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Zeth is the Evil Portguese God of the Underworld, who Came the Soul into the Soul Pit & The Mortals who died came to Relax & Hang out at the Town of The Ultimate Deadsville, Which he's the Main Villain in the Movie.


  • name = Zeth
  • Role = God, Villain
  • Voice Actor = Upcoming American Voice Actor (US/UK) (English),

TBA (French), TBA (Polish), TBA (Russian), TBA (Japanese), & TBA (Turkish)

  • Properties = Evil
  • Insprirations = Hades The Lord of The Underworld (Mythology), Hades (Disney's Herclues), Satran, Ursula (Disney's The Little Mermaid), Xibalba (Book of Life), Hopper (Bug's Life), Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elmstreet), Slenderman (Slender: The Arrival), mewtwo (Poke'mon Frist Movie: Mewtwo Strike Back: Mew vs Mewtwo), dr.Robotnik Primde (Sonic Satam), Jenner (Don Bluth's The Serect of Nimh), Hades (God of War), Hades (Disney's Goddess of Spring), & Hades (Perry Jackson: N The Lighting Thief)
  • HomeCountry = Portugal, The Underworld
  • Goal = Married Princess Oeleia & Steal Scrinpo's Soul
  • Fate = Get Punched by Scrinpo, Falling into the Fire of Hell & the Soul Pit for His Death