Ziara and Kiar are twin apprentices and Raido's classmates and allies in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer’s Apprentices. They are adoptive sisters of Charlotte whom fully aware with Tlob's extraordinary Eldritch Magic and later revealed to be Mr. Blake's trusted Part-Timers in the battle against Morganians.

Personality and Traits

Although they are two individuals, as twin sisters, Ziara and Kiar often appear to act as though they are one person in two bodies, often speaking as one or completing each other's sentences. At times, they tend to speak in monotone, being snarky, and edgy. This personality trait often made them creepy to some, as it's worth mentioned that bullies who know them become agitated with their mere presence and Travis wondered whether they actually shared a single soul. Even so, the twins are surprisingly friendly and nice to everyone around them.

While they exactly looked alike in each other and mannerisms, these twin girls still have some differences: Whereas Ziara is cautious and friendly one, Kiar is the abrasive and violent one. Despite this, they balanced each other well, as Kiar can use her sister's observation skills to properly striking their enemies. They also suspectible with siblings rivalries though, as at times they argued on things.


  • Ziara's Magitek Broomstick
  • Ziara's Cat's Eye Gauntlet
  • Kiar's Magitek Barracuda
  • Kiar's Gear Charged Ring
The sisters are armed with gadgets suit with their respective abilities such as:
  • Mechanized Broomstick: Ziara's flying magitek machine that resembles storybook witches' flying broomstick. Aside for flight, the gadget can also serve as powerful weapon that can fire stream of either fire, wind, and plasma.
  • Magitek Barracuda: Kiar's huge barracuda-like mechanical golem with segmented body composed of enchanted concrete blocks and clockwork magitek machines connected with pure Mana. Its head was modeled after barracuda's, equipped with Mana capacitor installed within its eyesockets and mouth cavity as well as a retractable blade for melee attacks. Its fins, which attached on the first, second, fifth, seventh, and tenth body segments, are enchanted plates that can project vibrations that allowed it to fly and move fluidly on the air as well as carry multiple full-grown men at once.
  • Cat's Eye Gauntlet: A gauntlet that utilizes Mana around the user to project 3D landscape of area around him/her in radius of 0.5 miles, allowing him/her to visualize the others' positions and mapped the area around the user in its vicinity. Can also detect locations of magical items better than Biometric Pressure Spell's special cloud. Ziara uses this gadget to observe Morganians' movement.
  • Gear Charged Ring: The twins' catalyst of choice is a Charged Ring adorned with yellow gear that attached on its green Mana capacitor. It's design actually meant to reflect their fixation on clockwork and magitek.

Magic Spells


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