X-Men: Animated is an American animated superhero TV series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, as well as the 1992 animated series.


It is a time of civil unrest. Humans and mutants have become divided, leading to many violent clashes. Caught in the middle of the struggle is Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the Xavier's School for Giften Youngsters, an institute which provides refuge and help to young mutants. However, a series of malevolent threats soon surface against them. Amongst these are the Sentinels, massive robots designed to hunt mutants down, and the Brotherhood of Mutants, a seperate faction which seeks to overthrow humanity and instill mutants as the rulers of the planet. To counter these and other menaces, Xavier uses his students to create a team; the X-Men.

Voice Cast


John DiMaggio - Logan/Wolverine

Jason Marsden - Scott Summers/Cyclops

Vanessa Marshall - Jean Grey/Phoenix

Ashley Tisdale - Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Richard Newman - Charles Xavier

Gregg Berger - Hank McCoy/Beast

Tara Strong - Anna Marie/Rogue

Dawnn Lewis - Ororo Munroe/Storm

Brotherhood of Mutants

David Warner - Erik Lensherr/Magneto

Tasia Valenza - Raven Darkholme/Mystique

Thomas F. Wilson - Dominic Szilard Petros/Avalanche

Charlie Schlatter - St. John Allerdyce/Pyro

Keith Ferguson - Fred Dukes/Blob

Other Villains

David Soblov - Apocalypse

Dee Bradley Baker - Mister Sinister

Keith David - Shadow King

Robin Atkin Downes - Victor Creed/Sabretooth

Fred Tatasciore - Master Mold

Brent Spiner - Henry Peter Gyrich


Season 1

  1. Night of the Sentinels, Part 1 - Kitty Pryde's parents register under the Mutant Registration Act. As she argues with them at home, giant robots named Sentinels suddenly appear and try to abduct her. However, she is rescued the X-Men, consisting of Wolverine, Rogue and Storm. Meanwhile, another team of X-Men, consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Morph break into the Mutant Control Agency HQ in hopes of shutting the Sentinels down.
  2. Night of the Sentinels, Part 2 - Kitty is brought to the Xavier Institute, where she is introduced to Xavier. However, the Sentinels follow them and the school comes under siege. Meanwhile, Morph is shot and presumed dead and Beast is arrested. Cyclops and Jean manage to escape and return to the mansion in time to fight off the Sentinels.
  3. Deadly Reunions - Sabretooth tries to break Beast out of prison, resulting in him being shot and injured. Cyclops takes Sabretooth back to the X-Mansion, upsetting Wolverine. It isn't long before a brawl ensues between Wolverine and Sabretooth.
  4. Enter Magneto - Xavier's old friend Erik Lensherr tries to hijack an array of nuclear missiles in order to trigger a human-mutant war. Xavier explains to Kitty his history with Magneto, while the X-Men prepare to stop him.
  5. Captive Hearts - A mutant gang called the Morlocks kidnap Cylcops and Jean while they are on a date, leaving Wolverine to try and set them free.
  6. Cold Vengeance - Wolverine abandons the X-Men and flees to Canada, where he finds solitude with a group of eskimos. However, the village soon finds itself terrorized by Sabretooth.
  7. Slave Island - Xavier sends Cyclops, Phoenix and Kitty to Genosha to investigate it's apparent acceptance of mutants. However, they are taken prisoner and put in a camp by the Sentinels.
  8. The Unstoppable Juggernaut - Wolverine and the Genosha captives both return to the X-Mansion to find it destroyed and Xavier missing. The team then sets off to find him.
  9. The Cure - Dr Adler of the Muire Island Research Center claims to have found a cure for the mutant gene. A troubled mutant heads there to seek her help, but learns all is not as it seems.
  10. Come the Apocalypse - A new villain emerges in the form of Apocalypse, who uses the mutants who are captive on Muire Island to create an army of destroyers called the Horsemen.
  11. Days of Future Past, Part 1 - A mutant from the year 2055, Bishop, returns to the present time to prevent an unknown X-Man from assassinating future US President, Senator Robert Kelly.
  12. Days of Future Past, Part 2 - Bishop identifies Gambit as the assassin and they all head to Washington for the climax. However, the Brotherhood is also involved.
  13. The Final Decision - Master Mold leads the Sentinels in a mission to take control of Senator Kelly, enabling them to destroy both humans and mutants. The Brotherhood and the X-Men must put aside their differences and face the Sentinels.

Season 2

  1. Till Death Do Us Part, Part 1 - On the wedding day of Jean Grey and Cyclops, the thought to be dead Morph reappears, disguised as the reverend. During the ceremony, he reveals himself and kidnaps Jean. Wolverine and Cyclops are soon hot on his trail.
  2. Till Death Do Us Part, Part 2 - The X-Men are introduced to their new enemy, Mr Sinister, and his own mutant gang, the Nasty Boys. At the end of the episode, Xavier and Magneto find themselves transported to the Savage Land.
  3. Whatever It Takes - Wolverine continues his pursuit of Morph.
  4. Red Dawn - Three corrupt generals, wishing to see the return of the Soviet Empire, enlist the villainous Omega Red. Russian mutant Colossus seeks out the X-Men's help.
  5. Repo Man - Wolverine is kidnapped by Alpha Flight, and forced to face his past.
  6. X-Ternally Yours - Gambit must revisit his roots when his brother is kidnapped.
  7. Time Fugitives, Part 1 - Bishop returns from the future to prevent Apocalypse from unleashing a deadly plague.
  8. Time Fugitives, Part 2 - Bishop's ally from the future, Cable, also returns to the past.
  9. A Rogue's Tale - Rogue's foster mother, the mutant Mystique, forces her to revisit her past.
  10. Beauty and the Beast - Beast falls in love with his blind patient, Carly. However, Carly's father is a rampant mutant hater. However, when the anti-mutant organization Friends of Humanity kidnap Carly, her father and Beast must work together.
  11. Reunion, Part 1 - The X-Men travel to the Savage Land to finally rescue Xavier.
  12. Reunion, Part 2 - The X-Men find that their powers do not work in the Savage Land, and Sinister's Nasty Boys are after them.
  13. Reunion, Part 3 - The X-Men take their final stand against Mr Sinister.

Season 3

  1. The Phoenix Saga, Part 1 - Erik the Red, a member of the alien Shi'ar race, takes over the Eagle One space station, so the X-Men race there to find out what he's up to.
  2. The Phoenix Saga, Part 2 - Eagle One crashes on Earth, but the X-Men survive. Jean Grey discovers new powers that she has never had before and becomes known as Phoenix. However, she begins to suffer from confusion, memory loss and other bizarre symptoms.
  3. The Phoenix Saga, Part 3 - Another Shi'ar, D'Ken, steals the M'Kraan Crystal and the X-Men must stop him from unleashing it's power.
  4. Out of the Past - Wolverine meets his old girlfriend, Yuriko, who lures Wolverine, Gambit and Shadowcat into the Morlock's hideout.
  5. Savage Land, Strange Heart - Storm is transported to the Savage Land by Sauron, who wants to feed on her mutant energy.
  6. Obsession - Angel returns with a vendetta against Apocalypse, who he blames for ruining his life.
  7. Nightcrawler - Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue head to Germany for a ski trip, where they learn of a demon hiding in a local church. The demon turns out to be the mutant Nightcrawler, who has taken refuge in a nearby monastery. 
  8. Proteus - The son of Moira MacTaggert, a mutant named Kevin, escapes from Muir Island and goes on a rampage in search of his father.
  9. The Juggernaut Returns - Somebody steals the Juggernaut's powers, putting his life at risk. Desperate, he turns to the X-Men for help.
  10. Cold Comfort - Iceman is caughting breaking into a top secret government installation.
  11. The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 1 - Jean Grey is losing control of her body to the Phoenix.
  12. The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 2 - The X-Men confront the Phoenix and order it to release Jean. However, it instead vows to destroy them.
  13. The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 3 - Lilandra, another Shi'ar, reveals that the Phoenix must be destroyed; at the sacrifice of Jean Grey.

Season 4

  1. The Phalanx Covenant, Part 1 - The Phalanx, a group of mutants who have turned themselves into techno organic beings seeking to assimilate all life on Earth, attack the X-Mansion. Soon, all but Beast are incapacitated. He must work with Forge and Warlock to battle the Phalanx.
  2. The Phalanx Covenant, Part 2 - Magneto learns that his son, Quicksilver, has been captured, and joins forces with Beast.
  3. No Mutant's an Island - Cyclops, mourning for Jean, returns to the orphanage where he grew up.
  4. Courage - Morph finally rejoins the X-Men, but their celebrations are short lived as anti-mutant terrorists attack a high tech weapons facility.
  5. Weapon X - Wolverine receives a mysterious postcard which triggers flashbacks to his time at the Weapon X lab, where his bones were combined with adamantium. He and Beast journey to the lab and meet Silver Fox, Maverick and Sabretooth, who all received similar postcards.
  6. Orphan's End - Cyclops assists a mutant named Corsair, who is on the run from the Shi'ar.
  7. A Deal with the Devil - Omega Red is dispatched to save a nuclear submarine threatening to explode near to Hawaii. His only condition is that Wolverine and Storm go down with him. It isn't long before Omega Red reveals his malicious intentions.
  8. Family Ties - A villain called the High Evolutionary sends his New Men to round up mutants.
  9. Lotus and Steel - Wolverine returns to rural Japan and encounters the vicious Silver Samurai, who is terrorizing a nearby village.
  10. X-Mas - Wolverine gets dragged Christmas shopping by Shadowcat and Storm, only to get caught in a conflict when the Morlocks invade the mall.
  11. Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1 - Apocalypse sets out to kidnap psychics and use them to reshape the universe in his image.
  12. Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2 - With Apocalypse's place set in motion, the X-Men must gather whatever allies they can to defeat him.
  13. Beyond Good and Evil, Part 3 - Some of Apocalypse's former allies turn on him and join forces with the X-Men to face him in the final battle.

Season 5

  1. Storm Front, Part 1 - Storm is begged by an alien named Arkon to travel to his world and save it from a meteorological disaster. After Storm saves his planet, Arkon asks him to marry her.
  2. Storm Front, Part 2 - The X-Men arrive to save Storm from Arkon, who is revealed to be a brutal and ruthless tyrant.
  3. Hidden Agendas - The parents of a young mutant contact Xavier for help. He agrees to take the boy in, but the X-Men must rescue him from a group of rogue anti-mutant army officials.
  4. Old Soldiers - Wolverine remembers his World War II days and remembers that he once fought alongside Captain America. Together, they assaulted a Nazi installation and battled the Red Skull.
  5. Descent - Set in Victorian London, two scientists discuss Darwin's theory of evolution. One of them, Nathaniel Essex, begins a mysterious experiment involving mutant evolution. Eventually, Essex is transformed into Mister Sinister.
  6. Longshot - A mysterious amnesiac rebel from a distant planed named Longshot wakes up to find himself on Earth.
  7. Bloodlines - Nightcrawler receives a message and learns that his birth mother is in danger. The X-Men agree to help him, only to find that his mother is in fact Mystique.
  8. Secrets Not Long Buried - Cyclops flies solo to a desert community to see an old friend. However, his plane is shot down and he is captured by an anti-mutant group who control the community.
  9. Xavier Remembers - The Shadow King makes one last attempt to destroy Xavier by trapping him in the Astral Plane.
  10. Sanctuary, Part 1 - Magneto offers to transport all mutants to Asteroid M, having grown tired of battling for supremacy on Earth. However, the ruthless Fabian Cortez tricks him and launches him into space.
  11. Sanctuary, Part 2 - With Magneto falling towards Earth, Cortez commandeers Asteroid M. The X-Men mount an assault, the outcome of which sees them being forced to destroy Asteroid M. Magneto, having survived, sees that his dream is lost, and gathers all of his mutant allies to prepare for a brutal attack against humanity.
  12. Graduation Day, Part 1 - At a Mutant/Human Relations Summit, Henry Peter Gyrich attacks and critically injures Xavier. It soon becomes clear that Xavier is dying.
  13. Graduation Day, Part 2 - Magneto gathers his army on the eve before they are going to attack. Cyclops and Wovlerine visit him at Genosha and inform him of Xavier's condition. Out of respect for his greatest enemy, equal and only true friend, Magneto calls off the attack and disbands his army. He returns with Cyclops and Wolverine to the X-Mansion, where he and Xavier bid each other farewell. Each of the X-Men then say each of their own farewells. The final shot of the series shows the X-Men and Magneto gathered outside of the X-Mansion following Xavier's funeral, a lasting image.
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