Zombies Apocalypse is a zombie horror film starring Jared Padalecki, Danielle Harris, Neve Campbell, Andrew Lincoln and Chelan Simmons.


a girl named katie [chelan simmons] and her brother, chris [jamie kennedy] are attacked and killed by a zombie while they are left home alone watching night of the living dead.

the zombie and zombie katie then go into a nearby woods and kill katies ex-boyfreind blake [jerry o'connell].

weeks later, katies boyfreind, tyler zane [andrew lincoln] starts getting a series of phone calls saying i will eat you, tyler!. finally, katie shows up on his balcony, chases him into his house and eats him.

a group of girls - taylor [danielle harris], heather [julianna guill], ashley [neve campbell] and laurie [leighton meester] decide to go on a road trip on girls night out. heather spots the zombies in the woods as they pass the woods and they decide to spy on them. heather gets so curious she goes outside and into the forest to find out whats going on. she recognizes blake as a zombie and he suddenly bites her thumb off. screaming in pain, heather manages to run back to the car and get inside and they drive away. laurie, who is sitting next to heather, feels heather hugging her, but when she looks at heather, she realizes heather is a zombie and shes attacking her. taylor and ashley scream as they watch laurie get eaten by heather. taylor and ashley escape from the car and go hitchhiking to the police station to see lauries brother, sherrif richard richie walters [jared padelecki]. Then they meet anthony and richard who are survivors and anthony is taylor boyfriend and richard see zombies coming from everywhere so they all run from the zombies to a barricade and barricade themselves from zombies them they sleep and when he gets up, my cousin then wakes me up whild i sleep next to taylor and then we had a talk. My cousin said "do you like taylor if so do, do you want to marry her after the zombie outbreak" I said yes "i want to mary taylor after the zombie outbreak" then we get a car and we went to a army base full of zombies when they get there, we all tell richie to bomb the woods because of the zombies. when richie dosent beleive them, they drive them there.

when they get there, the zombies come out of the woods and attack the car [simillar to cujo] and richie finally believes them.

they drive back to the police station to get some gasoline. they trap all of the zombies inthe garage and set the inside on fire, killing the zombies. they decide to relaxe by the garage door. suddenly, a zombie arm pulls ashley through a doggie door and eats her head.

after credits scene after the first zombie outbreak me and taylor got marry and we watch tv and thr new caster said" there is another zombie outbreak coming and we got perpared


Danielle Harris as Taylor

Jared Padalecki as Richie

Neve Campbell as Ashley

Leighton Meester as Laurie

Julianna Guill as Heather

Andrew Lincoln as Tyler

Jerry O'Connell as Blake

Chelan Simmons as Katie

Jamie Kennedy as Chris

Anthony Rogers as Taylor's boyfriend

Richard Couch as Taylor's cousin 










Richie, Taylor, Taylor's boyfriend and Taylor's cousin 

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