Zidgel is the first officer, engineer, and pilot of the Rockhopper.


Zidgel landed his spot on the crew after an early mishap at the Academy, during of which, he successfully constructed a deep-space emergency beacon from a karaoke machine, parts from a build it yourself theremin and a battery constructed from two large lemons, a penny, and a paper-clip.


Zidgel is somewhat idiotic and is always obsessed with his appearance. Zidgel is shown to act brave for the camera, but be a chicken on the inside. Zidgel is the one who most of the aliens look up to for help, not knowing that this particular alien penguin has no idea on what is going on. Still, he has made various contributions and laughs towards the crew.

According to his voice actor Ron Wells, he is somewhat a mix of Ted Baxter and Captain Kirk.

The only person who will show anger or come-backs towards Zidgel is Midgel.

Physical Appearance

Zidgel is a Rockhopper penguin. His costume is a orange suit with brown gloves and shoulder pads, and the emblem Z.

During his retirement, he wears a similar suit to his old one, but blue.


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