You Killer 3 Equestria Girls


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Jayden Greig as Male Viewer Aged around 6-10

Kira Gelineau as Female Viewer Aged around 6-10

Danielle/DoopieDoOver As Doopie - The first ever and oldest friend to help and take care of the viewer. She's 22.

Jacob Ewaniuk as Bluey Burgeons - The second, youngest and only male friend of the viewer. He's 10

Monica Rial as Stocking - The real step mother of the viewer. She's Panty's sister, and is the new protector of the viewer. She's 16

Andrea Libman as Fluttershy - The third friend of the viewer, she really shy, and she loves animals. She's 15

Andrea Libman as Pinkamena and Pinkie Pie - The evil version and murderer of Pinkie Pie, and third youngest of the horror children from the deep end. She's the only cannibal, which she loves to swallow people whole. She's aged 14.


The movie takes place a week after part 2. The viewer, Bluey, and Doopie have been living with Stocking Anarchy after they killed off Pranker Krueger. Both Stocking and the Viewer have been sleeping together to comfort each other about their losses. One day when they were eating breakfast, they were eating in their new four-person bedroom watching one of Doopie's favorite series, Equestria Girls. When they got to the part where Sci Twi looked in the pond, a deep pink figure, exactly like in the ending in part 2 appeared right out of nowhere. Twilight jumped and quickly ran away. Then all of a sudden, the scene of that movie cut to Pinkie Pie looking at a mirror which was not even in the movie. When the pink figure that was revealed to look almost like Pinkie Pie, except her hair is darker and her clothes are more dark. It was clearly Pinkamena, Pinkie Pie's alter self. The evil version then pops up from the mirror and pulls a screaming Pinkie in with her, as the mirror shatters along with Pinkie Pie destroyed to pieces. The heroes were all frightened, mostly Bluey since he was hiding behind the bed in tears. Suddenly came a knock on the door. Stocking opened it at it was Fluttershy from the movie itself.

Fluttershy tells them that Pinkie Pie has gone missing. They all agreed to go to her high school to investigate, but not before introducing themselves.


Pinkie Pie - Pulled in the mirror and smashed into pieces by Pinkamena.

Applejack - Swallowed whole and digested by Pinkamena.

Rarity - Too much makeup, then head smashed apart by Pinkamena.

Trixie - Swallowed whole and digested by Pinkamena.

Rainbow Dash - Head punched off by Pinkamena

Flash - Smashed to bits with his own guitar by Pinkamena.

Sunset Shimmer - Stabbed in the chest then swallowed whole by Pinkamena.

Twilight Sparkle - Stabbed in the heart by Pinkamena.

Pinkamena - Stabbed in the chest with her own knife by Twilight after stabbing her, then slowly gets destroyed by Stocking destroying her mirror.


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