You Killed Me is a 2012 Supernatural Drama Thriller film written and directed by Michel Gondry starring Chris Evans, Grace Park, Ziyi Zhang, Takeshi Kitano, Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Byung-Hun Lee, Li Gong and Jet Li.

The film received four Oscar Nominations 1. For Cinematography, 2. Best Actor: Chris Evans, 3. Best Actress: Grace Park and 4. Best Supporting Actress: Ziyi Zhang.

The film was set and shot in Seoul, South Korea.

The film has been met with much critical acclaim and audience praise and was released to select theatres on March 19th, 2012 and released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc on November 3rd, 2012.


The film begins with a woman attempting to escape through a basement window of a house when she is dragged back and then the scene comes to a city street where a hazed accident occurs in which a couple of drivers are injured, a motorcyclist and truck driver are killed.

We are then taken to three individuals moving into a stingy apartment building in Seoul.

Three individuals a young American Man Abbot Coster (Chris Evans) and two beautiful Korean Women Toshito Kamari (Grace Park) and Yaki Fakashi (Ziyi Zhang) who through the busy dragon festival weekend ultimatley end up in the same apartment which they begin to share.

The three then come to realize they are dead as no one is able to see them or communicate with them apart from each other and the apartment room they drafted themselves into wasn't given to them they just came into it and eventually actual tennants come to the apartment.

They are informed by a collector spirit they have unfinished business which must be complete for them to pass over.

First they tackle Yaki's unfinished business as Toshito and Abbot are unsure exactly what their unfinished business would be where as Yaki believes it has to do with her father and that he might of murdered her.

Turns out sadly however that Yaki's father Toki (Takeshi Kitano) didn't murder her after all but however they got into an argument over her plans to move away to central Seoul and leave their dying mother which ended in Toki slapping her and her attempting to climb through the basement window to get out of the house at which point he seized her trying to bring her back in to apologize and pulled her in with too much force which caused her to accidentally crack her head upon the ground.

She finds her father in a state of depression who has blamed himself for his daughter's death even though the police have ruled it out as an accident.

Abbot and Toshito help Yaki make contact with her father and tell him she is sorry for wanting to run away from mum and everything she said about them and state it is not his fault what happened and she is going on to a better place soon and she will be watching over him, and soon enough so will mum.

Yaki then corporealizes herself and embraces in a heartfelt hug with her father.

She then upon returning to the apartment with Abbot and Toshito thanks them and they discover had they not died they would of all ended up together at the hotel drafted together as roommates in the very apartment room they pushed their spectral selves into.

The collector then comes and overnight Yaki passes on.

Then the following day Abbot and Toshito after revisiting past memories of recent in their spirit dream space begin to follow up on what they were doing before they both died.

They revisit their work-places and families and discover they both died in the same car accident.

Toshito was riding on her motorcycle on her way to a blind date which had been set up by her sister Tamakoshi (Li Gong) who she makes contact with and thanks for everything she did for her and tells her she loves her very much to ease her held in pain over her sister's death which in part she believed she caused.

Toshito then believes she's completed her unfinished business and is ready to cross over as she comes back to the apartment with Abbot wishing him good luck advising maybe his family are his unfinished business as well and all three of them were meant to put their grieving families into closure.

However the collector does not come and they decide they have to check into Abbot's unfinished business.

Abbot comes to his mother Brenda (Julianne Moore) and father Robert (John Cusack) and makes contact with them, which it turns out Abbot was on his way to a blind date set up by his mother.

Abbot and Toshito discover they were each other's blind dates and their unfinished business wasn't just bringing their families' closure but discovering each other and discovering the great love they would of gone on to have.

They corporealize and share true loves' kiss before the collector comes.

Abbot then writers upon the apartment window along with Toshito and Brenda comes into the apartment and finds a message for her from Abbot Saying I Love You Mum and a message from Toshito saying don't worry Miss Wilderman we found each other.


  • Chris Evans as Abbot Coster
  • Grace Park as Toshito Kamari
  • Ziyi Zhang as Yaki Fakashi
  • Takeshi Kitano as Toki Fakashi
  • Julianne Moore as Brenda Wilderman
  • John Cusack as Robert Coster
  • Byung-Hun Lee as Lavatchi Kamari
  • Li Gong as Tamakoshi Kamari
  • Jet Li as Abbot's friend Dovi Takamoto
  • Jonah Hill as Abbot's Bestfriend Carter Willis


  1. Sugar Water- Cibo Matto
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