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Zen'nō Ningen
Full Name Zen'nō "Baldy Capped" Ningen
Current Age 25
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species / Type Human
Deity (Most consider Zen'nō has a deity due to his power)
Living Town Unknown
Class SS-Class
Main Weapon(s) Nothing
Main Element(s) Unknown
Vulnerable to Possesses None
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Absolute Strength
Absolute Speed
Absolute Athleticism
Absolute Condition
Absolute Leap
Absolute Stamina
Extraordinary Senses
Psychic Resistance
Willpower Embodiment
Affiliation(s) Hero Association
Alias(es) Baldy Capped (Hero Name)
Absolute God of Humanity
Absolute God of Strength
Absolute God of Speed
Absolute God of Stamina
Absolute God of the Five Senses
Strongest Human
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Hercules/Herakles (Most consider him has a descendant)

Zen'nō Ningen (全能人間, Ningen Zen'nō) is a superhero from a unknown region of the planet, and is a SS-Class Hero of the Hero Association.



Zen'nō is a bald young man, with a muscular physique and is almost always wearing yellow jumpsuit with a cape with red gloves.



Hero Association


  • Absolute Strength - Zen'nō Ningen is the only known Human to possess absolute strength, capable of literally doing anything without any side-effects. He can kill a God-Class monster with a single punch. Actually, his strength was even proven against the Norse God Loki where Zen'nō literally defeated Loki with a single punch, combined with absolute speed and leap. One time, his punches can cause air to literally push forward with such speed and strength, he can just punch rain away, destroy cliffs with a punch without even toughing the cliff and return to Earth from the moon in mere seconds.
  • Absolute Speed - Zen'nō is capable of going faster then anything in existence, including Dimensional Lords and even the Runner literally pales to him in comparison .
  • Absolute Athleticism - Zen'nō excels above godly in athleticism.
  • Absolute Condition - Zen'nō condition is literally above that of a human, perfect in mental and physical, that like absolute strength, can do anything such has destroying a planet with a single punch.
  • Absolute Leap - Zen'nō possess such strength and stamina, he can perform absolute leap, capable of leaping limitless heights, but chooses not to pass the Earth atmosphere. Even thought is godly for a Human, he is still human.
  • Absolute Stamina - Zen'nō possess limitless stamina, able to do anything forever, has shown when he does his physical exam at Hero Association.
  • Invulnerability - Zen'nō has such, nothing can even harm him, has shown when he was slamed to the moon, he got up without even having a scratch, and he not even looking like it actually did anything.
  • Extraordinary Senses - Zen'nō has perfect sense, being able to detect almost anything, an react to it with absolute speed, stamina and strength.
  • Absolute Psychic Resistance - Zen'nō willpower is so immense, psychic can't even do anything to him.
  • Willpower Embodiment - Zen'nō is the very embodiment of willpower, being able to do anything with raw will, and shows no signs of even frustration or even irritation. This shows his willpower to do anything is great.



  • Zen'nō Ningen is Japanese for Omnipotent Human in reference that his power is basically nigh-omnipotent.
  • The only possibly entities that could be able to actually defeat Zen'nō Ningen is God or the Darkness, Death or even maybe Omega.
  • Zen'nō Ningen is not a demigod nor a deity, thus in fact the universe's most powerful human.
  • Zen'nō Ningen gained title involving God or Absolute God due to his abilities and power is that of a Archangel-Class threat, or even higher.
  • Zen'nō Ningen is based from Saitama from One-Punch Man.
  • Zen'nō is the only known SS-Class superhero in the Hero Association.