Random Facts
Type: Manga
Worldbuilding: Fanfiction, partially original
Based on: Dragon Eye (Manga), Attack on Titan (Manga), Marvel (comics), Naruto (Manga), Harry Potter (Book), The Walking Dead (Live Action TV)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance, Crime, Drama, Tragedy, Western, Sci-Fi fantasy, Family/Friendship
Demographic: 17+
Status: Ongoing monthly
Chapters 1
Volumes: None
Author: Zyken

Is a fanfiction alternate universe creted by Zyken based on the series The Walking Dead. It involves the usage of magic, elaboration on the homeland Pandora and various other things. The truth about the titans is finally revealed, with the foe doing everything in their power to destory Eren and humanity for good this time. There may be only one thing that will put them down for good. The legendary magic Zodiac Knight. Updates to this series is monthy, with the occasionall special update in special events or so. 


Ten years ago, a terrible virus swept the globe. It turned its victims into bloodthirsty monsters called Titans, and the only cure is death. Now, with humankind on the brink of extinction, only the elite warriors of the Scout Regiment stand between chaos and civilization. New recruit Eren Yeager is one of the squad’s most promising young warriors, but she has another agenda: Her parents were killed by a Titan, and she’s determined to take revenge. To do this, she has to find Zodiac Knight - a magic weapon that will make her the most powerful warrior in the world.


Annie Leonheart/Rex

The second main character of Zodiac Knight. Jinchuriki of the Symboite Diablo, she came from the ancient land of Pandora on a mission to destroy humanity, though now that her home is destroyed and the titans are more dangerous then ever, she ends up finding solipsistic in the least expected place.


Annie is a petite girl, standing at only five feet and two inches tall. She has spiky vibrant blond hair which stands out from the rest. It is typically put into a bun with a bang covering her left eye, but when untied the hair is shown to extend past her waist. She has a pronounced nose moreso then any other character and her blue eyes also are more pronounced on her face, although they typically have a sullen look to them. Due to her being a Jinchuriki she posses a few animistic traits such as small horns, fangs, and sharped ears.

As for clothing she wears a pull on white hoodie with four pockets and horizontal blue stripes. Then she has gray pants underneath. She typically keeps the hoodie on her head as a way to hide her sharpened ears and horns. After being freed from her crystal, she no longer wears any military jacket or the knee high boots and replaced them with brown combat boots instead. She also started wearing a rainbow themed bandanna on her head and sleveless gloves after Alex's, Reiner, and Berthodt's deaths nd no longer sports a bang.


Annie is considered to be an isolated, exclusionary type; friendships don't come to her easily. She is apathetic and somnolent, with little desire to put in any effort into any type of activity, and instead focuses exclusively on making it into the Military Police to obtain an easy life. Yet, somehow she does seem to hold some strange fascination and even feelings of respect towards people that hold a deep sense of duty and righteousness - in those people who do care and who can devote their lives and even die for causes they believe in. As denounced by Eren, Annie is terrible at lying and she enjoys fighting. Although when it comes to fighting she will often put on a front and excuse it. Annie doesn't hesitate to make deadpan snark comments when the situation calls for it, often earning her a middle finger or glare.

Yet for all of her intial stoic appearance lies a deeper personality and several traits within. Annie is a huge glutton of food, due to her Jinchuriki transformations requiring a lot of stanima, and she can also be considered a heavy sleeper, when not training she can be seen sleeping. Annie's hobbies include skygazing, reading, and swimming. As one requirement of hosting a Symboite, Annie has developed a fondness of chocolate and other various types of sweets. Annie is shown to have undying loyalty to those that she does consider friends and alies, and often will reveal more and more of herself once they have earned her trust.

During battle Annie has exhibited another, more unerving side of herself. She is shown to be quite a troll, taunting and teasing her opponents along with smiling and laughing and singing during these rampages, often giving the impression that she is insane. She can also be quite a sadist as shown in some of her kills and the ways she would torture certain people for information. Despite this however, Annie will refer to herself as weak and pathetic little girl when it comes to referencing her abilities. She hates failing and thinks of herself as a huge failure when it comes to leading missions and providing support. Annie is also shown to be prone to getting angry when the situation calls for it. She has an incredibly foul mouth and will throw out bombs sometimes as often as every other word in her sentence.

Eren points out during their talk in the forest that all Annie ever wanted to be was loved and accepted and that her father was the closest person to doing so. She seems to hate talking about herself and will do anything to switch the topic of the conversation to prevent it from being about her.


Vast Intelligence: Her surprisingly impressive vocabulary and (admittedly curt) eloquence are telltale signs as well. She's able to deduce the series of events leading up to a murder and accurately identify the killer by one minor detail: the smell of the cigarettes butts left in the victim's apartment, which Mr. Stratmann identified as so rare only he could smoke them. She is a proficient strategist, observing her opponent's skills and deducing their workings with ease and accuracy while remaining calm and composed. This would allow her to trick and defeat many analytical and smart vetrans like the special operations squad. According to Nickolas, Annie is a natural born leader and has shown to gain the respect of her peers and lead them without problems most of the time. Although preferring to work alone, Annie is excellent at collaboration and can supplement her abilities with others. Also despite her loner dementor, Annie has shown to be a very capable teacher, teaching Eren more about his abilities and explaining to Tiger the workings and basics of magic.

Weapon and Vehicle Expert: As a warrior in Pandora's elite Squad Zero, Annie is knowledgeable on military history and technology. She is proficient with the majority of military weapons, ranging from standard machine guns, rapid-fire Gatling guns, and rocket launchers. It was revealed that she also specializes in handing swords, and crossbows. She is able to pilot any vehicle from cars to motorcycles and aircraft to ships. Annie is also able to build and repair her weapons and vehicles.

Martial Arts: She has been trained in martial arts since she was a small child, both professionally and by her father. She effortlessly defeats multiple people from different races and abilities on a regular basis, and is a better martial artist than Alex, who is ranked the second strongest in the underground tournament despite her fighting with a broken arm. In addition to having powerful kicks and punches, Annie is proficient in counterattacks, takedowns, and body locks. She has repeatedly caught an opponent's weapon strikes with a single hand. She effortlessly knocked out three lieutenants in rapid succession, while bare-handed, with a single strike each. Her skill allowed her to easily defeat, without killing, hundreds of goons in a single battle without sustaining so much as a scratch to herself within just a few minuites.

Other Skills: Thanks to her military training both from Pandora and the Walls she is also good at, day and night combat, assassination, intelligence gathering, subterfuge, mapping, engineering, escapism, medical, tracking, trap-making, survival, stealth, hunting, skinning, fishing, torture and interrogation, along with a verity of other skills.

Magic and Wizard likeness: Being trained from her father and being born one, Annie has incredible skill and knowledge of the Wizard world. She is proficient in all three types of magic, and is shown to be an extreme capable teacher. While not perfering this method of combat, she easily aces in it and uses her infamous unique magic spells to bring down an entire herd of titans. Annie knows a lot about the history of magic as well as she claimed that all the books were destroyed because of the witch hunts. Annie has immense magic power and once unleashed it glows around her in a type of battle aura. The color of her aura is white, and it takes the shape of a lion which unleashed angry enough.

Half Titan Heritage: Annie is also half titan, and thus even without being a Jinchuriki she posses a greater degree of healing then humans which was only magnified. She is immune to the Hepetitus T virus as a result and her blood is compatible with all other types of blood. She also can understand the titan language of her homeworld better.

180px-Darcia demon
Jinchuriki: Due to her being the host of a Symboite, Annie is gifted with inhuman strength, speed, intelligence, healing, stamina and senses and other natural attributes. Like all other Jinchuriki, Annie must harm herself with a clear goal to transform. Her full form is a 50 foot bipedal dog-like creature, and mainly grayish-brown in coloration with crimson and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears, the insides of which have red coloration with some red rimming its eyes and mouth. It has a large, voluminous mane, primarily red in coloration but with black tips. The mane also somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a teal bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. Annie has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, and his three claws, as well as the claws on its feet, are red in coloration. Annie's eyes are red-rimmed with light blue irises. Annie has clamed that she can use all of the abilities once she dons the costume of her symboite Diablo. Being one of the most skilled members she has displayed, various partial transformations, and prefers to stay in her "costume" version as it is the most beneficial. But just like all other Jinchuriki, the powers slowly corrupt her soul as shown several times during the fall of Pandora. She also has a huge weakness to extreme sounds as well as the weak spot of the nape of her neck.


"In this world it's either eat or be eaten."


Abusive Parents: More like her father and it's been hinted plenty of times.

Alien Blood: Because she is a Jinchuriki

Anti Villain:

Axe Crazy She makes it her pleasure to kill her enemies in battle and openly even shares that glee.

Adorkable While not initially, Annie is socially awkward and clumsy. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a cruel killer, you can't help but want to hug the woman. Her younger self just blows this trope out of the water.

Battle Aura: When needed that is and unleashing enough magic power.

Broken Bird One of the worst back stories you will ever read.

Broken Tears: Did this a few times, when she failed her mission, and after the slaughter of Reiner, Berthodt and Alex.

Badass: Does this even need an explanation? Takes out almost every single member of the Scouting Regiment by herself and does various other cool shit.

Badass Gay:

Born Winner: From her father, she inherited the ability to use magic and is also part titan.

BadLiar: Gets called out on her shitty lies every single time she tries to do one.

Big Eater: She makes Sasha look modest when she goes on binging.

Blood Knight: Annie loves fighting and she loves fighting people who give her a challenge. She may not admit it outright, but she enjoys it. Hell, she even joined an underground fighting ring for the hell of it. Even after she got out of debt.

Claustrophobia: "Tight Spaces....TIGHT SPACES TIGHT SPACES! GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!"

Covert Pervert:

Cluster F Bomb: During those "oh crap" moments.

Crystal Prison: Did this in the battle of Stoness by absorbing some crystal from the titans in the walls to advoid being captured.

Dark Action Girl: Various elements of this.

Defrosting Ice Queen: Only to those that has her respect and love.

Despair Event Horizon: Gets this once Pandora, essesially her home, and everyone in it is destoryed by Nickolas.

Deadpan Snarker: This trait usually earns her the middle finger.

Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Her default expression.

Everything is better with Rainbows: Wears a rainbow colored bandanna on her head after the death of Alex.

Extreme Omnivore:   Being a Jinchuriki can even enchance a person's stomach acid and muscules! Go figure. Diablo wasn't kidding when he said that it enhances everything.

Fang Thpeak: Had this problem when she was young.

Fingerless Gloves: Wears a pair.

Fighting Fingerprint: Her martial art that her father taught her.

GeniusBruiser: Being the host of a Dyren also incrses a persons intelligence. So much that she is an engineer and was revealed to have scored the highest on her written test and exams during her school days.

The Gunslinger: Her gun skills are better shown when she couldn't use magic or her jinchuriki powers and decides to do things the old fashioned way. Least to say, it looked like someting fom red dead redemption.

Genderbender Name: Rex is a male name that means king. She doesn't mind though because she knows the reason why she was named and she thinks it is pretty cool.

Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Has an entire secret collection dedicated to them.

Glowing eyes of Doom: If blue eyes become your newest flashlight, it's time to hide for cover in the nearest necular safehouse.

Half Human Hybrid: Annie is half human and half titan.

HeavySleeper: Her powers require a lot of stamina and sleep.

Horrible Judge of Character: One of her biggest flaws. Quite simply, she has a nasty habit of always assuming the worst of everyone she meets when these people ironically often end up saving her life and or genuinely caring about her. Her trust issues mostly stem from her childhood trauma of never having anyone to be there for her.

Heroric Self Depression: Beats herself up at every chance she gets. Calls herself weak and useless to the world.

Interrupted Suicide: Several. Even though many times she would have healed back anyway.

Icy Blue Eyes

I Did What I Had to Do: Says this about her giving a mercy kill to Alex.

I can Live with that: Her response whenever she fucks up

Kung Fu Wizard: Is capable of using magic and is a badass marital arts fighter.

I've Come Too Far: Says this when she is about to go on a rampage against Nickolas.

Lightning Bruiser: When she is in Jinchuriki costume mode, you bet your ass.

LittleBitBeastly She spots fangs, and small horns. Thanks to her being a jinchuriki.

Laughing Mad: During the reveal and the fight against Nickolas. And a few other times as well...

Meaningful Name : Her surname is "Lion heart", fitting with her power and personality and the fact that she is a shallow hunter. Rex is Latin for the word king which is what she wants to be after her father retires.

Meaningful Rename: Renamed herself from Annie to Rex and dropped her last name because she didn't want anything to do with her father.

One Man Army: Stated by Nickolas to be worth an entire army by herself.

Pint Sized Powerhouse: She is tiny, standing at only 5'2.

Person Of Mass Destruction: Single handley responsible for the deaths of an entire military branch AND managed to wipe out 25 percent of the human population.

Parrot Pet Position: Carries a cat simba, (and often various other cats) on her shoulders or even her head.

Precision F Strike: The more curses in a single sentence, the angrier she has gotten.

Running On All Fours: Does this from time to time. I guess being a Jinchuriki will do this to you?

Shut Up Hannibal!: Every single time a villain tries to go the not so different speech or attempt to bring her resolve down. This is always a moment of awesome.

Slasher Smile: Annie often displays these when she gets into a gunfight. And other times as well...

Sadist: Annie likes to get creative with her kills. Including hanging one man by his own intestines, and punching another man so hard that his insides go flying out his back.

Sociopathic Hero: Annie laughs and sings when she's gunning people down, and nine times out of ten her first recourse is to put a 9mm round in any given problem.

Super Mode: The Jinchuriki transformations

Sanity Slippage: Though really with parent like hers and the world she lives in, who could blame her?

Sugar and Ice Personality: Discussed.

Smoking Is Cool: Though her real reason for doing so is to prevent sense overload.

Superpower Lottery Is a Jinchuriki, which makes her the host of a godking alien creature with limitless power, and inherited wizard and titan abilities from her father.

Took A Level In Badass: This tends to happen after a training arc.

Took A Level In Jerkass: Most notably when Alex died.

Took a Level in Dumbass: Got noticeably more reckless after Bertolt and Reiner died. She underestimated Nickloas during their fight and nearly died three times. Freakin' Nickolas himself actually called her on this. It was still epic, though.

Took a Level in Kindness: At least towards Eren anyway.

Tyke Bomb: Stated that her father trained her as soon as she was able to walk.,

Troll: She does this quite often in battles, often overlapping with her sadism, and physoctic rampages.

Unstoppable Rage: When using the powers of Diablo she runs on this. It is absolutely terrifying, to the point where veteran soldiers and titan shifters are unerved.

Undying Loyalty: If anything can be said to be a redeeming quality in Annie, it's her loyalty to those she cares about. Her loyalty is in fact the main source of her friction towards Nickolas: finding out he faked his death and bailed after she spent years believing him dead and grieving for him leaves a horribly bad taste in her mouth. Finding out her brother was Dead All Along and that Nickolas not only knew, but used his corpse in his place to fake his own death, drives her to full-blown Roaring Rampage of Revenge mode..

With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Every time she gets a power-up, she grows increasingly more delusional and batshit crazy. 

Wearing A Flag on Your Head: Does this as a way to cover up her hair. She used to wear the flag of Pandora before it was destoryed and now wears a rainbow flag instead.

Nickolas Leonheart




For a full list and detailed description of magic techniques, click here.

Magic is an ancient fighting style. Being a supernatural force that also combines with science, it's potential is unlimited.


Magic is located throughout the entire universe. A person who uses magic is called a Wizard and there are requirements. Being a supernatural force in general, it is undetectable to technology and most life forms. To be able to use magic a person must be magic-sensitive. This term refers to a person's ability to sense it's presence in order to manipulate it. Being magic-sensitive is a trait that a person is born with. This trait comes from a mutated gene located within a persons brain. According to Kabuto, only ten children out of every generation are magic-senestive.

Even being magic sensitive doesn't guarantee a person can preform magic. Some people simply don't have the mental ability or physical discipline to even learn the concepts. For a person's ability to perform magic to be useful, a good deal of training is required to acquire the correct discipline. When "wild", typically with young and untrained children, magic will manifest itself subconsciously in moments of strong apprehension, fear or anger.

It is the moulding of physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) present in every atom of the body and the spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī) gained from a persons soul and connection with nature. Once moulded, it can be channeled through a medium such as the body for use in various ways. Some examples of this are transforming, breathing fire, or casting illusions. Every Magic has its own set of rules that must never be broken, known as a taboo. Different taboos that are broken have different effects on the user's body. One of them can lead to death or sickness.

Another basic ability that beings with higher-than-average levels of Omni possess is the ability to sense others without relying on their five basic senses. This is possible because everything emits a certain amount of his/her own Omni, which can be sensed. This ability apparently requires some innate skill, but can be increased with training. Initially, Ben's ability to sense the magical energy of others was very poor, but gradually grew much more proficient in it, even being able to use various high-level techniques to locate or detect particular people, such as his close friends.

Everyone has a unique pattern to his/her emitted Omni. One can recognize the pattern of their friends and acquaintances after some time, being able to sense their presence and their physical and mental state from relatively great distances. Sudden changes in Omni can mean that the person in question is in great stress (i.e. fighting) or has received a grave wound.

The general term for the source of magic, the overall physical and spiritual energy an individual has, is called "total stamina". The maximum amount of Magic an individual can create and retain at a given time is called their "magic power-level". Magic Control (チャクラコントロール, Magic kontorōru) is a term that refers to the control of one's Magic and aptitude at controlling it. In Zodiac Knight, Magic takes time and a great deal of training to gradually build up. Thus, the key is not actually having a huge amount, but being able to sufficiently control and conserve it. Everyone has Magic, but only skilled can correctly "mould" and "manipulate" it to its fullest extent. By completely blocking his/her Magic "pouring out", one can completely hide his/her presence from other magic senestive humans. A good way to build up Magic in the body is to spin it into a tight spiral. Whether to spin the Magic left or right is dependent on the way the user's hair grows, either to the right or left. An opponent can negate a technique by absorbing it and reversing the spin of the Magic within their own body.

Alpha Effect: When two beings collide, the side with weaker magic power level will get hurt. (Ex: When Argit fights Kevin, the ex con ordered Argit to cut him. When attacking with all his strength, Argit found Kevin uninjured, while his own hands were bleeding.). In this way a being with a greater amount of magic use their own magic to harden their skin, and effectively protect themselves from attacks. Most battles are battles of magic , if one possess a greater level magic the other can be overcome completely.

Lethal Damage: In high enough quantities, magic can be lethal to others. Unleashing one's magic on another is often described as suffocating. This is partially due to the fact that the human body sets a limit in how much magic it can handle.

Fear: magic at its most basic level can instill fear in others when it is very high (in comparison to the one feeling it). Willpower is the simplest way to fight this effect. Stun: High level of magic can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high level being.

Paralysis: When a being of high magic chooses to they can paralyze an opponent just by focusing pressure through their stare or presence.

Phantom Pain: High level of magic can make an opponent feel as though they are being attacked though nothing is physically happening to them.



The color of Gwen's Magic is purple.

Color: Different people have different colors of Magic, and it does not depend on the character's race or power; instead, the color is determined by the owner’s personality.

Shape: Some particular characters have a shape or manifestation of their energy whenever they release enough of it. The manifestations are one of the characters inner strength/energy.


The ancient Egyptians were the rumored first to practice magic. Often after observing it from the gods of their region and using it to curse tombs. Unfortunately, about five years later after the pharaoh's were curious enough to learn about it, several scholars began using their knowledge of magic to pursue power, leading to the beginning of the Civil Wars. It was then that regular humans began to oppressed and fear it. Soon witch hunts began and the amount willing to learn magic dropped just in case they were caught because no amount of magic was worth being hunted like and animal and burned alive.

Only fittingly does magic make a return when humanity is almost extinct in the year 9000. Though the form of combat is rare due to biological reasons and the lack of teachers and recorded textbooks and information. n the settlement of Pandora, magic is frequent being used as a main form of combat, but it is not generally accepted and still considered a rare art.

Types of Magic

Romeo's Magic

A Wizard using an Incarnation.

The most common form of Magic. Under this type of magic, Wizards are able to use spells to do the impossible. This could include flight, making something change color, or more advanced things such as controlling an element, casting illusions. This can also include hand to hand combat techniques and weapons. To use incarnations a person must either say a chant or manipulate their magical energy through hand signs. This is done to manipulate the magic correctly. The exact amount of magic necessary to perform a technique is manipulated through these factors. There are different sequences for every spell, requiring memorization. There are twelve basic seals, each one named after an animal of the Chinese zodiac. Bird (酉, Tori), Boar (亥, I), Dog (戌, Inu, Dragon (辰, Tatsu), Ox (丑, Ushi), Tiger (寅, Tora): ,Snake (巳, Mi),Rat (子, Ne): ,Horse (午, Uma), Monkey (申, Saru), Hare (卯, U), Ram (未, Hitsuji). Besides the twelve basic hand seals, there are unique hand seals used for certain techniques. These hand seals are rarely seen, and can be considered unique to specific techniques.

A Wizard doesn't have to say the chant outloud to preform the Incarnation. Skilled users are able to say the command mentally and still posses a desired effect. Having the requirement of needing chants, and heals or both, preforming Incarnations during battle can be unpractical at times due to amount of time that could possible have been wasted.

Wizards that want to bypass hand seals and use the least amount of chants possible may be opted to try Incarnations with wands. These quasi-sentient magical instruments allow a Wizard to channels her or his magical powers to centralise the effects for faster and more complex results. Each wand consists of a specific type of wood that surrounds a core of magical substance. Although the wand cores may come from the same creature, or the wood may come from the same tree, no two existing wands are exactly alike. Wands are referred to as "quasi-sentient" because their being imbued with a great deal of magic makes them as animate as an inanimate object can be.

When creating an Incarnation, the two methods of manipulating magic are referred to as shape transformation and nature transformation: Shape transformation deals with controlling the form, movement, and potency of magic. Nature transformation usually deals with changing the physical properties of magic into an element. These two methods can be implemented separately or together in order to create an Incarnation.

Incarnations as a whole have limits despite it's usefulness and power. They are the following;

  • Rule of Conjuration: While it is possible to conjure things out of thin air, it is far more tricky to create something that fits an exact specification rather than a general one; moreover, any objects so conjured tend to only be temporary with the maximum time half an hour.
  • Rule Against Resurrection: It is also impossible to resurrect the dead. If one attempted brought back, the corpses are little more than zombies with no soul or will of their own. They also posses a desire to eat human flesh and generally are unpleasant to look at. Not to mention it is a moral event horizon with t being look down on.
  • Rule Against Immortality: Likewise, it is impossible to make oneself immortal unless one makes use of a mystical object of great power to sustain life (such as the Philosopher's Stone).
  • Rule against falling in Love: As the greatest source in the Universe, love is even beyond that of Wizards. Attempting to do so will often shatter the bonds between the target and the caster forever.
  • Limits on the items conjuring: Food is one of these: wizards can cook and prepare food using magic, but not create it from nothing. There is a strong possibility that money is another exception, since if wizards could simply materialise money out of thin air the economic system of the wizarding world would be seriously disrupted.
Elixir: This is a feild of magic that is related to the study of magical plants and fungi, including their care and their magical properties and uses. Some magical plants form important ingredients in potions, others have magical effects in their own right. This branch also includes the kwnoledege and understanding of potions. Potions are magical liquids created by mixing various ingredients in a cauldron according to very specific rules. These mixtures must usually be drunk to give their magical effect. The ingredients in potions range from the mundane to the bizarre and fantastic, and the procedures for creating some potions can be complicated and time-consuming. But the effects are more then worth it.

Unlike Incarnations and Alchemy, Elixr can produce edible food and actually physically heal the body back to it's original state. The effects of potions last up to sixteen times longer then the effects of Incarnations, and often more times then naught, the strength of the spells are superior as well. Unlike Incarnations, it is possible to make someone fall in love, but the effects will only be temporary unless they keep drinking the potion.

Potions offer more physical substance then Incarnations and can be used to create explosives or even a knockout gas.

Fire seal1

An example of a seal.

Alchemy: The rarest and hardest form of Magic to use. Alchemy works by creating a type of seal and then using magic to "write it's instructions" to do what the Wizard wants. The seals can do anything, increasing the users strength, creating barriers, or even allowing the user to use a type of element magic. Unlike potions and Incarnations, Alchemy has unique abilities and can be used to seal objects, living beings, magic, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. It can also be used to unseal objects either from within something or someone. The seals can also be used to transform one one object into another. It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa. Some seals alter a part of something, such as changing a person's ears from normal into rabbit ears. Also unlike the other two branches of magic it is possible to create things, both living and inanimate out of nothing. Due to it's amount of vast potential Wizards that practice Alchemy are in high regards, however this is in fact the hardest branch of magic to use. Further showing this example is when Nickolas commented that Annie was an unprecedented prodigy after preforming a seal that allowed her to erect a barrier. According to Nickolas, it can take a Wizard decades of practice to learn Alchemy.

The seals themselves are extremely complex and the workings is described as insane. But Alchemy seals work on the universal rule of equivalent exchange. "In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed." A seal can either be drawn on the spot (in chalk, pencil, ink, paint, blood or even traced in dirt) or permanently etched or inscribed beforehand, but without it, alchemy is impossible. The outside barrier itself is a conduit which focuses and dictates the flow of power, tapping into the magical energies that already exist within the earth and matter. It represents the cyclical flow of the world's energies and phenomena and turns that power to manipulable ends. Inside the seal are specific alchemical runes. These runes vary widely based on ancient alchemical studies, texts and experimentation, but correspond to a different form of energy, allowing the energy that is focused within the circle to be released in the way most conducive to the Wizard's desired effect. In basic alchemy, these runes will often take the form of triangles (which, when positioned differently, can represent the elements of either water, earth, fire or air), but will often be composed of varying polygons built from different triangles.

Just like the other branches of magic there are some consequences both good and bad. Because of the seals having both magic and science factor, they can do virtually anything. The user can get almost anything they want done as long as their seals are detailed enough and enough magical power is pumped into them. Bad side: Because of that same factor, they can do virtually anything. They're unstable in their creation and the slightest mistake can cause a totally different result from the one intended. Ex: It'll open a portal to Hell or Heaven; it'll summon a demon lord; it'll suddenly create an ever growing tree; it'll make an entire town spring up around you; it'll turn you into a three-headed chicken; etc. (Note: I'm not joking about the chicken part.)

Every time a seal is first created, there's always the chance that it'll go haywire. This is because of the factor of combining both science and magic and it can't be helped. On the plus side, once they're made they're stable, the user doesn't have to worry about pigeons coming out of the seals on his body or something silly like that. If most of the extra variables are worked out, then there's usually about a one to five percent chance of a chaos misfire.

Study of Magic

Magic is an extremely rare art to learn these days during the era of witch hunts which forced those to burn all te evidence they had unless they wanted to be burned alive and hunted like animals. While there are a lot of people in the area of Pandora that learn it that doesn't make it any less easy as the abilitly to use magic is a trait that is born. So finding someone who is willing to teach and a person who wants to use magic who has the ability to use it is extremely hard. 

According to Annie Leonheart, magic can be used to create peace from wickedness, but if the evil attempt to get their hand on it it could lead to an era of destruction and evilness. Due to this fact, many people who know magic are reluctant to teach it to strangers.

Indeed, if one person wishes to learn magic and has the ability to do so, the only option is to join the seventh division of Armate that specializes in it.


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Dyren also sometimes called Vorye (Norwegian for host), Vescatur (Latin, Cannibal), or Symboites, are an alien race of sentient parasites. All but one have been wiped out from the Universe. And serve as a main focus of the plot. A host of a Dyren are called Jinchuriki (power of the human scrafice).


Dyren were originally an unfeeling, conquering race, taking over any species they came in contact with to feed off their emotions; this mainly involved adrenaline rushes from death-defying feats and, as a consequence, the hosts tend to be short-lived. It was revealed however that Dyren came from the god-like "Lord of the Light" Udhon to help him recruit warriors to carry on his age old battle with his older brother Hakkus. Eventually they gained enough consciousness to form groups of their own. The Arnilaxians and the Wavnd. Both groups fought in an endless civil war which diminished their numbers. The planet was eventually eaten by Glactus with only one escaping by hibernating within an asteroid.


Just like hidden meaning behind their name, Dyren appear to be a mixture of many different organisms from all shape and sizes. The most common have a bipedal like body. There have been notable ones called like bat like wings connected to their arms lion like mane, a dog like head, tiger like paws and a snake for a tail. As they mature chimera are said to get even crazier, growing multiple heads, horns and extra appendages.

General Personality

It seems as though the typical personality for the Dyren are a sense of superiority over other beings. Especially humans and species that come from humans. Dyren view humans as hairless bloodthirsty apes. They think of Titans as nothing but mindless livestock. The amount of this behavior is so widespread that the Venom dyren was considered crazy by its fellow parasites since it sought a mutual bond with a host rather than domination, and was imprisoned on a planet.


Not much is known about their biological composition, but they do posses all the traits of typical parasite on Earth. Dyren do not defecate as they use every last inch of their required substance to use. However, their hosts still do as their bodies are in a sense still separate even though they are bonded. The blood of a Dyren has special properties that can do various things. The blood of a Jinchuriki seems to be toxic to most creatures of digested directly, but if milked correctly can prove to be amazing.


Dyren reproduce only once in a lifetime and that is asexually by budding. If the host is female, the Dyren can plant it's offspring onto the fetus.

Host Bonding Process

The bonding process of Dyren to a host is extremely complicated. It is not fast and painless at all, except in the exception of children. It goes through many steps.

500px-Viral strand

in depth look at the first stage

First the host must be compatibly with the Dyren. It is said that humans are not the best choice, but they will do. According to Kabuto, while Dyren can bond to any race that they want, the compatibility is seeing if the host will be a good investment and be a lifelong commitment.

After determining compatibility, the Dyren then begins step one which is "plugs in" and activates the 'junk' DNA in its victim. It acts by affecting the protein encoding regions of the promoter introns in each cell. As a retrovirus, it contains both RNA and the reverse transcriptase enzyme, allowing it to insert its own genetic codes into the host's cells. It enters, re-purposes and changes the cell, replicating previously dormant non-coding segments of the organism's DNA. More often than not, these changes are too drastic and 50% of all infected organisms die from massive organ failure and cell saturation. Of the surviving percent another 40% will go mad and give in to their feral instincts, leaving Rex to describe them as Zombies. Step one takes about 72 hours to complete and it is extremely painful being described by some that they were begging to die.


Another in depth inside look at the process.

Only 10% of the host survive this process. Step two is combining with the hosts bloodstream and integrating into the Hosts body fully. Dyren at this point seems to take on a teratoma type look and rhe creature integrates itself in the back of the neck of it's host. Which is why it is considered an extremely vital spot if the area is cut out as that would force separation.

The final step is when the Dyren bonds with the hosts body and organs completely. Pryo described this as a newborn feeding off its mother and giving her body some benefits in return. During this stage the hosts body will be enchanted psychical peak and it's mental peak with a wide verity of other abilities. This is also when the Dyren can communicate to it's host and the host can acess the transformations.


Dyren have numerous amount of abilities and powers making them one of the most powerful creatures in the universe. It was in fact this reason that a plan to kill them was established in the first place. According to Nickolas, if there were an entire army of Symboites, nothing else could put a stop to them. 

The first ability of course is that they posses a degree of telepathy and can freely speak to the host and even read it's thoughts without difficulty. Dyren often react to the thoughts and will of the host.

They can expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Dyren can get inside of small areas such as electric wires and the insides of cars and completely disable them. The Dyren is also able to project a web-like substance from its body, similar to Spider-Man's. However, this webbing is produced organically by the Dyren from its own mass, which means that overuse can weaken the alien until it is able to regenerate. He can launch parts of his body at enemies in the form of solid weapons such as darts, spears, knives, axes, etc., although they disintegrate into dust within ten seconds of leaving its body. The Dyren can also send out tendrils which can be used to grab or manipulate items from a distance. It also has the strange ability to warp his appendages into different arms, legs, a shield, and even wings and horns. Further inspection showed that it can create "dimensional aperture," allowing its hosts to carry items without adding mass to the costume or needing to use pockets.

Speaking of shape shifting, it has full control over the size, shape, color, texture, and hardness of it's body. It can make itself look like normal clothing on his host and create disguises, or act as "camouflage" into the background and even become invisible. With the Dyren bonded to the body and bloodstream of a host, he can "regenerate" his costume from scratch simply by bleeding. As a creature that thrives on adaptability, it is also able to rapidly adapt to new environments. Such as water, desert forest, or possibly even space itself.

Some minor but still necessary abilities include the ability to adhere to most surfaces with its hands and feet, which when needed will grant you that ability as well. Dyren by natural are extremely strong, fast, durable and intelligent.In fact Nickloas mentioned that very few species match up to them in strength and intellgence. There is also ability to produce toxins and venoms. Ah yes it even has a bite that produces perhaps one of the most fatal corrosive toxins that I have ever seen. The venom seems eat away at all of the users flesh starting from the inside out, while causing unbearable pain and weakening the user. One bite is enough to kill one hundred men. Though the venom seems to take 2-3 days before it kills the user. In those days the user will become weak both physically and experience hallucinations that may drive them insane. In the later stages, the venom will paralyze the user one limb at a time until their body finally shuts down. Of course it also seems to have a cure made from the same substance which can be created at any given time. Due to their superior size and strength, Dyren are able to create shockwaves. Either with the wave of a hand or a roar and these shockwaves can stun a person, from tearing up the entire landscape around them. Dyren are able to concentrate their energy into an orb. Te power, force, speed, and blast area is dependent on the strength and skill of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack). The ball can be fired differently, either in sphere form, which can be detonated for a wave explosion or launched to form a dome-shaped blast which flattens and erases everything around it, or as a concentrated beam of energy which gives it explosive penetrative power. These balls are incredibly dense but also extremely fast when launched, able to cross an entire sea in a few seconds. According to Kabuto is it the ultimate attack of a Dyren.

It also has empathic abilities, and is able to project desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts. The empathic ability seems to allow them to have a special connection with fauna forms. Some of these include Zoolingualism, taming, and even Thiriokinesis. Combined with that, Dyren also posses a special sixth sense that allows them to indicate danger just before it hits them. This sense can also be used to track others and reveal information about the targets abilities and powers. They are also able to detect when others are ill and "cure" or "cleanse" them. He is able to cure ailments from hepatitis to removing narcotics and even radiation from a person's body. I believe that this healing ability can even spawn to physical body damage as well.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about this though is that it has amazing adaptation. Every time it becomes severely wounded and I mean severely such as a near loss of half of your blood or someone rips the heart out, when it recovers, it will become naturally stronger both physically and in abilities. While that is the fastest way to become powerful it is frowned upon and often causes the body a great deal of strain and pain. So literally whatever doesn't kill them will only make them stronger.

But one of the most amazing abilities that have been discovered is the Dyren can do is their absorption. Due to their bonding ability, it allows them to absorb pretty much anything for various types of usage. However, the original dna would overwrite the basis absorption meaning two things. The first is that typically the absorbed powers are only a tenth of strength of the original's. The second is that the absorption is not permanent except in special cases. Such transfers lasted for 100 times longer than the contact time, meaning that if you absorbed energy from some bird or whatever for five seconds thus only gaining its powers for roughly eight minutes. The amount of energy a Dyren can absorb at once, as well as the extremeness of the mutation, depends on his experience. When a dyren becomes advanced enough, can grant whatever he absorbed to others through drawing iconic symbols. This is usually done through tattooing images onto others. These tattoos then give whatever power he believes them to bestow. They are not permanent and will fade eventually over time. In order to use the ability the Dyren uses it's fangs to bite the victim in the neck area. For organization puopeoese it is categorize the absorbtion in three different ways.

The first and foremost is energy in it's bare form. This allows them to manipulate technology, discharge it as an energy blast, stun targets, or manipulate it as a shield, increase your psychical strength and speed. Absorbed energy will be used up over time or through excessive use. However, if a Dyren absorbs too much the energy will cause you to become mentally unstable. Storing energy for long periods of time will worsen this instability.

The second category is are able to absorb and synthesize the mass, properties, and chemical makeup of matter to change the body into a living matter in the shape; the absorbed matter is as durable as the matter used to make it and can enhance their strength and durability. They will also be able to extend absorbed matter to anything they are touching. He can can repair objects composed of the same matter they have absorbed by synthesizing a liquid version of that substance and hardening it again. As well as can manipulate whatever substance they are touching by absorbing it and morphing it into any shape or form. After absorbing matter, you can manipulate the atomic structure to grow extensions on their body and shapeshift their limbs into various weapons, tools, and forms at will. This is different from making solid weapons from it's own mass which technically is flesh and bone. And using that will often weaken the alien.

"And the third and possibly favorite category is absorbing the DNA, metabolism, and life force of other life forms, they can use it as nourishment to replenish his chakra, and regenerate what would otherwise be fatal wounds. This can grant them the targets memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings to accommodate the absorbed information. The body will undergo a slight mutation (or none at all, depending on the powers they have absorbed and skill) to accommodate the absorbed abilities. The victim loses those abilities and memories for exactly the amount of time that Dyren possesses them. This absorption usually leaves the victim weakened, and sometimes renders them unconscious. Their powers may also be temporarily weakened or removed. If done long enough, it seems to drain their blood/flesh; often turning the targets body into dust. They can gain an entire persons soul if it were to fully absorb them. If they do gain access to the soul, he can control the souls and even summon them outside his body in a matter similar to zombies. The souls of the hosts are kept alive within the user, leaving them "still alive," in a sense (albeit suppressed). If he is hit by a fatal would or dies, he could trade a soul in exchange for their own.

Each Dyren has their own unique ability. It is said that a host will have a gift based on a particularly intense skill or characteristic, it heightens and the strongest trait of this is brought once the bonding is complete. No gift ever works in the exact same way in two different, because no living thing person is ever exactly the same.

Effects on the Host


An appearance of a host

In order to survive the Dyren needs to have a host body and feeds off of a chemical called phenethylamine to stay sane and healthy, which has been said to be found abundantly in two sources: chocolate and human brain tissue. Thus, the host is forced to steal/buy large amounts of chocolate or become an unwilling cannibal who devours the brains of those he kills. Even though crime is never the solution, murder of the innocent is unforgivable and I would rather you do the former of the options. Now until a certain time comes, the Dyren will wake up and present itself to the host unlocking their potential. Bonding process with a host is typically the opposite of  fast and painless. It is not uncommon for the host to die while the Dyren attempts to bond as their bodies must have a certain type of compatibility. But if bonded to a child, the process will be fast and painless and almost always compatible due to the body not being fully mature.

These creatures are extremely powerful and not only do they have abilities of themselves, but also pass abilities onto their host. As of right now and according to the research of Kabuto, they empower the natural abilities of a host to the point where they far exceed that of normal members of the hosts' species. These include increased strength, speed, endurance, durability, agility, longevity and intelligence, and enhances other natural attributes as well. What is most enhanced out of everything is the healing factor. In several tests, the Verten could grow back a hand within a few seconds and an entire limb within a minute or two. This also applies to vital organs, bones, and blood. Even cutting off the head won't do anything. But there is a weak spot however, it appears that cutting out the back of the neck will result in death. Note that the back of the neck must be cut out, not simply shot or stabbed, they'll still live. Also it seems that due to the bonding process, a person bonded with a Dyren gains immunity to several abilities of others. The infamous, pentace stare being one.

It also seems that a hosts appearance will be affected. They will gain things such as sharpened teeth and more profound canines, along with sharpened nails, pointed ears as well and glowing eyes when angered or having feelings of strong emotion. According to Annie' the users hair has the potential to grow to "Rapunzel" levels 


To actually use the Dyren's own powers a host must allow it's body to fully become a medium for the creature. They must don a "costume" which will cause a shift in your appearance. The shifter transformation from humanoid to beast form is actually a defense mechanism. Thats where requirement for injury comes in. However, it is required for a goal to also come in because a host would then transform every single time they got a bruise. So in order to don the suit, must injure themselves to where it draws blood while having a clear single goal in mind.

However it has been shown with Annie that extreme stress or involvement of an emotion can trigger it as well. The transformation takes just seconds, but the host is extremely vulnerable and can heal in the middle of transforming.

Eight Tails Version 2 02

Manifesting ribcage from a costume transformation

There are several stages of this. By simply tapping into their beast's energy, a host begins their initial transformation. They are surrounded by a layer of energy granting them enhanced strength, speed and healing. It is also possible for a host to enter this state without energy visibly emanating from them, instead just gaining the physical alterations.

The next stage is a costume state where the user is able to use almost all of the Dyren's abilities but still retain a humanoid shape. The host becomes much muscular and so much energy is expelled that the ground can tremble.

Rather than fully transform skilled hosts can isolate the transformation to parts of their body. These partial transformations fully resemble the Dyren's, having fur, scales, etc.

Transforming fully requires a lot of stamina, but it posses an unprecedented potential for colossal damage. In exchange for the user's soul and sanity being eaten away.


But that is enough about abilities for now it is time I tell you about weaknesses. And speaking of healing while it is phenomenal you can still die from age, illness, poison, lack of oxygen, venom, toxic substances, you will die if something eats you or if your body is crushed to death into nothing more but a bloody pulp that will kill you. And once again, the back of your neck. You will heal normal if shot or stabbed, but if it is cut out then game over. And remember that you must intake a constant supply of phenethylamine. Hosts also seem to require many hours of sleep, or they will start to bleed from their eyes, nose and mouth.

Transformations take an extremely large amount of stamina. With the costume transformation causing extreme fatigue and a full beast transformation in a near death coma like state. It also seems that the transformations have a time limit which all depends on skill and the type of attacks being used. The healing abilities take quite a bit of energy from a host as well and due to this it best be that you do not get reckless. You are still sustiple to energy exhaustion and will give out if you go all out. So it's best that just because you can doesn't mean that you should if you get my meaning.

Here is what I mean by abandoning your humanity. If a person spends too much time using this power and they don't know how to control it a lot of bad things will happen. The first is that the power seems to eat away at the users very own soul thus shortening their lifespan and turning them into little more then a rabid beast. The second is that the stronger the Dyren becomes, the Dyren seems to release a special chemical hormone that damages their brain. So with great power comes more insanity.

Now the Dyren itself is vulnerable by intense sounds and intense sonic waves - especially large fires of guns. Damage can range from a headache to paralization to bleeding of the ears and brain which does not heal as fast as other injury. When summoning the suit, you will have this weakness also and it is important to notice the threat. Continuous exposure to loud sounds can cause irreversible damage and even death.

When a Dyren bonds to a host for more then 72 hours, they are concidered bonded for life. Forced removal from the host from an outside source will result in death for the both of them.

The Xenophages, a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters which prey on Dyren, possess the ability to spew an unknown incendiary chemical that can paralyze Dyren, and enhance their taste.

The Virus

More commonly refereed to as Hepatitis T by Pandora scientists, Titans which are the name for those affected, is classically the antagonists of the series in the main definition.


Most, if not everyone, on the planet within The Zodiac Knight universe somehow contracted a mysterious pathogen that, for reasons unknown, brings the dead back to "life." It is unknown how the disease is spread, though its almost-total infection rate worldwide suggests it is either water-borne or air-borne. There are no known cases of immunity and no treatment currently exists. According to Nickolas, the exact taxonomy of the pathogen is unknown (virus, prion, bacteria, or hitherto unknown microbe), and all known attempts to create a cure or vaccine have thus far failed. Nickolas' research has proven to have been futile.

The first cases of infection progressed through a state of fever, aches, and internal bleeding, and this illness ultimately was fatal.

Following universal titan rules, the dead corpse of anyone that dies for any reason will reanimate as a titan, unless the brain of that individual is badly damaged or destroyed. When a person dies, the infection they carry reactivates critical areas of the brain that support necessary vital systems, resulting in reanimation. Because only a portion of the brain is reactivated, the reanimated person retains only a physical resemblance to their former self.

A corpse can reanimate between three minutes and eight hours after death. Some reanimations have occurred faster than the universal three-minute benchmark; after being stabbed, Dennis reanimated after less than two minutes. Nickolas hinted that the time it takes for a corpse to reanimate depends on how full of life the person was before they died.

Titan bites are not necessarily fatal because of the pathogen, but rather the unsanitary nature of their mouths due to diet and decomposition. Scratches cause similar infections for similar reasons. Their mouths and saliva often contain several septic factors, specifically the bacteria: E. coli, Staphylococcus sp., Providencia sp., Proteus morgani, P. mirabilis, and multocida.


After the virus has taken over the deceased person will come back to life and would revive synapses it infected and reactivate the brainstem of the dead body, but only the brainstem and not the cerebrum or cerebellum. The person would be dead, literally and figuratively, no respiration, pulse, or higher mental function, driven by subconscious survival instincts only.

The titan transformation begins and the person would end up mutating into a titan. These creatures vary in height with the smallest being nine feet and the largest about 50 feet. For the most part they look like humans; bipedal and with four limbs, but some of the features such as the face and mouth and eyes are heavily un proportioned.

Titans have an amazing regenitve healing factor, rivaling or even surpassing the healing factor of a Jinchuriki. They can heal lost limbs in a matter of seconds to minutes and even a served head. Due to their large size, titans are extremely strong but what is even more impressive is the fact that they are surprisingly light making them far faster then normal.

However, titans are relatively weak and unintelligent as individuals, but are dangerous in large numbers.


In the show, It has been demonstrated that titans don't require sustenance by eating, but have a strong desire to do so (despite the fact that they have no digestive or circulatory activity, making them unable to digest whatever flesh they consume). Due to the nature of the pathogen, the only sureway to kill a titan is by damaging the brain. A typical headshot or headstab is the most common method of killing a titan, though any heavy damage to the brain is effective; blunt force, electricity, and fire are effective, albeit less reliable than a definitive, piercing head wound.

Revealed by Annie there is a cure for the pathogen, but it is a special type of antibody protein that is extremely rare. If a titan manages to digest a human with that protein, they will not only become cured, but able to control their titan abilities, more commonly known as shifting. Titans can detect if a person is the carrier of the antibody and will recklessly attack them due to a strong instinct. Shifters can retain their intellgence and memories while transformed, and they don't age while in their titan forms. They have acess to a titans regenetive healing factor and just like titans can only be killed by damage to the brain.

Another case seems to be those who are born to a shifter, but the other parent is human. These people are refered to as mudbloods, or half breeds and are looked down because of the human part of their bloodline not the titan part. Due to being born from a titan/shifter, they are immune to the deadly pathogen. They posses a weaker version of the regenetive healing factor that requires three times more energy (and thus the need for more food), greater intellgence due to them being human as well as the abilitly to use emotions like humans and base decidions around them. Half breeds can not turn into titans like their shifter counterparts.



Map of Earthworld.

is the name of the entire land that the events of Zodiac Knight take place. Due to the timing and extinction, it seems that the tectonic planes have vastly shifted signifying the end of the world, but also the beginning of a new one. All of the land on Earth seems to have once again formed into one supercontinent or Pangea for short. The dot symbolizes where the human kingdom used to be before all the walls were destroyed. 


Pandora (cuourisity woman)  is a settlement located in Earthworld. Said to have been formed in preparation before the titan virus even came abroad, it is extremely sucessfull, but at the same time mysterious and full of evil and corruption. The inhabitabts speak in their own language which has many similarities to castilian. After the last wall break, Pandora becomes the last full protected area against the titans. 


The flag of Pandora.


Pandora was formed in the year 8800, making it 200 years old. It was first formed by a man named Naruto Uzumaki who was also known by his codename the Kage. It was for this reason why Pandora continues to celebrate him as a godlike figure who saved their people. The citizens of Pandora are just as human as any other but have had more information on the Titan Virus then others which allowed them to perform experiments and create the titan shifters.

It was said that a man called the coordinate was a natural born Titan Lord and that his reveal would mark either the beginning or the end of the world. So naturally the authority of Pandora wanted to make sure that they would capture and kill them before it gets out of hand.

Pandora officials after having gauging how much the walls ment to them ordered them to be removed at all costs, even if it means forcing child soilders to do so.

Geography and Climate

Pandora is located in the former regional area of the United States territory Montana and part of Washington as well. The settlement is located inside of a forest area surrounded by a large mountain range 11,000 feet above sea level, making it the highest living settlement. Due to how high it is, titans are unable to come up and for the few that do are immediately spotted by the military guards on the walls. With a total area of 147,040 square miles (380,800 km2), Pandora is slightly larger than Japan. The walls of the settlement are not as big as the walls of the human kingdom because of this, which is even more amazing as some of the buildings are taller then titans themselves . In terms of sorrounding territoy, besides the amazing skyline full of mountians and  forest, Pandora also sports a massive amount of lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers. Due to the rain shadow effect, some of the mountians of Pandora sport desert like enviorments. Note that the liveable area of pandora is 147,040 square miles, but the sorrounding area (which according to Annie is theirs), is twice as large and protected not only the military, but also hunters. 

The climate of Pandora is extremely varied and unpredictable temperatures can range from -70 F to over 120 F in days of eachother. Pandora can experience snow, extreme thunderstorms, rain and heatwaves in an instant from the other weather events occurring.


The military of Pandora is separated into three branches. The Armatae, the Reserves, and the Vanguard.

Armatae (Latin, means of sword and shield). The majority of those who join the military join Armatae. Its job as implied by name is to serve as the sword and shield for Pandora. Warriors are promoted based upon their skills, abilities, and the number of casualties they inflict upon their enemy. A high-ranking warrior may have personally slaughtered thousands of enemies throughout his military career. The armor becomes more complex as the rank increases. All members of Armatae wear some kind of mask to conceal their identities. The base uniform concist of camoflouge clothing, a grey bulletproof flak jacket, metal arm guards and fingerless gloves, brown combat boots with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three item pouches on their back-waist and the Armatae signature spiral tattoo on their body. Some wear black cloaks with the Armatae isgina over their standard uniforms, and squad leaders may wear white cloaks. Most of them carry a sword, which is usually strapped to their backs. The weapons and technology of Armatae is insane, though do to the fact that there are divisions that specilize in making weapons as well as a technology research, it should come as no surprise. The typical arnesal for weapons is a combat knife, heavy assualt rifle, handgun pistol of some variant, smoke bombs, gernades, flash bombs, and a portable sheild. They have raido cumminciators inside of their uniforms.Typically attached to the right ear.

As for personnel ranks, they are from weakest to strongest; Acolyte, Marauder, Ranger, Guardian, and Knight. Lieutenant were the second in command to the Squad Captain who themselves answer to the Kage. Not only is the Kage the most powerful politically, but also militarily in the physical sense.

Acolyte's are the weakest and are placed this rank after passing the enlistment exam. To become Marauder an acolyte must pass a famous tournament known as the Exams. Rangers gain their rank based on time they have served as a Marauder. Guardian's and Knights are appointed. With Knights being appointed in a popular ceremony full of fame and fun. To become a Leiutandant took great skill, and either by the captain or the Kage themselves. These people are considered the second strongest in their division. In the case of a division captain's death, departure, or other circumstances making him unable to perform their duties, the lieutenant acts as the "substitute captain" until another can be assigned.

A captain is the leader of their division and as such are the strongest. Captains are generally the most respected warriors in the Pandora Armed Forces. They determine the course, organization, tactics, and policy of their division. The power a captain has over his/her division is absolute and cannot be questioned by subordinates or the captains of the other divisions. There are two ways to become one. Either by appointing or trial by combat in which the challenger must kill or defeat the current captain and have at least 200 witnesses.

In terms of divisions themselves there are eleven each with's it's own duty. Squads all live in the same housing complex and wear a number above their rank isgina (which is located on both shoulders) to help identify themselves. Captains wear longcoats with their rank and squad number located on the back as well as the shoulders.

Squad Zero is also known as the Team Omega. They are the elite of the elite and are the ones always pressed in the frontlines. They take the hardest missions and members there are familiar with all forms of combat from the air to the sea. Due to their success and strong views they are respected and treated like role models everywhere. They have more authority and privileges then any other as it is rightfully deserved. They are the soldiers, firemen, police, judge, jury, and executioners of Rien. They do everything a solider does from defending against outside threats, to being deployed and fighting wars, to enforcing the law and making arrest and appearing in court trials. Still for all its worth Squad Zero is the least division that those join.

Squad One is the most rule and law abiding according. To a lesser extent they are able to arrest and preform investigations similar to Squad Zero. Members of Squad One can also serve as a quick jury as well as collect taxes.

Squad Two also known as the Air Force and by their name they specialize in aerial assault, managing of areal weapons and vehicles.

Squad Three also known as the Navy specialize in water based warfare, managing of naval weapons and vehicles.

Squad Four also known as the Ground Forces are those who fight using the earth and terrain.

Squad Five are also known as the medical division. Most division members have no combat experience on the frontlines at all, but are neverthelesss important to Armatae as a whole.

Squad Six are also known as the intelligence and interrogation division are those who are specialized in combat by using intelligent means. They are proficient in using strategy as well as creating those during times of war and for other divisions. They also are involved actively in research and technological improvements. Members are tasked with research and collection of data and samples. Besides this they also handle interrogation and handling of the enemy.

Squad Seven sometimes called the Magic Corps have members who specialize in combat using magic. They teach those who wish to learn as well as improvements and even management and organization on everything that is associated with it.

Squad Eight contain members who are skilled in unarmed combat, often employed in those that need quick crowd control or to off a thief.

Squad Nine also called the National Guard or Standby Unit are responsible for patrolling the walls and borders of Pandora. Weather it be improvements, or repairs. As such it is always on standby for combat Traditionally, Ninth Division has overseen arts and culture.

Squad Ten are members who specialize in armed combat. Forgoing the other military arts and thereby being one of the most specialized divisions in the Armatae. As such, it is common practice for members to be carrying weapons at all times. They also blacksmith weapons.

Reserves: This military branch is filled with warriors who work for the military part time. It is normally established so that elite warriors could be deployed when the frontlines have been compromised. Members once a month do a two day drill exersize that testes their mental and physical capabilities. Those that wish to join recieve the same benefits and weapons of the other military branches and go through the exact same enlistment exam. They are given a military occupational speciataly number which tells them what career in the military they would be the best at doing. In terms of uniform members wear he clothing of Armate, but the flack jacket is attacked using sleaves and is not made of bulletproof coliaber like the warriors of Armatae.


One of the jumpsuit options.

You could say that this is the Warrior version of the Scouting Legion, except that "expeditions" are only partaken in once a year. The Vanguard members wear fighter jumpsuits designed to adapt to enviorments and provide them with comfort and great mobility. Just like members of Armatae, they also have raido cummunciators inside of the jacket. Members of the Vanguard have special bred horses suited for transportation and to help aid in combat. 

Government and Economy 

Pandora seems to be an Absolute Monarchy with all of the power being held by a figure called the Kage (影 , japanese for shadow). The Kage's word is law. He is the excutive, legslative, and Judicial branch of the government. The way the Kage is selected is a bit complex. Normally it is prefered if the next Kage came from the current's bloodline. But if the Kage is overthrown or killed, the next one can be selected actually by the people based on a popular vote or by simple knowledge. The Kage is not only the most powerful figure when it comes to government, but also personally physically. The Kage is typically the most powerful figure in the entire land and the current Kage is rumored to have slain tens of thousands of lives.

Beneth the Kage there is a council of other figures of royalty. The Noble Clans (貴族部族, japanese Kizoku buzoku). These are families who the majority of have or is currently serving in the military. Due to the might of the Kage and how much impact being in the military seems to have, it seems the military is a big part of the respect and herichy of Pandora. The Noble Clans can issue meetings and talks and discussions when problems in the settlenent come up. Of course the Kage's final word is law, but the Noble Clans can always persuade him on matters at hand. Even more so when a Kage is from one of the noble clans.

The economy of Pandora like everything else is controled by the Kage. Pandora is known for it's abundances of agriculture, As being the last area for human hope, Pandora has had to produce all of it's needed substances by itself. Money in Pandora is measured in "Coins". Gold coins, silver coins, and bronze coins were the differnt measures with gold have the largets buying power and bronze the least.


A child of pandora is sent to get an education at the age of seven. For the next fire years they spend at the local school. The first year is learning basic shapes, colors, animals, locations, addition and subtraction, and reading and writing and speaking in their own language. The second year is more advanced math such as multiplication and division, and the beginning of basic history of Pandora as well as simple concept on science. The third year teaches more concepts about science, more rules for language and writing and more advanced multiplication and division along with fractions. During the fourth year children are given sheet of what type of work they want to go into and study for that year and the next. They have three choices, the Workforce, the Military or Specializing (presuming even higher education.) Children learn more advanced subjects of science, math and language. They also take leisure acativities such as art or music. In the fifth year the children are focused on taking a specific class that they sighed up for a years prior, all other subjects are taught but not a big priority anymore. 



The symbol of Naruto's eye according to the Kage.

The religion of Pandora seems to be an Idolatry, worshiping huge statues of a dragon "God-King" called Naruto. Many people consider the Kage to be the reincarnation of Naruto.

Leisure Activities

To get the citizen's mind off the titans, and to prevent boredom, many activities and areas of interest were established. While hobbies are only limitless these are the most  notable ones


Pandora has access to a wide variety of sports. Wrestling being the most common and well popular liked. Swimming, tennis, kickball, and golf are the other sports there as well.


With the arise of sports and the titan arena, hunting and fishing has lost popularity, even moreso when people discovered the great investment ranching provides. For the few people that do hunting, they also learn skinning which makes this hobby even more enjoyable. Hunters that also know how to properly skin animals are able to create clothing, food, weapons, and medicine. These things can be sold to merchants all around Pandora for various prices. It is possible for one to gain hundreds of dollars in a few days from hunting.

Hunting is also extremely risky with it being in the unprotected wilderness. The diversity of the animals are insane. Over hundreds of species of birds and fish to choose from alone, each with their own taste and benefits. This is a full list of animals that can be hunted. Animals with more then 10 species will be grouped together.

Armadillo, Bears(Brown Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly, Polar, Panda), Birds (Owl, Crow, Ravens, Eagle, ostrich, peacock, various other species) Beaver, Boar, Cats (Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Pumas, Bobcat, Lepoard) Deer, Buck, Elk, Antelope, Zebra, Buffalo, Cow, Chicken, Pig, Coyote, Fox, Wolf, Sheep, Skunk, Snakes, Raccoon, Oppossim, Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Goat, Lama, Camel, Gazelle, Rino, Monkeys, Aardvark, Mole, Meerkat, Rats, Insects, Squirrel, Crocodiles, Fish (Rainbow Trout, Silverback,) ect.


Movie theaters in Pandora exist but only seldom around. The movies were long and viewd in full color with stunning effects and sound. A typically theater has ten different movies playing and they last for two weeks before more were made. Acting and Directing movies has become a popular profession in Pandora as well as the fastest growing. The averege movie ticket cost 2 gold coins to watch.


This is the wager of currency or possessions on the outcome of a game or event. In Pandora, gambling was widespread and generally accepted among all forms of society. Gambling often took place in Resorts, and wagers were almost ubiquitously placed on games of poker and blackjack. Gambling could potentially be a full-time occupation, anddisputes that erupted from cheating and deception and money-borrowing often could result in death. Games of poker and blackjack feature prominently, but people can also wager on arm wrestling, darts, pinball, chest, checkers, horseshoes, liar's dice, and five finger fillet. Players can either win or lose considerable sums of cash through gambling.


Resorts are public areas that feature a wide verity of acativities. Restorts are mainly used by adults and military personal (who are considered adults), but they also have a children section as well. In Resorts gambling took place. A person could also drink at the bar, or eat, as every Resort also had a resturant inside. Resorts also feature as a gym. Complete with an indoor swimming poll, and relaxation. Resorts also had gambling slot machines, musical entertainment and a strip club section as well.


Also called Holidays, these are huge Celebrations are celebrated throuout Pandora. Parades, food, games, music concerts, sports, shoping are all included. The most notable being the tenth of October which is said to be the birthday of their god Naruto. During these events, security is at it's lowest because of all military being allowed to attend them. In fact, Vanguard expeditions are designed so that their warriors do not miss any Festivals. Not only do they bring in entertainment and fun, but also quailty time with friends and family.

The Arena

Classified as a separate activity, this is where Titans who have been captured, and after having a seal placed on them (via alchemy magic) that prevents them from healing which allows the captors to remove their arms, teeth, and jaws to prevent attacks, are sent out to battle challengers who eventually kill them. Hange states that this is teaching people that titans are not dangerous but Annie simply thinks of it as an outlet for anger.


The plot of the series will be written as if it is a story that is being told. This is just the directory to the chapters so to speak.

Pilot: The Grim Reminder

This is the beginning of Eren's journey and what she has to do to achieve it. Unfortunately, all beginnings usually start with an end....

Chapter One: Blue Fire

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  • The Dyren are based on the Symboites from Marvel comics. The Titans a little bit from attack on titan, Osmosians from Ben 10 and the Tailed beasts from Naruto.
  • Magic is based on the combined properties of chakra, reistu, reyoukou, magic and spiral energy. As well as more magic from the book series harry potter and the alchemy from Fullmetal alchemist.
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