Zachary, Grace and Lexia (2002)

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Certification - Argentina:13 (most episodes) | Argentina:16 (some episodes) | Australia:M (most episodes) | Australia:MA15+ (some episodes) | Brazil:12 (most episodes) | Brazil:14 (some episodes) | Canada:14 (outside Quebec) | Canada:13 (inside Quebec, most episodes) | Canada:16 (inside Quebec, some episodes) | Chile:F (most episodes) | Chile:R (some episodes) | Colombia:Familiar | Ecuador:B | Finland:K12 (most episodes) | Finland:K16 (some episodes) | France:12 (most episodes) | France:16 (some episodes) | Germany:12 (most episodes) | Germany:16 (some episodes) | Greece:12 (most episodes) | Greece:15 (some episodes) | Hong Kong:PG (most episodes) | Hong Kong:M (some episodes) | Hungary:12 (most episodes) | Hungary:16 (some episodes) | India:U/A | Indonesia:BO | Malaysia:P13 | Mexico:B (most episodes) | Mexico:B15 (some episodes) | Netherlands:9 (most episodes) | Netherlands:12 (some episodes) | New Zealand:PGR (free-to-air) | New Zealand:M (L, S, pay television, most episodes) | New Zealand:16 (L, S, pay television, some episodes) | Norway:9 (most episodes) | Norway:12 (some episodes) | Peru:14 | Philippines:PG (L, S) | Poland:12 (most episodes) | Poland:16 (some episodes) | Portugal:12 | Romania:12 (most episodes) | Romania:15 (some episodes) | Russia:12+ (most episodes) | Russia:16+ (some episodes) | Singapore:PG (most episodes, seasons 1-9) | Singapore:PG13 (most episodes, seasons 10-12) | Singapore:NC16 (some episodes) | South Africa:13 (L, N, S, most episodes) | South Africa:16 (L, N, S, some episodes) | South Korea:12 (most episodes) | South Korea:15 (some episodes) | Spain:12 (most episodes) | Spain:13 (some episodes) | Taiwan:12 (most episodes) | Taiwan:15 (some episodes) | Thailand:General (most episodes) | Thailand:PG 13 (some episodes) | Turkey:7+ (most episodes) | Turkey:13+ (some episodes) | Ukraine:12+ (most episodes) | Ukraine:16+ (some episodes) | United Kingdom:12 (most episodes) | United Kingdom:15 (some episodes) | United States:TV-14 (DLS, most episodes) | United States:TV-14 (DLSV, some episodes) | Venezuela:Supervisado

Sex & Nudity


Upper female nudity is partially seen when a female human is wearing her bikini top or bra.

Zachary has sex with every female human in every episode. He is either in his underwear, his water clothes, shirtless or naked and the female human is either in her bikini, her bra and panties, topless or naked. Sometimes Zachary, the female human or both he and the female human stay in the clothes they wore throughout the episode, or might change them before hopping into bed.

  1. Nick, Colin and Mikey, who only have sex with their girlfriends, also wear the same things.

The female human takes a birth control pill before hopping into bed if she and her male partner are having sex naked. This is to avoid pregnancy to the female human.

There are sex scenes involving lesbians, who are two females. Either one or both of them are in their bikinis, their bra and panties, topless, naked or clothed.

Female humans hump their pillows. When they do this, they are either in their bikinis, their bra and panties, topless or naked.

Sexual references and dialogue, such as sex and porn are mentioned throughout the series.

  1. Female humans mention they are lesbians.

Frontal nudity is pixelated.

Violence & Gore


Some violence in some episodes.



Frequent swearing.

F**k, s**t, c**k, c**ksucker, t**t, n****r, f****t, t*ts, t*tties and sl*t are bleeped when used on TV and home release.

Certain characters will say "Bite my shiny metal ass!" or "Holy f**king ass crackers!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Some drug and alcohol use and smoking in some episodes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


Some intense scenes in most episodes.

Characters will start talking about the death of another character. This can be upsetting to fans of that character.

ACB - Rated M (mature themes, sexual content and coarse language) (most episodes)

ACB - Rated MA15+ (crude sexual content and coarse language) (some episodes)

BBFC - Rated 12 (moderate sex references and frequent strong language) (most episodes)

BBFC - Rated 15 (sex references and strong language) (some episodes)

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