You Killer 2 Super Why

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After Lenny's death, Doopie has taken Dolan to the hospital, and You to her house to take good care of you and live with her forever. Until you had to get to the Super Why universe cause theirs more trouble. A new kid named Bluey Burgeons has moved in. As well as a new serial killer which is Lenny's older brother and son of Freddy Krueger. Pranker Krueger is bringing chaos in Storybook Village. Will you, Doopie and Bluey be able to stop him, before it's too late? Run Time: 90 minutes


Jayden Greig as Male Viewer Aged around 6-10

Kira Gelineau as Female Viewer Aged around 6-10

Danielle/DoopieDoOver As Doopie - The first ever and oldest friend to help and take care of the viewer. She's 22.

Jacob Ewaniuk as Bluey Burgeons - The second, youngest and only male friend of the viewer. He's 10.

Benjamin Diskin as Pranker Krueger- He's the second youngest and tallest of the Horror Children. He's 13 one year older then his brother Lenny.

Johnny Orlando as Whyatt Beanstalk/Super Why

Samuel Faraci as Pig/Alpha Pig

Tajja Isen as Princess Pea/Princess Presto

T.J. McGibbon as Red Riding Hood/Wonder Red

Joanne Vannicola as Woofster

Robert England as Freddy Krueger(Live) - The father of Pranker Krueger, but soon turns him down to become the father of the viewer.

Freddy Krueger

Jamie Marchi as Panty - The step mother of the viewer before she sacrifices herself to save her child.

Monica Rial as Stocking - The real step mother of the viewer. She's Panty's sister, and is the new protector of the viewer.



The movie takes place the day after Part 1 of the You Killer series. The body of Lenny Leray has secretly vanished. Doopie woke up the Viewer, kissed their cheek which cause them to blush hard, ate breakfast, and soon got a phone call. Doopie got it, and it was a new boy named Bluey Burgeons who is as Storybook Village. He told her that there was a murderer on the loose in his new town, he explained that Whyatt's dog, Woofster, was found dead in the freezer with his head chopped off. So Doopie and the viewer which turned into Super You, jumped into's Super You's light blue why flyer, and flew to storybook village. Meanwhile, a tall black figure with blue glowing eyes watched as they made there way and gave out a smirk, and the title card sets in.

By the time the viewer and Doopie arrived at Storybook Village, they were greeted by a young 13 year old boy with a ponytail, and a blue jacket. He shook their hands and introduced himself as "Bluey Burgeons." He had just moved in. He told the two that there was a crime scene that involved a dog getting his head chopped off, and his body was still in the freezer. Whyatt was sobbing knowing that he lost his dog. Doopie asked who was responsible for such a horrible crime, but Bluey said the police can't make heads or tails of it. Then all of a sudden, two angles known as Panty and Stocking Anarchy appear from the sky. They introduced themselves, and noticed the viewer which was a boy and a girl. Stocking especially got curious so she had a closer look at the viewer. This cause them to shake in fear, so Stocking patted their cheek for comfort which made their face go red. Stocking said that she wanted the three to join them to track down the killer. They all accepted and got into their car.

It goes to a shot of Jack climbing up the beanstalk to see if the killer was hiding in the sky. But as he was climbing, he noticed a clawed hand on one of the leafs. There was a evil laugh. What was there was big eyed demon like monster. The young man does a rhyme that involves him climbing and falling down the beanstalk. He punched Jack in the face which cause him to fall into the ocean to his death. The demon laughed as he came falling down. He then vanishes to do some more "fun". He then appears behind Jill getting a pail of water. He tapped her shoulder and then pushed her in the well. She tried to get out by climbing the rope, but Pranker was smart, so he cut the rope, and left with a big evil smirk.

It then goes to the 5 protagonists driving to the Book Club. The viewer asked why they arrived there. Panty answered that they know the killer would come and show up to kill the super readers, so she told them to be on their best guard and best behavior. Bluey added that he knows that they all got each others backs. They all looked over the night, they even ordered a pizza, even Stocking ate some of it cause she decided to change her appetite for once. They all ate, drank soda, and even talked about their lives. Doopie explained how she and her best friend the viewer met and fought a serial killer like the current one. Bluey talked about his life, that he was once a baseball player. Panty brought out the sleeping bags and pajamas for everyone, and they all gathered around each other. Stocking's pajamas now had a heart instead of a skull. Doopie kissed the viewer goodnight on the cheek, as they got some sleep.

They all soon woke up into a strange world where they were all in the woods. They wondered how they got their, when suddenly the same dark figure that killed Jack and Jill popped up from behind one of the trees. The heroes ran after it, but the viewer suddenly got stuck in a bear trap. The others ran to help them before the killer gets to them, but the figure was already there. He was Lenny Leray's older brother, Pranker Krueger. He told them that he vowed to avenge his little brother's death, by trapping them and killing them in their dreams. Suddenly, Red Riding hood came rolling by and yelled to leave the viewer alone. Pranker heard her, stared at her with an evil smirk, and slowly walked toward her. The others helped the viewer out of the bear trap, as the viewer begged Pranker not to hurt their friend, but it was too late. Pranker stabbed Red in the stomach with his clawed glove, and slowly drained all of her blood until she fell dead on the grass. The viewer started tearing up watching in horror, Doopie warmly hugged them. The heroes started going after him again, but he disappeared, which made the heroes all wake up. The super duper computer showed the news, which Red Riding Hood was murdered just last night. Her body was found in the dumpster with blood all over her. The viewer started to sob softly, the heroes all gave them a hug in comfort, and they promised that they'll stop him before he gets his hands on the other super readers. Bluey putted on his favorite baseball cap, knowing that he was totally in, so they got back in the car to find Pranker.

The Pranker was hiding out where Princess Pea lives. She was tearing up from the lost of her best friend Red Riding Hood. She decided she have to move on to the last few friends she got left. She took her wand and waved it in the air. Pranker appeared apparently with a crown, and a black robe. He snagged the wand out of Pea's hand and stabbed her in the chest, right into the heart. She tried desperately to fight back, but Pranker was far too tall, and too strong for her. She then fell on the floor dying. Pranker heard her parents come in and vanished into flames. Princess Pea's parents were crying over the lost of her daughter. He then went to Pig's house, and killed him as well. All that was left for him to hunt down was Whyatt.

The heroes knew that they were running out of time, then The viewer, who then transformed into Super You had a bright idea. They suggest he could have jumped into a book, so they followed their idea and drove straight into a book called "A Nightmare In Storybook Village." To Super You's surprise, Whyatt, who was Super Why, was also there to find the demon. The five protagonist tried to warn him about Pranker coming to kill him, but it was too late. Pranker appeared with his legs even taller, tall enough to reach Super Why, but he was ready for him, and jumped out of his why flyer and let it hit Pranker's eye causing him to fall. What seems like he's finally defeated, Pranker emerges as a more darker version of himself calling himself "Nega Pranker" He then clawed part of Super Why's body right out, turning him into paper and back into his normal self. Pranker then shreds him to pieces in front of the horrified protagonists as he just laughs in succession. Super You was very mad, so they jumped into Panty's position as driver and drove straight toward Pranker. The young demon acted quickly, and teleported them to his hellish dorm.

The heroes all tried stuck together to take him down. Panty had her guns, Stocking had her swords, Bluey had a flaming baseball bat, Doopie had nun chucks, and the viewer had their friends. Suddenly Pranker appeared right in front of them creating a giant fire ball and aimed at right at them. Bluey just hit it right towards him, sending him right through the wall. They all ran after him. He disappeared yet again, but Panty saw him right behind ready to attack Super You. So she acted quickly, pushed her friends and her sister out of the way and allowed Pranker to stab her. Pranker just thought she was being the idiot she really is. Stocking ran toward her dying sister with tears in her eyes. Before dying, Panty told her to take good care of the viewer, and knowing that she will always love her and will always be here big sister to the end then she finally died. Pranker laughed, while Stocking was furious, so she went charging after him. But he opened a door revealing Brief's head on the top shelf. The heroes all screamed in fear, while Pranker then got out a trash can, and out cam 666 pieces of Garterbelt. He explained that during Stocking's show, at the end. He actually rigged it to make it look like Stocking was actually a demon. He did so by disguising himself as Stocking while Stocking and Panty were going to their house, and transformed Garterbelt into Panty, before slicing him killing him. Right as he was following Corset, the pieces turned back into Garterbelt, and to surprise, Pranker wouldn't let Corset help him, so he squashed him to death.

Then all of a sudden, a beam of flames came out. Out came the famous yet very dangerous dream child killer, Freddy Krueger, which was Pranker Krueger's father. He greeted his father and told him that he had succeeded on killing the Super Readers. But to his furry, Freddy told him that he was no longer his father. Pranker questioned why, and Freddy answered that he was just using him to help the viewer kill of their enemies, the super readers, cause they were being mean to them and not even noticing them anymore. He even said that he was the viewer's new father. To everyone's surprise, Freddy actually came up to the viewer and gave them a hug, apologizing for what his no longer son had done. He also said that Stocking was their mother. Stocking confessed that she was the viewer's mother, as she gave birth to them, where Panty was the apparent father. Stocking kissed the viewer's cheek and hugged them as they both teared up. Bluey and Doopie hugged each other, while Pranker's face turned red in anger. He was gonna kill them all, not just for his brother, but also because Freddy was just using him. Then suddenly a force of light came in from the roof. Pranker stepped back in fear, then Bluey had an idea. He ran toward Pranker, jumped on him from behind, and pulled him toward the light. Doopie, the viewer, Freddy Krueger, and Stocking all pitched in. Pranker was screaming in pain and fear as his body was destroyed under the light as his clothes and clawed glove fall on the floor which were the only things left of him. Bluey came up to the viewer, and asked if he could be a part of their family as well. The viewer smiled, gave him a tight hug signifying yes. As the other 3 joined in the hug. Freddy then led them back home to Stocking's house.

After the credits, Pranker's remains were still lying down on the floor, while all of a sudden, a deep pink figure under the dorm's mirrors appeared, staring at the camera, as the movie comes to an end.


Woofster (off-screen)- Head chopped off, then thrown in the freezer by Pranker

Jack - Thrown off the beanstalk into the ocean and drowned by Pranker

Jill - Thrown into a well and drowned by Pranker.

Red Ridding Hood - Stabbed with a claw glove, and got her blood drained out by Pranker.

Princess Pea - Stabbed with her own wand by Pranker.

Pig - Thrown into a big sharp stick by Pranker.

Whyatt as Super Why - Got turned into paper and shredded to pieces by Pranker.

Brief (Off-screen)- Head ripped off and left to decompose by Pranker

Garterbelt (off-screen)- Destroyed to 666 pieces by Pranker (His soul was not absorbed into Pranker.)

Panty - Sacrifised herself to save Stocking, the viewer and their friends by jumping straight at Pranker allowing him to kill her.

Pranker Krueger - Got burned alive and disappeared into the sunshine by Bluey, Doopie, the viewer, and the viewer's new father, Freddy Krueger, as well as the viewer's new mother Stocking.


It's revealed that the ending of the credits of Panty and Stocking season 1 were fake and Stocking was a true angle after all.

Stocking and Panty rarely sweared in the movie where Pranker and Freddy Krueger sweared the most.

Before the movie, we learned that Pranker murdered both Brief and Garterbelt after the season finale of Panty and Stocking.

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