Zombie Infestation is a 2013 movie released on December 6th 2013. Ron Perlman stars as a retired military man who must prevent a zombie infestation from spreading.

Ron Perlman as Elliott Reks a retired military man who must travel the world to stop a zombie infestation from spreading.

Belita Moreno as Marisol Elliot's wife and the children of their two grown kids.

Gabriel Mann as Captain Lesnar a member of the US military and Elliot Rek's friend.

Bahar Soomekh as a young palestinian woman and the main antagonist who is responsible for the zombie infestation.

Michael Fassbender 

James Mcavoy as Gilderoy

Sung Kang 

Jude Ciccolella

Ron Livingston as Marty Younger a prisoner who is currnetly in jail in an abandoned jail with the zombies he is killed by the zombies.

Devon Aoki as Fumiko,a streetwise girl who aids Elliott Reks in stopping the zombie infestation.

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