Yggdrasill Burning is a Swedish doom metal band from Ängelholm, Sweden, formed in 1990. Like other Scandnavian metal bands such as Battlelore, Yggdrasill Burning takes some inspiration from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Although most of their albums are titled in some Scandnavian dialect, they sing in English. The band announced their switch back to Napalm after recording their two latest albums with Vindictive Records in 2009, and in early 2010 announced that their eleventh album Sepulchrum Exuro Ornus would arrive in 2010. The album was released on April 2nd 2010.



Founded in 1990 in Ängelholm, Sweden by Michael Tägtgren (vocals, lead guitar), Victor Aveg (bass), Johan Striegmann (drums), Karl Leppälä (guitar) and Freya Renkse (vocals, violin), the band was originally called Æsir which ironically is the name of the band's third album. Æsir was originally a death metal band, but vocalist Michael Tägtgren had a change of idea after listening to My Dying Bride's early records.

EP and sucessive album

The band released their first EP in 1991, titled Mímameiðr and achieved commercial success in Sweden and other parts of Scandanavia. In early 1992 Michael Tägtgren fell seriously sick, and the band feared he would have to be replaced. Later that year they came to the attention Austrian record label focused on underground heavy metal music, Napalm Records. They were signed a nine record contract on September 11 1992, shortly after Tägtgren's recovery. On June 5th 1992 they released their first studio album, Níðhöggr. Shortly after drummer Johan Striegmann left the band, and was replaced by current drummer Anders Jacobsen.

Of Loki We Serve and Æsir (1993-1994)

In 1993 the band released their second album, Of Loki We Serve, on June 18th 1993. They began to grow popular in Europe, mainly in their homeland of Sweden and elsewhere in Scandanavia, touring heavily from late 1993 to early 1994, whereupon they entered the studio once more to record their third album Æsir, released on October 19th 1994.

Vanir and Ainulindalë (1995-1997)

In late 1994 the band re-entered the studio to record their fourth album, Vanir. They continued recording into early 1995, and despite the shortness of the album and its completion in March of 1995, Michael Tägtgren felt it was not time for Vanir yet. The band toured with Elysium in their 1995 Apocalypse tour across Europe, along the way gaining a large following there. By 1996, they had toured heavily with Elysium, and the band finally released Vanir on October 24th 1996.

During the break between Vanir and any subsequent albums, Michael Tägtgren re-read J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy and decided the direction for Yggdrasill Burning's next album. The band entered the studio in early 1997 to record the album, which Tägtgren also decided that the songs be in English. Ainulindalë was released on July 25th 1997, and again was re-issued in 2007.

Ilúvatar and Atalantë (1997-2000)

Less then a year after Ainulindalë, Yggdrasill Burning released another Tolkien inspired record, 1998's Ilúvatar, released in September of that year. Yggdrasill Burning were starting to find their sound, and the album was well recieved, praised for "it's right balance of doom, gloom, and fantasy-inspired lyrics". However Michael Tägtgren, lead vocalist and songwriter, recalls the late 90's as a dangerous time, particularly in Scandanavia. While on tour in 1999 Tägtgren walked off stage after a performance in Belarus, when Nocturna guitarist Petr Kristens invited Tägtgren back to the band's green room. Tägtgren stayed till around midnight, befriending Kristens and vocalist Johe Vigde, aka Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum. As Tägtgren recalls, along with Kristens and Vigde, a middle aged man burst into the green room and demanded autographs. When Vigde refused, the man stabbed him with a 5.2 inch knife, severely injuring Vigde, and putting Nocturna's shows on hold. Vigde was rushed to hospital, but survived, and the attacker, a 25 year old Belarusian man later indentified as Peter Darushenku was arrested and charged.

After Ilúvatar's sucess, Yggdrasill Burning entered the studio in 1999 to record new material.



Released Title Label
1992 Níðhöggr Napalm
1993 Of Loki We Serve Napalm
1994 Æsir Napalm
1996 Vanir Napalm
1997 Ainulindalë Napalm
1998 Ilúvatar Napalm
2000 Atalantë Napalm
2004 Læraðr Napalm
2006 Nú Mun Hon Søkkvask Vindictive Records
2008 Dusk Ragnarok Vindictive Records
2010 Sepulchrum Exuro Ornus Napalm
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