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YOU have been pulled in the Planet Dolan universe by the missing Shima, when suddenly, she was brutally killed by a 12 year old serial killer named Lenny. He's off to come and kill you and all of Shima's friends. You meet and fall for Doopie to save the world from the robot like killer. Run Time: 90 minutes


Jayden Greig as Male Viewer Aged around 6-10

Kira Gelineau as Female Viewer Aged around 6-10

Danielle/DoopieDoOver As Doopie - The first ever and oldest friend to help and take care of the viewer. She's 22.

Carter Hayden as Lenny Leray - The youngest and smallest of the Horror Children from the Deep End. He's 12






Dolan's Mysterous Brother




The story begins a year after Shima left the Planet Dolan crew. People had wondered where she went, but she was nowhere to be seen or heard from again. Until we learn that she moved to a big city. She was testing out an experiment that brings people from the real world to her universe. Once she pressed the button, the energy blast hits the screen. It goes to the inside of a body bag, being carried to Danger Dolan's place. Shima realized that what she did was bring in the viewer of interactive kid shows and kids games like Disney's Villains' Revenge. As she was leaving, she screamed as a short, but dark mysterious figure held an axe and slashed her head clean off.

It then goes back to the body bag, and it wasn't moving anymore. We hear a young girl calling from the outside. She opened it, and it was Doopie from Planet Dolan. The viewer starts to wake up. Doopie was surprised to see them and asked if they were ok. The female said yes following the male who said the same thing. Doopie soon got surprise that the viewer talked in both gender voices. She pulled them out of the bag and introduced herself, she asked them their name, the viewer replies with silence. She says it's a cute name, and in fact that the viewer was actually pretty cute. The viewer started to blush, since the screen was turning red. Doopie took the viewer with her to meet her friends. Meanwhile, the mysterious preteen made his way to where the viewer was. He gave out an evil grin, as he was gonna kill the viewer and their new friends.

Doopie wrapped the viewer in a blanket and went to get some cookies. Then suddenly the young killer was behind them. The viewer screamed in horror as the cyborg like preteen revealed to be Lenny Leray. Doopie said is everything alright, Lenny fled as Doopie went to the viewer and hugged them, and comforted them. Meanwhile, Lenny mad his way to the kitchen, where the lord of the dead Nixxiom was making a sandwich. He realized he saw the young serial killer, introduced himself, and offered him a sandwich. But Lenny didn't properly answer him, he stayed quiet as he reached to get a screwdriver in the cabinet. He went up to Nixxiom and stuck it right down his ear. He screamed in agony as his ear started to bleed. Lenny just grinned evilly as he held his bloody axe that he killed Shima with and aimed it to his stomach, killing him in an instant. Lenny was satisfied with his second murder so he continued on.

The viewer calmed down as Doopie gave them her fresh baked chocolate cookies. She asked how they tasted, they replied with a "great". There was suddenly screaming in the kitchen. The Viewer and Doopie ran to the kitchen, and were horrified when they saw Nixxiom lying dead on the floor, with blood dripping from his ear and stomach. It cuts to his funeral, where Melissa was crying for Nixxiom. Gooby and Dolan's brother soon went behind the building. Lenny jumped and slashed Gooby in half, saying silence doesn't get her anywhere. Dolan's brother turned around and screamed as Lenny wielded his ax and slashed his head in half as he fell on one of Gooby's halves. Lenny started to laugh, until he heard the others coming. He ran away as the viewer and their new friends were even more horrified to see two more victims of the serial killer. Dolan was very heart broken. He lost his wife, and his own brother. He cried, even harder than Melissa. Doopie went and hugged him, then she let the viewer join in. Lenny was spying from a bush as he smiled evilly.

As they got home, Hellbent yelled and started to blame the viewer for the death of their friends. The viewer started to cry softly, while Doopie said that they were innocent. Hellbent didn't believe her as he went to his room madder then ever before. Doopie wiped the viewer's tears away and said that she wasn't gonna let anything hurt them. It goes to Melissa trying to recover from those deaths trying to cook some muffins for her friends. When suddenly, she heard some noises, and a pre-teens voice calling to her. Out of nowhere, Lenny came and slashed both of her arms off. Pringle and Hellbent heard her screaming and ran to her. Lenny pushed her into the oven,and baked it at 420 degrees heat. Pringle went in and was horrified to see the pre teen. Lenny charged at him and slashed his limbs and head straight off. Hellbent soon followed and was shocked to see Pringle dead. He asked the young killer were Melissa was. Lenny took out a green cigarette and offered him a smoke. He accepted but soon realized that the cigarette was poisoned. Hellbent started to choke up vomit and blood then fell dead on the floor. The oven finished, Lenny took out Melissa who was now chicken, took out one of her legs, and started feasting.

The viewer was even more nervous then before. They went into the kitchen to investigate. Lenny jumped from behind them and tackled them down on the floor. Doopie heard the viewer's screaming and ran as fast as she could to save them. Lenny pinned the viewer to the ground, held up his axe, and was ready for the ultimate kill. He was soon pushed aside from Doopie, who helped the viewer up until Lenny turned on the light revealing the dead bodies as well as Melissa's burned body. They both screamed as they ran, but Lenny was right behind them. Lenny stopped and looked around, he walked slowly to find them, when suddenly he was pushed into the fireplace, and closed the door. He tried to escape. Doopie threw the viewer a match. Lenny tried to convince them that they can still be friends. But the viewer declined as they set Lenny on fire. He screamed in agony as he tried to chase the viewer and Doopie. But he fell on the floor as he burned. Doopie went to call the police. The viewer was behind her until someone tripped them. Doopie paused and looked at him and in front of them. They looked up and saw Lenny who was still alive but more scarier. Most of his hair was burned off, his glasses were broken, his face was full of scars, and on half of his face, it showed his skull. Doopie took out a gun and shoot of his head, and his body fell on the ground. Dolan came in to see what was going on. Doopie and the viewer went to Dolan's room, as Dolan picked up Lenny's head. Dolan asked what that was. Suddenly, Lenny's body came out of the can and started to strangle Dolan with his axe. Dolan threw him at the wall and his axe flew from him and toward the viewer. They caught it as Lenny putted his head back on. He was even more madder then before. Doopie and Dolan were scared. Until the viewer actually threw Lenny's axe back at him, hitting him straight in the chest. He screamed as his head came off yet again, and his body hit the wall still standing. He was still talking, saying that he wasn't the only one, until the green in his black eye faded, his body fell on the floor, and he was finally dead. Doopie hugged the viewer, as she said she loved them and told them they were now a part of her family. Doopie kissed Dolan's forehead and putted him to bed. She threw Lenny's body out the window, and then tucked the viewer to bed. She read them a story to calm them down, they closed their eyes and went to sleep. Doopie kissed the viewer's cheek as they blushed. She said goodnight and she loved them, and closed the door. The final scene goes to Lenny's body now on the street. His black eye started to flash as it wasn't the end.


Shima - Head chopped off by Lenny.

Nixxiom - Screwdriver dragged down the ear, and axed in the stomach by Lenny.

Gooby - Slashed in half by Lenny.

Dolan's Mysterious Brother - Head slashed in half by Lenny.

Melissa - Arms (or wings) chopped off and thrown in the oven by Lenny.

Pringle - Limbs and head chopped off by Lenny.

Hellbent - Given a poison cigarette by Lenny and chocked to death with vomiting.

Lenny - First burnt by the viewer, head shot off by Doopie, and finally slashed in the chest by his own axe by the viewer.


This is (if not) the first movie where the viewer is the main protagonist.

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