You're Next Is A 2013 American Horror Slasher Film Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Max Thieriot, Sean Faris, Jessica Stroup, Jesse Metcalfe And Derek Mears.


5 campers are in the woods and they find a cabin and go in, but they're locked in and a killer surrounds them, now they must escape.


The film begins with 5 campers, Layla (Scout Taylor-Compton), Harold (Max Thieriot), Kenny (Sean Faris), Abigail (Jessica Stroup) and Todd (Jesse Metcalfe) in a car and they reach the woods and get out of the car. They walk in the woods looking for the camping area and they mistake a cabin for it. They go in and spot blood, Todd gets scared as Mark (Derek Mears) looks in the window and disappears. Layla goes to an info booth and asks the person if they're at the camping area and he says "No", Layla then goes back to tell everyone as Mark kills the person by stabbing him several times in the head. Layla tells everyone they have to go and they pack up their stuff, but the door is locked and they're trapped inside. Mark lures Abigail to the window before he slits her throat. Everyone screams and hide in the cellar. Abigail,s blood slowly flows down the stairs.

Layla tells everyone that they have to go but Harold doesn't want to go since the killer is there. Mark climbs in the window and Harold turns around, He is then cut in half with Mark,s machete. Todd is hacked apart with Mark,s machete and Layla and Kenny run. Kenny is grabbed by Mark, but Layla saves him and they keep running. Layla is grabbed by Mark and has her chest sliced open a little and Kenny launches the machete in Mark,s eye, seemingly killing him. They run and lock the cellar door and pack their things. Mark puts his hand thru the door and Layla tries to get the door open. Mark gets the door open and Layla knocks him unconscious with an axe. She breaks the door open and they run and get in their car. Mark gets up and tries to find them and meanwhile, Kenny can't start the car. Mark appears next to Kenny and pulls him out of the car, he is stabbed in his heart and Layla screams and climbs to the back of the car. Mark enters and tries to find her, Layla gets out and runs as she hides behind a tree and picks up the machete Kenny uses to "Kill" Mark. Mark gets out of the car trunk and goes into the woods, Layla impales him in the throat and stomach, killing him. Layla then walks away and trips on a head, then the screen goes black, meaning there could be another killer on the loose.


Scout Taylor-Compton as Layla

Max Thieriot as Harold

Sean Faris as Kenny

Jessica Stroup as Abigail

Jesse Metcalfe as Todd

Derek Mears as Mark/The Killer


Information Booth Person- Stabbed several times in the head.

Abigail- Throat slit.

Harold- Cut in half with Machete.

Todd- Hacked apart with Machete.

Kenny- Stabbed in heart.

Mark/The Killer- Impaled in throat and stomach with Kenny,s Machete.



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