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Xenovia Lucifer is an immortal cambion (half-human, half-demon), born over 6700 years before the present day. She, along with her nephilim half-twin sister Tallulah Michael, created the abjaksan.



Xenovia is a woman with a fair complexion, short blood-red hair and crimson eyes and large black bat wings protruding from her back. She also has vampire-like fangs, but they're not as long. Despite her ancient age, Xenovia looks like a 16-year-old girl.


Differing from her mother and sister, Xenovia pretty much wears the bare minimum. She is often seen wearing only two frayed scraps of black cloth, one tied around her breasts and the other around her waist as a skirt, but she wears nothing beneath the skirt. She is perpetually barefoot.

When the need to blend in arises, as she has a pretty intimidating – not to mention arousing – appearance, Xenovia would materialize a hooded black cloak.


Despite her age, Xenovia has the personality typical of a teenage girl. However, Xenovia has a slightly darker personality than that of her sister; not to mention a slightly dangerous sense of humor.

She is also a bit more interfering and enjoys playing dangerous pranks and seducing men, making her have more in common with succubi; though she isn't a succubus by any means.

Despite being the dark side of the twins, Xenovia is not evil by any means, and never does anything that will directly lead to someones' death. Also, when the situation is serious or dire, like when the Dark Church has struck, she sets aside her demonic feelings and does all she can to help.

Powers & Abilities

Being half-demon, Xenovia has devil-like powers.

Having wings, Xenovia is capable of flight and levitation. She also possesses a teleportation ability called shimmering, disappearing and materializing from one place to another by distorting space around her for a moment, giving the appearance of a "shimmer".

Xenovia can hypnotize people with her stare and is also a shapeshifter, capable of taking on the physical appearance of anyone or anything.

When the need to fight arises, Xenovia can generate energy balls, which can stun or kill depending on her intentions and level of control.




  • Vermiculus Lucifer: Vermiculus, a full demon, is Xenovia's father.
  • Tianne: Tianne, a human, is Xenovia's mother, along with Tallulah's.
  • Tallulah Michael: Tallulah is Xenovia's half-twin sister.
  • He has also had various "mates" over the centuries, with whom she has given birth to many children; but never once has she been married.


  • "Xenovia" is a deliberate misspelling of "Zenobia", a queen of ancient Palmyra, now known as Syria.
  • Given her personality is similar to a succubus, some people theorize that Xenovia is the ancestress of the entire succubi and incubi race, but this is unconfirmed.