Official Name X-Maximals
 Editorial Names
 Team Aliases
 Base of Operation
 Team Leader(s) Professor Wheelchair
 Current Members Eyeblast, Jean Hawk, Polverine, Steeltrain, Iceberg, Teleportron, Phasegirl, Fireworkera, Platypera, Cougar McCoy, AngelWing, Gamble, Absorbra, Loudscream, Native, Vulturox, Cablebot, Bishoptron, Energia, etc.
 Former Members Magnetmaster, Camorana, etc.
 Enemies Magnetmaster, Camorana, Jugger-Glitch, Armageddon, Sinistor, Samuron, Lady Longfingers, Jojo, Sentarmies, etc.
 Place of Formation
 Universe Cyber-Marvel
 Creators Brian DuBose
First Appearance
The Uncanny X-Maximals #1 (September 1963)

The X-Maximals are mutant Transformers whose abilities and appearances are based on the X-Men. Led by Professor Wheelchair, they attend school at the X-Cybermansion. One of their kind, Magnetmaster, sought peace in order for mutants to take over Cybertron. But that will never happen- since Wheelchair keeps the X-Maximals safe from being harmed, he has Cebero, a Cerebro-like program in Cybertron to detect any mutants on Cybertron and beyond. For Wheelchair, things were worse- the Star Seekers recruited Bismarck, creator of his Sentarmies, to create Nimramrod, a Sentarmy Troop more powerful than other Sentarmy Troops. Wheelchair has other enemies too, like Armageddon, the first mutant squirrel-transformer Immoral Immortal and Armageddon's assistant Sinistor, the insane chipmunk-transformer mutant who always finds a way to keep mutants in control of the planet Cybertron. Other enemies include the Jigoku Councils lead by S'b's't'i'n Starfish, whose beloved agent Frostina betrayed him.

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