Yagami Rion
Native Name 八神リオン
Nickname/A.K.A. Rion (リオン)
Birth Date September 21, 1994
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Singer, Actor
Genres J-Pop
Years Active December 2006 - Present
Instruments *Vocal
Record Labels Avex Group (via Avex Trax)
Associated Acts NEXUS

Yagami Rion (八神リオン, Yagami Rion, born September 21, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan) is an Japanese singeractor, and Seiyuu (Voice Actor). He is an founder, leader and one of members of NEXUS (ネクサス, Nekusasu).


  • Name: Yagami Rion (八神リオン, Yagami Rion)
  • Nickname:
    • Rion (リオン, Rion)
  • Birthdate: September 21, 1994 (Age 19)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Hobbies:
    • Playing Video Games
    • Playing Flute
    • Singing
    • Watching Gundam
  • Special Talents:
    • Make an Gunpla


He was born in Tokyo, Japan at March 21, 1994. However, his newly life are changed where he lost his family because of vehicle accident in 2007, after the beginning of his career, he's disclosed about his family's death and past. Despite his bitter rivalry with AKB48, he's also respecting and accept them as his friends, especially his favourite idol, Oshima Yuko.


Early Life

Form of NEXUS (2010)

Rival with AKB48 (2011-2012)

Heavy Depression (2012)

Resolved and Revived (2012)

Rival with AKB48 Continue (2013-2014)


Personal Life



これからは私のステージだ! 私は東京生まれ。そして、私はネクサスチームNメンバーとハーフドイツ八神リオンです。
Korekara wa watashi no sutējida! Watashi wa Tōkyō umare. Soshite, watashi wa nekusasu chīmu N menbā to hāfu doitsu Yagami Rion desu.
(From now on, this is my stage now! I was born in Tokyo. And, I'm NEXUS's Team N member and half-german, Yagami Rion.)


あなたは、気兼ねなく進めなければならない。 そうしないと、  あなたの昔の自分が超えたことができない。

Anata wa, kigane naku susumenakereba naranai. Sō shinai to, Anata no mukashi no jibun ga koeta koto ga dekinai.

(You must moving on without hesitation. If you don't, you can't surpassed your old self.)





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  • Melody of Bonds -Maximum Music Battle- -
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Media Appearances

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