X-Ray is a 2008 horror film and a remake of the 1982 horror film Hospital Massacre.


Young Helen Joyce (Bella Thorne) is one of the most popular and attractive girls in her class and all of the boys are chasing her affections on Valentine's Day. James (Thomas Horn) however has fallen head over heels in love with her; to the point of obsession. He makes Helen a personalised Valentine's Day card but is too nervous to give it to her. An older boy, David, offers to give it to her for him. Later that day, James arrives at Helen's house and looks through the window to see David kissing Helen; he then realises that he has been fooled. Enraged, he attacks David as he and Helen take a romantic walk together, mercilessly beating him to death with a branch. He then begins to laugh maniaclly while running away.

Several years later, Helen (Christina Hendricks) receives a letter advising her to come to her local clinic for a check-up. Although she is nervous, she decides to go; on Valentine's Day. However, the supposedly routine check-up is not all that it seems. Somebody swaps out her test results and she is kept in overnight. As a nurse prepares to finish her shift, she goes outside to her car where an unknown man, dressed as a surgeon, appears and slits her throat with a scalpel.

The killer then begins to slash his way through the night shift staff, murdering each them in a variety of grizzly ways. Helen realises, due to a Valentine's card left by her bedside, that James has returned for her. She reaches the conclusion that one of the creepy doctors, Dr. Rennard, is in fact James. She escapes from her room, but he spots her and begins to chase after her. They eventually wind up in the hospital boiler room, where she strikes him down with a fire escape axe. As she runs back upstairs, the wounded Dr. Rennard gets up but is grabbed by the real killer and thrown at a fuse box.

As the power goes down in the building, Helen is confronted by a young ambulance personnel worker who gives her the card he made for her; she realises that he is James. James begins to chase her through the hospital. He eventually corners her on the roof, where he tells her that if she won't be his Valentine, he will kill her. During the struggle, James falls over the edge. As Helen lays exhausted, he suddenly jumps back up and grabs hold of her leg. She manages to retrieve a surgical machete and slices his hand off, causing him to finally fall to his death. She begins to cry to herself as sirens are heard in the distance.


Christina Hendricks - Helen Joyce

Cillian Murphy - James

Bella Thorne - Helen Joyce (Young)

Thomas Horn - James (Young)

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