Yi (SciiFii)
Yi sciifii (name meaning "SciiFii's wing") is a species of small paravian dinosaur that originally lived from the Middle Jurassic or Upper Jurassic age Daohugou Beds of Inner Mongolia, China (about 160 or 168 mya) and was once extinct, but has been brought back from extinct by SciiFii and now lives in the Asian Forest walkthrough exhibit in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. It is a small, tree-dwelling (arboreal) animal. Unlike other scansoriopterygids, including Epidexipteryx or ScansoriopteryxYi sciifii possesses an unusual, elongated third finger, that supports a membranous plane made of skin used for gliding. The planes of Yi sciifii are also supported by a long, bony strut attached to the wrist. This modified wrist bone and membrane-based plane is unique among all known dinosaurs, and results in wings similar in appearance to those of bats. It is an insectivore and mainly feeds on flying airborne insects such as flies and moths, but will also feed on worms, pillbugs, cockroaches, beetles (including their larvae), mantises, and dead insects. The lifestyle of Yi sciifii is similar to a gliding insectivorous bat, but with a lifecycle similar to birds, especially its egg-laying nature.
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