The Gabba gang and DJ Lance Rock son are on a mission to stop a evil witch from taking over the world.


Twenty-Five years following their preschool television shows cancellation in 2015, Plex the Magic Yellow Robot, Toodee the Blue Cat-Dragon, Brobee the Little Green Monster, Foofa the White (former Pink) and Happy Flower-Bubble and Muno the Tall and Friendly Red Cyclop have been living off the finances of their reruns on TV. Their home, Gabbaland, has been destroyed by deforestation, Plex has lost his ability to magic and the Gabba gang leader, DJ Lance Rock died 2 years ago and now his son, DJ Junior Rock, spending time taking care of his father toy friends.

Meanwhile, their archenemies Mother Witch, her sons, Lord Tigress and Dracula have lost power in Mount Olympus following the end of the Cold War. However, the three escape to a real-world Hollywood film studio, where they trick executive Zoe Sanderson into signing a contract giving her rights to the show, transforming the villains from preschool animated forms into live-action characters.

6 months later, in Washington D.C., CIA agent Maya Camlins and her superior, Cappy Markie, inform President Obama the 3rd that Mother Witch intends to make herself President of the United States by brainwashing television viewers using her own cable television network named "YGGTV" ("Yet Gas Goo Television"), which airs mind-numbing programming designed to zombify the public and persuade them to elect her as president. Maya is sent to a special lighthouse to bring DJ Junior and the Gabba gang into a real world by literally greenlighting a film starring the pair. 

Mother Witch is informed that Yo Gabba Gabba have returned and sends Lord Tigress and Dracula to destroy them. The two spies are given a weapon called the CDI ("Computer Degenerating Imagery"), which removes preschool characters from the real world by sending them to the internet. Maya and DJ Junior steals the villains truck, but are subsequently arrested by an Oklahoma state trooper (who was tricked by Lord Tigress, posing as Maya). Lord Tigress and Dracula in turn steal a helicopter to pursue Yo Gabba Gabba, who are picked up and given a ride by Scott and Edward, two students at Rocky and Bullwinkle's old university, Wossamotta U. Lord Tigress and Dracula arrive first and make a large donation to the university in Brobee and Muno's name. In return, the head university gives Brobee and Muno an honorary "Gabba's Degree" and Brobee and Muno addresses the student body, whilst Dracula attempts to kill them with the CDI from a water tower. Plex recovers his practice to fly and saves the oblivious Brobee and Muno. Scott and Edward lend the five their RV, which Brobee drives to Chicago. Lord Tigress and Dracula once again attempt to kill the five but instead accidentally destroy their helicopter.

Meanwhile, DJ Junior and Maya escapes prison with the help of from the love-struck Mexican guard named Tony. DJ Junior, Maya and the Gabba gang are reunited, but are quickly arrested for various misdemeanors (mostly related to the Fourth Wall) that they have committed during their journey. The seven are put on the trial, where Muno inadvertently sabotages their case by cross-examining Maya as the prosecutor, not the defense attorney. However, the presiding Judge Lana dismisses their case upon recognizing Yo Gabba Gabba, stating to the district attorney that celebrities are above the law.

The seven obtain a jet plane from a man named Old Mark and evade Lord Tigress and Dracula once again. The duo consider quitting their evil occupations and finding their brides their own, but are interrupted by a call from Mother Witch. Afraid to admit they have failed, they lie and tell her that they killed Yo Gabba Gabba. Mother Witch initiates her plan, brainwashing the entire country. Meanwhile, the plane is unable to carry the weight of all seven aboard. Plex flies Maya and Toodee flies Foofa to New York City to stop Mother Witch, but are captured.

Meanwhile, DJ Junior, Brobee and Muno accidentally flies the plane to Washington, D.C., confusing it for New York, and crashes on the White House lawn. To get DJ Junior, Brobee and Muno to New York in time to stop Mother Witch, Cappy scans DJ Junior, Brobee and Muno into the White House's computer and emails them to YGGTV's headquarters, where they interrupts the broadcast and save Maya, Plex, Toodee and Foofa. Maya knocks Dracula and Lord Tigress together, Toodee use her fire breath to throws Mother Witch to her sons and DJ Junior and Plex ties the three scoundrels together with the cable's wire. The heroes convince the American Public to vote for whomever they want, as well as reduced all Gabbaland's rocks, flowers, trees and ices. Muno accidentally activates the CDI, and zaps Mother Witch, Lord Tigress and Dracula, reverting them back to their preschool animated forms and banishing them to the internet once and for all.

In the aftermath, YGGTV is changed from "Yet Gas Goo Television" to "Yo Gabba Gabba! Television" (Muno, jokingly says "What's the Difference?") Maya and Tony start dating, and DJ Junior and Yo Gabba Gabba return home to a rejuvenated Gabbaland.

The End!

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