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This is the article on the canon version. For Earth-8001, head to Zeta (Earth-8001).
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Zeta
 Current Alias
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation Order of Independence
 Base of Operation Zeta
 Status Dactivated
 Identity Private
 Marital Status
 Occupation Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System
 Species Artifical intelligence
 Gender Female programming
 Eye Color
 Fur Color
 Hair Color
 Unusual Features
 Origin Chrononian
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance


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Hello there Delta Squad, it seems I have some new test subjects.
~ Zeta to Delta Squad.

Zeta was a artifical intelligence of the Order of Independence and its suspected de facto leader of the Order. Female programming, Zeta was considered to be one of the most advanced A.I. created by the Order, used to perform intellectual feats on astronomical capacity to learn their enemies moves and tactics. In terms of what she is, she is considered to be a super tactical droid, but on a much greater degree of intellectual capacity and independent thought processing.

According to the information collected by Delta Squad, Zeta was once a organic lifeform of Lordaeron by the name of Taia, who soon left Lordaeron at the age of 20 and seeked adventure before she befriended the bounty hunter, Clayton of Mandalore and went on adventures with him. Eventually, she became a scientist for Mandalore, becoming their important asset in technology development up to the Great Civil War. However, the Order of Independence invaded Mandalore and captured Taia for his expertise in technology, and tortured her into becoming a artificial intelligence program called Zeta.

As Zeta, she was suspected to be the de facto leader of the Order, but her area of expertise was the manufacture of battle droids, and the creation of the tactical droids. She would perform texts on the captured subjects of civilians the Order had captured during the war. She had them go against all forms of tests, such as tactics, torture, puzzles and much more, each one more merciless and dangerous then the last. Eventually, she captured Delta Squad who snucked on the planet of Zeta to gain information on the Order. Using them as pawns and text subjects, she subjugated Delta to brutal testing facilities, but due the efforts of Delta, they were able to defeat Zeta and shut her down, thus ending the gruesome texting, and releasing prisonors.


Great Civil War


Zeta is characterzied by her unique main form of physical appearance, to which she uses for interaction on a physical degree of communication. She is known to be a sarcastic artificial intelligence, and a very cold A.I. She finds great pleasure in tormenting the test subjects, using them for various of puzzles and other experiments. She also does sexual experimentation on the subjects, using them to perform sexual activity on various things, which she enjoys moreso. As cruel as she is, she is a very calm and calculative A.I, taking into considerations of obstacles that may be in her way.


Powers & Abilities

Computer Physiology

  • Artificial Intelligence Physiology
  • Cyber Mind
  • Computer Interaction
  • Data Manipulation
  • Numerical Precision
  • Multiple Bodies (if uploaded)