Zombie Town Is A Zombie Apocalypse-Horror Film Starring Katie Cassidy, Jordana Brewster, Ali Larter, Jared Padalecki, Elisha Cuthbert, Chris Evans, Nikki Reed, Drew Roy, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Bobby Campo, Michael Trevino, Emily Browning, Melissa George, Jesse Williams And Josh Hartnett.



9 college friends Natalie, James, Emily, Hanna, Kyle, Ian, Ashley, Mike and Mark are on their way to Ian's summer home, they stop at a gas station for gas and food, Natalie sees a dead body at the register and screams, a zombie comes out and attacks Emily, Natalie grabs a double-barreled shotgun and shoots the zombie. They drive away and Natalie goes to pick up Sara at her house but doesn't find her there.

They drive and hide in a hospital, when a zombie chases them they hide in a room. Sara, Natalie's oldest sister, is with her friends Lisa, Lisa's boyfriend Justin, Nick and Nick's girlfriend Anna are in an RV safe, Sara tells them they have to get Natalie and they go to search for her. They stop and look for Natalie, they split up into groups, Sara, Lisa and Justin, the other group, Nick and Anna. Nick and Anna go into a house, Nick is eaten by a zombie and Anna screams in horror and runs.

Zombies burst into the room and Ian is killed by the zombies and the group of friends fight them off and escape the building. They drive off and bump into Sara, Lisa and Justin they let them in the truck, Sara and Natalie hug they go to a cabin where they meet up with Sara's friend Danielle, Nina and Nina's boyfriend Danny they hide with them in the cabin. Natalie, Lisa, James, Sara, Emily, Kyle, Danny, Nina, Justin and Danielle drive to find more survivors. Natalie and Sara see Anna running, they stop, they get out and Natalie and Sara hug Anna, they are about to leave but Anna is attack by a zombie, more of them come and the group fight them off. Anna sacrifices herself so the group can drive away. Ashley is attacked and killed by a zombie, more of them come and Mark and Danny are killed by the zombies.

Mike runs and hides upstairs, he sees a zombie eating Ashley he is then attacked and killed by the zombie. Danielle hears Mike's scream, she goes upstairs and sees Ashley and Mike's dead bodies, she screams. Natalie and Sara hear her screams they see her through the floor, Natalie kills the zombie and Sara tries to pull her up but Danielle is bit by a zombie and tells Sara to let her go, she does and Danielle is killed.

The sisters run back downstairs with the others, Nina is attacked and almost killed by a zombie but escapes. They decide to fight them off, Natalie says to them they have to blow the house up and they all agree. Natalie pours gasoline everywhere, lights a match the group are about to leave but a zombie attacks Emily. Natalie tells them to leave, she shoots the zombie Emily and Natalie run outside, the house blows up and the group drive away.


  • Katie Cassidy as Natalie/ The main Protagonist, Sara's sister and James' girlfriend
  • Jordana Brewster as Lisa/ Sara's best friend
  • Ali Larter as Sara/ Natalie's sister
  • Jared Padalecki as James/ Natalie's boyfriend
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Emily/ Natalie's best friend
  • Chris Evans as Justin/ Lisa's boyfriend
  • Nikki Reed as Hanna/ Natalie's best friend and Kyle's girlfriend
  • Drew Roy as Kyle/ Hanna's boyfriend
  • Jessica Alba as Nina/ Danny's girlfriend
  • Justin Timberlake as Danny/ Nina's girlfriend
  • Olivia Wilde as Danielle/ Sara's best friend
  • Bobby Campo as Mike/
  • Michael Trevino as Mark/
  • Emily Browning as Ashley/ Natalie's friend
  • Melissa George as Anna/ Sara's best friend
  • Jesse Williams as Ian/
  • Josh Hartnett as Nick/












Nick- Eaten

Ian- Bitten in neck, arm, leg, mouth and stomach by a horde of zombies

Anna- Devoured by a group of zombies

Ashley- Attacked and eaten by a zombie

Mark- Bitten in neck by a zombie

Danny- Bitten in arm and mouth by a zombie

Mike- Attacked and eaten by a zombie

Danielle- Bitten in leg and eaten by a zombie

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