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X-men: Carrie is a fan made story crossover sequel to the X-Men (Trilogy) (Days of Future Past) and Carrie (2013) a story of action drama and love this fiction is rated for R due to some gruesome and hardcore violence mild inappropriate blood and language viewers under age of 13 are adviced and some references from other movies and shows will be shown here 


Carrieta "Carrie" White/Chloë Grace Moretz

Charles Xavier/Patrick Stewart

Logan (Wolverine)/Hugh Jackman

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)/Alan Cumming

Storm/Halle Berry

Jean Grey/Famke Janssen

Rouge/Anna Paquin

Magneto/Ian McKellen

Susan D. "Sue" Snell/Gabriella Wilde

Ms. Rita Desjardin/Judy Greer

Christine "Chris" Hargensen/Portia Doubleday

Victor Creed (Sabortooth)/Liev Schreiber

Mystique/Jennifer Lawrence

Scott Summers (Cyclops)/James Marsden

Bobby Drake (Iceman)/Shawn Ashmore

Emma Frost/January Jones

Kitty Pryde/Ellen Page

Colossus/Stefan Kapicic

Erika/Mouna Traore

Geroge Dawson/Demetrius Joyette

Warren Washington III (Angel)/Ben Foster

Maragret White/Julianne Moore


The black screen fades up to into a mutant agenda DNA zooming along with Carrie's narration.

Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz): *Narrating* When I was a kid, I believed I was the only thing different from this world. That is....until I discovered I had a gift....a gift that is now my curse. The truth whole life is a curse. At least that's what I believed. But the only question I truly....a human? Or something else? And if so, then what am I?

We cut to 17 years ago when Carrie was a child looking at a window seeing people walking by with a sad look

Margaret (Julianne Moore): Carrie! I told you to stay away from the windows.

Young Carrie: Sorry Momma.

Margaret: Come here.

Carrie walked towards faced down

Margaret: Why do we turn away from these dark times?

Young Carrie: Because God insists we never give in to it.

Margaret: That's right. And.....

Suddenly, there were booming noises outside Carrie cried in fear and Margaret looked out seeing a battle between The X-men (First class) and the mutant brotherhood in one of their earliest fights

Margaret: Our judgement has come.......

We cut to Magneto (Ian McKellen) up in the sky

Magneto: Homo sapiens and their corrupt mutants. They'll know their place

Margaret looked at them in fear and closed the curtians as young Carrie cried so hard that her powers triggered an earthquake and it cracked the roads, causing the mutants to loose their balance.

Magneto frowned in confusion and looked at the White's residents and saw the cracks came from inside there and he smirked midly

(Title sequence: X-Men: Carrie)

17 years later, we cut to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where professor Xavier was teaching one of his classes

Xavier (Patrick Stewart): When the mutant gene was first discovered, it lead up to so many questions, many feuds, but also alliances to human and mutant alike. Now we are fit to use our gifts for greater good of mankind. Though our gifts can be a curse. But......

Xavier suddenly stopped talking, for his ability picked up thoughts from one with great pain and loneliness, but gifted with massive power

(You can guess who's thoughts he's hearing)

Rouge (Anna Paquin): Professor??

Xavier: *Snaps out of his thoughts* We'll continue this tomorrow. Class dismissed.

The students left as the professor steered his wheelchair to the serebro.

Meanwhile in the danger room, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry) and Cyclops were teaching another class a field mission against Sententials

Logan: Now these Sententials are undoubtedly gonna be some of your toughest adversaries yet. They can imitate and replicate your powers and your location whenever you're in their close range of distance.

The Sententials approached closer.

Logan: GO!!

Nightcrawler teleported to a higher postion as Ice-man hid with Kitty Pryde and Colossus

Bobby: We wait for Nightcrawler's signal. We catch them off them gaurd.

Colossus: He better send it now. Cause here they come.

They were close sencing their powers till Kurt jumped up and teleported

Colossus: NOW!!!

Bobby created an ice storm as they froze Colossus broke them all down but more were coming and Kurt yells in German in frustration

Kurt: Well, I'm out of ideas.

Colossus: I got one.

He grabbed a loose Sentential arm and blasted he blasted other Sententials which took hours then the simulation was shut off 

Logan: Ok....not what I had in mind, but good enough.....class dismissed.

They all walked out and Kurt felt like he screwed up and teleported next to Logan

Kurt: I'm sorry I goofed off, Logan. I'm still new to this in a way. I haven't been too successful as you nor Storm expected.

Logan: Don't sweat it, kid. Nobody suceeds the first time.

Storm: I didn't when I was a student.

Kurt: No?

Storm: No. It takes time.

Kurt then saw the professor in his serebro and he walked in

Xavier: Relax, Kurt. This won't effect your grade. You should've seen how Hank McCoy did on his first simulation training. 

Kurt: He couldn't teleport though.

Xavier: No. But he could shed.

As soon as the professor put on his helmet,the doors shut as surebro beamed up

Kurt: Professor??

Xavier: Don't be frightened. But keep still and stay close to me.

As the surebro reached close to full power, the Professor focused on one specific voice at a time in Chamberlain Mane until he honed in and eventually all he could hear was..... You Know Who

Carrie: *From surebro*: The other kids...they....they think I'm weird. But I don't want to be, Momma. I have to try and be a whole person....before it's too late.

Xavier: My god....

He soon shuts it off.

Kurt: That girl....I saw her. Is she....??

Xavier: With her gifts, it's possible. Although they didn't seem like any mutant power I know of cause they were inherited to her. She must've got it from one of her parents or any family member. All though I do know she needs our help. Kurt? Run up and get Jean. I got a feeling we'll need her to recruit her. And you and Storm will need to go with her. Whatever's about to happen out there, she won't survive. We'll need your talents for this. 

Kurt: Yes, Professor. *Teleports*

He appeared up in Jean's class where she was startled and the students in there laughed

Kurt: Sorry for the interruption, Miss Grey, but to the Professor needs your assistiance.

Jean: Alright. Tell him, I'll be right there.

He nodded and teleported then the students laughed again

Later, in Chamberlain after Carrie's vengeful prom massacre and town destruction, we cut RIGHT to the point when Margaret was trying to kill her.

Margaret: It's not your fault, Carrie. It's mine.

Carrie: No. Momma, please!

Margaret: You know the devil never dies. It keeps on coming back and you got to keep killing him....over and over again......

She held the knife up and was tempt to stab her till Carrie stopped her with her powers

Carrie: I'm sorry!

Then Margaret's heart exploded (An alternate death of Margaret White from the 2002 version)

Margaret fell then Carrie heard a familiar voice saying: "Carrie?!"

She looked back and saw Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) coming in

Sue: Carrie, let me help you please....

Carrie: Why couldn't you just leave me alone?!

Sue: I---I'm sorry.....

She looked at her and grabbed with her powers.

Carrie: Look what you turned me into!

Sue: Don't hurt me, Carrie!

Carrie: Why not? I've been hurt all my life.

Carrie let her go and turned to unknown to her her dead mother

Outside, the black bird hovered above the White's house which soon began to fall apart

Storm: Jean, what's going down there?

Jean: Heavy activity. The house won't be stable for long. Kurt? Your remember what to do?

Kurt: Yes.

Jean: Good. And remember I'll only be able to hold the house together in five minutes. So you'll have to hurry.

Kurt nodded. Back inside, Sue reached out for Carrie, but Carrie raised her hand up to her and gasped

Carrie: It's a girl.

Sue: What??

Carrie: You don't know?

Sue: Oh my god.

Carrie: Get out! GET OUT!!!!

Soon as Sue was pushed out Jean used her telepathy to hold the house together Carrie looked around in confusion

Jean: GO!!!!

Nightcrawler teleported down, appeared behind Carrie, grabbed her and she gasped muffeled in his hand. He teleported back up into the Black Bird, carrying Carrie who passed out during the transportation

Kurt: Ok! Let's go!

Jean broke out of her concentration, then the house fell apart again. But Sue outside saw the Black Bird hovering, yet didn't see who were on it then it flew off

Sue: My god....

Meanwhile at the wrecked gas station where Billy Nolan's car was wrecked and on fire, Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) managed to brake free and get out in time, but her injuries triggered her mutation which helped her survive. Yet, she was still left scarred on her face and she struggeled in pain while crawling. But, out of nowhere, Magneto stepped out of the shadows along with one of his companians, Emma Frost (January Jones)

Magneto: I may have a good use for your gifts, my dear. *Picks her up and gives her to Emma* She's needed for later.

The next day back at Xavier's school, Carrie slept the whole day on a table in the lab as Kurt watched over her through the entire night without no one knowing. He could not help, but see how beautiful she is. His heart was thumping, he couldn't keep a straight face. You name it. He then touched her face which Carrie gasped out of her sleep then saw Kurt

Kurt: *Chuckles nervously* Guten tag 

She screamed and pushed him away with her powers then ran out the room.

Carrie: Wha---I--where----Momma? Momma??!!!!

She then found the elevator and went in and ended up in the main hall on the first floor. She continued to run like crazy until she accidently bumped into Jean.

She gasped and backed away.

Jean: Hey, honey. Calm down. It's ok. You're safe.

Carrie: Who are you? Where am I? What was that THING down there?? Where's Momma??!!!

Xavier's voice: Calm yourself, Carrie.

Carrie turned around and saw the Professor steering in followed by Logan and Storm

Xavier: You're safe. My name's Charles Xavier. I'm the Head of this school.

Carrie: This....this is a school?

Xavier: For gifted youngsters like yourself. That lady behind you is Dr. Jean Grey. This is Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm. And this here is Logan.....The Wolverine. The young man you met down stairs is Kurt Wagner, the Incredible Nightcrawler. He is a very good young man. He and all of us have gifts like you.

Carrie: Me? What do you mean?

Xavier: Jean? Show our new friend what you can do.

Without hesitation, Jean used HER telekinesis to tangle the chandelier above as well as flicker a couple of lights.

Carrie backed up as she realized how similar Jean's powers were to hers and wondered what the hell was going on.

Carrie: I---

Storm: Surprised? Well, I don't think I would be. She's not the only one who has those abilities. 

Carrie: Wait. What????

Storm: Think fast....

Logan let out his claws as he yelled and charged at her. Carrie screamed and grabbed him with her telekinesis and she looked at his claws and gasped. She then tossed him aside and backed up, looking like she might hyperventilate.

Logan: Damn.....You're a little stronger than Jean.

Carrie panted heavily and just looked around at everyone.

Carrie: Am I in hell?

Xavier: No, my dear. We are like you. We are gifted as you are. And cursed with it as well. Which is why we opened up this school for young mutants like all of us.

Carrie: Mutants?? I----I don' I a mutant??

Xavier: Well, why else would you be here? But what you were told was a misdirection you've been lead to believe all your life.

Carrie How'd you....??

Xavier: Know? It's one of my gifts. I can hear every thought in the world and control their minds and let them into mine.

Carrie suddenly heard Xavier's thoughts and she backed up.

Carrie: No....I've seen enough. I wanna go home.

Xavier: I understand your pain. But, believe me there is a way to.....

Carrie: Stop.....Let me out. Let me out!!

She ran to the front door, but it was barged shut. She tried to use her powers, but it was too sealed for her to get through. She then slid down to the floor with her hands buried in her face.

Storm: Should we....?

Xavier: Not yet. The time will come for her to realize she's not alone as she thinks she is. *To Carrie* If only you could see how the others were when they arrived.

Logan: She's got a long way to go, I'll tell you that.

Eventually, they all walked out of the room as Carrie continued to cry.

Carrie: Oh me.....

Meanwhile, back in Chamberlain, Sue was sitting at home feeling guilty of Carrie's pain and believed to be dead, yet she was still puzzeled of when she saw the Black Bird above Carrie's house. She kept holding her stomach where her and Tommy Ross's unborn child sleeps 

Sue: What have I done? This wouldn't have happened if I'd stayed out of her business. And now..... *Looks at her stomach* baby....Oh my....what now?!

All of a sudden, the news came on about Carrie's house after the prom disaster.

Reporter on TV: I'm standing here live where minutes, after Ewen Highs prom destruction, the White's residence had been completely demolished. The cause for this is unknown, but local paramedics, police and firemen had recovered one body from the ruble. Margaret "Maggie" White. Mother of former Ewen high school student, Carrita "Carrie" White, who mysteriously disapeared after the inferno of Ewen High itself.

Sue: One body?? That can't be right. Carrie was in there too. They should've found her body as well. How----?? This isn't possible. Unless..... *Remembers the Black Bird* That jet from above had something to do with it. one came out from it and I didn't see Carrie get out.....something's going on. This shouldn't be possible.

Sue only had one choice, if she was to know what really happened to Carrie......if she wasn't really dead.

She came by to another house and knocked and an old friend answered.

Ms. Desjardin (Judy Greer): Sue? What'd you doing here? It's 5:00 a.m in the morning.

Sue: I know, but I have to talk to you about Carrie.

Ms. Desjardin: Carrie?? But she's gone....

Sue: That's the thing. There wasn't a body.

Ms. Desjardin stared at her for a moment, thinking in confusion

Sue: Can I come in?

Ms. Desjardin: Um.....Yeah...I guess.

Sue came in and Desjardin brewed some coffee for her and herself and gave her hers. Then Sue told her EXACTLY what she saw last night.

Desjardin: Wait. Hold on. Are you saying AFTER Carrie threw you out, you saw some kind of.........ship??

Sue: I know it sounds crazy. But I know what I saw. It might have been a jet or a plane but.......nothing like I've ever seen. The weirdest thing was......after I was pushed out, the house stopped falling apart for a minute, and then fell up again. Then that jet thing flew off.

Ms. Desjardin: But you said yourself you didn't see who was on it.

Sue: No....but look. I know what I saw. And I know what my gut is telling me. If there was never a body, it's possible that Carrie is still out there. But even if I'm wrong, I wanna be sure if she's dead or alive. Cause like I said they never found her body. Just Mrs. White's.

Desjardin looked at Sue then one cut later, they were on Desjardin's laptop looking up anything on weird jets and planes.....till they came across one that looked like the Black Bird

Sue: *Points* Right there. That's it.

Ms. Desjardin: Hang on a sec.....

She continued to look up the info on the Black Bird and where it was originated from and what she saw shocked her to no end.

Ms. Desjardin: Uhhh....Sue....remember when I told you about putting yourself into Carrie's shoes?

Sue: Yeah. But what does that have to do with this?

Ms. Desjardin: *Looks at the screen* Well......I think you dug yourself too deep.

She showed Sue on the screen where the Black Bird was orignated: The Xavier's school for the gifted.

Sue: can't be right.

Ms. Desjardin: I said the same thing too but.....the only person that owns a plane like that is Charles Xavier. The head of Xavier's school for gifted youngsters in New York City. They say Xavier's been dealing with an agenda of mutants.

Sue: Mutants?? But that's just silly.

Ms. Desjardin: You think what happened at prom night was silly?!

Sue: Oh.....well, you think that's where she is?

Ms. Desjardin: If she's alive, it's possible. But if it's true, then yes. It's the only thing I can think of. After the memorials and interviews and everything, it's best if we escape the pressure. We should get down there.

Sue: Good idea. *Holds her stomach*

Ms. Desjardin: You ok??

Sue: Fine.

Back at the mansion, Carrie was still crying 'till she heard shouts outside and looked out the window. She saw everyone out there cheering on Angel, who was flying around the mansion

Carrie: An Angel....from God.....

Then Carrie heard someone speaking down the hall and followed it. She peeked behind a doorway and saw Kurt praying in German and holding his cross around his neck. She hid at first 'till she saw his cross neckless then Kurt looked over where she was standing.

Kurt: Don't be frightened.

Carrie slowly stood in front of him, still alittle scared but was not too afraid of him like earlier

Kurt: I'm sorry I scared you.

Carrie: I'm sorry I hurt you. The professor told me about this place and everyone here.

Kurt: We mean you no harm. We only want to help you.

Carrie kept admiring his cross.

Carrie: You look up to him?

Kurt: Yes. Everyday of my life. I'm Kurt Wagner.

Carrie: Carrie White.

He offered his hand and even though she hesitated, she shook it

Carrie: So....what exactly your skin?

Kurt: Ah. Long story.

Soon Bobby came by talking to Kurt.

Bobby: Kurt. The professor needs you.

Kurt looked at Carrie then nodded at Bobby

Kurt: Very well. On my way.

Kurt got up and walked out and Carrie sat down in confusion and trying to make sense of everything that's happening, then looks up to Bobby

Carrie: Why am I even here? I'm really nothing like you guys.

Bobby: I wouldn't say that yet. Who knows? This might be a good experience for you.

Carrie: What experience?? You don't know what it's like to be me.

Bobby: Ah come on. It can't be that bad. It's not like you killed anyone, right?

When she heard that, she immediately turned away which raised Bobby's suspicions.

Bobby: D-did you?

Carrie said nothing.

Bobby: *Sits next to her* I won't judge. Please......

Carrie got up to her feet and breathed heavily. She turned to Bobby then her eyes turned black

Bobby: Whoa whoa, ok ok. I didn't mean to stick my nose in it. Just know, we have some others that have rough records too. Try taking to Rouge. She's someone you can relate to.

Carrie: Rouge?

Bobby: I'm sure you'll meet her sooner or later. *Walks off*

That left Carrie into her thoughts.

Meanwhile at some abandoned island in the middle of nowhere, Chris Hargensen finally awoke in some fortress. She sat up suddenly feeling tired, holding her head and then she heard....

Magneto: And how are we feeling, my dear?

Chris: What?? *Turns her head* Who the hell are you??

Magneto: My name is Eric Lensherr. But you may call me Magneto. And what do they call you?

Chris: Ain't none of your f**king business....just call me Chris.

Emma: Hehehe...quite the stubborn one aren't you?

Chris: Calling me stubborn is an overstatement. I don't know what you want, but I want noth---

She tried to move, but she couldn't get out of her current position. Magneto had her in a pressure hold and the more she struggled, the more pressure and pain was applied.

Magneto: Arrogance. Ignorance. Desperation. Utter foolishnes. I've seen this ALL before.

Chris then choked.

Magneto: Ahh....I see. You have a vendetta against someone. Don't you? Tell me my dear. Who do you despise?

He let her go and as Chris catches her breath again, she spoke.

Chris: Errr....Carrie White!!

Suddenly, Chris unleashed an electric pulse from her mutation.

Magneto: Magnificent.

Chris: What the hell was that all about??

Emma: Surprised, you never figured it out if you're as smart as you say you are.

Chris: F**k you, b**ch!!

Magneto: Language, my dear. Now. Tell me. Why do you hate this Carrie White?

Chris: For so much.....yet you don't don't deserve to know! But I'm gonna find her and send that piece of sh** back to the fires of hell where SHE belongs!!

Emma: Hmm....if I weren't mistaken I'd say you were begging her to do you in. She'd leave a part of you here, part of you there, part of you WAY over there, staining the wall

Chris turned to her and tried to punch Emma, but she went into her diamond form and Chris almost broke her hand

Chris: AHHHHHH!!!! God.....damn it!!!

Emma: He was right about one thing. You really are foolish.

Chris cried in pain, holding her hand then looked at Magneto and Emma Frost.

Magneto: My dear. Your gifts are extremly unique. However, this girl you despise still seems more powerful than you. But......

Chris: Her??? More powerful than m---Shut up!!! Ok?!! Just let me out, so I can extract my revenge!!!

Magneto: And that is why you'd fail. Like you did before.

Chris: What???

Magneto: The only reason you failed, my dear, was cause you underestimated your opponent like you are now. You must know what kind of enemy you have. And that is why I build this machine. *Points at a machine* The telekinetic extreme force. 

Chris: What's it for?

Magneto: My friend Charles Xavier always said the will of power always needs a key. This machine needs the most limitless key. I was going to use Jean Grey, but that was until I realized there was something more special....17 years ago.

Chris: There is NOTHING special about Carrie White. You hear me? NOTHING.

Emma: Do you EVER shut up about that??

Magneto: My dear, this machine will not only wipe out the whole human race, but if Carrie White is our source to this machine, not only will it drain her powers.....but her life force.

Chris: *Smiles wickedly* I'm in! I'll show you where she lives, then we'll snatch her!!

Magneto: We already know where she is. But we can't get her yet.

Chris: Are you kidd----WHY THE F**K NOT??!!!!!!!

Magneto: Temper, temper. Well, first: Watch. Your. Mouth. You have more langauge than Logan. And second: We can't get to her with Charles protecting her. He would know you were coming before you arrived. We have to get her alone somehow.

Chris: Why would ANYONE want to protect that SICK.....

Magneto: Emma? I can see our new friend won't guarantee her cooperation. See that she's comfortably.....restrained 'till she learns how to obay.

Emma carried out Magneto's orders. Chris tried to fight at first, but with Emma's diamond form protecting her, Chris's powers were useless to her and she was soon restrained.

Back at Chamberlain, Sue and Desjardin rushed desprately to the airport to book a flight to New York in hopes to find Carrie. But the place was crowded and they were in a terrible rush. TERRIBLE.

Desjardin: Excuse me, please. Sorry. 

Sue: Coming through. It's an emergency. Sorry.

As Sue rushed through the crowd, she felt her stomach kicking in which caused her to slow down and kneel. She groaned in pain

Desjardin saw on the floor and rushed back to her aid.

Desjardin: Sue! Sue what's wrong? *Helps her up*

Sue: Ju---nothing.

Desjardin: Be honest with me. Ok? We don't have anytime to waste.

Intercom: Attention, New York passengers. Your flight has been delayed for another 2 hours.

Sue groaned in frusteration and turned to Ms. Desjardin.

Sue: Alright. Thing is....I'm pregnant.

Desjardin: *Blinks* What??

Sue: I didn't know 'till Carrie told me the night of the prom disaster. She must've....sensed it or something. But it's why I've been sick lately.

Desjardin: How could you not know?

Sue: Maybe I was too busy feeling guilty about Carrie and trying to keep Chris off her back to notice. I just....I just been distracted.

Desjardin: And Tommy Ross? Is he----?

Sue: Yes. He's the father.

Desjardin: Oh god.....Well, we can talk about this later. Since our flights delayed, we got some spare time for you to rest. How long are you due?

Sue: I--I don't know. Probably for six months.

Desjardin: Alright. We'll get some food before the flight's ready. They said two hours and hopefully Carrie is still out there if she's alive.

Sue: *To herself* Carrie, wherever you are, I hope you forgive me.

Desjardin helped Sue to find a place to sit down. But none of them were aware that a woman sitting in the terminal was listening to the whole conversation. She smirked as her eyes glew yellow.

That's right. It was Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) in disguise and the word "Carrie" caught her attention

Mystique: Hmm....

Back at Xavier's school, he and Logan were talking in his office.

Logan: Charles? How special is this Carrie White kid to us? What's the real purpose of bringing her down here?

Xavier: It's hard to say, Logan. But it's a conversation for another time.

Logan: *Slams the table* Charles, now is not the time for fun and games. This could be serious. I know cause I have my instincts. So just answer the damn question.

Xavier sat back and took a long deep breath.

Xavier: When I looked into her thoughts, I saw her life surrounded by pain, confusion and absolute cruelty. There were children at her school that showed her nothing, but hate. Her mother was.....not in a right track of herself. She lived in fear and religion. She even feared her own daughter, which made her do so many terrible things to her. 

Logan: What kind of woman would do anything to hurt her own child? That pisses me off.

Xavier: I don't know. But the pain they causes her drove her over the edge and she unleashed her powers on them after some terrible prank. She killed merely half of them. Some survived, but not many. I felt her fate would be sealed if I hadn't sent Jean and the others to get her.

Logan: So the kid's been through hell. So have I. But Charles, what'd we do if Magneto or S.H.I.E.L.D. or even the Avengers know about her?

Xavier: I've thought about that. But I haven't ruled anything out yet. Right now, she needs our support and to feel welcome. Besides, I still need to run some tests on her powers. For all we know, she didn't get them like Jean got hers.

Logan: And I'm guessing her powers are more stable than Jean's.

Kitty (Ellen Page): *Walks through the wall* What's more stable? Is it something we should worry about?

Logan and Xavier both turned around to see Kitty Pryde injecting herself into the conversation.

Xavier: No. Of course not, Kitty. It's just something on our new student.

Kitty: She's not dangerous, is she?

Logan: No. If she was, why would we bring her here?

Kitty: It's just....Bobby's been telling everyone that she's killed some people.

Logan: Where the hell did he hear that?!

Xavier: Kitty, there's nothing to worry about. Carrie White has a hard life, like the rest of us and we're giving her a second chance.

Kitty nodded in worry and walked out the room as Logan turned to the professor

Logan: How would Bobby Drake know she's killed anyone?

Xavier: *Sinks into his thoughts* He was talking to her earlier. He told some of the students what he learned from her.

Logan: Well, I'mma shut him up.

Then Logan stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

Later, Carrie was sitting outside, desperate for air but she then heard a whoosh and looked up to see Angel hovering down. Carrie became stunned.

Angel: Hello there, Miss.

Carrie: Uhh...are you a---real--angel?

Angel: Not exactly, but somewhat like that. You must be new here. I'm Warren. But you can call me Angel if you like.

Carrie: Hehehehe.....I'm Carrie.

Carrie holded out her hand for a handshake but when Angel took it, he kissed it making Carrie chuckle nervously and blush a bit. But they were unaware that Nightcrawler saw them from a tree and he felt worried of their encounter and then teleported away.

Back at Maine, we cut to George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette) pacing around back and forth 'till his house phone rang.

George: *Answers* Hello? 

Erika (Mouna Traoré) : Babe, it's me. You wouldn't happen to know where Sue is, right?

George: No, sorry. Not since the memorial.

Erika: That's not like her. I went to her house earlier, but her mom said she left town. Didn't say when or why.

George: Maybe, she needed some time to herself after what happened at prom. I mean, Tommy was everything to her.

Erika: Yeah, it was very brave of her to let Tommy take Carrie White. That poor girl. I saw what she did, but....what those kids done to her.....I mean....

George: I know. I know. However, Carrie's little stunt did remind me of something. I had this friend of mine back when I lived in Boston. But he went to some boarding school in New York. What he showed me was....just insane.

Erika: What did he show you?

George: He shot some ice out of his hands

(Yes, he knew Bobby Drake/Ice-man)

Erika: What??

George: I know it sounds weird, but....the school that he went to was run by this Xavier guy and I heard it's a place for mutants or something. And after what happened at prom.....I assumed Carrie was a mutant.

Erika: X-men....

George: What?

Erika: Sorry. Got to go, babe. *Hangs up*

Erika rushed to her car and drove for the airport.

Meanwhile on an airplane, Sue was on her ear plugs listening to music trying to relax 'till she heard some rustling on the plane. Everyone panicked and ran to the pilots room and banged on the door.

Sue was confused at first 'till she turned around and saw....Carrie in her prom dress covered in the pigs blood

Carrie: Miss me?

Sue got up in fear and ran, but Carrie grabbed by the neck with her powers and pulled her towards her

Carrie: Scared? You should be!

Sue: No...please....don't kill me, Carrie...I'm sorry.....

Carrie: No no no no no.....I promise I won't kill you....I'm just gonna hurt you....really REALLY bad.

Carrie burst her hand into Sue. She screamed and heard baby cries.

Sue gasped out of her bad dream, just to see she's still in the terminal and panted.

Intercom: Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for your patiance. Flight 143 is now boarding.

Sue: Oh thank you, Jesus. Come on, Ms. Desjardin. Hurry up.

In the ladies room, Desjardin was washing her hands 'till she looked in the mirror and saw Mystique in her real form. Desjardin gasped and turned around then Mystique knocked her down. She fell out cold as Mystique stared down at her, smirking. She took her purse and tickets and then SHE turned into Desjardin.

She walked out the bathroom and Sue saw her coming, unaware that she WASN'T the real Desjardin.

Sue: Where you been? The plane's about to leave. You got the tickets?

Mystique (Desjardin): *Shows her the tickets* Right here.

Back at Xavier's school, Logan was cleaning his motorcycle outside 'till he caught a familiar scint that made him flinch.

Sabortooth was riding his motorcycle towards the city, hunting down Wolverine.

Logan: *Sniffs then growls* Victor.

Victor: *to himself* Ahh...Jimmy......

He rode on to town and then at the mansion, Logan suited up into the yellow Wolverine suit (Finally) then rides on his motorcycle towards the city following Sabertooth's scent, but Carrie saw him go from the balcony.

Later, when he arrived, he followed Victor's scent to a bar where he saw him drinking a bottle of wine.

As Logan stood behind him, Victor smirked and turned around and stood up

Victor: Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. You look like a banana in that.

Logan: Spare me the bullsh**, Creed.

Bartender: Guys, whatever this is.....take it outside.

Soon enough, Wolverine let out his claws as claws as Sabortooth chuckled and let out his the people ran out and there was a brief moment of silence.

Victor: Just like old times. Huh, little brother?

Logan: Just like old times.

They charged at each other, brutalizing and slashing at one another and burst out of the bar. But each of their wounds they inflict to each other eventually heals while fighting (As most of you already know). Victor kicks Logan, causing him to fly into a Hardware store crashing through the glass windows. People in there panicked and ran out, then Victor came in stepping on the broken glass as Logan stood up healing.

Victor: What happened to us, Jimmy? We're still brothers. You may not remember, thanks to that jackass Striker, but we are. And you and I crushed everything in our way.

Logan: Maybe what happen was....You're a d**k. *Flips him off with a middle claw*

Sabertooth attacked and grabbed him as they rolled around the floor slashing and growling. Then Victor grabbed a pipe then SHOVED it into Logan's leg bursting out blood as he yelled in pain.

Victor: I don't think I was the only d**k around here, Jimmy.

Sabretooth grabbed a wooden stick, broke it in half and was about to stab Wolverine with it till....

Victor was caught in a force of telekinetic force that he couldn't move from. And it wasn't Jean.....

Carrie: Let him go!

Victor: *Chuckles* And who is this? One of Xavier's young minions?

Logan: Nah, kid! Get out of here!

Carrie pushed Sabertooth with force and she focused her abilities on some large sharp nails and made them fly at Sabretooth as they stuck him to the wall. Logan pulled out the pipe from his leg and he roared in pain then began to heal. But then Victor got loose which made Carrie gasp.

Victor: I don't know who you are, kid. But you just PISSED me off.

Carrie: You wouldn't be the first. *Her eyes turn black*

Carrie focused on the chain on the logs on the ceiling, then broke 'me off, causing the logs to fall on Victor. After Logan was fully healed, he stood up

Logan: You did good, kid. Now let's get you out of here.

Wolverine took Carrie's arm and they ran for the exit, but Sabretooth burst out of the wood pile and roared. He pulled Wolverine off Carrie and threw him aside, then pushed Carrie down

Victor: You know I've always had a taste for sweet faces.

Carrie tried to put up a good fight, but this time, she was too scared to defend herself. She turned away when Sabretooth was about to strike, but Nightcrawler appeared from behind him, grabbed him and teleported with him.

Carrie: What the....

Logan: That was Kurt.

Carrie breathed heavily and then Kurt reappeared out of nowhere in front of her

Kurt: Sabertooth. Cunning as he is formidable.

Carrie slowly stood up and walked up to Kurt and hugged him. He was stunned at first then hugged her back

Carrie: Thank you.

Kurt: Bitte schon.

Logan: That was tough guts from both of you.

Carrie: Who was that guy?

Logan: Victor Creed. Goes by the name Sabretooth.

Kurt: Let's just say Logan has bad history with that guy. And....they're kinda related. At least according to him and the professor.

Logan: If only I can remember how......

Carrie: But in what way?

Logan: It's a long story. Let's just get back. By the way, Kurt.....what'd you do with him?

Kurt: Oh, let's just say I took him somewhere to....COOL off.

Victor woke up in some large freezer and it was locked from the outside.

Victor: Damn! *Shivers*

Back at Magneto's base, he and Emma walked to Chris's cell where she just sat on the floor with her arms wrapped around her legs.

Magneto: How are we feeling?

Chris: Go f**k yourself, old man.

Magneto: You won't get Carrie White until you learn to obey me.

Chris: I. Can't. Wait. ANY. LONGER!!!!

Her rage caused an electric outlet to burst as well as severial others surrounding her cell.

Chris was utterly surprised by what her newly powers just did.

Chris: Wha---Uhh.....I...What am I?!

Magneto: You should know that by now. You're a mutant. Your near death triggered a mutation after you escaped an experience of emotional stress and pain.

Emma: Think you'll listen now?

Chris looked at Emma with and started shivering.

Chris: Fine. I'm listening. But don't expect me to do your cooking and cleaning or nothing like that.

Magneto: I just got a call from an old friend of mine who's traveling.....with an old friend of yours. Tell me: Does the name "Sue Snell" ring a bell to you?

Chris's eyes bulged up when he said that name.

Chris: Ohhhhh....yes. Yes it does.

We cut to Sue and Mystique still as Ms. Desjardin on the plane. Sue was asleep in the window seat as Mystique reached for Sue's cell phone and texed Magneto.

I got her right where we want her.

And then Magneto smirked and texted back

Excellent. Our new ally is also finally making progress. See you in three days.

He then turned to Chris.

Magneto: Now,!my dear. *Lets her out* Let's give your gifts a few more tests before we go any further.

Chris: Throw everything you got at me. As long as you promise me Carrie White will suffer great pain and agony and a slow death.

Magneto: With my new machine,!I can guarantee that.

Chris smirked evilly and chuckled.

Back at the mansion, later that night, Jean came into Rogue's room while she was brushing her hair.

Rogue: Jean? Is there something wrong?

Jean: No. I'd like you to meet your new roommate. Come on in, hone. It's ok.

Carrie came in nervously and saw Rouge, who surprisingly to Carrie,!smiled at her

Rogue: Hi. You must be the new kid.

Carrie: Uhhh....y--yeah.

Jean: I'll leave you two be *Walks out*

Rogue: I'm Rogue.

Carrie: Carrie White.

Rogue: From what I've heard, you've been having it rough.

Carrie nods.

Rogue: So have I. After my mutation triggered, I was out on the road for God knows how long. But that was when Logan found me.

Carrie: Logan found you?

Rogue: Yeah. You'll think this is silly, but....I kinda look up to him as a father figure. Since he helped me through my troubles.

Carrie: You ever been...humiliated and abused?

Rogue: Sort of....I can't make any skin contact with anyone without endangering them.

(I know she was cured in "X-men: Last Stand", but you never know what "Days of Future Past" changed)

Carrie: I'm sorry.

Rogue: What about you?

Carrie: You don't want to know anything about me.

Rogue: I understand. Here. *Taps on the second bed* You can have this bed. You'll have a nice view of the back yard.

Carrie looked at her in confusion

Rouge: What's wrong?

Carrie: I'm sorry....I just never met anyone who are like you. Kind. Supportive. Except there was one. My gym teacher, Ms. Desjardin. But after my episode, I never saw her again.

Rogue: Well, you're gonna find a lot of things different here. Cause a lot here have been in your shoes.

Carrie: Like Miss Grey?

Rogue nodded.

Carrie: What about Kurt?

Rogue: Kurt?

Carrie: He seemed so nice to me since I first arrived. He even saved my life.

Rogue: Oh....Kurt's a very sweet guy. He had it so rough too. When I met him, he saved me as well. The Black Bird blew a hole and I fell out of it, but he caught me and transported me back.

Carrie: *Smiles and blushes* He sounds amazing. Even with his faith in God.

Rogue: *'Smirks crosseyed* Are you into him??

Carrie: What?? Why would you say that?

Rogue: reason.

In the professor's office, Logan told him what went on with Sabertooth earlier.

Logan: Before Kurt showed up, there was....something was not right about her. Her eyes....

Xavier: Maybe I should take a look.

Logan sat down as he watched the professor look into his head and see what happened; even Carrie's incident with Sabertooth

Xavier: *Sighs* I think it's time.

Logan: Time for what?

Xavier: Just get Jean.

Logan nodded and called them to the office. Storm and Jean sat down on the couch. Logan leaned on a wall wih his arms crossed and Scott sat in a chair.

Xavier: I'm sorry to call you all down here so late. But you all need to know something about Carrie.

Storm: Is there something we should worry about, Professor?

Xavier: No, Storm. At least....I hope not. Jean? You remember when you had your episodes as the Phoenix?

Jean: Yes.

Xavier: Carrie had an episode like this not too long ago.

Then Xavier told Jean Scott and Storm the whole story of Carrie White which made Logan faced down with his hand on his head hearing it again made him feel terrible for her

The others were shocked from what they heard and felt awful for Carrie's pain, but couldn't believe what she did at prom. Xavier left the room then Scott turned to Logan

Scott: You knew about this, didn't you? How long did you know?

Logan glanced at him and just stormed out.

Jean: Scott. Logan, wait.

Jean caught up with him down the hall.

Jean: Logan, I won't judge. I'm not Scott....But did you know?

Logan: I was shocked as you. Jean. *turns around* But yes. I knew. But she's only a kid. You been in the same shoes as her once. But what I remember you died.

Jean: What??

Logan: You died....I had to kill you cause you weren't in control of your actions, but I never wanted to. When I changed the future, way before that, I did. You died by my hand and in my arms. But the whole world went with you. People were suffering and dying in the hands of Sentinals and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it! That's when the professor and Magneto sent me to the past and stop it from ever happening. And when I did, you were alive again. I wanted to tell you how I felt after that, but.....I didn't want to ruin what you already had......*sighs* What did we come to this school for? A second chance? I sure as hell don't know, but as far as I'm concerned, that's why we're here.

Jean: Of course it is. But, Logan....

She was about to touch his face, but he turned away

Logan: *Whispers* Jean. Please....try to understand. they're reasons why I kept this under wraps. I was afraid y'all would think she's some sort of danger. But she's really the victim of someones twisted scheme. She had a parent who abused the sh** out of her and no one gave a rat's ass. No matter what happens.....The kid stays.

He walked off, leaving Jean without knowing what to say.

Later back in Carrie and Rogue's room, Carrie was practing her powers again and said to herself.... Why do I even have this? Cause I'm a mutant?

She applied more force behind her powers and as it kept getting stronger, the entire mansion began to shake and the lights started flickering till they all burst.

She soon snapped out of it and gasped. Then Carrie went out for some water, but then came across a large room where the professor was on a large computer and overheard what he says.

Xavier: *To himself* I want to help this girl. However, it may be more difficult than I realize. I still haven't informed her of her mom's death. We may need to inform her soon.

Carrie: *Gasps*

Her reacting emotion caused her powers to shake the mansion again as Xavier turned and saw her

Xavier: Carrie.........

Carrie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her scream echoed through out the mansion it shooked things and caused them to brake and the walls cracked. Kurt eventually heard the ruckus and teleported above her, only to embrace her in his arms

Carrie: *Looks up at him* Kurt??!

Kurt: I'm here. It's ok.

Eventually, she calmed down and everyone came out of their rooms and saw Kurt hugging Carrie as she cried in deep emotion. Logan had to look away in frustration again.

The next day, Desjardin woke up in a hospital for the paramedics had brought her there after finding her knocked out in the bathroom at the airport after the assult from Mystique.

Desjardin: Wha--Sue? Where's Sue??

She saw her phone on the table and speed dialed Sue, but she didn't answer

Desjardin: Dammit!

At the New York airport, Sue and Mystique (still as Desjardin) landed but Sue had trouble finding her phone, which was why she didn't answer the real Desjardin's call.

Sue: Ms. Desjardin? Have you seen my phone?

Mystique (Desjardin) : You mean this?

Sue turned to her and Mystique turned back to herself and Sue gasped

Sue: Oh my god!

Mystique knocked her out, then used Sue's cell to call Magneto.

Magneto: Yes?

Mystique: I have our package.

Back at Xavier's mansion, Carrie was sitting out on the bench then Kurt appeared next to her

Carrie: *Gasps* Kurt...

Kurt: Are you alright?

Carrie: My mom's dead. The Professor didn't tell me. I had a relapse...everyone's afraid of me. Does it look like I'm alright?

Kurt: No. *Touches her face* Someone so beautiful.....


Kurt:.....should never think something so silly. In the circus, I was terrified too. But I never hated them. I felt sorry for them.

Carrie: Why?

Kurt: Because they never realized what special things lie about with them.

Carrie: Well, you had it so easy. I mean.....everyone hated me.

Kurt: Hated?? Why??

Carrie: You wouldn't understand.

Kurt: Trust me.

He held her hand and she looked at him in silence and that's when Carrie told Kurt her whole tragic and sad story of her whole life

Kurt: Oh my god....I'm so sorry....

Carrie was about to cry till Kurt pulled her to a hug and comfort her

Kurt: I swear to our father in heaven, I will never let anyone humiliate you again. Even anyone from here.

Carrie smiled at him in tears.

Two days later, Mystique arrived on Magneto's island base carrying an out cold Sue. Magneto, Emma and Chris walked out and greeted her

Magneto: Raven.

Mystique: Eric. Long time no see. *See's Chris* And who might this be?

Emma: Our new ally, but quite a stubborn one.

Chris: I. Am. Not. Stubborn. I just got a score to settle with Sister Piggy. And that traitor in your arms is gonna be spilling her guts very soon.

Chris went up to Sue and slapped her in the face. Sue jumped out of Mystique's arms holding her face as she soon had a clear image of Chris and gasped

Sue: Chris??!!!!

Chris: Miss me, traitor?!

Sue: *Backs up* I---I thought you were---Why are you here??

Chris: Can't you guess? I've evolved into something better. I. Am. A Godess! And soon I'll be able to exact my sweet revenge on that freak.

Sue: Chris, just leave her alone! Haven't you done more than enough damage already?

Chris: Why the hell do you even care about her?!! She killed our friends at prom. She even killed Tommy, remember?!

Sue: No Chris. That was YOUR fault. That bucket you and Billy hung up did it. And YOU KNOW IT!!! It was YOU who killed him and the others. Carrie didn't tell you to gut a pig and fill it's blood up in a bucket and DUMP IT ON HER!!!

Magneto: Ouch.

Sue: And if you and everyone at school hadn't pushed her around too much, none of this would be happening. So I'm warning you Chris. Stay away from Carrie or I'll kill you myself.

Chris: Ahh....*Scoffs and Chuckles* Excuse me?

Emma: She doesn't mean by it.

Sue: Yes I do. I can end this right now without any of your sidekicks covering your silk.......

Chris was getting very annoyed while Magneto and the others were intrigued of their argument

Chris: Then why don't you pick which direction you wanna fall into? Cause I'm about to f**king.....

Magneto stepped inbetween them before they could get in to it

Magneto: No.

Chris: No what??!

Magneto: No mercy. *Turns to Sue* You, my dear, show too much mercy, which makes you sloppy. Normally, I have no soft spot for humans, but for nowc you'll be kept alive till after questioning.

Sue: I don't know who you are, buddy. But I swear, if any of you lay one finger on Carrie, I'll KILL YOU ALL!!!

Sue was about to swing a punch, but her stomach had a reaction as she groaned in pain and fell on her knees

Chris: The hell's your problem now?

Magneto: I believe Miss Snell has more.....inner problem. Yes?

Sue: Go to hell!

Chris: The old man here said Carrie's at some freakish school for freaks like her. Where is that?

Sue: If I knew, why would I tell you?

Chris then pushed Sue down.

Chris: Answer me or I'll obliterate you piece by mother f**king piece.

Sue: Then do it! I'll never let you hurt her again!!

Her stomach kept reacting as Sue leant back screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, back at the school, Carrie was walking outside, feeling the sunshine on her face like she is for the first time in her life 'till HE showed up behind her

Kurt: Guten tag.

Carrie: Aah! It's not funny Kurt. Come on.

Kurt: Just trying to make you smile.

Carrie: There's already so much you can do to make me smile. But....I don't really think I can be allowed here. I just wish I could....

As Carrie tried to think what to say next, she felt some disturbance.

Kurt: What's wrong?

Carrie: I--I---Idk---I....just had some that.....something from my past is coming back to haunt me.

Then the X alarm went off,!then Kurt and Carrie rushed to the lab where Xavier and the others was looking throgh the main computer and it showed view of the city.

Xavier: Magneto. He's back.

Carrie: Magneto??

Kurt: Bad guy. Waaaay bad.

Logan: He's not alone. Look. *Points*

The screen shows Mystique with him as well

Xavier: Raven....

Storm: Mystique? Why the hell is she.....??

Xavier: She still looks up to him. He's changed her much than I could've.

The footage kept going 'till it fades out.

Carrie: Wait...what happened?

Xavier: We must've lost data. Oh, Raven. She was a friend 'till Eric desired her and made her into something awful. I hoped she would come around....but it hasn't happen much.

Carrie: Reminds me of my mom.

Logan: Whatever they're up to, we got to stop them. Suit up!

Everyone followed Logan except Carrie, but Kurt stopped and turn to her

Kurt: Are you comming?

Carrie: You mean...I can come with you??

Kurt: Course. We could use some extra hands.

Carrie smiled and wrapped her arm around Kurts and they ran together for the black bird

Out into the city, Magneto and the others were waiting for the X-men to arrive.

Chris: What's taking them so long?! Hurry up dammit!

Magneto: Paitance, my dear. I know my old friend Charles. His beloved X-men will make an entrance soon. Until then....

Magneto used his abilities to open the freezer Nightcrawler trapped Sabretooth in and he crawled out. He was covered in snowy flakes and ice but he was lucky he didn't freeze to death

Victor: What....*Shivers and chattering his teeth* the hell.....Oooh cold!....Took you so long.

Magneto: I've been busy.


Magneto; At least we found you. Emma? Any sign of them?

Emma: *See's the Black Bird through boniculers* They're coming

Chris: Finally!!!!

Victor: Jimmy.

Magneto: Remember, Chris. You can have your fun, but I want her alive.

Chris: No promises.

Chris runs and Sabertooth fallows her.

Soon, Chris stopped and tried to shoot an electric impulsing shockwave at the Black Bird, but it missed

Chris: Argh!!!

Victor: Need a boost?

Chris: Oh thank you. That's very helpful.

With no to little effort, Victor gave Chris a boost and threw her up to the Black Bird and Chris crashed in with an electric fying entrance

Scott: What the....

Logan: Son of a....

Chris: Hehehehehe.....

Carrie: Chris Hargensen???!!!

Kurt: That's her?? I thought you said she was dead.

Carrie: I thought she was. I saw her get blown up in the car.

Chris: You almost killed me, freak. But I've been reborn!!! *Electricity surrounds her*  Now you're mine.

Chris was about to blast her 'till Wolverine stepped in between them

Wolverine: I don't think so, bub. Kurt. Get her out of her.

Kurt took Carrie's hand and they teleported

Chris: WHAT THE F---

Logan: I don't know who you are, kid. *Presses out his claws* But you're gonna keep away from that girl.


Chris unleashed an electric fury causing the Black Bird to lose control and it was hurtling down.

Logan: JEAN!!!!

Jean: I can't stop it!!! Not on my own!!!

When Carrie and Kurt made it down on a roof top, Carrie focused on the falling Black Bird and caught it with her powers.

Scott: Jean??

Jean: That's not me.

Carrie gently put them all down on another roof top, but Chris burst out and saw her and Kurt from across the road

Chris: You're not gonna slip out this time.

But then Wolverine tackled her and they rolled around and then stood up and stared at each other

Logan: Bub. You have no idea what big mistake you just made.

Chris blasted at his face then kicked him down as Wolverine tried to get up but Chris punched him with an electric fist.

Logan spits out blood, but gets up and brings his claws out again

Logan: Come on, bub.

Chris: Stop CALLING ME THAT!!!!

Wolverine charges, but as Chris dodged his claws, Chris lets her gaurd down and gets scratched twice.

Chris: AAAHHH!!! God.....Damn it!

She suddenly pushed him back with a shockwave as Carrie and Kurt watch from afar

Meanwhile, Sue was locked up in Magneto's helicopter, once again feeling guilty till she heard a voice outside and the ramp to it opened

Erika: Hello?

Sue: Erika??

Erika: Su---

Sabertooth suddenly grabbed her from behind. Sue screamed as did Erika, muffled in Victor's hand

Victor: How sweet. Dark meat.

Sabretooth was about to slash her neck 'till Cyclops shot his laser at him, causing him to fly out the chopper. Then Jean went to Erika's aid as Cyclops went to Sue's

Scott: You two ok?

Sue: I---I-I think so.

Jean: It's ok, you're safe.

Erika: Who are you people?

Scott: The X-men. At your service.

Both (Erika and Sue): The X-men??

Jean: Scott,!go find Logan. I'll get them to safety.

Sue: Wait. Do you guys know Carrie White?

Jean: Yes. You two friends of hers?

Sue: Well....kinda...I wanna be....It's a long story.

Jean: Tell me on the way. I got to get you two out of here. Come on.

Back with Logan and Chris, they kept on fighting till Chris blew a power circuit shocking Wolverine and fell out cold thinking she killed him. Chris proceeded to find Carrie again, but then Storm and Cyclops found Wolverine healing as he popped open his eyes.

Carrie and Kurt teleported them to where the Black Bird was set and looked around for others.

Kurt: Miss Grey?? Mr. Summers??

Carrie: Storm?? Logan??

Chris burst a door to the roof open and Carrie looked over and gasped.

Chris: I cannot BEGIN to tell you how long I waited for this.

Carrie, witha hint of fear, backed up

Carrie: I don't want to fight you, Chris. I'm not who you think I am.

Chris: Awwww....too bad....I guess I'll just torture you 'till you beg me to kill you!!

Chris charged at her, but Nightcrawler appeared in between them causing Chris to stop. Then Kurt grabbed her as they teleported down to the ground. But Chris shook him off and looked around

Chris: What the....How the hell did I get down here??!!!

Logan burst a door open as Chris turned and her jaw dropped seeing Wolverine still alive.

Logan: Hey bub. I'm not done with you just yet.

Chris: That's not possible....I F**KING KILLED YOU!!!!

Logan: I HEAL pretty damn fast.

Up on the roof, Carrie tried to find a way down but Emma Frost appeared behind her in diamond form and grabbed her. But Carrie pushed her off with her telekinesis. Unfortunately, Carrie lost her balance and fell off the edge, but Angel swooped down and caught her

Angel: You look like you need assistance, fair maiden.

Carrie: I uh---I appreciate it but....I'm afraid of heights.

Angel: Never fear. Let's find some safe grounds

Then they flew down.

Kurt awoke a little dim, barely getting a vision of Logan and Chris's battle

Kurt: Car---rie....*Passes out*

Meanwhile after Jean brought Sue and Erika to safety, Sue's phone was going crazy from a call from Ms. Desjardin

Sue: *Answers* Ms. Desjardin?

Desjardin: Where have you been?? Did you SERIOUSLY leave for New York without me? I was attacked by skinned naked lady and I woke in the hospital and I'm stranded here.

Sue: No, I didn't mean to leave you stranded. I thought I WAS with you when----

Jean: *Grabs the cell* I apologize, but we're in a tight situation, so I'd make your time useful.

Desjardin: What?? Who is this?

Jean: This is Jean Grey of the X-men.

Desjardin was strucked speechless then Jean gave Sue back her phone

Sue: I know it sounds ridiculous, but whenever you're in the city, meet us in the outskirts of town. Jean here told me she saw Carrie. She's alive.

Desjardin: Ahh, thank God. I'll be there ASAP. *Hangs up*

Back in the upskirts of battle, Magneto was just watching everything unravel 'till soon he got impatiant. He floated down to the ground and stood in front of Scott and Storm after they met up with Jean, Sue and Erika

Magneto: Leaving so soon?

Erika: Who is that???

Sue: The guy who locked me in the chopper. The one Chris is working for.

Erika: Chris???

Suddenly, Magneto was grabbed from behind by.......Emma??

Emma: That's enough, Eric.

Magneto smirked for he knew who was controlling her.

Magneto: Still playing mind games, Charles?

Emma: What are you.....

Xavier: *At the mansion on surebro* ....doing back here?

Magneto: Can't you read my mind, old friend? The girl you brought here into your care means well to me. To us. Remember you walked away from all this. And so will she. Just like Raven. I'll insure she doesn't go under your wing. It's time for her to be free.

Emma: Free to harm...

Xavier:...innocent lives?

Magneto: Innocent, Charles? Hehehehe, funny you should say that. From what young Miss Hargensen told me, she has taken many of THAT as it is.

Xavier: But she never....

Emma:....told you why.

Magneto: And why does that matter? Besides, if she was left in your care, what redemption would she find now?

Xavier: More than....

Emma:...what you can offer her.

Sue: Is that lady on our side now? Cause I thought she....

Jean: It's not her doing this. The Professor is controling her with his telepothy.

Magneto: Oh? And what if she sets off in your little school like she did hers? And destroys a number of your students as well?

Emma: As long as you keep encouraging Hargensen.... will only end worse than that.

Magneto: Then let's find out. If you think you have the guts.

Emma: This cannot....

Xavier:....go on,!Eric.

Xavier released Emma, letting Magneto go

Chris and Logan were evenly matched as Kurt slowley stood up. Then Chris used full force of her powers and blast it on Wolverine as he fell

Chris: WHY WON'T YOU DIE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logan then SLASHED her hands up as she screamed in agony and he stood up

Logan: Did the part "I HEAL fast" mean anything to you?

Chris then knees Logan to the gut, twisted his arm around and stabs him with his own claws thinking she killed him AGAIN. She ran after Carrie in another building on the upper level, but SHE tackled her from behind and they both rolled down and burst through a window.

Carrie stumbled a bit. but Chris used her full power to shock and FRY her as Carrie screamed in agony

Chris: Hope you don't mind. Just stay still, so I can hear your HEART explode!! That wouldn't bother you now, would it pig?

Kurt: *Teleports behind Chris* LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

Nightcrawler tackled her, releasing Carrie from the pulse and Angel landed down, picked her up and flew off. Chris caught a quick glimpse of it and grew angry

Chris: NO!!!! RrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Turns to Kurt* Why. Won't. You. Stop GETTING IN MY WAY?!!!!!!!!!!

She blasted at him, but Kurt teleported behind her again and knocked her down

Chris: GOD DAMN IT!!!!

Logan jumps down, cutting through the walls to slow down his fall and then landed on his feet

Logan: Good work, kid. Go meet up with the others. I'll take it from here.

Kurt nodded and then vanished. Wolverine made his way back into the building, pinned Chris down and stabbed her in the leg. Then SHE screamed in agony as her leg bleed out.

Logan: A pipe could hurt worse if it's deep enough. I don't know what your problem is, bub. Or why you're so obessed on hurting that poor girl. But consider this a warning: Stay. Away. From. Carrie. Or your head is going on my wall.

Logan pulled his claws out from Chris's leg, making her scream again.!Wolverine lit up a cigar and after smoking it, he flicked it on Chris's face

Chris: AAAAAHH!!! RRRRR!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!

Logan: Get in line.

He just leaves Chris humiliated, wounded and angry.

Meanwhile, Angel flew the injured Carrie back to the mansion and carried her to the medics room.

Angel: Professor!

Xavier turned his whealchair around to see Carrie hanging on for dear life as Warren put her on the opperating table. That's when Bobby and Kitty came in running

Kitty: What the hell happened?

Bobby: Where's the medic?

Angel: I don't know.

Rogue rushed in with Wolverine who arrived back with the Black Bird while the others were still tracking Magneto

Rogue: I got an idea. Logan, come here.

Logan: What'd you gonna do?

Rogue: Just don't move.

Rogue pulled off her gloves then tapped on Logan's head then on Carrie's. Logan gasped as Rogue transfered his ability to heal into Carrie healing her injuries. Rogue checked her pulse and it was normal again Rogue let go and Logan gasped for air.

Bobby: I didn't know she could do that?

Kitty: Me neither.

Carrie woke up gasping heavily.

Carrie: What happened?

Rogue: It's difficult to explain.

Xavier: Rogue managed to temperarly transfer Logan's healing into you to aid your wounds. Though her powers were originally designed to absorb other mutant powers, she found a way to give other powers others with safer concentration. Clever Rogue.

Rogue: Thanks, professor.

Carrie: Thank you. YOU saved my life too.

Rogue: Ahh, it was nothing.

Carrie: Where's Kurt?

Logan: I sent him to help Jean and the others. He'll be back soon.

Carrie nodded. Then later in a bathroom, Carrie was in the shower sinking into her thoughts as she washed her hair.

Plug it up!

Plug it up!

Plug it up!

Go to your closet.

No, Momma!


Carrie yelled in the water as she made things brake and fall apart. She breathed heavily as she pulled her hair back.

Later, in Carrie and Rouge's room, she was in her nightgown, wiping her hair with a towel 'till she had an unexpected visitor

Angel: You doing well?

Carrie: Huh?? *Turns around*

Angel: I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you.

Carrie: Oh's just been a rough time.

Angel: Yeah. Listen.....I know we hadn't had time to get to know each other and from what everyone's been talking about, it seems so hard.

Carrie: Ik. My mom's dead. My worst bully from school who wants me dead, is alive and a mutant. And I'm confused.

Angel: And someone so beautiful shouldn't have a life like that. That's not what God brought us here for. We're all dedicated for better than that.

Carrie: My momma always said God only loves you if you remain from the curse of blood of Eve.

Angel: I have to disagree. He loves us all no matter what we choose.

Carrie: How do you know?

Angel: I know.

Warren walked up to her and before Carrie knew it he touched her face and tilt his face to hers and kissed her. But they were both unaware that Kurt was outside the door and SAW them. He turned away and then teleported, but then Carrie pulled away after he left.

Carrie: Wait,!please.....I...

Angel: I-I'm sorry....

Carrie: No. It's not you....

Angel: There's someone else, isn't there?

Carrie: No...Yes. I'm sorry, Warren but....someone else has won my heart already.

Angel: I understand.

Angel walked out and shut the door as Carrie sat on her bed sinking into her thoughts, but outside Kurt sat on the roof, looking up into the sky with his arms around his legs was the LEAST of their problems for that very morning, Mystique was driving to Xavier's school and changed into....Margaret White!!!

Once she arrived she walked up to the door and knocked and Storm answered.

Storm: Can I help you, ma'am?

Margaret (Mystique): Where is my daughter?

Storm: Your daughter? I'm sorry, but which one of our students are you---

Margaret: If you have or not have ANY workmanship with Him you'd cease to keep blocking my path to Heaven above. I will not spend another eternity of Damnation.

Storm: What are you tal---Mrs. White?? But--you---

Margaret: Is there a problem?

Storm: Um.....wait here. Let me go wake up the professor.

The minute Storm turned around, the disguised Margaret White (Mystique) dozed her from behind with a paralyzing serum from Magneto and hid Storm in a hall closet and looked around for Carrie.

However, Kurt was still sad thinking Carrie was invved with Warren, but then THAT'S when he bumped into him

Warren: Kurt?

Kurt: Leave me alone.

Angel: I don't understand.

Kurt: *Turns around angry* I hope you're happy. Cause as far as I'm concern the only Angel you are is of cruelty!!

Nightcrawler snarled and tackled Angel and they rolled around the floor

Angel: Kurt! What's this madness for?

He kept attacking, but then Jean and Logan came in and she separated them, pinning them on the walls with her telekinesis

Logan: What the hell's going on here?

Meanwhile, Carrie came out of her room and looked around for Kurt

Carrie: Kurt? Kurt??

Margaret (Mystique): *From behind* Carrie.

Carrie: *Gasps and turns around* Momma??

Carrie was stunned and smiled in tears. She ran up to Margaret (Mystique) and hugged her

Carrie: *Sobbing* I thought you were dead....

Margaret: As God as my witness I thought I lost you too.

Carrie was so glad (Wrongfully so) to know (To think) her mother was still alive but she was also a bit Pissed at the X-men for (She thinks) lying to her....again

Carrie: They told me you died. How could they lie to me like that? I trusted them!

Margaret: The Devil always lies. That's why they brought you here. Come. Let's go home.

Carrie: Kurt....

Margaret: He lied too. Those angelic symbols on his skin are to represent every sin he's committed. Don't let yourself be his next.

Carrie nodded and hugged her again and Mystique grinned as her eyes glows yellow. Xavier woke up,!gasping in his room for he heard Mystique's thoughts.

Xavier: Raven....


Angel: Please, Kurt. Ut's not what you think. Yes, I kissed Carrie but she CHOSE you.


Jean: No, Kurt. He's telling the truth. His thoughts can't lie. Carrie told him she gave her heart to someone else. Her thoughts said it was you.

Kurt: I--I....

Logan: I understand, kid. *Looks at Jean* Believe me...

Jean: Logan...

Then Jean heard the professor's thoughts that Mystique has kidnapped Carrie by tricking her that she's her mother

Kurt: What is it?

Jean: Carrie's in trouble.

Then Carrie and the disguised Mystique drove away from the mansion but unknown to Carrie they were on their way to Magneto's island

Carrie: I'm sorry I had you come all this way to find me. I was...I was lost.

Margaret: (Mystique): My child. All is forgiven.

Carrie finally took time to relax 'till she saw another car zip next to them. It was Desjardin's car

Margaret: Turn away, child.

Carrie: Wait...

Ms. Desjardin: CARRIE!!!!

Carrie: That's Ms. Desjardin! Momma, stop the car!

Margaret: I said turn AWAY!!!

Mystique rams Desjardin's car, causing it to slid off the road. Desjardin screamed and hit a tree. She might've survived, but she was just out cold again

Carrie: NO!! Momma, why'd you do that??

Margaret: She's one of the sinners like those clowns at that mansion. Let's go.

Carrie: No, Momma! We can't just leave her!! She was nice to me at school. She stood up for me.

Margaret: She USED you. She's in God's judgement now.

As Mystique was about to drive off, Carrie's eyes turn black again.

Carrie: you're in MY judgement.

Carrie forcefully stopped the car with her powers and pushed the fake Margaret out. As soon as Carrie got out the car, she ran to aid Desjardin, but she grabbed her arm

Carrie: Momma, let go please!!

Mystique: *Turns back* I ain't your f**king momma.

Carrie gasped and Mystique paralyzed her like she did Storm and carried her back to the car

Later, Sue and Erika came from the back side of the road and saw Mystique put Carrie back in the car and drove off.

Sue: That's the mutant that impersonated Ms. Desjardin. She's got Carrie!!

Erika: Sue! Ms. Desjardin's car is down there.

Sue: Go help her. I'll follow the mutant.

Suddenly, an electric pulse destroyed the car's motor. It was Chris and she stood in front of them outside it

Sue: Chris??!!!

Chris: Miss me?

Erika: But--she's supposed to be dead.

Chris: I hear that a lot. But if you all know what's good for you, you'll turn around and go home. Piggy Carrie belongs to us now. If I find you here again, you're in for shock. GO. HOME!!

Chris disappeared in electricity.

Erika: Now what'd we do?

Sue: The X-men. They're our only hope. Get Ms. Desjardin and meet me at the mansion.

Erika: What about Chris? Did you see all that electricity she made?? Where'd she learn to do that??

Sue: She must've mutated. Like Carrie. Chris is cunning, but if she EXPECTS us to leave Carrie behind, she's SORELY mistaken. That b**ch is going to get what she deserves. I will NOT let her have her way with Carrie again! Now go get Ms. Desjardin and I'll meet you at Xavier's.

Meanwhile at Magneto's island, Mystique and Chris arrived back with Carrie, then Magneto and Emma came out from the elevator.

Emma: Look who's back.

Carrie woke up in tears.

Magneto: There there my child. There's no need to be afraid. It only hurts for a short time.

Chris: I'd like to make it longer.

Carrie: Where's momma?

Chris: Your mom is dead! Get. Over. It!

Magneto: Chris, we discussed this. Charles and the others never lied to you, my dear. Your mother is dead. But you shouldn't mourn for her. As I was told, she hardly showed you any love. She treated you like these homo sapiens treat us. Making her one of them. And you one of us.

Carrie: Are you going to kill me?

Magneto: Yes.

Chris: And I'm going to watch and enjoy every single minute of it.

Carrie: Why do you hate me so much, Chris?? I haven't done ANYTHING to you!

Magneto: Now now. Mystique, show our guest her place.

Mystique took Carrie to the elevator and Chris was about to fallow till Magneto blocked her path

Chris: What'd you....??

Magneto: I need you with Emma to look out for the X-men. They'll surely come for her.

Chris: Why would they care about her? No one gives a damn about her. No one!

Magneto: That's where you're wrong child. Charles Xavier never betrays his students Carrie White will be NO exception.

Chris: What??! But...

Magneto: There's no buts to this. If no one cared for the girl as you think they don't Wolverine would not scar up your hands and leg like SHE did your face.

Chris: You promised me revenge!!!!

Magneto: But I never said anything about you exacting it. Now go keep watch.

Magneto left Chris dissatisfied AGAIN her luck had not changed after all

Back at the mansion Logan suited up in his yellow Wolverine suit as the others went into X-men uniforms Kurt was finally in the red and black suit with yellow gloves and they head for the black bird

Kurt: If Magneto hurts her I swear to God I'll....

Logan: Kurt you need to focus. Carrie's life depends on it. We'll get her back I promise.

Then Storm came in with Sue Desjardin and Erika

Storm: Logan. These three have information.

Scott: This better be important.

Sue: Trust me it's important. the prom disaster from Carrie's past was Chris's doings and in a way mine too. I've been a b**ch to Carrie for no reason and Idk if I'll ever forgive myself. That is...unless you're willing to let us help. I know where that Magneto guy's taken Carrie. There's an island across the east side of New Jersey. I was there when that Mystique lady impersonated Ms. Desjardin.

Erika: If you take us with you we'll stay out of the action.

Desjardin: We just want to get Carrie back as you guys do.

Logan: Alright. Sounds like a plan. You lead the way Sue.

Storm: Best offense is a good defense.

And so they hopped aboard the Black Bird fallowing Sue's directions but Kurt couldn't help but to stare at her with hostility it wasn't long till she noticed

Sue: What'd you looking at me like that for?

Kurt: Because normally I'd forgive so easily but knowing what you done I don't you. Carrie told me everything what you and your friend Chris had done. Even the shower incident. You're only here cause the Professor allowed it. Now don't get me wrong I am grateful you're willing to help her but I'm quite angry for what you all put her through when she had enough problems with her mom. So try anything again to hurt her then you'll pay. Understand?

Sue: Uh huh.

Logan: Hey kid. Is that it? *Points out the window where the island is*

Sue: Yeah that's it.

Logan: Jean?

Jean: Carrie's down there with Magneto. Along with Emma Frost Mystique Sabretooth and Christine Hargensen.

Kurt: That case you three will get off first.

Desjardin: Wait you mean jump??

They all looked at them

Erika: You're kidding right??

They later appeared on the island by Kurt's teleportation

Desjardin: God that was insane!

Kurt: You get use to it. Now from here on out you all do what I say when I say it. While the others hold off Magneto we find Carrie.

Erika: How??

Kurt: The only way possible.

The X-men soon landed in stealth mode then searched for Carrie then Wolverine picked up a scent

Jean: What is it?

Logan: It's.....

Sabretooth roared and tackled Wolverine and they slid in an elevator

Jean and Storm: LOGAN!!!

They ran towards them but....

Victor: Now Jimmy boy I have you all to myself.

He pressed a button shutting the elevator doors Jean and Storm were too late to help him and the elevator went up then....

Carrie: Guys.

Storm: *Turns around* Carrie??

Carrie: Quick we got to get out of here before he finds us.

Scott: How the hell did you escape?

Jean: It's not Carrie it's HER!!!

The fake Carrie smirked with glowing yellow eyes then Cyclopes blasted at her but she jumped up turning back to Mystique landed behind them then turned into Jean and tackled the real one both Jeans looked the same Scott and Storm couldn't tell who was who

Scott: DAMMIT!!

Up on a higher flour Logan kicked Victor out the elevator then stepped out then pressed out his claws

Victor: Do you still think you know how to kill me Jimmy?

Logan: I'm still thinking of cutting your god damn head off. See if that works

Victor chuckled then they charged at each other and their fight was more gruesome than the last one

Back with Kurt and the girls they were still on the search for Carrie till they were confronted by Emma

Emma: Now where do you think you're going?

Erika: Get out of our way.

Kurt: MOVE!!

Kurt teleported punching her many times but they didn't faze her she knocked him down in her diamond form and attempted to throw him out the window but Kurt grabbed but Kurt grabbed the girls and teleported and end up in Carrie's cell where she was paralyzed again and tied with a bent pipe around her

Desjardin: Oh god there she is!

Kurt: Carrie? *Rushes to her and lifts her up* Carrie? Are you alright??

Desjardin: What's that thing around her?

Sue: Looks like a pipe. But how....

Kurt: Magneto. We got to get her to the Black Bird. Some of that stuff Mystique drugged Storm with is in her. Everyone hold on to me.

Kurt teleported them out in the hall

Kurt: Let's get of here.

Chris: I think NOT!!!

They all looked over and saw Chris with fire in her eyes

Desjardin: Chris Hargensen?? You're involved in this???!!!

Chris: Damn right I am. And I'm not about to stand by and let you save that abomination.

Desjardin: Well you're not gonna hurt her again. I should've EXPELLED you when I had the chance.

Chris: Well tough luck. You all took her side after everything we been through together. As if you're giving a nasty bug's life worth meaning.

Kurt: Her life has more meaning then yours. I will not let you EVER torment her again. EVER!!!!

Chris: You talk like you're in love with her. Just makes me SICK!!!

Chris launched an electric wave but Kurt teleported them out of there just in time


Back with Logan and Victor they kept slashing at each other but were evenly matched due to their healings

Victor: You just don't know when to quit do you Jimmy?

Logan: Just give me the girl and we'll call it even.

Victor: Why waste your time with her? She's spilled more blood than you and I have.

Logan: No. You you spilled more blood. There's a saying in a dream I had when a man is out for blood.... *Presses out a middle claw* He finds it.

Logan yelled and stabbed Sabretooth in the chest he screamed in pain then Wolverine kicked him off and he fell out a widow

Logan: You can quote me on that, a**hole.

Kurt and the girls teleported on the roof in an attempt to get to the Black Bird but Carrie woke up....

Carrie: no....I have to go back! *Jumps out of Kurt arms and brakes free from the twisted pipe

Sue: How are you still moving after that??

Carrie: Sue Snell??!!

Carrie looked her in black eyes but Desjardin stepped in between them

Desjardin: Carrie no. We traveled all this way to save you. If Sue wanted to humiliated you further she wouldn't have come along.

Carrie: But....

Kurt: I told her if she tried anything I'd make her pay. I'm sorry Carrie.

Carrie: For what?

Kurt: For doubting you. I misunderstood when I saw Angel kissing you....

Carrie: Oh Kurt...

Kurt: But he told you what you told him. I'm sorry. *Faces down*

Carrie: *Tilts his head up slowly* You never have to be sorry. Kurt? If none of us make it out alive I want you to know....

Carrie pulled Kurt's head to her face and KISSED him he flinched at first then he kissed her back till Magneto burst out of the roof and flew up then hovered down infront of them they looked at him in shock Kurt and Carrie held each other while starring up at him in fear

Magneto: I still have plans for you my dear. Did you think you and your little boyfriend could just run away?

Kurt: You stay AWAY FROM HER!!!

Carrie: KURT!!!!

Kurt was about to strike till Magneto launched a metal object at him, knocking Nightcrawler aside

Chris burst out too smirking with electricity in her hands. Carrie looked over and saw her then frowned and stood forward at her, clutching her fists. They stared into each other eyes in thoughts to destroy each other, for it was a showdown long waited for what has finally come.....

Sue: Carrie??

Desjardin: Sue. I think this is something Carrie has to do alone.

They all ran as Carrie's eyes turn black

Carrie: You want me? HERE I AM!!!

Chris went for a super charge but Carrie punched her one time flat in the stomach and almost all of Chris's energy depleted then flew blowing a crater on the ground

Carrie came down to the knocked out Chris and stared down at her till Chris woke up and looked at her in hate

Carrie: You did this to me.

Chris: Damn right, I did. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Why? Cause you deserve it.

Carrie growled and yelled as she then attacked again

Back with the X-men, The two Jeans kept fighting and Storm and Cyclopes still couldn't tell which was which

Jean # 1: Scott it's me! Help me!

Scott: Jean?

Jean # 2: No Scott! I'm the real Jean!

Scott: Jean....dammit!

Then Wolverine jumped down from a balcony and stabbed one of the Jeans in the stomach as Storm and Scott gasped

Storm: LOGAN!!!

Logan: Your looks may change. But you know what doesn't?

She turned back into Mystique while struggling in pain.

Logan: Your scent.

She fell but didn't die like before Wolverine helped the REAL Jean up

Logan: Everyone ok?

Scott: Yeah but Kurt Carrie and the civilians need our help.

Logan: Then let's go.

Upstairs, Carrie and Chris kept fighting with with clashing force as their powers crossed with each other, reacting with one another and creating an electric force wind around the island.

Logan: What the hell's going on?!

Jean: Carrie and Chris's powers are overreacting around the island. With this amount of power, it could cause a chain reaction, cracking the island in half. Long story short, it'll sink us all into the river.

Storm: No. With this amount of weather there's no guarantee I'll stop at least 1% of it.

Logan: Then God help us.

Suddenly they felt a quick swoosh around them. It passed them at least, several times then it stopped and Quicksilver (Evan Peters) appeared

Quicksilver: Darn....why am I always late?

Logan: You tell me. Could've used your help days ago, bub.

Quicksilver: No worries. I heard everything from the Professor. What do you need me do?

Logan: See if you can get scar faced sister away from the girl. Then find Nightcrawler. He and some civilians are on the island somewhere.

Quicksilver: You got it!

He speeds towards Carrie and Chris's brawl then came between them and FLIRTED with Chris??

Quicksilver: Hey foxy lady. You into a man in silver uniform?

Chris: Get lost, dipsh**!

She blasted him but he speeded behind her

Quicksilver: Rrrrrr! Kitty's got claws.

Chris: WHY YOU LITTLE....!!!

She swung a punch but he speeded to dodge and in slow mode Quicksilver kissed her in the mouth then went behind her grabbed Chris in the butt then in normal mode she jumped up from the butt grabbed and wiped her mouth


Quicksilver: Later, babe.

He pushed her in speeding hand, causing her to fly across the area, then sped off to find the others. At that point, Wolverine and the others met up with Carrie

Carrie: What'd you doing?

Logan: Getting that b**ch off your back. Go find Kurt and the others with Quicksilver and let us handle the rest.

Carrie: I'm not leaving just yet.

Logan: Listen to me, kid...this is bigger than your blood prom bath event. This is not your war. There's no need for you to continue you on. We came to save you.

Carrie:! I'm done taking orders. I've been trying to do so well all my life, but all I got was sucked dry because of HER!!! But if I'm gonna be part of this team, I need to do something that's worth something. I mean, after what I done at prom, I got to make up for it by doing something REAL good so...

Logan looked away a bit ticked but turned back with understanding

Logan: Alright, kid.....

Meanwhile, Kurt stood up then the trio found him

Sue: Are you alright?

Kurt: I think so.

Magneto soon approached them but Kurt stood in between him and the girls

Magneto: How brave of you, boy. Thought you would have learn your lesson.

Kurt: I am a slow learner.

Carrie appeared behind Magneto then pushes him away then Magneto falls into the water then saw Kurt and they smiled and she ran to him and hugged but Chris popped out and saw Kurt and Carrie hugging and felt disgusted she blasted Kurt off the edge



Suddenly, Kurt was caught by Angel and he flew him back up

Angel: I hope this makes up for everything.

Kurt: It does indeed my friend.

Chris: You don't deserve a boyfriend. You don't deserve happiness. You're NOT meant for any of that!!! Anything you love I will destroy just to see you in pain and misery. It's what you deserve!! *Laughs*

Without hesitation, Carrie's eyes turn black and yelled as she POWNED her hand right IN to Chris's stomach

she groaned in pain and agony and looked at Carrie while her mouth and stomach bled

Carrie: Next time don't even think about coming back from the dead.

Carrie pulled out her hand with force Chris fell on her knees

Chris: Why...can't

Carrie slowly pushes her back as Chris drops dead with her eyes open.

As Carrie and the others stared down at Chris's body, Angel and Kurt soon came back up. Then Carrie turned around and smiled at her mutant love. She ran up to Kurt and hugged him again. Logan patted on their shoulders while having a cigar. Storm, Jean, Sue ,and Erika smiled around and Scott and Angel nodded with grins

Magneto, however, escaped with his machine but Emma and Mystique were captured and the X-Men vowed they would not rest 'till they insure Magneto would be found.....

The very next day, Ms. Desjardin, Erika and Sue were about to leave back to Maine. They hoped Carrie would come with them but.....

Ms. Desjardin: Are you sure you want stay, honey? I promise things will be different. No one will ever hurt you again.

Carrie: I trust you guys, really. It's momma's gone and I have no way of finding my dad place is here with the X-men. Mainly with the man I love.

Ms. Desjardin: I understand. We're going to miss you so much.

Carrie: I'll miss you all too.

She hugged Desjardin then Erika who was covered in tears

Erika: Just promise you'll come visit soon.

Carrie: I will. If you come visit me too.

Erika smiled and hugged her again then Carrie saw Sue crying on a bench Carrie felt bad and sat next to her

Carrie: Don't cry, Sue. This isn't goodbye forever.

Sue: *Sniffs* I know....I'm just so sorry for what I've done. I mean.....if this is about what Chris and I...I--I...I understand, b-but....*Cries*

Carrie: No, no... *Hugs her* I'm not punishing you, Sue. I'm not blaming you for anything anymore, ok? I feel happy here cause I feel like....I actually fit in for once in my life.

Sue: I just wish things can be different.

Carrie: But now, it can be different. For both of us. I forgive you, Sue. Besides someone is going to need you alot more than me.

Sue: Yeah...I've been thinking of what to name her. I was hoping to make up for everything...could I name her after you?

Carrie: Oh, Sue, of course. I know she'll like it. Tommy would've loved it.

Sue nodded with a teary smile and they hugged then the cab driver honked at them

Driver (Stan Lee): Hey. I haven't got all day here.

Sue: *Nods and turns to Carrie* Promise you'll call everyday.

Carrie: I will.

They all hugged Carrie then the trio got in the cab and waved goodbye at Carrie as they drove back to the air port. Carrie waved too then went in the mansion and shuts the door behind her. That's when Kurt appeared behind her then she smiled and hugged him. At that's point, Logan came by to them

Logan: You sure you wanna stay, kid? Cause nothing around here gets any normal. And we do have to save the world sometimes.

Carrie: I know what I signed up for. *Looks at Kurt and holds his hand*

Logan: Well then.....Carrie White.... *Holds out his hand* Welcome to the X-men.

Carrie smiled and shook his hand, then we zoom out of his mansion then cut back to Magneto's island

Carrie: *Narrating* I'm still uncertain if I'm either human or mutant, but either way I finally found where I belong. Even if I'm still hated and feared by the people around me now have who also suffered as I have, they'll still accept me for who I am. One thing is for sure I finally found my rightful place.

Then we cut to Chris's corpse that is still on the ground there after Carrie killed her but a shadow casted on the on the body and we hear a sinister chuckle then it turns out to be....Mr. Sinister the cloner

(End Credits)

(Teaser clip)

Post Credit Scene

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) came out of an elevator where a directer board member, Hayes (Stephen King) waited for him and they walked through a hall together.

Fury: How long has she been here?

Hayes: Just for a couple months, sir. After the Karaoke incident, 36 people were found dead. She's kinda.....unstable. That's why we have her isolated and her powers are useless where we put her. And here we are.

Fury: Well, I'll be damned.....

They look into an isolated cell door where we zoom in to see....Rachel Lang (From The Rage Carrie 2)(Odeya Rush)

(Cuts out)

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