Zombies at the Mall is a 2017 film.


Jamie Newton, a collage student spends the night at her friend Brenda's house. Over the night zombies start spreding as a virus infects humans causing zombies to becume real. CJ (a mechanic), Kelly (a chef), Blaire (a TV reporter), Glen (a vet) and Harriet (a pregant receptionist), take shelter in Cherry Grove Mall.

Jamie and Brenda soon learn about the virus and escape the zombie filled neighbourhood. They soon come across Sam, Brenda's boyfriend, and Nathan, Jamie's boyfriend. They hide out at the community centre and meet Sherrie and Isaac, 2 fellow survivors.

Zombies then attack the centre and kill multipule people. Luckily, Isaac pulls away and lands safely when he jumps out the window to escape, immediatly Brenda and Sam follow. Sherrie is clawed by a zombie on the arm and leg but escapes, Nathan helps Jamie down before jumping to the group.

As they run they pass a gun store and rob it, stealing lots of guns such as a double-barrel, an AK-47, a bazuka, a pistol, a shotgun and a rocket launcher. Fully equipted they take on a hoard of zombies and Sherrie is bitten on the arm by an zombie cowboy and pilot. Sherrie then turns into a zombie and attacks Sam, who shoots her. As they go to leave zombie Sherrie jumps up and eats Isaac. Before Isaac can turn into a zombie he and zombie Sherrie are both crushed by a falling crane.

Jamie realises you have to double tap to really kill a zombie. They then arrive at Cherry Grove Mall and find CJ locking the gates, they request be allowed to stay but CJ doesn't let them until he realises that theyt have good guns, so he let's them stay as security. After locking the gates and blocking the underground carpark entrences they move the roof top ramps and block those as well as the loading bay gates and fire exits. While exploring they find eight zombies and kill them all as well as double tap, they also find two security guards Lydia and Stephan, and a shoper in hiding Monica. The group goes to the roof to see a airplane full of survivors landing. The pilot Curtis, flew a large roup of survivors from the airport to the mall as they saw survivors. Clay, Diane, Morgan, Ashley, Paris, Rex, Ian, Gary, George, Anna, Saige, Jenny, Kirsty, Kristan, Evan, Xavier, Denise, Candice, Sean, Blake, Rory, Jill, Jim, Jake, Kay, Caitlin, Amelia, Amanda, Todd, Shelby, Alex, Dante, Kimberly, Sabrina, Harold, Bernie, Jackson, Lorna, Christina, Kirby, Olivia, Ollie, Nova, Danny, Mimi, Wong-Lee, Charlie, Andrew, Jon, Serena, Carl, Amy, Evie, Luigi, Nadia, Pearl, Adi, Obi, Laura, Lenny and Matt, are the survivors.

we tried to get out but the doors are locked the only way to get outside is through the sewers.


  • Krista Allen as Jamie
  • Nicolas D'Agonst as Nathan
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Woods as Brenda
  • Emma Bell as Monica
  • Daniel Raddcliff as Isaac
  • Katy Perry as Sherrie
  • Danny Glover as CJ
  • Miles Fisher as Sam
  • Rose McGowan as Lydia
  • Courtney B. Vance as Stephan
  • Tom Cruise as Curtis
  • Jesse Spencer as Clay
  • Abbie Cornish as Diane
  • Rose Bryne as Morgan
  • Claire Holt as Ashley
  • Toni Collette as Paris
  • Ryan Merriman as Rex
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