Zorm's forms when the SSBSW fighters fight him.

Zorm's first and normal form.

Zorm's second form.

Zorm's final form.