Your Not Alone is a american filipino romance horror drama musical/thriller film


starring Mary Elizabeth (Movie in Creepypasta), Bella Sana, Kathryn Bernado, Matthew Broderick, Shailene Woodley, Elizabeth Banks, Pokwang, Jodi Sta. Maria, Daniel Padilla, Melai Cantiveros



Mariana (Rachel Gage) and her sister Carla (Jessica Belkin) was have a birthday in outside there one a man-like creature monster outside Mariana go to under the bed and hide Carla said is that a Mumo it a half-ghost half-creature half-man there fall a blood in her eye and Carlo wake and there a blood fall to her eye she look up and the eye look and bloods fall her Carla eye and burns and died

Mariana there was a blood her face and fall by a eye of Carlo and burn her hand and died


Mariana and Carla take from the hospital and heal her eyes "One Day" Mariana and Carla are cannot see in her one eye her Grandmama (Mary E.) have a smile creepy dog (Smile Dog) "Two Night) the dog go to Mariana and bite her leg she scream and smash the smile dog with a hammer Grandmama was happy to kill that dog to never creep her out again Mariana her leg is full of tentecles and take her in hospital

The Ending:

Georger (Daniel Padilla), Hanna (Elizabeth Banks) Carla (Kathryn Bernado), Mariana (Rachel Gage) Julia (Pokwang), Barbara (Melai Cantiveros), Grandmama (Mary Elizabeth), Ian (Jodi Sta. Maria), Shailene Woodley (Joila) was now survive the land have a creepy ghost, killer creature, monster object, possessed things

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