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Zeroes is the 2016 animated superhero comedy film produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures.


Fifty years ago in the planned community of Seabrook, an accident at the Seabrook Power Plant resulted in an explosion which caused one of the chicken into a human-sized chicken, half of the animals into the human-sized animals, half the population of Seabrook to turn into brain-eating zombies, and allowing Shadow, a deadly shadow-like creature, to enter the throat and summon a villain named Red Stike to steal every humans' souls.

In a destroyed city, two shadowed heroes are being attacked by a villain named Strike. Fed up by their hiding, he summons K.O. to eliminate instead. Just as he's about to destroy him, one of the shadowed heroes saves him, revealing herself to be Garnet. The other shadowed hero is Ben 10, and they run. Strike sends his blaster after them. After brief introductions, the blaster engages them. Ben turns into Four-Arms and pushes it back. The blaster retaliates by blasting off his Omnitrix, preventing him from turning back. Garnet also loses her visor, which enabled her to focus her future vision (and were prescription). The three escape and manage to temporarily bring down the blaster.

Escaping into an abandoned building, they find numerous other heroes they've never seen (all from 1990s and 2000s CN shows), encased in stone with red X's on them. They do find one hero named Raven, who managed to survive Strike's attack due to a protection spell. She explains that the city they're in used to be a bustling utopia for all sorts of heroes until Strike showed up to destroy all of them, stealing their powers. He then began summoning heroes to destroy from other dimensions which he does with ease. Raven has also lost most of her powers, only being able to levitate. The four decide to attack Strike's lair head on, even forming their team name: "O.K. Ben Let's Go Universe" along the way.

Using Raven's levitation and Garnet and K.O's punches, they evade traps and monsters sent by Strike and make it to his lair. The Medusa Canon shows up once more and corners them. Strike arrives and begins powering up. K.O. uses this opportunity to grab the Medusa Canon, figuring that its appearance as a pen would indicate it could create as well as destroy. K.O. restores his new friends' powers and they engage Strike. He sends X energy blasts down that Garnet deflects with rapid-fire gauntlet strikes and future vision, while Raven uses a blast of dark energy, but the heroes is knocked unconscious by Strike.

The next morning, Ben awakens injured in the desert with a strange metal bracelet attached to his left wrist and no memory. He recalls being attacked by Red Strike the night before who reveals his true plan to destroy all the Cartoon Network heroes at the sunset of the 4th of July. He wanders into the desert, when he spots a police car driving towards him. Flagging down the vehicle, Ben Tennyson asks the sheriff officer what road they were on. Instead of answering, the sheriff punches him in the face and arrests him on the spot. K.O. is left hanging as his co-worker is sped away in the police car. It was also revealed that the cop arrests all the Cartoon Network heroes.

With the heroes arrested, they realizes that it's too late as the Cop also plans to sabotage the summit and cause a catastrophe that will tarnish the reputation of superheroes, ensuring they remain outlawed forever. In doing so, he lures Ben into a trap, then sends another group of hypnotized superheroes previously invited to the summit to subdue the Giant Chicken for dinner. K.O. slips through the bars, steals the keys, and unlocks the cell. Disguised as dancers, they steals the tickets to New York after accidentally run into Jagged's dressing room.

The next day, on the Fourth of July, the Zeroes find Gar has been fired for K.O.’s arrest. He deduces that Red Strike is at Madame Tussauds, where they save him from the Boxers but lose the seal and are captured by police. They are rescued by K.O. They escape and save the royal family by pursue Red Strike and manages to hang onto the ship as Garnet fights Red Strike, but the Cop tries to save his boss by using a cannon to kill Garnet. They are unharmed, but the Giant Chicken saves the heroes from Red Strike, whom the Bat kills him and the Cop with a firework rocket. The town praises the Zeroes, who revives all the Cartoon Network heroes. The townspeople begin restoring Cartoon Network City back to normal. Meanwhile, the Cop is revealed to be still alive, but is sent to Chicken Land as punishment for his cruel and unlawful actions. Shadow Villain now swears revenge by killing the heroes and suck every souls to take over the world, became a supervillain and steal the diamond from the museum.

Revealing that Shadow is still loose, the heroes panic and refuse to listen until the Giant Chicken return with the addict's severed head, proving that he will confront Shadow in the sunrise. Garnet, K.O. and the others drug the villains with drugs, whereupon an epic battle begins. Several humans are gruesomely killed while Shadow takes control of Will Smith, the failed actor. He confronts Garnet about becoming a villain due to his constant consumption, then takes a bite out of Ben's leg. Garnet saves K.O. and Ben as Raven and the other foods catch Shadow Villain and Will Smith in a pail strapped to propane tanks. They are then launched out of the store and killed in a massive explosion.

With the Shadow defeated for good and all the humans are freed from the control, the Cartoon Network heroes celebrate their victory with Garnet reprograms the blaster, and the city, as well as all the heroes, are restored by it.

Raven opens portals to their home dimensions, and Ben and Raven both depart. Before Garnet leaves she uses the blaster to create a POW card of herself for K.O. and leaves for her home dimension. K.O. returns to his home and wakes up in Gar's Bodega. Initially believing that he was dreaming, he then discovers the Garnet POW card, realizing that the recent events were true.