Zero Minus Ten is a British spy film based on the 1997 James Bond novel by Raymond Benson. Unlike most Bond films, it is not a contemporary piece, instead being set when the book was written, due to the nature of the plot.


With the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong from Britain to China approaching, James Bond finds himself with a limit of 10 days to solve the mystery of a series of deadly terrorist attacks. In a casino in Macau, Bond catches wealthy British shipping magnate Guy Thackeray cheating in a game. Bond, however, outwits and beats him.

Bond watches a press conference held by Thackeray, where he publicly states that he intends to sell his company, EurAsia Enterprises. As he is disembarking from the conference, a car bomb kills Thackeray.

Bond's investigation brings him to Li Xu Nan, the head of the Dragon Wing Society. Bond accidentally involves a hostess named Sunni Pei and now must protect her. Together, they learn of a document, now possessed by General Wong, which entitles Li Xu Nan to take over EurAsia Enterprises. Bond goes with Sunni and his Hong Kong contact, T.Y. Woo, to retrieve the document. 

Bond appears under secret identity of an English solicitor, but his cover is blown and Wong murders Woo. Bond avenges his friend and kills Wong and retrieves the document. He hands it to Li Xu Nan, revealing that they had previously made a deal.

Taking advantage of her debt to him, Bond uses Li Xu Nan to get to Australia, where a nuclear bomb was previously tested. He discovers evidence of someone mining unreported uranium. He is shocked to find Thackeray alive, having been secretly developing a nuke with which he plans to destroy Hong Kong in retaliation for the loss of his business.

Bond, Li Xu Nan, a Royal Navy captain and Sunni Pei head to Hong Kong to stop Thackeray. The manage to locate his bomb but Li Xu Nan loses her life in disabling it. Bond then avenges her by dragging Thackeray into the harbour and drowning him. Later, Bond spends the night with Sunni.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Helen Mirren - Barabra Mawdsley (M)

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Guy Pearce - Guy Thackeray

Nan Yu - Li Xu Nan

Chen Hao - Sunni Pei


The film was followed by The Facts of DeathHigh Time to KillDoubleShot and Never Dream of Dying.

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