Carrie and the X-men are back for the final adventure! (Besides in the upcoming chapters Wolverine: Bloodlines, Carrie & Kurt 3 and Avengers: Galaxy at War Part 1, 2 & 3) Where they face an end of the world situation caused by their old enemy Apocalypse however Carrie's problems get worse when her OWN rival Chris Hargensen returns.....INSIDE her head and bound to take over her body. Now Carrie must unlock the new power within her to drive out Chris, then defeat Apocalypse to save her friends and family....and the whole world. This is the beginning.....the beginning....of the end.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White
  • Oscar Issac as Apocalypse
  • Hugh Jackman as Logan (Wolverine)
  • Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier
  • Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Ian McKellen as Erik Lenshir (Magneto)
  • Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen
  • Halle Berry as Storm
  • Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • James Marsden as Scott Summers (Cyclops)
  • Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake (Ice-Man)
  • Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde
  • Taylor Kitsch as Remy Lebeau (Gambit)
  • Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer
  • Hart Bochner as John Hargensen
  • Olivia Munn as Psylocke
  • Ben Foster as Angel
  • Brianna Hilderbrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Stefen Kapic as Colossus
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox
  • Dafne Keen as Laura
  • Aaron Eckheart as Derek Toomy
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell
  • B.J Novak as Alistair Smythe
  • Kelly Hu as Ginniyeh
  • Kane as Minion
  • James Marsters as Ydrazil
  • Kat Dennings as Jillian
  • Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth
  • Jason Flemyng as Azazel

(More coming soon)



After the Marvel logo zooms past the front of the screen, we cut over to......Oscorp. It's late at night, and the security was pretty much on very, VERY tight.

(I think you can guess where I'm going with this)

Yet, tight security wasn't enough to intimidate one Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz). Apparently, she was sent by the rest of the X-Men to gather information on a certain project going on, directed by Alistair Smythe (Yep) (B.J. Novak) which might spell the end of their kind. But, of course, she wasn't gonna go in alone.

She quietly levitated down and avoided the security systems and with careful yet slippery precision, she eventually made her way to the top floor (32-ish?). Upon reaching the top, she progressed through until she hid herself outside one of the offices. She peeks through the door window and sees nothing.

But that's when she hears a voice behind her.

Rachel (Odeya Rush): *quietly* Hey.

Carrie: *quietly* Hey.....I see you took my advice about keeping a low profile.

Rachel: Sometimes its hard for me NOT to make an entrance. Unlike you, you can control yourself now, right?

Carrie: We don't know, for sure.

Rachel: Well, you're brave. That's for sure. Now we're set to go that way, right?

Carrie: Yeah......we gotta try not to get caught. One slight move and our operations going down like a lead balloon.

Rachel: I have no idea what the means.


Anywho, the two sisters enter the same office with one behind the other.

Rachel: So what's our gameplan again?

Carrie: Professor said this guy named Alistair Smythe has some sort of project in progress.....but that was as vague as it got. He's also been hatching up another kind of antidote for people who've been infected with any kind of disease. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out well.

Rachel: Backfired on him?

Carrie: Very.

Rachel: Don't know why....but I cant help, but feel as if this has something to do with what happened a few months ago.

That statement puzzled Carrie for a few seconds......because something about the way she said it did not sound good.

Carrie: What do you mean, sis?

Rachel: Didn't you hear about Peter? I tried to get a hold of you to tell you that--

Carrie: Oh......yeah. Rach...I-I'm sorry. I know should have been there afterwards.

Rachel: No. Carrie, you had your honeymoon. I couldn't ruin that special moment for you. And you know that.

Carrie: Yeah, well next time....

Before she could finish her statement, her ear speaker went off with it became apparent that someone was talking to her

Ice-man's voice: Ice-man to Angel Of Havoc. Do you copy?

Carrie: Oh, hold on. *Taps on* This is the Angel Of Havoc. Go ahead.

Bobby (Shawn Ashmore): We got two guards approaching your position. If I were you, I'd make tracks and I'd make 'em quick. Scanners show your objective is located in the main labs.

Carrie: How far is that?

Bobby: Try the elevator down the adjacent hall.

Carrie: Roger that.

She taps off.

Rachel: "Angel Of....Havoc"??

Carrie: I-it's my secret identity. (Lol). And it's a complicated story. Let's talk about this when we get out of here.

Moving in stealth mode with staff members walking by, the two sisters quickly passed them and made their way to the secret elevator to the main labs. Unfortunately, there was a complication.

Rachel tried to open it, but....

Computer: Please, make hand print scan for entry.

Rachel: Great. Now how the hell we gonna get in?

Carrie: Hey......Want to see a trick Logan showed me?

Carrie took out a cover from her suit and pulled off some sticky palm cover from her palm, placing it onto the screen.

Computer: Hand print: Confirmed. Welcome: Allister Smyth.

Rachel: Holy sh**.

Carrie: I'll get you caught up, sis.

Rachel: I want one of those. Damn.

Anyways, the door opens up slowly and the two sisters walk in and are taken aback by a couple of sentry robots.

Carrie: Crap.

Without even considering another tactic, she quietly disabled the two sentry robots and scattered their remains.

Rachel: Ok......this way.

They once again headed on their way until they got to a huge door that led to one of the labs.....which wasn't so much of a lab at all. It was a control room.

Carrie: Uhh.....ok.....*taps speaker* Bobby, did you led us in the wrong direction on purpose?

Bobby: No, our mission was to delay whatever project Smythe's got cooking up. If you had a problem, you should've asked.

Carrie: Well, the Professor tells me everything. So you must've miscalculated that, Snowboy.

Bobby: Girl, don't start--

Atbthat point, Rachel takes the speaker and....speaks into it.

Rachel: Not now, you two. We're on a tight schedule here. We'll just have to deal with what we have to deal with. What do we have to do?

There then came silence on both sides and then Bobby sighed.

Bobby: Alright, you two. Listen up and listen carefully. It turns out Smythes project lies in the chemical weapons facility.

Carrie: Chemical weapons facility?

Both (Carrie, Rachel): That's a definite no-no.

Bobby: That's what I said. Alright, here's the gameplan: there are four, count 'em, four control rooms like the one you're both in that control chemical injections into the central vat. Y'all HAVE to activate them all in the correct sequence, otherwise you'll release the chemicals and.....possibly help Smythe get a head start on his plan.

Rachel: Definitely something I want to avoid.

At that point, the sisters were one step ahead of him, reading his mind.

Carrie: Let me guess: after we activate them in the first two rooms, we have to go into the central chamber to start whatever process goes along with it.....

Rachel:....and then repeat the process for the last two rooms.

Bobby: Pretty much......

Carrie: Alright. Since there's four control rooms we'll have to split up and take two each to make this faster.

Rachel: Should be a pice of cake.

Carrie: I doubt it. If we blow this we'll be risking eight million lives.

Rachel: Defenitely another thing I want to avoid.

Carrie: I'll see you in the central chamber.

And so they took their seprate ways

With Carrie she activated the first injection then later came across a gaurd pacing around the three doors one leading into the central chamber and the other the second control room

Carrie focused her telekinesis to hold the gaurds breath he grabbed his neck he couldn't breath but....passed out but still alive

Carrie: Sorry pal but I can't let anyone see me just yet.

We cut to Rachel's side as she levitates herself above a flour of lasers and came into a hallway with one guard and two robots guarding the other two control rooms

Rachel: Why do I always get the hard stuff?

Just when after she snook into her first control room and set the injection she made her way to the last one without no one noticing but.....

Rachel: Hey, Frosty. There's something wrong with this door. It's locked.

Bobby: Give me a second. Hold on.....Rachel, you better be careful. Smythe himself has been notified that something went wrong with the research and he's heading for your postion.

Rachel: Oh christ. And let me guess....

Bobby: Yep. He's got the key. If you're out of juice, you're gonna have to get it from him. Cause he's the only one who can access that specific door.

Rachel: Grrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaat.

(Lol love her sarcasm)

As soon as she said that Alistair Symthe (B.J. Novak) literally came in through a revolving doorway and saw....nothing

Smythe: Hmm....odd...I thought I heard something.....

He quickly took time to survey his environments before heading into the control room and opening the door

At that point Rachel see's her chance and follows him in.....however.....

She saw her chance holding his breath with her powers like Carrie did on that guard knocking him out and Rachel activated the last panel

Then later cuts back at the centeral chamber where Carrie waited and Rachel came in

Carrie: About time.

Rachel: I had some distractions.

Then the two both pulled the levers securing the chemical containers

Carrie WE DID IT!

The girls squealed and hugged then....

Guards came running in pointing their guns

Guards: FREEZE!!

Rachel: Now we're screwed.

Carrie: No we're not. SCHNELL! (NOW!)

Kurt appeared inbetween Carrie and Rachel grabbing their hands

Kurt (Alan Cumming): Thanks for choosing Nightcrawler transportations

Then they all teleported out of there as Smythe who just recovered came through the crowd just to see the smoke from the teleportation fade off

Smythe: Mutants.

(Title sequence: X-C 5: Return of Apocalypse)

A cut later, it cuts to over to Cairo, Egypt where we see the normal prior events going down. Eventually, after passing by a few tents, we run into one familiar face......

Derek Toomy (Aaron Eckheart)

Apparently, he found out about his plan to use the aurora bringing ruined and.....he, somehow, couldn't shake the feeling that Carrie was responsible. So with his plan foiled, he's completely lost the plot. If he can't go through with his progress, he decided that the ones who stopped him have repercussions to make up for.

And how does he do this? Well......after scouring through the sandy terrain of Cairo, he hides himself behind an enclosed space.

Derek: *sighs* I hope this works......

He then pulls down his sleeve as it shows......a portable wrist time gauntlet.

(See where I'm goin' with this)

He rotates the watch mechanism like a rotary phone and sets the time and year mainly ALL THE WAY BACK to 1985.

(Remember, Apocalypse's reawakening was in 1983, so.....we pretty much know what he's gonna do.)

At that point, there came a certain rumbling. The time of day changes, the scenery becomes less modern and the type of people there either vanish or reappear. Pretty soon, he was back in 1983

Derek: Holy--*looks at his time watch* worked......Ok. No time to waste.......Now, where are you?

Unaware he was in years before Derek looked around seeing himself trapped in the pyramid and was facinated

Man: Sir, where are we?

Derek: Never mind that. Let's do a quick serve and return to base HYDRA's gonna want a full report on this.

They did as Derek instructed as they were filling their parts Derek soon....stepped on a plat form opening a wall and beyond his sights he found.....the tomb of Apocalypse

Derek: My god....that's the chamber containing the tomb of Apocaylpse. He was supposed to be pure myth. No...trace was ever found on him since then.

Man: Since when?

Derek: Egypt. All of these....these hieroglyphics tell the story.

Man: Maybe they didn't want to go find him, sir.

Derek: Or maybe.....maybe they did. But no one lived to tell the tale.

At that point he looks over at the tomb covering his body and soon had another crazy idea.....

Derek: But all that's about to change.

He immediately scurried through his duffle bag and brought out a few equipment needed for.....special operations, if you will

Man: Sir?

Derek: I wish Andrew was here. But this will have to do.

Man: What exactly are we doing sir?

Derek stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned around and said.....

Derek: Starting the revival of the first mutant. Apocalypse.

We cut back to the present time at Xavier's school and guess what Carrie and Rachel were watching

Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun on tv (Simon Pegg): Now seriously uh....uh...Mary. I'm warning you I'm gonna have to get physical. I mean it. This is it! F**K OFF!

He pushed her and Mary fell on a pipe getting impaled

Carrie and Rachel giggled while lying on the bed

Rachel: Can you imagine what their first thought was?

Carrie: Oh god....I bet they thought they were gonna get charged for murder

Rachel: Till slowly Mary gets up.

Kurt: *Teleporting appearing* Guten tag.

Carrie: Kurt. scared us.

Kurt: Sorry. I'm taking everyone's lunch orders. What can I get you both?

Rachel: Grill cheese.

Kurt: You got it. *Writes it down*

Carrie: I'll have pasta.

Kurt: Way ahead of ya.

Carrie: Hey.....come here, you.

Carrie pulled him in for few kisses, not wanting to let go. But she had a bit of a reminder.

Carrie: Never forget to kiss your bride every morning, every afternoon and every evening. Don't forget, love.

Kurt: Oh, I never forget.

He kisses her again and teleports away to continue his job for the day.

Rachel was suddenly looked down again. then Carrie turned to her

Carrie: You ok?

Rachel: Yeah. I just....

Carrie: Oh Rach, I.....

Rachel: No. You and Kurt have every right to be happy. I miss Peter so much, yeah. But....I don't want to get in the way with your married life with Kurt.

Carrie: Yeah, but still....I hate seeing you like this. Even poor Remy....he....

Rachel: Yes, we both lost people we love to Mysterio. Life's a b-tch, I get that. but.....*Holds Carrie's hand*......I'm more happier when I'm with you.

Carrie smiled and hugged her sister

In the room just across from theirs, Rwmy Lebeau, also known as Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) sat in his room, facing opposite of his bed, still emotional for the loss of Rouge as he continues to flash back to Rouge screaming "REMY!"

Gambit: Rouge....

Rouge's voice: Remy....Remy....

As Gambit tried to get the voice out of his head, it cuts back to Derek in the past where he was almost ready to revive Apocalypse way ahead of the time he was supposed to be revived.

Derek: Ok.....set, set, set......Nick, stop touching the tomb

Man: Sorry.....

Derek: *sighs*........Ok, we should be ready......

He points to more of his men, signaling them to get ready for the revival process to take place.

Derek: Everyone, ready?

Man: Good to go.

Derek: On three......One......Two.......NOW!

At his command, the revival process begins.

Unfortunately, the process began t overreact on itself as it completely started crumbling the inside of the cavern and overpowered the tomb.....until everything just stops......

Derek: Ok, it stopped.

But then.....a hand pops out of the tomb.....and it shinned bright blinding and then.....

Apocalypse himself arises

Derek: In all my years....

He turned directly to Derek and his crew and held out his hand shinning on them then they.....all vanished

He then held some crystal ball where Derek and his men were trapped in

Derek: *High pitched voice* Hey! Where am I?! Get me out of here!

Apocalypse then stepped out of his tomb with stomping activity and.....

He PUNCHED a time portal open and went through it leading him to.....the present time

(X-men last stand reference)

We cut back to the mansion where Gambit walking out with a back pack and Logan (Hugh Jackman) passed by

Logan: Hey Remy we missed you in training.

Remy: What'd you care?

Logan: For starters I had to cover your ass.

Remy: No body asked you to.

Logan: No. The professor did. I was just passing through.

Logan: Hey. Ik how you feel.

Remy: Don't.

Logan: When Rouge died....

Remy: I said don't!

Logan: Maybe it's time for us to move on.

Remy: *Scoffs* I don't heal as fast as you Logan. Depending if you still can.

He walked out leaving Logan not knowing what to say

At a quarantine facility (The same one from the Carrie & Kurt 2 post credit scene) The Professor (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) proceed on a medical research on the "Chris Hargensen" infected 

Xavier: Erik. You said Chris's mutation lies in every blood she gave to emergency rooms. How is it that her dad holds the key to a cure?

Magneto: We know the males pass the mutant gene to their children. However in his DNA linked to his daughter's Mr. Hargensen's somehow imune to the mutation.

John Hargensen (Hart Bochner): You said it would only take a few days! You promised you let me out! What will my wife say?!

Magneto: Calm down, Mr. Hargensen.


Magneto: You must trust us. You will be released in short time IF you cooperate.

John: Son of a--Argh!

Xavier: Guess we know where exactly she gets her traits from.

Magneto: THAT. Is for certian.

John: That's NOT funny you know.

Xavier: We didn't say it was.

John: Hey....You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and listen to half-truths and allegations. I know I didn't do anything wrong. I want OUT!

At that point, Magneto had to forcefully push John and keep him in place.

Magneto: Just a few more precautions.

As that went on, Xavier strolled around, thinking to himself until he finally said.....

Xavier: What's the first course of action?

Magneto: Well, depending on whether old Red Eyes decides to calm himself, it's only fair if you inform the others. We all know what happened the previous time you kept secrets from them.

Xavier: I am well aware of that, Erik.....but there's also the issue with Mr. Smythe and his project in progress

Magneto: Charles, what's more important here?

Xavier: *sighs*.......I know where you're going with this, Erik. Believe me, I'm just as determined to tie up this loose end as well. But if Smythe proceeds on his projects, we WON'T even make it to find this cure.

Magneto: Your X-Men will likely take care of that.

That's when Xavier looked towards the the fifth cell

Xavier: You still hadn't told me who the fifth infected is.

Magneto sighed deeply looking up in worry

Then cuts to Carrie where she's being chased by Kurt outside she giggled as she ran as Kurt ran with his hands and legs

Also where Kitty was lying out getting a tan and Bobby and Negasonic were playing Frisbee but couldn't help but to catch glimpse at Carrie and Kurt

Negasonic: Do those two ever loose their breath?

Bobby: Nope.

Suddenly the X alarm went off as the cameras around the mansion revealed that the gate was being torn off by.....telekinesis??

Nobody knew what was happening, but Carrie could DEFINITELY feel a surging familiar presence from where she was.

Carrie:'s him, he's here!

Kurt: Schiza........

As the alarm kept ringing all around the mansion, all the X-men stood by together in the confrontation as a random shaded person literally came crashing through the roof and pushing all of the members back a few feet.

As they all got up and recovered it appeared that the ominous person was none other then....(wait for it).......

Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan)

Carrie: God damn it.

Bobby: Took the words out my mouth.

Logan: *presses his claws out* Something we can help you with, bub?

Andrew: Ugh......Yeah banana head. You don't get it, so you? Then again, I don think the rest of you do either, so I'll make it short and sweet: I've come to join the X-Men.

(What?? Am I the only one who heard that??)

They all stood there shocked. Even Carrie surprisingly could hold back her amazement of what she just heard.

Carrie: Wh-what?

Bobby: I know I'm not the only one who just heard that.

Storm (Halle Berry): That's cause you weren't.

Andrew: About a year ago......

There was a pause in his sentence.

Andrew: I was asked to make a decision that I didn't know, 'till now.....would benefit me for the better half. But.....every chance there was, every turn, every obstacle.....I let it drown me. Too fixed on my past, too suborn to move forward. I lost myself in the torture chamber in my own head.....

Rachel: But why NOW? Out of all the times to think this out, why NOW?

Kurt: die Geduld......(German for patience)

Rachel did as he said.......

Andrew: Toomy caught wind of you all stopping his aurora time machine or some s__t.

Logan: No surprise there.

Andrew: Drastic measures he's taken to get payback on all of you......but mostly you TWO.

He pointed to the two sisters as they looked at each other and then back to him.

Rachel: Where are you going with this?

Andrew: He told me.....before I reassessed all send you a simple message.

Jean (Famke Janssen): What's the message?

Andrew: No message. Only a simple word is needed......

Silence once again invaded the room and as Andrew's eyes went black, he just blurted out......

Andrew: APOCALYPSE.......

That very word shook Jean, Storm, Scott and even Kurt back. The name was all too familiar.

Carrie: Baby.....Kurt. Kurt, what's wrong?

Andrew: They know of him. How they beyond me.

Storm: E-ey-Egypt......

Logan: Storm?

Storm: Th-that's where it all started. The first time I saw Apocalypse.......I wish I hadn't seen him that day.

Carrie: Would somebody please tell me what the hell's going on?

Andrew: I'll fill you in. IF I can join the team.

Rachel: After everything you done? To us? To my sister? After stalking her? Trying to make her your mate, then later tried to kill her?! FORGET IT!

Storm: Hold up Rach, let's see what he has to say first.

We cut later in the professor's office but he wasn't there still but Andrew told them of Derek Toomy's plan to raise Apocalypse

Andrew: So since his aurora plan failed the guy was desprate enough to go back in time and dig this evil powerful mutant: Apocalypse out of his tomb. Something about it was giving me willies. And I got desprate enough to accept the Prof's offer on joining the X-men. Since some of you guys had dealings with this guy yourself.

Rachel: You sure this isn't another plan to get with my sister?

Storm: Rachel, please. And did Toomey alread awaken Apocalypse?

Andrew: How should I know? The guy just speeded up to Egypt like the road runner.

Carrie: And who is this Apocalypse guy?

Kurt: Someone half of us faced before. He's kind of a mummy but....he's the world's first mutant.

Carrie: The first?

Kurt: Yeah. And he did lived up to his name when we faced him. He almost brought destruction upon the earth. God knows how we stopped him.

Carrie: Tell me everything.

Jean: We took time to learn about him after our final confrontation. There was a lot about this guy we didn't know.....but we'll give you what we do know. Because.....he definitely lives up to his name.

It suddenly cuts to flashbacks as the others (Who faced Apocalypse before) explained their background story.....

....if you can call it that....

Scott: His real name was En Sabah Nur. The VERY first mutant at birth. He was very much under the assumption that only the strong can survive in a world of his image. He ruled over prehistoric Egypt for a while until his worshipers feared his hunger for more power.

Jean: So they basically betrayed him, buried him alive and kept him alive and kept him enclosed for all time.

Carrie: Like Julius Caesar.

Storm: Exactly. He somehow reawaken in 1983 and from what I'm guessing....he wasn't fond how humanity "lost their way" without him around. And that's when he came to me.....and then....and then....

Logan: And then there was Erik.

Once again that name struck Carrie like a laser cutter she still couldn't find the courage in her heart to actually move on from him but she pulled herself together....

Carrie: *Sarcastically*....Wow. What a surprise. What made him choose that?

Logan: He lost his family....although the bugger couldn't AND STILL CAN'T he still has a son. 

Rachel: Stop. Stop right there. First you have a daughter and now he has a son?

Logan:'s Peter.

Rachel: Wha....MY Peter?

Logan: No....Peter Maximoff.

Rachel sat back down like she was out of breath and the name "Maximoff" struck Carrie

Carrie: Maximoff?? As in Wanda Maximoff? Wait....would that make Wanda Magneto's...

Logan: Daughter? Yes.

Carrie: Ohh....I wonder how she'll swallow this story.

Kurt: You are all gonna tell her right? Cause when you kept Azazel from me....

Storm: We learned from our mistakes.

Jean: We'll tell her one day.

Carrie: Well'd you stop him before?

Jean: We all had to combine our powers to contain him. I had to use force from the phoenix to be strong enough.

Storm: As far as we know we obliterated him. Or something.

Logan: Yeah and....if this bastard is gonna come back at us with full force......we better pray we have enough time to find and destroy him.

(Another Mummy reference)

Scott: And we'll need all the help we can get. His powers are growing.

They all looked up to an eclipse on the sun

Kurt: And then there was darkness over the land....

At that point we cut back to Apocalypse as he manged to get out of Egypt and was now hovering above New York, on the hunt for one certian person He had tried to get him a long time before and was unsuccessful.

But this time he had already needed to complete what he failed to do before


He slowly levitates down to pavement and with each step he takes the ground brakes apart and everything starts cracking light posts and traffic lights were knocked down and when he raises his hands up....

Everything in his area.....turned to dust.....


The disturbance from well over a couple of miles away struck Xavier cold in his heart....for it was a feeling he didn't want to feel again

Xavier: He brings Apocalypse.....

He quicly turns his chair around to warn Erik but he wasn't there and big surprise.....the INFECTED WEREN'T THERE EITHER! 

Everyone except John Hargensen lying on the flour

Xavier: Lord have mercy..... 

He strolled to Hargensen on the flour

Xavier: John....John are you alright?

John: *Slowly gets up* Y-yeah. Something....hit me in the back of the head. I must've been out.

Xavier: The infected. Where are they? And where's Erik?

John: He gone after them. Idk where they are. Somewhere in this building.

Xavier: Then we need to lock it down. We can't let the infected get out.

John: I'm on it. Just tell me what I have to do.

We cut back to where all the X-men were all suited up and heading for the black bird

Jean: Logan maybe you should sit this one out. We still haven't figured out what's wrong with your healing.

Logan: That doesn't matter, Jean. If there's ass to be kicked I'm the one kicking it.

Scott still the stubborn one are you?

Logan: Let's not start another civil war. You died the second time. Carrie went back in time to change the past you just came back. Hate for you to die the third time.

Carrie came out in her uniform and ponytailed who was feeling a little woozy

Kurt: You ok, babe?

Carrie: Ja. it's just....I'm just a little cramped. I'll be fine.

Kurt: Hmm....

(You can say the effects were beginning to take place)

Soon as the Black Bird took off, Rachel just stare at Andrew with a very DEEP frown.

Kitty (Ellen Page): U ok?

Rachel: *Whispers* I don't trust him.

Kitty: Hey, I'm woozy about this myself. But we can't go off during a crisis.

Rachel: Ik. I just.....after all the damege he caused....

Kitty: We'll sort it out if anything goes wrong.

Rachel: I just wish Peter was here.

Xavier on radio: Xavier to black bird. Come in black bird.

Bobby: Holy--

Carrie: Professor?!

Logan: Patch him through.

Jean did as he said and eventually patches him through the speakers up front.

Logan: Charles.

Xavier: have sat this one out.

Jean: Funny. I just said that.

Logan: Ain't happening. Been here since the beginning, so I ain't going out like this. Whatcha need?

Xavier: All encompassing madness.

Jean: What do you mean?

Xavier: Very little time to explain. But first, I only need half of you here the rest of you to the city. I need you to split up.

Logan: Spl--what for?

Xavier: There's Allister Smythe and there's this.....Logan, take a few people with you and head down to Oscorp. But bring Carrie and the rest here.

Logan: *Sighs* Got that covered.

He cuts off the transmission.

Carrie: What was that about?

Logan: Says we need to split up.....for the time being. Cause someone needs to check in on Smythe about his project WMD or whatever.

Andrew: Allistair Smythe?

Logan: You know him, bub?

Andrew: Recently.

Logan: In that case, you're tagging along with me.

Pretty soon the Black Bird makes a U-turn and stopped at the quarantine area. Carrie, Kurt, Rachel, Bobby, Gambit and Kitty stepped out while Logan, Storm, Scott, Jean and Andrew stayed on board and took off.

Carrie sighs heavily as she watches them go, but then flashing images came flying past her head and she once again got a little woozy again and defensive 'till Kurt eventually snapped her out of it

Kurt: Carrie?

Carrie: Huh?

Kurt: Sie Sind in Ordnung, miene Liebe?  (Are you alright my love?)

Carrie: Yeah....Let's....let's just go see what the professor needs.....

They all go inside with one behind the other.

As soon as they went inside they scoured around until they found Xavier, facing away from some of the empty cells

Kitty: Professor?

Xavier: *Turns around* Glad you made it.

Gambit: Business before pleasure, Charles.

Xavier: Indeed....indeed....but business has already picked up.

Carrie: What do you mean?

Xavier just sighed silently as each calm mild breath he took shook Carrie with more and more anxiety.

Xavier: Come here....please...

She turned over to the others and nodding to Rachel and walked up to Xavier

(Too bad she's not gonna like what he's about to say)

Xavier: *Sighs* Carrie. This may be hard for you to hear......but......Erik has been infilrating HYDRA to find this quarantine, containing a DNA carrying a mutant gene. Along with the same personallity.

Carrie: What'd you getting at, Professor?

Xavier: Before she died......her given blood by her father was sent to many blood banks. Ones that were given that blood had been infected with her mutation. Causing them to develop her personality.....and her powers.

Carrie got half the hint and didn't like where it was going

Carrie: No....No, Professor, no. Tell me you're not talking about....

Xavier: I'm afraid I am.

Carrie made a soft sob holding her mouth till Kurt held her

Kurt: We already heard enough of her Professor.

Xavier: It's not really her, Kurt. The people that were exposed to her DNA are developing her personallities. They're all becoming her.

Carrie: Why does she always leave a loose end for me to freakin......

Rachel: Sis, calm down. These are sick people resembling her. It's not really it?

Xavier: It could be. Erik said there are currently five infected. Four are here and loose somewhere loose in this building. And we've been.....

Rachel: Four?! Where's the fifth?

Carrie was taking time to process she backed up from the group but once she turned over.....

Out of all people; her arch rival Chris (Portia Doubleday) startled the hell out of her, pointing a guy straight to the cranium of her forehead, while making that sick sadistic evil smile.

Chris: Miss me?


The screen blacks out......for well over a minute.

Yet It takes a few seconds for the screen to cut back into focus and it shows a blurry image waving its hand around in front of Carrie's face.

Chris: Wakey wakey, Carrie.....

Carrie groaned softly as she found herself in a dark gloomy void surrounded by cumulonimbus clouds and standing in thin air.

Carrie: What's happening to me?

Chris: Hmm......I wonder......OHHHHHH right. Of've lost another chip off the block. As if bathing in my Billy's blood like a f**kin' cannibal wasn't on the do-list, you had to, you just HAD to stick your goddamn nose in my business every f**kin' day of the week. Especially when you took y prom night away from me.

Carrie: That was MY night, Glamazon. And you should've known better then to get in my way.

Chris: I wasn't going to run another god damn inch because you got your period and was too STUPID to know what it was, ok? There wouldn't even BE a prom without me.

Carrie: Girl, I should've bounced your head off that car hood when I had the chance.


Chris: Great. Now, the threats. Who taught you how to spell? Who taught you how to be Center of attention? Who thought you how to love in any way? What kind of last place, s__t-face, plague of the depths dropout even teach you how to fight?!

Carrie: I. Am not. Scared. Of you.......Understand? You've laid waste to everything I've ever even communicated with and I'm far FED up with all of it. These nightmares, all these dreams, paranoia, messages......and YOU can all go and kiss my ass cause.....

She was about to punch her, but stopped.

She just stopped. She couldn't move, she couldn't turn. Carrie was literally frozen in place.

Chris: Oooops.

(You asshole, Chris)

Carrie: You son of a---LET ME GO!

Chris: Tough sh-t, Bloody Mary. I've waited too damn long for this moment. Besides.....

She then holds her hands out and all of a sudden, her hands started pulsing with electricity. With her powers back and Carrie absolutely defenseless for the first time since 2013, Chris suddenly had the upper advantage.

Chris:.....It's time for the encore.

Unable to use her powers to free herself, Carrie simply had to take the punishment as Chris charged up and bolted straight through Carrie, sending Carrie clear across the void she was in.

Tears slowly came down as Carrie found herself in the same position she was in all those years ago. With her powers depleted from being frozen in place, there was no way to defend herself from what seemed to be the Devils favorite demon closing in on her.

Chris: *chuckles*.....This little piggy had no life......

She pierces her.

Carrie: ARGH!!! Chris:....And this piggy chose not to run.....

She does it again.

Carrie: NO!!!

It just goes on from there......until Kurt appears in front of Carrie in REAL TIME to get her to--

Kurt: Carrieta! Snap out of it!

Luckily, it wore off.....for now.

Carrie: What? Huh?

She looked back behind her to see only him and Rachel staring at her, cause they knew SOMETHING just happened. She then looks down at her realize she, in fact, had NOT been stabbed.

Rachel: Carrie. Who were you talking to?

Carrie: What?? How--You don't see her.

Kurt: See who?

He just looks around hopelessly as when Carrie turned her head around again, she sees Chris walking past him and Rachel, and methodically circling around her. The best thing she could do at the moment was just to act NATURAL.

Carrie: I--You're right.....*stares at her*......I guess I must be dreaming.

Chris: Don't think you you can like play this forever, Ms. Piggy. They're gonna FIGURE YOU OUT.....eventually.

Carrie: Wh-where--

Kurt: They went after the infected. Rachel and I stood here with you after you fainted.

Carrie: *Sighs* Then there's no time to sit here. We have to help them. Cause later we have to go after Smythe and that Apcolypse guy.

Chris: You can't keep fighting forever, you b__ch. Cause soon, you won't have any room in that ugly body of yours......but I'll make it pretty after I take over.....and then.....*snickers*.....Then I'll destroy everything you've ever loved. I'll make them think you're rude, hateful, violent, everything they thought you weren't. Make them think you're not as sweet as they think. And then I'll kill them all. One. By. One.

Carrie: SHUT UP!!!

The utter tone in her voice directed at Chris caused Kurt and Rachel to jump up and back in shock. They weren't expecting that massive outburst.

Carrie: Oh guys......I'm sorry....I...I'm sorry....

Kurt: Hey......*Hugs her*......I know you must be sick. But I'll take care of you after we're done.

Chris: UGH! What the F__K does this elf boy see in a blob such as yourself? I-I don't know. I'll never know. But guess what? As soon as I'm the one behind the reins, as soon as I go chu-chu up in this b__ch, I'll make you break up with him......for no reason! Hahahahaha!

As Chris just laughed on (sinisterly, may I remind you), Carrie just clutched her fists up tightly before turning towards Chris......and SPITTING in her face.

Chris: Ugh!

Carrie: Chu-chu on that.

She then turns away to move forward and proceed with the mission.

We cut back to the black bird as it hovered above Oscorp and landed and Logan came out having a cigar fallowed by Storm Scott Andrew and Jean

Logan: Alright. Everybody remember the plan?

Jean: Before we do anything rash, I think it's best if we get some confirmation about his scheme. You know....actually find out what he's up to before we crash the party.

Andrew: I'm on it.

Scott: Oh no ya don't.

Logan: Scott, he's known longer than rest of us. At this point, he's all we have. 

Andrew: Trust me, there's not much to this. I won't even have to try.

The others once again looked at each other as we cut to Alistair inside another quarantine zone of Oscorp (like in the game) going over his production of nanobots until he gets buzzed by the intercom above.

Itercom: Mr. Smythe sir? Smythe: Yes?

Intercom: You have a visitor downstairs. He's anxious to see you sir.

Smythe: Wasn't expecting visitors today.....but what the hell? Wouldn't hurt. Patch 'em through. It eventually cuts to Andrew walking and pacing rather impatiently Alistair down to that very level to only confront him

Pretty soon.....a smile crosses his face

Andrew: Smythe. I been waiting for this day to come

Andrew: Same.

(We'll get back to them later)

As the two shake hands, we cut back to the quarantine place as we see Bobby, Gambit and Kitty progressing further into the place, trying to track the the escaped infected.

Yet, Kitty couldn't help but to think of something.

Kitty: It--it can't be her.....can it?

Bobby: What? Carrie, one of THEM?

Kitty: I mean.....think about it. You've seen the way she's been acting lately?

Gambit: You're saying that's not normal.

Kitty: I'm saying something's up with her. I know this for a fact.

Xavier: We can't worry about that now. We need to focus on the infected.

Bobby: *sighs* Right. Right.

As they went off their own separate path, Carrie, Rach and Kurt stumbled towards a backstage type of setroom where some of Smythes men (for some reason) were guarding the female infected.

And.....boy was she somethin' else......

Man: Come on, lady. Move it!

Unfortunately, that's when the infected lady pulled out a Smith and Wesson 40 caliber handgun out of her back pocket and starting waving it around like it was a piece of decoration at a bachelor party.

Infected Woman: Nuh uh uh uh! I don't think think so. I'M taking control of this operation. Cause I'm getting the front row seats! Ha-ha! And when Magnie (she means Magneto) sees what you've all tried to do to poor ol' me.....he's gonna knock out you.....then you.....well, m-maybe not you. But definitely yo--

At that point, she "accidentally" pulls the trigger, fatally shooting one of Smythes men in the chest as she watched him fall off the ramp.

Infected Woman: Oops. One less piggy to worry about. *Laughs*

(Jeez, she's already sounding like her)

From down below, Carrie and the other three saw just how heavily guarded SHE was as well as the rest of the room.

Carrie: Damn it. It's Smythes men.

Rachel: How could he know of this place?

Kurt: Doesn't matter. We're totally exposed down here. Grab on.

The girls held on to him as they teleported above to plan out their tactics. As for Xavier and the other three, they came across ANOTHER setroom, and that's where one of the male infected suddenly popped up on the screen above, catching all of their attention.

Infected man: Sorry, Profs. I was planning a duet for just the two of us. So there's no room for you three little piggies!

The professor sighed heavily before looking back and nodding at the three as they went around the backside. Xavier, ever the perseverant type, proceeded by typing the code on the pad lock and getting into that room.

(He could have picked it up by reading the male infected's mind from his side)

As for Magneto, he came to confront the second male infected who turned out to be a professional wrestler.

And not just any professional wrestler.

This....was the BIG SHOW.

Big Show (Infected): Well well well. Looks like it's just you and me, Magnet boy. What's wrong, lost for words?


Big Show: Ahh...silent type, huh? Shame that I gotta KNOCK YOUR ASS OUT!

So, all three confrontations of the Chris infected began

In one room....

Carrie: I'm not liking this.

Rachel: Neither am I.

Kurt: Same here. But we need to make short use of this. So I'll go low.

Carrie: Perfect.

Kurt: Wish me luck.

Nightcrawler eventually teleported down to the bottom level in which Smythe's men scouring the area

Guard: Any sign of them?

Guard # 2: Not yet. Still no signal on 'em.

Guard: No prob. Just keep your eyes pee--

Before he could finish Kurt choked him from behind with his tail and knocke him unconscious, before teleporting again and move on to the next one 

Meanwhile up above the two sisters flew over to different vantage points and came up with an idea

They both tinkered with some doors on the other flours and opened them up slowly

Rachel: After you.

Carrie smiled lightly as her eyes go black slowly and then drags guards into some of those rooms and then barges them shut 

She also had to for their mouths shut that way they won't make much noise

As it cuts back to Gambit Kitty Bobby and Xavier.....

Xavier strolled over to the first male infected where he placed bombs all over the room

Xavier: *Taps on his ear* He's wearing a bomb vest. Stay out of sight while disabling them.

Gambit: Got it.

Male infected: Come on, don't be shy. There's room up here for two. No really I insist. Let's make beauty.

Xavier closed his eyes and his powered thoughts allowed him to.....


Chris: How bout that. You're not one of the me wanna be's and you can still see me with your mind games. How intresting.

Xavier: You just never learn do you?

Chris: LEARN?!?!?! I'm not the ones that need to f**king learn! And it's your whinny neverland pupils that need to learn that Carrie White is NOTHING!!! But you never do. Why does everyone take her side?!?!?! Why should ANYONE in the world take her side?!?!?!

Xavier: I can't not deny anyone who has a gift....

Chris: GIFT?!?!?! The only thing she's a gift to is a wonderland of hell! That's all! No question about it! And....I'm gonna sing you a little tribute about it.

So Xavier just.....sat back tightly in his wheelchair as Chris....sang about Carrie and.....ugh......God, she was terrible. Not just cause of the lyrics, but also it''s the way she's singing. Xavier even had to try and turn away because it was so damn cringeworthy.

Just as that was happening, Gambit Ice-man and Kitty spread around out of sight and disable each bomb that they could find before looking over the infected man.....and getting taken aback by his horrendous singing.

Bobby: God.....he's terrible.

Gambit: That couldn't be any clearer.

Kitty: Well, it's water under the bridge now. Now we just gotta.....sees him....whoop his behind.

Gambit: Taken care of.

Remy immediately floats up a deck of cards and tosses them straight at the infected male which knocks Xavier out of his thoughts and puts a stop to that Godawful singing.

As soon as he got back up, Kitty pulls him through the floor and then pushes him back up as he got caught in Bobbys grasp.

Infected Male: No encore?

Bobby: Hell no.

He knocks him out and then freezes him completely.

Bobby: THAT was the worst thing I've ever heard.

Xavier: Agreed.

Kitty: You think?!

Meanwhile, with only ONE of the infected caught (since Carrie, Kurt and Rachel didn't finish yet), it cuts back to Oscorp where Andrew and Alistair were finishing their talk.

Andrew:'re positive that this is what's gonna work?

Smythe: After the events with Spider-Man and those God forsaken mutants, it's safe to say that it will. If anything about that's confusing, let me know.

Andrew: No. there's no need. I think we're good, Alistair. Although.....there's something I needed to bring up.

Smythe: I'm listening.

Unaware Andrew was wearing a wire and Logan and his group were listening in on the conversation through the black bird's radio

Andrew: I suggest a deal. Derek Toomy's Apocalypse project is about to come underway. I'd like half of your chemical projects under my personal control. In return...I can give you....the weapon X.

Scott: He's talking about you.

Logan: *Whispers* Shut up.

Smythe: And what use do I have for weapon X?

Andrew: He is the most indestructible weapon. HYDRA claims he has an offspring.

Smythe: Offspring?

Logan: Laura....

Andrew: More like a clone. Just into a little girl.

Logan: What the hell is he.....?

Storm: Logan, calm down. He wouldn't be letting us listen if he was really gonna give Laure to Smythe.

Logan: *Sighs* I know.....

Smythe: Very.....very interesting.....I think it's safe for me to think this over before I come to a final decision.

Andrew: Have no problem with that.

As the conversation finally finished up, Logan once again caught a scent from his nose. Only problem is that the scent wasn't familiar in any kind of way. It was almost oblivious.

Storm: Logan?

Logan: Something's wrong.

He quickly turned around and looks out onto the open sky and sees a whirlpool appear as it slowly starts to suck the buildings and everything else within its center of radius.

Logan: Holy--

Storm: He's coming......

Jean: Orono?

Storm: Get Andrew. And take Smythe while you're at it too.

Logan: The hell are you doing?

She stands on the edge of the building and just says.......

Storm: What is right.

She eventually levitates off Oscorp and then crash lands onto the pavement as she walked past crowds of screaming hysterical people......seemingly impervious to the massive wormhole in the sky that's sucking everything up.

And then.....she saw HIM.


Apocalypse hovered hovered above the city and slowly moved his hands up as four pyramids rose from each center of one city in the world

First New York

Then Los Angeles


and then....


Andrew came out in time to see the events going on

Andrew: I'm taking this might be....

Logan: The beginning. The beginning of the end.

Jean: Not yet it's not. Come on we have to regroup with the others.

We cut back to the back stage room where the last of Smythe's men was looking around till....he found himself being lifted up from the flour

Man: What the...

Carrie: NOW KURT!!!

He teleported above kicking knocking the big guy to the ground out cold

Rachel: That's the last one. Now let's get Susie Home Maker and get out of here.

Carrie: Ja.

Kurt: *Chuckles*

Rachel: No offence but stick to english guys. I can't understand german.

Kurt and Carrie (Both): Sorry.

They made their way to the door till.....

Infected female: *Bursts out* Magey's mine blue boy!

She jumped on Kurt slapping him (Lol) till Carrie pushed her back with force hitting her head and out cold

Kurt: *Gets up holding his face* Ahh.....Schiza....I think she clawed of my face. Be honest how's it look.

Rachel: Like you're too slow.

Carrie: Rach.

Rachel: What? It was a joke.

Kurt: Let's get her back to the cells.

Chris: Better hurry, Bloody Mary. Your none deserved friends might be dead by now.

Carrie tried to ignore her as much as she POSSIBLY can....even though she was getting edgy.....Kurt picked up the female infected and head on their way

At that point, as soon as they got out of the certain section they were in, they ended up running into Kitty, Bobby, Gambit and Xavier who were coming out of the other section.

Xavier: Good work.

Rachel: No biggie. Considering the fact that this girl almost put up no challenge whatsoever, I think we had it easy.

Gambit: At least you weren't with Mr Taio Cruz (lol.....making fun of the infected makes voice) in the room with us. My head was about to incinerate.

Kitty: Completely horrendous.

Carrie: No matter now. That's two down. Two to go.

At that point, the infected Big Show gets thrown out of the next section and got smashed square at the wall, startling the others.

Bobby: Holy--

Gambit: Is-is that the Big Show?

Pretty soon, they all turn around to face.......

Magneto: Aargh.......make that one left.

Xavier: Erik.

Carrie: YOU AGAIN?!?!

Chris: some trust issues, don't ya?

Magneto: Yes, yes, Carrie. I get it, I know it seems I'm the always the bad guy here. But believe me......every now and then, we have the same enemies.

Carrie was about to make a smart remark to that statement, but out of nowhere, all the infected individuals were blasted with electricity, causing a systematic shut down in their systems and officially frying and killing them as the infected Big Show and the other two dropped dead.

Gambit: The hell?

Magneto: My god.....

Carrie: *looks behind her* Chris?

Chris: Wrong person.

Xavier: Nobody move!

All was silent for a second, until Xavier spoke out again.

Xavier: You killed them......didn't you?

The camera revolves to behind Xavier as it shows John Hargensen with his hands up as it shows them pulsing up and fading. It seems that despite what all had claimed, he, in fact, was NOT immune to his OWN daughters mutation, as it showed in his eyes. Something about that made Chris smirk.......a LOT.

John: Charles, Charles, Charles. Is it just me.....or are you completely blind from the truth that's been stuck under you nose for the past few years? You'd really like to believe that there's a little bit of good in everyone, even in the ones who are born monsters.

Chris: I agree.

Carrie: *whispering* Shut. Up.

Xavier: Monsters aren't born. They're simply created by other monsters.

John: Well, regardless of what YOU think, I can somehow.....see things that my daughter once saw. And you should know that THAT.....*points at Carrie*.....abomination who took her life, does not deserve any type of happiness.

Chris: I can always count on you, Daddy.

(Oh for god's sake......shoot me....)

John: Now....since I just purified the gene pool.....if you know I'm saying......allow me to finish what my daughter started.

At that point, his hands started to charge up as the others backed up, prepared to defend themselves, including Magneto.

Chris: Yes.....yes. Kill her. Kill her, Daddy. KILL HER, DADDY! KILL HER!!

Just when it looked like John was about to make a move, Carrie stepped forward, intended to make a move herself, but Kurt immediately stepped in between the two.

Kurt: You stay away from her.

Chris: UGH! Why won't you ever stop defending her?!?!

Carrie: Why can't you take a hint?

At that same instance, John blasted at Kurt, only to see he teleported away. But then he reappeared and started to get some offense in as he kicked John a few times and had him on edge with his tail. But just as his guard was down, John attacked and shocked him as Kurt hit the wall

Carrie: NO!!

Chris: Yes.....Get 'em. GET 'EM, DADDY!!!

Knowing they had to make a move, Magneto attempted to lift John up, but John had already struck him with his lighting and pushed him back to the wall as well. Then Bobby sent a Icewave towards John, only to get met with a electric wave of his own. Facing a sudden urge of danger, Gambit jumped in and added to Bobbys wave, but not that was enough.

Even as Kitty went through the floor to hold John in place, the same with Rachel, he had unleashed a shockwave, pushing all three of them back. And when he turned his attention towards Carrie, with her head facing down.

Carrie: Damn it.

John: Goodbye....Mary. It's been....educational.

Carrie slowly twitched her neck over as she looked back up and faced him as John noticed something that Chris noticed as well: Her eyes too turned into Chris's electric blue eyes and it had John stunned.

John: Now that's.....unexpected. You''re gonna be....spectacular.

At that moment, John charged his hands again, looking prepared to strike again. But then, he impaled and FRIED himself as he shuts his own body down and then drops dead, much to Chris' dismay.

(Talk about lunatic suicide)

Chris: Dad!! Not again, dammit!! We-we could have ruled this world together!!! Why can't anyone put YOU....*To Carrie*......out of your misery?!

That same moment, Magneto and the others got up and tries recovering until they saw he sight they hoped they wouldn't. But they saw it.

Carrie: Guys.....*turns towards them* ok?

That's when they caught it: the small yet visually clear glimpse of Carrie's eyes gone electric blue. It was an instant moment of panic for all of them as they circled around Carrie and observed.

Gambit: Y-Your eyes.....

Rachel: Oh god, Carrie.....

Kurt: M-Meing L

Kitty: I knew it.....You're the last Chris, Carrie......

She couldn't help but to glimpse back to the main room back in the front.....which pretty much meant one other thing.

Kitty:.....which means.....that last cell is for you.

Carrie: *sighs* need my help against Smythe and that....thing out there. You have to let me do this. Then when it's all said and can lock me away.

Both (Kurt, Rachel): No!

Bobby: What if you fail?!

Kitty: He's right. If she takes over long before it's over, then you'd be too dangerous for any of us to stop you. We wit be able to contain you.

Xavier: It's a risk that we just have to take at this point. We need Carrie's help on this. I will resist the transfusion for the time being. Help her resist. Everyone, I'm aware of the risks. But we need Carrie's help.

At that moment, he felt Erik's hand grasp over his shoulder as he then looked up to his best friend.

Magneto: Charles.....if he wasn't really immune to Chris's blood and DNA....then know what that means:.....

Gambit: There is no cure.

Xavier: We mustn't lose faith. Just stay close to me and we'll keep Chris at bay in the mean time. We'll find that cure......*turns towards Carrie*.......Carrieta. Just trust in me.

Everyone was expecting some sort of response out of Carrie, since she was the one "destined" to become the one person that she absolutely hates to be. Not one word came out of her mouth.

But that's when she looked across the room at the empty cell and takes a deep look inside as she tries to fathom in her thoughts

But then......

Chris: Carrie, Carrie, just CAN'T help yourself can you?

Carrie: What's it to you?

Chris: Surprised you haven't figured it out yet. These assholes are just wasting their time giving you these stupid objectives that are IMPOSSIBLE to win. You've already stared into the abyss and examined every horror I've done. And's looks like you LOVE it. Which is perfect, because like yours truly, I can never get enough of breaking the rules because I LOVE f**king sh** up. And I'm just getting started. Hehehehe....

Carrie: So says Daddy's little girl.

Chris: UGH! How dare you?! Is it not obvious? You BECAME me, and I destroy everything you hold dear.

Carrie: In your dreams, you b**ch.

(Alright, I think the effects are really starting)

She then grabs Chris by her hair and then throws her into one of the cells and locks her in

Chris: Hey!

Carrie: Little faster next time.

But as soon as Carrie turns her side....

Carrie: Whoa!

Chris: Guess you're gonna have to work harder than that.

She quickly turns around and see's that she inadvertently put Gambit in that cell.

Gambit: What are you, on your hangover?!

Carrie: NO.....sorry......*Lets him out*.....I don't know what's happening to me......

Kurt: Trust me, I think we know.

Carrie: Not now, Kurt......We should probably get the hell outta here NOW. Before she takes over.

Chris: Which I will.

Xavier: You will NOT.

Everyone looked towards the Professor

Carrie: You can see her?

Xavier taps on his head.

Carrie: Ohh....

Chris: Oh blah blah blah. Talk all you want, baldy. Cause you can't stop the inevitable. I've got all the time in the world......unlike all of you.

Carrie clutched her fists tightly, apparently about to snap for REAL 'till the entry doors and in came running Logan and the others

Xavier: Logan.

Logan: We got a problem.

It wasn't long till Apocalypse's pyramids were on every station

Female reporter: We're live just moments ago in the center of Jacksonville a large pyramid has rose from the ground. Latest entails say three more have taken place in other cities around the world. The president of the united states is delaring a state of emergency. He's asking each city with a pyramid be immediately evacuted. 

Little Carrie age 6 was watching this just when she woke up on the coutch

(Godzilla 2014 reference)

Sue (Gaberiella Wilde): Carrie I told you to turn that off. It's bed time. Come on. Carrie, did you hear me? Off. Bed. Let's go.

Little Carrie: Mommy, look. Mummy houses.

(Lol I fugure that's what kids call pyramids)

Sue looked at the tv and was a bit horrorfied

Sue: Oh my god....

She sat down besides Little Carrie as they witness the pyramid getting larger on T.V and then it cuts back to Apocalypse once again walking calmly in the middle of the road, looking at his work until cops and S.W.A.T came up and immediately fired at him.

But (no surprise), the bullets disintegrated as soon as they last through him. So he really wasn't getting hurt.

Apocalypse: Humans......

He then held his hand out as dust swirled around them and when he closes his hand, the dust goes through their necks and dismembers them as he keeps progressing forward......with Xavier's house in his sights.

Apocalypse: You can't hide, Charles......this world will fall......

The X-Men caught the news footage from the quarantine zone and already......they were worried.

Logan: Son of a b__ch.

Xavier: Apocalypse.

Carrie: Umm....I'll....uh.....charge up the Black Bird, ok? I-I won't be long.

Kurt: Careful.

Rachel: I'll go with you.

One cut later, the two siblings went up to the jet to "charge up" the Black Bird, and the first thing that Carrie sees as soon as she enters through the hatch from the back was Chris, sitting in the pilots seat......imitating airplane sounds and crashes.

It got annoying REALLY fast. She was even able to hear her sighing as she ushered......

Chris: You know.....I always wanted to drive this thing. But I see that YOU ride it undeservedly.

Carrie: Never bothered to get behind the wheel.

Chris: Pity. Billy would've LOVED to fly this thing ALL the time. Just imagine where we'd take this baby to.

Carrie: Good luck trying that s__t out at about 4 in the afternoon.

Chris: Try 7 at night.

Carrie: Well, that's during Access Hollywood.

Chris: That's on at 4 AND 7, Mary.

Carrie: UGH!

Rachel: Carrie.

The sudden vibe of hearing somebody other than Chris' voice stunned her for a second, but it was a relief.

Rachel: Her again?

Carrie: Yeah. Just won't shut the hell out. Now I know how Shia Labeof feels.

Rachel: Yeah, well......well, tell her to stick it up her nose.

Chris: And tell her I can hear that.

Carrie: She heard you.

Rachel: Good. Now where is she?

Carrie: Standing by me.

Chris smirked

(Hate when she does that)

Back at the mansion, Apocalypse stomped towards it the alarm went off in there Colossus, Angel (We hadn't seen him since the first X-C X-Men: Carrie) Negasonic, Laura (Yep) Kayla and other mutant students stood postion to defend their home.

Colossus (Stefan Kapiac): Unpleasant arrival.

Negasonic: Pity. There's always someone trying to stick one up our asses.

Laura: Then we will be fine.

Kayla: Laura.

Laura: Nothing to worry about.

Kayla just looked at her in fazes about what's next to come and as the poundings get louder with each step.....

Apocalypse steps through the mansion and grows absolutely massive (like near the end of Apocalypse) and almost all of the others were completely petrified. 

Negasonic: Holy....

Angel: Not you, again.

Apocalypse: Angel.

He immediately sways Angel out of the mansion as Angel barely catches his fall, but damages his wings in the process.

As soon as that happened, Negasonic and Colossus desperately tried to get Apocalypse off his feet, but despite their efforts, he smothers Colossus with his foot. But then he picks him up with his mind (he has telekinesis too) and then he slowly deforms the metal all around him, watching him squirm with each deformation until Apocalypse eventually CRUSHES HIM completely.


Pretty soon, he was nothing but an worthless junk of metal squished like a soda can.

Negasonic: NO!

She takes a running start and punches him as much as she could, but when she goes low, Apocalypse catches her and also kicks her out the mansion.

Laura: Monster!

Kayla: Laura!

At that point, Laura leaps onto Apocalypses head and just hacks the absolute hell out of him until he managed to absorb all the Electrical systems on the Manson and yell fiercely as the voltage fries Laura completely.

She eventually lost her balance and fell hard on the top floor. Apocalypse looks up at her as Laura gets into fighting position once again, but just when Apocalypse is about to strike again.....

.....Pyslocke (Olivia Munn) goes straight through him and lands safely next to Laura as he tries to recover.


Confused, Laura did nothing as Psylocke stood by her menacingly as she suddenly.....puts her energy blades away......and then sticks her hand out.

It didn't take long for Laura to take it as Psylocke then leaps over said railing and touches down back to the bottom floor to give her to Kayla.

Kayla: Wh-why are you--

Psylocke: Thank me later. Now stay outta sight.

Kayla carried Laura off and when Pyslocke turned back to Apocalypse but he was gone.....

He actually levitated down to the lower levels and broke open the door to surebro with his telekinesis and approached the machine 

Cutting back to the Black Bird Xavier closed his eyes and gasped

Xavier: We've got to get back to the mansion.

Carrie: What??

Xavier: Apocalypse is there.....Pete's dead.

Half of them gasped and Logan was pissed

Logan: That asshole's gonna get it now.

They fired up the jet flying back to the mansion

Apocalypse putted on the helmet and activated surebro

Xavier could seance it

Xavier: What now?

Xavier: He's going to use kill us all.

Carrie: No.....

Chris: Well....there's a bright side. If I don't take over your body least I get to watch you slowly die.

(Will you shut up?!)

Logan: Dammit! We'll never make it in time!

Magneto: There is one way. Kurt? There any chance you can teleport us to the mansion?

Kurt: Ja, but....I have to see where I'm going.

Magneto: Take your faith with you.

Kurt sighed and looked at Carrie then Magneto

Kurt: Alright....

Xavier: Erik. I hope you're not planning what I think you're planing what I think you're planning. It would be reckless and irresponsible.

Magneto: There's no other way, Charles. You have to trust me.

Xavier: Erik don't.....

Magneto: Goodbye, Charles. NOW, KURT!!!!

They teleported back to the mansion

Xavier: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Carrie: Kurt....

Just when Apocalypse activated the power Magneto and Kurt ended up behind him

Magneto then pushed Kurt out with his magnetic energy and sealed the doors

Kurt: Ugh! No!

Magneto: It's over, Apocalypse. 

He turned around towards Erik with a blank expression plastered in his face as he stood eye to eye with his former adversary from all those years ago. But before he could even make a move, Erik briefly crushed the surburo and sent it crashing everywhere.

Magneto: You're too late.

Apocalypse: Hmph.......

Magneto: Looks like you have to do us in separately now. Gives us enough time to send you under again.

Apocalypse: But not YOU......

Apocalypse's eyes dilated to blank as he levitated Magneto up in the air and attempted to trap him in his own realm in his head. Since his powers were a lot more advanced, he was able to get past Magnetos helmet as Erik screamed in agony. But in a last desperate attempt, he held his arms out, desperately trying to invade and attack Apocalypse with every bit of debris and metal, but they kept getting blocked.

Their forces combined, trying to get one over the other resulted in some kinetic feedback and velocity that it resulted in an energy explosion, that pushed Apocalypse back slightly......yet it WIPED Magneto off the face of the earth and into OBLIVION.

Only his clothes and his helmet remained.

Apocalypse: *sighs* I pity you, Erik.

Kurt teleported in and saw Magneto's cloths and helmet on the flour

Kurt: No....

Apocalypse: Kurt Wagner.....give Xavier a message from me. Tell him....the end has begun.

And then he VANISHED in thin air

Kurt: Schiza.....

He continues to look at his helmet until he thought of something horrible: what if the others suffered the same fate?

Fearing the worst, he teleports up to the main hall and his fears are confounded. While Laura, Kayla, Angel and Negasonic were ok, they were injured severely and Colossus was completely crushed.

And it didn't take long for Kurt to notice Negasonic shaken over it.

Kurt: Negasonic?

Negasonic: That.....was my friend.

Kurt: I know......but we'll get him.

Negasonic: That's what they all say.

Psylocke: He meant it.

At that point, he looks up and sees a familiar face.

Kurt: Psylocke?

Psylocke: Kurt Wagner.

Kurt: Why are you hear? Last time I saw you, you kept trying to kill me.

Psylocke: Didn't know any better.

Kurt: Why--you.....aargh......There's someone you need to see......

A cut later, they both teleport to the Black Bird as everyone turned to them.

Storm: Psylocke?

Psylocke: Hello, Orono.

Storm: What're you--

Psylocke: Long story.

Logan: Hey is she the one who.....

Scott: Yep.

Logan: Damn.

Xavier: Psyocke, I know there's still much we need to discuss but first.....we have a bigger crises. Where's Erik?

Kurt: Er zwei (He's dead.)

Everyone froze for a moment even Xavier who took most of the shock

Kurt: He did what he had to do to stop Apocalypse from using surebro. He was obliterated.

Xavier just sat there in silence as Storm held on to his shoulder

Carrie never really liked Magneto but seeing the way the Professor was taking his death she couldn't help but to feel bad all the years Xavier had been good to Carrie after unhappy life in Chamberlain she just couldn't help but to feel broken for her mutant mintore since he lost his friend Carrie went up to him and gave her beloved teacher a tight hug

Carrie: I'm so sorry.

Xavier nodded and patted her back but.....we cut later at the mansion when the sun rose

They all looked around to see how half of it was wrecked it was....

Logan: *Sighs* Look at this place. It's trashed up....again!

Storm: Calm down, Logan.

Kayla: Logan?

He looked over and saw Kayla walking out of one of the remaining bedrooms

He ran to her and embraced Kayla in a hug

Logan: You ok?

Kayla: I am now.

Logan: Where's Laura....?

Kayla: She's ok. She's asleep. She's got some bruises and cuts but....I think she'll heal as fast as you soon.

Logan: Or as I use to.

In the surebro room, Xavier picked up Erik's helmet staring at it in he suddenly turned his wheelchair around and rolled away.

Storm: *Sighs* It'll take a year or two to fix this. More or less, HIM.

Jean: Not if we make some adjustments.

Psycloke: Not a problem.

Carrie: Psycloke, huh?

Psycloke: Hmm? *Turns over* Yeah, why?

Carrie: We never met. I'm Carrie White Wagner. Kurt's wife.

Psycloke: Ohh.....I heard about you.

Carrie: Who hasn't? Look, you may not know me, I may not know you, but I was TOLD a LOT of things about you. I heard most of them from Kurt. Normally, I forgive and forget easily and hardly in-between. But....YOU......if you try and do anything to Kurt again, head it from me: I'll make your heart explode.


Hearing that from her didn't really give Psycloke room to argue, but more or less, room tim gen concerned. At that point, she just nodded and turned around 

Carrie, unfortunately, noticed that the way she said that......wasn't completely like her.

Carrie: Wha--what did I just say?

Chris: EXACTLY what I wanted you to say.

The voice boomed in on her and she immediately turned behind her to see nothing.

Rachel: Carrie?

Carrie: It's her again.

Rachel: Son of a--where is she?

Chris: It'd be easier if you can see me.

At that point, Carrie grabs her with her powers and drags her by the throat.

Carrie: Come here, you.....

Fed up once again with Chris invading her thoughts and head, Carrie had to drag Chris up to the main hall. Unfortunately in Rachel's eyes, even though she knew what was happening, she just saw her sister dragging an invisible imaginary being upstairs.


Eventually, Carrie brings up (the invisible) Chris upstairs and throws her up against the broken stairs. Luckily, nobody was there to witness that psychotic episode.

But Chris immediately shocks Carrie and sends her flying back

Chris: *sizzles* Quite the stinger, aren't I?

Carrie: Shut the f__k up, Chris. Just let me live my life.

Chris: Ain't nothing bout you that's worth livin'. Besides, I ain't the one who just made a ongoing threat.

Carrie: *growls*

Aggravated, she pushed her by force as she plunged through each wall, making it look like the walls broke by themselves. Carrie went through each one of them rather quickly, only to notice...... injured Kurt

Carrie: *Gasps* No....

She ran to him lifted him up to her chest beginning to sob

Carrie: Kurt, no.....what've I done?

Chris: Bad timing to pick a fight, Ms. Period. I mean....fighting your imagination is likely to get someone caught in the crossfire. By the way......hitting your precious freaky demonic boyfriend there was a LOT more satisfying than seeing you humiliated.

Carrie growled again with her eyes turning black

Chris: Uh uh uh, Little Laura is in the next room behind me. You go all wrath of God on me from where I'm standing, then she gets it like Kurtey here. Then your buddy Logan might pierce you in the chest like he did me.....and to Billy in the past.

(Whoa, she remembered both times, She must've picked it up from Carrie's head)

Carrie panted heavily and backed down as Chris chuckled.

Later in the medic room, Kurt was still out with a low pulse, but luckily, he was still in active.

Xavier: He's lucky he doesn't have broken ribs. Important thing is he'll make it through the day.

Carrie was feeling more guilty of her actions, as everything seemed completely useless to her now. She tried her best not to cry as she leaned onto Rachel's shoulder, resulting in a hug between the two and as for Chris......she was just.....(ugh).....laughing about it

Carrie: What did I do?

Rachel: It wasn't really you. SHE did this to you.

Carrie: I lost it, Rachel. I just snapped and didn't think of anyone in the background now...... *Cries and runs*

Rachel: Carrie! *Turns to Xavier* Profs, seriously, we got to get that b**ch out of her head!

Xavier: It's heavily stacked against us. We need more time

Rachel: How much longer? Besides we still got Apocalypse. Or how bout Smythe, huh? Cause every second that.....

Andrew: Smythe is no longer an issue.

The two turned to see Andrew behind them; holding up an actual sample of another one of his latest projects: nanobot cocktail  

Xavier: Well done Andrew congratulations, Andrew.

Rachel: Wait what is that?

Andrew: if the chemical weapons wasn't enough, Smythe apparently let desperation sink into him. This thing....could spell the end of mutants or cross species. 

Xavier: This sample you're holding is more dangerous than the actual cure.

Rachel: What?

Andrew: Let's just say.....anyone who gets injected with it too'll loose more than your lunch. It's like having diazinon in your bloodstream cause you'f be in excruciating pain as every bone in your body becomes completely brittle and unmovable. It's just like a mechanical virus. Not only would the nanobots completely render your mutant DNA but you'd pretty much burn to death from the inside out. 

Rachel: Son of a....b__ch. I hate when that happens.

Both Xavier and Rachel looked at each other in worry as..... (Ms. Pawn of oppressor) HAD to stick her nose in the conversation

Chris: Ooooooh...... *Chuckles*.........

She exits the room and just looks around at the chaos Apocalypse caused in the mansion....

Chris: Holy taleteo! Somebody here had a good time.

But that wasn't enough she managed to attract information from Xavier's head and transfer them to her brain but she had to spend a minute writing in pain cause stealing informantion from the worlds strongest brain takes a toll on you

But eventually she gets all she wants to know and gets the information on not only Smythe but Apocalypse

(Uh oh)

However outside Carrie was crying her eyes out still in guilt she could have killed the one she loved in the process Logan came out seeing her and walked right up to her

Logan: You alright?

Carrie said nothing just as Logan faced down and said:

Logan: I'm sorry about Kurt. He'll make it through.

Carrie: It's my fault Logan.

Logan: Hey, you just lost control. Beating yourself up like this is pointless.

Chris: But entertaining.

Carrie clutched her fists again....but sighed softly letting it go

Carrie: Loga, when I first came here.....I didn't think I'd fit in, like I never fitted in before.

Logan: Yeah the Professor told me years ago.... Carrie: But Kurt was......was the real reason I accepted who I really am. Your support and the Professor's guidance made me believe in myself for the first time in my life.

Chris: Blah blah blah.

Carrie: And fighting the bad guys with you all just helped me make amends for my sins. And....when you guys sent me through time to change the gave us back the friends who mom....Tommy....Scott...Mr. McCoy....even though my mom hardly talks to me cause I still chose to live's just been so wonderful having all this around me. Making a difference even when the odds were against us again and again.

(Carrie your speech is about to make me cry.....)

Chris: Ugh! I think I'm gonna throw up. Nobody cares about your touchy feelings....

Logan: I feel the same way.


Logan: I mean before you came I too didn't had it in me about this place. I was always bailing to find out about my forgotten past. When Jean died during the cure thing I bailed cause I couldn't deal. It's how I met Yukio and Markkio in Tokyo. But when Kayla came back....though both Azazel and Sinister were using were using her to turn the X-men against each other I felt less than I was now.

Carrie: And now you're dying?

Logan: What makes you think I'm dying?

Carrie: Ik what the adamantium is doing to you, Logan. You haven't healed in a long while

Logan: *Sighs* Look....

Just before he could speak they heard the back door open and who came out was.....

Sue: *Holding little Carrie's hand* Carr?

Carrie: *Gasps* Sue!

They hugged giggling as Chris was just in an emotion of disbelief

Carrie: What'd you doing here?

Sue: I was worried about you. I saw the news and....I had to make sure you were ok.

Carrie: We've had....a hell of a week Sue.

Chris: Well, well, well. The b**ch traiter returns. And who is that brat?

Little Carrie: Hi Carrie.

Carrie: Hi Carrie.

Upon hearing that Sue's daughter was named after the one person Chris hates the most, Chris LITERALLY threw up for real, but again nobody else except Carrie saw it.....and she couldn't help but to snicker softly.

Sue: What's so funny?

Carrie: I---I'll tell you later.

Chris: Wh--how--TWO OF THEM?!

Carrie: Ugh....Ummm....I'll....Sue, why don't you take her inside I'll be there in a minute. I have to.... *Cracks neck and looks back at Chris*.....make some amends. 

Sue: What do you mean?

Carrie: I'll be fine. Go inside and show her around. 

Sue nodded slowly as she took her daughter inside and waved back at Carrie

Chris: Traitor.

Carrie elbows Chris in the face she falls with a bloody nose

Carrie: might need to come with me.

Logan: What the hell for? What exactly have you planned?

Carrie: I'll tell you on the way.

Chris: And I'll be right there, when I f**k you over.

Carrie: Try me.

It then cuts back to the outside where Apocalypse actually reappeared at the quarantine area the others were at mere hours ago as he observed the dead infected.

Apocalypse: So.....gifted......yet very......outspoken......stubborn.......

At that point, a certain revolving sound stirs behind him as he slowly turns around and sees two rare familiar opponents of the X-Men......

Ginniyeh (Kelly Hu) and Minion (Kane).

(Yep, they've been absent since X-C 3 and I've been waiting to bring them back here)

As they both breathed heavily, they HAVE to look around.

Minion: What. Is this place?

Ginniyeh: I'm--I'm unsure.

Well, they WERE unsure about both where they are and what to do......until they caught a glimpse of Apocalypse staring at the cells with the dead infected. And as soon as he turned around, they backed up in astonishment......for they too recognized him from the legends.

(I'm pretty sure Azazel told them about him)

Apocalypse: Warriors of Neypham......

Ginniyeh: Apocalypse. The first mutant.

Minion: Great Apocalypse.

Bewildered by his presence, the two gods uncharacteristically go down to their knees and they.......bow before him?

Apocalypse: Arise, my friends. Our day of reckoning has arrived. The time has come for mutation to take its rightful place as the worlds rulers.

Minion: What of Jillian and Ydrazil?

Ginniyeh: And our leader, Azazel?

Apocalypse: We can surely awaken your leader in due time. IF we can claim his ashes. Your other friends are awaiting us outside. Now come.

The two demon warriors fallowed Apocalypse out of the qauratine where Jillian (Kat Dennings) and Ydrazil (James Maersters) Awaited

All four of the four warriors of Neypham causally walked out with Apocalypse not far behind them when Ydrazil sensed.....a presence

(Uh oh)

Ydrezil: We've been tracked

Minion: Impossible. It's just a coincidence. No one knows we're here again.

They all grab hold of Apocalypse as he took a major glimpse further into town as his eyes became filled with a matrix-like code.

Eventually his eyes cleared up and he and the other four saw Carrie and Logan on the black bird flying towards.....Oscorp (Why there?).....even Chris inside Carrie's head

(Guess demons and gods can see everything)

Apocalypse: Enemies.

Minion: The Wolverine.....he's brought a familiar nuisance to accompany him to his destination. Let's crash the party.

Jillian: Indeed.

Ydrazil: *To Apocalypse* And what of you?

Apocalypse: I must......acquire the great Charles Xavier.....for he holds the essence for this worlds demise.

Inside Oscorp Logan and Carrie sneaked back into the main lab where no one was around

Logan: The hell we doing here?

Carrie: Smythe might hold something that can create a cure for myself and you.

Logan: Me?

Carrie: Just to fix your healing.

Logan: Well that'll be something. But....let's hurry up ok? I got a feeling we won't be the only ones in here for long.

Carrie checked every chemical plant every cabinet till....she found something rather interesting

Carrie: Hey....I know these things.

Logan: What?

Carrie: This is that Assex stuff. It's suppose to sustian a mutation. Even a broken one. It could help you heal again.

Logan: How'd you know that?

Carrie: Rach said that some old science guy that helps Scott Lang around had some reading on it. Let's see if it'll help.

Carrie then a second later dozed him he yelled in pain pressing out his claws but.....

His healing factor finally kicked took effect since before Carrie and Kurt's wedding

Logan: I'll be damned.

Carrie: *Chuckles* It worked!

Chris: For now.

Suddenly there was a loud crash on the wall they looked over and saw Minion walking through the steam from the crash

Carrie: Minion?!?!

Logan: No goddamn way.

Minion: It's pay back time X-runts.

Logan: Carrie get out of here now!

Carrie: Logan....

Minion grabbed Logan and chokeslamed (Kane Tribute) him through a table smashing it in half then he turned to Carrie

Carrie: Stay the hell away from me you freak.

Minion: Afraid that's not what I had in mind. Sending people to hell is just what I do for a living.

At that point, he forms a huge ball of fire and then seconds later unleashes a wilde fire tsunami that sucked Carrie in would think it burnt her right?


She was actually doing her best to push the fire off of her as much as she could, but the Force combined with Minions abilities on its on was too much to withstand.

Carrie: Come on, come on.....

Chris: Let. It. Go.......

And then for some asinine reason, the effects started taking hold again as Carries eyes went from *black* to *Electric blue* and lets herself get absorbed by the flames.

Minion: Good riddance.....

But then all of a sudden, electricity starts spiking around him as every single electrical unit, output or system started to form around Carrie and then......

A ball of electric fire shoots out like a bullet from a rail gun and strikes Minion severely. As he backs up to recover, Carrie emerges completely unscathed. In fact, she actually absorbed both the the fire and Chris' electricity and now.....


.....lets just say she's more than what she was before.

Minion: Impossible......

Carrie (Chris' voice): Schools in session, b__ch.

(Yep....if she hasn't taken over, she's about.....halfway through)

She immediately threw out a electric crusher ball towards Minion, which he avoids easily, as he teleports away and then comes back. But the electrics crusher ball endangers up coming back around and it hits him square in the back, resulting in him flying back and hitting through wall after wall after wall until he finally caught himself.

Upon seeing Carrie glow up with electricity, it became apparent that this wasn't gonna be such a good idea.

Carrie (Chris' voice): Good......F__king God! I-This is legendary status, here. I may hate you, Carrie White, but I'm sure as hell better off in you body then mine. This is amazing! I'M AMAZING!

That's when Ginniyeh and Ydrazi came in through the hole Minion made and the Carrie-Chris saw them and smirked

Carrie (Chris's voice): Bet you wished you joined my side now and not that demon user now ?

Ydrazi: What??

Sinc the future was changed and they didn't die in this you could say they didn't know what she was talking about then the Carrie-Chris zapped them too

Logan soon woke up after that chokeslam and saw the chaos she was causing

Logan: Holy sh**! *Runs up to her* Carrie, kid, snap out of it!

Logan had to slap her to snap her out of her trance

(Oh man....reminds me when Desjardin did it too in the shower scene)

Carrie gasped softly and opened her eyes and they were normal

Carrie: L-Logan??

Logan: I'm sorry kid.

Carrie looked around and saw the destruction she did and gasped

Chris: Hahahaha! Works better when I'm behind the wheal, eh, piggy?

Carrie: *Looks at Logan* Wh-what am I?

Logan: Hey, screw it for now. Let's get out of here before those hell hounds (Lol) get back on their feet.

He helped her up and they made it out of the building

Later Smythe came into the lab and saw it was destroyed the demons were gone and he later took a look at the security fee from the cameras in the lab and saw.....Carrie-Chris's destruction on footage

Smythe: Hmm....

He then went into the quarantine zone in the building (like the one from the Amazing Spider-man game) and opened up a suitcase to reveal.....

Smythe: Better late than never I guess....

More nanobot cocktail samples

Smythe: Andrew.....I think, I might just have to deny that offer.....

(Oh christ)

It then cuts back to one of Apocalypse's pyramids in New York as Minion and the other demons reappeared beside him

Minion: So what are we doing here?

Apocalypse: Thes pyramids are the beginning of the dawn of the mutants. Many centuries ago I tried to create a world of mutants loyal followers TURNED on me and buried me alive! Well now.....after three thousand years.....I will fianlly finish what I started.

Jillian: He's sure in command like Azazel.

Minion: You did say you'd help us get our leader back.

Apocalypse: That I did. But you all must do one thing for me first. Bring me Xavier, and I will find your leader's ashes.

Ginnyeh: Hey, Kurt is with Xavier. We can try and recruit him too.

Minion: Why bother? What's that brat ever done for us? He turned our backs from us for those X-runts.

Ginneyeh: He's still Azazel's eir. All our people matter more than anything now. We are the last of our kind.

Jillian: Idk Ginneyeh, Minion may be right. Wagner never done hell for us. He may be Azazel's offspring, but he turned on him too.

Ydrazil: Ladies, ladies. Let's just accomplish Apocalypse's little favor first. When we have Azazel's ashes and revive him, he'll tell us what to do then.

The two demonic ladies just look at each other and finally smirked

Ginniyeh: If it's worth it in the will be worth it.

Jillian: Right.

Apocalypse: But first....hmm.....upgrades.....

He held his hand out as he trapped all four gods in a extremely powerful force as they struggled to stand up. But then they noticed that all of their armor and abilities, no less, were getting upgraded and eventually reprogrammed even from before.

In other words, Apocalypse had made them more powerful.

As all four of them recover and dawn over what "miracle" Apocalypse performed on them, it cuts back to outside the mansion in which Logan and Carrie had just got back.

And Chris wasn't once again, yapping her gums.

Chris: It'll grow on ya, very soon. Just a few more of those whisks of energy and you're all.....MINE.

Carrie: I really wish you had a mute button.

Logan: WHO are you talking to?

Psylocke: Carrie.

She and Logan looked up as Psylocke came from outside the mansion......her eyes very.....worried.

Carrie: What is it?

Psylocke: There could be a problem.

It cuts to the roof as Andrew was trying to comfort Rachel.....and she was NOT at 100%. As Carrie and Logan went up there, they could clearly see the kind of pain she was in.

Carrie: Rachel! *to Andrew* What did you to her?!

Andrew: It wasn't me, I swear. But the effects of the cocktail are taking place.

Carrie: WHAT cocktail?!

Chris: Oops......'Looks like sissy's caught doom syndrome. *snickers*

Carrie ran to her and held her head up

Carrie: Rach, Rachel look at me.

Rachel looked up to her looking pale and was in an emotional state

Carrie: My god....Logan help me!

Logan: Alright....calm down. I got her.

Andrew: Let me--

Carrie: You done enough.

They helped her up and were about to carry her down stairs to the medic till....Andrew blocked their path

Andrew: Am I part of this team or not?

Carrie: Get out of....

Andrew: Answer the damn question! Am I in or am I still a monster to you? It's not a trick question.

Chris: Yeah, not a trick question. But go on ahead. Endanger more of your precious X-Whinners.

Carrie just sighed heavily and frustrated, as she already had ENOUGH on her plate. At this point, she could care less whether or not she accepted Andrews option......she just wanted this to be done.

Carrie: Logan.......get Rachel to the medical room. I have to talk to Andrew for a minute.

Logan: Sure.

He carried her down from the roof almost with no problem as the two stared eye to eye at one another.

Carrie: You know.....the only one who can answer your question is the Professor. He is our leader.

Andrew: Come on, the guy takes in anybody. You know that. I'm pretty positive that you were no different.

Carrie: Well, I'M positive that I really wanna knock your f__king lights out! (They're taking over AGAIN.) Do you really think it's easy for me to be around you after everything you did to me?! You stalked me, endangered my friends, almost killed my husband on a train. Hell, you even tried to kill me with a tree branch! And now, after all you've destroyed and all the damage you caused to not only the people but to me and my family, you show up here, saying you want to be an X-Man? How do you expect me to cope with that after all you put me through?

Chris: God, I wish he'd kill you.

Andrew: I'm not expecting you to, ok? Carrie....I get it. I was an asshole. To you. To your elf lover. And to your buddies here, but.....

Carrie: Stop the festivities, ok? I know why you want to do this. I can read your damn thoughts, remember?

Andrew: Hello, so can I.

Carrie: Doesn't matter. You only came here, so you can get close to me. As your "mate". Just forget about it. I'm fateful to my family and my Nightcrawler. So, HOW am I supposed to be OK with this?

An immediate look of sincerity crossed over Andrews face.

Andrew: one's really been there for me.....if you HAVEN'T already cracked the damn code. Apart from Xavier and you....everyone kept passing by, turning a blind eye. There was a time you wanted to help me and I know I spat in your face but.....being alone with no one to help us or care about us in this world is what you and me got in common. I mean, not just our powers, but.....parents being assholes......bullies coming at you for no reason......being misunderstood.

Chris: MY reason: she deserved it.

Carrie: Yeah, well.......I never really hated this world for what it was. I just lost myself that day, ok?

Andrew: We're still different, that's ok. But I only hated this world cause I thought it hated me. I know what that's like, don't you?

Carrie: *Sighs* ......yes, I do. Alright, alright, I'll give you one chance. But don't do anything stupid, you hear me?

Andrew just nodded in silence as Carrie abruptly bumped into his shoulder, still feeling pent up aggression from the past few as she leaped down from the roof to get back into the mansion. Andrew finally broke his stance and sat down on the edge, wondering how much wrong he had down and not knowing what to say anymore.

That was until.....

Someone came up from behind.

Kitty: She'll come around eventually.

Andrew: Huh?

He turns to see Kitty behind him, just staring at him, hands on her hips.

Kitty: She normally isn't like that, you know. I'm positive she'll come around.

Andrew: I wouldn't be sure.

Kitty: Listen......*sits down beside him*......With all the s__t going on out there, the X-Men, I suppose, could use extra help.

Andrew: Please, it's HARDLY extra when you can't trust anyone. I never had that ONCE in my life. Not even from my own family.

Kitty: Trust isn't given, it has to be earned, Andrew. Just like respect, you gotta give it to get it.

Andrew: How, am I to give anything....if I got nothing to offer?

Kitty: Everyone's got something to offer......

At that point, in a really bizarre move, she copied up next to him and that's when.....she touched his hand which......made Andrew sort of....petrified in silence

Kitty gave him a silent nod and then leaned on his shoulder as Andrew continued to look out towards the stars.


On the inside, however, it was a different story.

As we cut over to Carrie walking into the medical room, we see Rachel on one of the medic tables, looking like she's having a freaking panic attack. Even with Jean and Scott helping, it was clear that whatever the chemical was, it was making her aggressive, both mentally and physically.

Scott: Damn it, she won't hold still.

Carrie: What do you mean? She alright?

Jean: I-I--I don't know. I can't get her to relax; I'm trying to give her a shot, and it's not--

Carrie: Let me speak to her.

Scott: That might not wise.

Carrie: I'll take my chances.

Sometimes, people hate you because of the way other people LOVE you.......

Despite their concerns, Carrie slowly and silently props herself next to her sister as she tries her best to comfort her, despite the unusual situation that Rachel was in. There was a point where the two made brief eye contact for a moment, and for a second, the squirming stopped.

Carrie: Sis.

Rachel: Carr--you--I--can't......

Carrie: Can't what?

Rachel: Get--that b__ch--out. Of. Your. HEEEAAAAAAAD!

Once again, the effects of what she was suffering from started to take over yet again, as she repeatedly squirmed her shook around, making a mess out of the heartbeat monitors as well as the other equipment around them.

Scott: Son of a--

Jean: Rachel, come on. Stay with us. Stay--

Rachel, at that point, suddenly pushed Jean away as she caught herself from crashing. But she then hopped off the table and knocked Scott aside and as she was about to strike Carrie, she hesitates.......

Carrie: Don't.


Her scream suddenly shook up the entire household, which pretty much alerted everyone there, including Kurt who JUST woke up in his room.

Kurt: Carrieta.....

That same instance, Rachel just levitates through the collapsed roof, while the sheer weight of her abilities kept shaking the whole place until she disappeared into the sky, barely visible to anyone.

Carrie grunted as she steadied herself

Carrie: Rach.....

Chris: Uh oh.....looks like it's happening again, Bloody Carrie. Rach ol' girl snapping all wagons like she did after her little prank......guess Smythey's chemicals really pack a punch.

That sudden statement hit Carrie straight through her heart; as she was hoping she didn't mean what she THOUGHT she meant by that.

Carrie: Smythe?? The hell you talking about?

Chris: Guess you didn't get the memo, huh? Well......lets just say I managed to get ahold of whatever it is you dumbasses are dealing with now, and that's when......I saw Smythes cocktail. And then it came to me.......I took it and then stuffed it deep inside her while not a soul was watching. Oh and just a BTW, that major concoction that YOURS TRULY injected will eat away at her horsepower within a few more precious minutes and depending on the host, if lucky, she'll more then likely choke on her own merit as well. Good ol' fashioned 100% PAYBACK. You steal from me, I steal from you.

Carries eyes bulged wide open as they go from black to electric blue again and then she grabs her forcefully, before slamming her up to the top floor

Carrie: Listen to me, you little s__t. This mind is MINE and you ain't gonna steal nothing away from me anymore. I've been fat fed up with your baby mama drama fanatics and it's all about to hit rock bottom right NOW. As soon as I stop her.....and I stop Apocalypse......(that's right) just stand back and cool your load off while you can......because soon, I'm going to kick your ass.

She backs up once again as her eyes dilate back to normal, realizing just HOW MUCH CLOSER Chris actually was to taking over her mind, and possibly her body. As for Chris herself......

She just had to stand back in amazement and laugh in excitement.

Chris: *cackles*'re JUST like me now......I'm......proud....of you......

Carrie: You won't think so, in a few minutes.

Chris: Ehh eh ehhh, I don't think so. Last I heard, the effects on your sis last about......I HOUR or then some before it completely lays waste to 'em. got a lot of catching up to do.

Carrie once again tosses her aside and quickly zooms out of the broken building like Superman on steriods as the others hear zooming and see her take off

Logan: Carrie!

Storm: Where's she going?!

Xavier: I persume to take care of her sister.....and then deal with Apocalypse willingly.

Logan: She can't be serious.

Kurt: Ja, it's suiscide.

They all turn to see Kurt recovered from his injuries from a few days ago and he cracks his neck

Kurt: She is my wife. And that filth of schiza Chris is tearing her from the inside out from the inside! She's the only family I have now (Parding from his mother Raven of course) and family is to the end

He immeditely teleported out of there as the others eyeball each other and eventually nod over to......Andrew

We cut later with Rachel running like the roadrunner.....sort need of a hip replacement in the center of New York to see if she can find Oscorp or the pyramid

But Carrie soon crash lands behind her calling out to her

Carrie: RACHEL!!

Rachel suddenly turned around to see her and since the nanobot effect didn't take it's toll yet she immeditaly tackles Carrie and then bruises her face in the concrete next to the pyramid

But that's when a sudden pulse jacks in and Chris takes over Carrie's body.....AGAIN!

(Jesus....they're next to the pyarmid. BAD timing)   

Carrie-Chris: Oh Rachel, REALLY shouldn't have done that.

She tackled Rachel down just when the Neyaphem warriors walk in to see the action

Minion: It's her again!

Jillian: Finally some fun.

They approached just when Rachel was left unconscious

Carrie-Chris: Back for more, hotheads?

Minion: You just got lucky last time. But this time there's no escape.

We cut to where Andrew managed to catch up to Kurt and both teleported in the pyramid

Andrew: Ok, elf. Where the hell are we?

Kurt: One of Apocalypse's pyramids. I fallowed Carrie's trail here and her condition must be getting worse. We got to get her and Rachel back home safe. None of us are ready to face Apocalypse yet.

Andrew: Whatever. Let's just get the girls and get the hell out of here.

They heard comotion and teleported up just to see Apocalypse levitating towards the fight outside

Kurt gasped flash backing to the last time they came face to face with Apocalypse 

He snapped out of his thoughts then attacked him but got strucked down Apocalypse didn't turn around till....a second later he saw Kurt on the flour

Apocalypse: Nightcrawler

He gasped softly then he tried to kick him but Apocalypse grabbed him and threw him aside he teleported leaving Andrew to face Apocalypse himself 

However the demons kept attacking as Chris controlling Carrie still kept blasting them to keep them at bay till.....

Kurt appears and the demons stopped dead in their tracks and they saw him

Minion: Kurt Wagner.

Kurt: *Looks up to him* Minion??

He attacked but Kurt teleported by Carrie-Chris's me....

Carrie-Chris: Oh....did you come all this way just to save me, blue boy? Well I'm no damsel in distress anymore.

Kurt: Maybe not you.....Hargensen.

Carrie-Chris: What??

Kurt: Your eyes gave it away. Let mein Geliebte go! NOW!

Carrie-Chris: What?? Mein Geliebte??

(LOL!!! I guess Chris never studied german. No surprise but you got to admit it was pretty funny)

Ginneyeh: Kurt.

He looked over and gasped for he remembered them too

Kurt: Jillian. Ginnyeh. Ydrazil.

Ydrazil: So you do remember us. Hehehehehe......

Kurt: You---you abominations don't belong in this world.

Minion: You're the one who doesn't belong.

Jillian: Our leader....YOUR father.....that you betrayed and could you do such a despicable act?

Kurt: Someone as cold hearted as him....IS NOT MY FATHER!

Carrie-Chris: Ahh.....I see.......

He turned around as the asshole controlling Carrie stood up and pushed him back forcefully.

Carrie-Chris: The blue furry collar boy has a bit of a soft spot, huh? You turn on your flesh and blood for someone who doesn't even deserve to render its existence. *chuckles* No wonder why you've had this....this bulls__t change of heart. Like I said before.......Nobody gives a s__t about Carrie White. And everybody here knows it......

It seemed like Kurt was completely surrounded with nowhere to go.....that is, until.......

Rachel: Not.....everyone......

The five of them, including Kurt turn around to see the barely functional Rachel standing on her own two feet and they were all surprised.

Carrie-Chris: HOW?!

Rachel: You'd think I'd let you inject me on purpose?

Apocalypse: You have no say in the matter. Once Xavier is mine, this world will be forced to undertake our rule.

At that point, Andrew made a move and tried grabbing a hold of him while trying to drag him into the pyramid, but Apocalypse pushes him forward with ease and as Andrew fades RIGHT THROUGH HIM, Andrew eventually crash-lands next to Rachel as she unwillingly helps him up.

Rachel: Get up, you.

Andrew: Easy.

Kurt: Guys......

Jillian: Just the three of you, hmmm? Pity. We expected more of a sudden challenge to the death.

Andrew: I don't mind death-battles. And I hope you've chewed on your last squabble of victory you have here.

Apocalypse: Victory......? What "victory" do you hope to achieve from this? Haven't you heard the phrase, "The enemy.....of my my friend?"

Upon having heard that, Rachel and Andrew just look over at Kurt and smirk as they said.....

Rachel: We ain't got no friends.....

Both (Rachel, Andrew): We got family.

At that point, all four Neypham warriors were pushed back and shocked tremendously as ALL the rest of the X-Men appeared next to them as they stood their ground.











And Xavier......

Kurt:'re all here.

Andrew: I'll be damned.

Carrie-Chris: UGH!!!

Logan: Kurt?

Kurt: On it?

At Logan's request, Kurt had to go ahead and deal with the Carrie-Chris while Rachel, Andrew and the rest of the X-Men stared down Apocalypse and the four warriors.

Kurt jumped on Carrie-Chris and teleported as the rest stood together, ready to hold their own against Apocalypse and the Neyaphem warriors

Apocalypse: It. Has. Begun.

His eyes dilated to completely blank and just like that, the pyramids from around the world blasted from their locations, all the way up to the realms of space and formed some type of energy circle around the world.

(I think this is the second phase to the end of the world)

It apparently made worldwide coverage once again, as it showed up all over the TV again and everyone else back at the mansion saw it and looked on in worry

Sue: Carrie....

Laura: Daddy.....

In Jacksonville......

Ralph (Nick Notle): Girls. God....protect my daughters.

At the circus.......

Lidda (Jamie Chung): Kurt....

In Chamberlain......

George and Erika managed to catch the news too and looked at each other and held hands, praying for the best.

We then rapidly cut back to the quarantine building as Kurt teleported in with Carrie-Chris and carried her all he way to the main room, stepping over the dead bodies of the infected

Despite his worries, he had to strain Carrie up to a stroller, in hopes that he can find SOMETHING that will help the one he loves so dearly.

Kurt: Oh baby....I'll get that hag out of you, one way or another.

He was determined. But he was completely unaware that inside of Carrie's head, as we transverse through her eyes and into her thoughts........we see darkness.

Utter darkness, pitch black.......

That's the case, until it clears up and we see a few of the brotherhood mutant, discussing.....something.

(I know half of them are dead, but keep in mind; it's just in her head)

Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber): I see.......we finally got the X-men's little pet.

Azazel (Jason Flemnyg): This maniac killed all of my warriors. We should finish her now! She's too dangerous to let out of our grasp.

Magneto: Patience, Azazel.......she knows her time is near.

Sabertooth: Well, how much longer do we have to wait?

Well......turns out they didn't have to wait long at all, as when the camera rotated to reveal.....Chris......on the stroller chair......she was yawning as she appeared to be just waking up for some reason.

As soon as she saw them all, she laid back even further and gloated.

Chris: Ho-ho, well......Hey, boys. Erik, Victor, Azazel. Whew......I can say, it's about TIME I found ya.

Juggernaut: You? Found us? WE caught YOU.

Chris: ALL part of the plan, guys. Hey, Marko, you might want to duck.

Suddenly a heavy armored tank came crashing in and CRUSHED poor Juggernaunt like bugs the three ran and Magneto's men came running with guns Chris made a run for the tank and....

BLEW the whole place to a frenzy

A moment later Chris popped out laughing and kissed her tank (Yuck!)

Chris: Finally...I have more power than ALL! HAHAHAHA! Hey, boys? 🎶Boys🎶? Where'd you go?!

She looked see nothing.

Chris: Guys, come on. I only want to talk.....about shocking you guys.

She kicked open a door where Sabretooth was hiding behind a pack of money

Victor: Wait, please! It's me! Don't do this....think of all we been through together.

Without hesitation, she blasted through him clean, killing him instantly

Chris: I never could stand f__cking Creed.

She then came across Azazel with a hostage as his tail literally wrapped around her neck.

Azazel: Come here! One wrong move and she....

To his surprise, Chris ended up killing her making her head explode.


Azazel: What?? Y-you...I can't believe you--

She then blasts him back, which ALSO kills him instantly.

Chris: A hostage, Azazel? Really?! What is this? F__king 1976?

(Tribute to the old Carrie)

After wondering around more, she kicked open another door where she saw Erik was in front of the exit, TRYING to block her way out.

Magneto: I can't let you leave. Not after what you just done.

Chris: Hehehe...oh Erik boy, this is what happens when you don't take things seriously.

He tries to push her back, but Chris spikes him multiple times with just her EYES which pierces him to the door, killing HIM too. She sighed effectively just as she was about to walk out till......she felt a tug on her leg by......

Xavier: Please....don't....

Chris: Shh.....

She pretty much shushed him to.....sleep.....or something?

Chris: It'll all be over soon.

Chris kicked open the exit door just to reveal the entire city of New York on fire......once again, ashes, smoke and dust crowed the city as a blanket of fire engulfed everything in sight......and boy, was Chris loving it.

Chris: Ahh....New York. MY kind of town now.

Suddenly, a cell phone in her pocket vibrated and soon after she took it out.....she realized it was Carrie's.....all the more reason why she answered.

Ralph: Sweetheart, please....don't do this. After all the good you done with the X-men.....Carrie....Carrieta.......

Chris: Oh Ralphy, Ralphy, Ralphy....your little Carrieta is dead. D.E.A.D. But, don't worry. All is not lost......your NEW daughter is coming home......VERY SOON.

The camera zooms in at her eyes.......but unfortunately, just as it looked like she was bout to have her fun, the fires deemed out and then the lights cut out.......

But then we cut back to the X-Men holding off the four warriors, with very little effort achieved.

As Scott tried blasting at Ginneyeh, she immediately bounced and reflected the shots all around until it skims Storm from her side. Angered, she called about a lightning strike......yet the four warriors moved out the way, completely unfazed.

Bobby: Son of a-

At that point, he charges up to them and slides underneath Jillian as he freezes her completely. But he quickly found himself outnumbered as Ydrazil slammed her over to Minion as he choke-slammed him.

Bobby: Argh.....

Minion: Such Great will wasted.....

Just as he picked him up, he got stabbed from behind as Logan threw him out of the way and then started beating the hell out of him. And when he bounces Minions head off a lamppost, Kitty appears out of the ground and pulls him down under.

Logan: Smart move.

Jillian: Not smart enough.

He turns around and before he can get some offense in, he got blasted with poison and then Jillian stabbed him clean through with her shape shifting swords as she then blew him back into Rachel and Jean who caught him just in time.

Jean: You ok?

Logan: it.

Rachel: What?

Jean: Logan, I--

Logan: Just. DO IT!

At that point, Jean and Rachel looked at each with concern.....but they nodded and as they each closed their eyes and combined their powers together........

Their combined powers caused a massive shockwave which knocked Ydrazil and Jillian out, but it caught the Minion and Ginniyeh in their Force. Seeing the opportunity, Bobby froze up the two of them as Scott blasted his laser at full power..... completely removing his goggles

Eventually, two of the demons were laid to waste and the other two were knocked out.

With Logan still injured, the remaining Assex in his system only healed about half of his wounds, but it wasn't enough to keep him going much longer.

Jean: Logan....

Rachel: Hang in there, big guy.

Scott: We got to get him back on the jet, it's his only chance.

Logan: I-I can still fight.

Jean: No, not another word. I'm taking you back to the mansion. That's final.

As the others get Logan back to the jet, against his will and Andrew and Rachel stare down at each other, we cut to Apocalypse in space, absorbing power from the pyramids as his entire body glowed a bright white light......

......until we cut back to inside of Carrie's head where Chris ended up in some dark, gloomy hall that looked a little like a church but.....haunting. But she wasn't one to get easily.

Chris: Wh-where the hell am I?

She looked around until she saw the front of the alter as she saw her body on a stack of hay set on fire, her ashes evaporating to the air.

Chris: Oooh! I did NOT need to see that. I mean, who wants to see their body on fire?

Suddenly, she turned towards a hall coming across a grave, covered in dried cold blood, saying:.......

"Chris Hargensen.....not a care in the world"......

(PAYBACKS a b__ch, isn't it?)

Chris: What's this? This-this can't be my grave. Where'd all this....

Suddenly, it clicked. None of this was real to couldn't have been.....right?

Chris: OH-HO-HO-Ho-Ho-ho......I get it now. No one cares that I'm gone. Nice try, Piggy. But it's YOU who won't be sorely missed in this world! You hear me?! the f__k do I get out of here?

Curiousity and desperation sinks in as she tries guessing an alternate route but once she came across another hall where....she didn't like what she saw at the end.....

Billy and Tina were making out

Chris: Billy?! Tina?!?! What the hell you guys doing??!!!!!!

They for some reason didn't respond

Chris: Billy!! DID YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE S__T?!!!!!

Tina: Did you hear something?

Billy: No.

Chris: Wha---HOW CAN YOU TWO DO THIS TO ME???!!!!!!!

(I'm SO ENJOYING this)

Chris stormed out in utter anger and betrayal before abruptly falling through a blanket of smoke.....until she then came across an office back in Ewen high

Deserted and ashy, it looked like no one had been there in forever.

Chris: I know you're enjoying this right now.....I know you're having your fun....but not as much as I will when I take over.

She then feels a mild texture flid over her foot she looked down to see the old Ewen high year book

Chris: The school year book??

She picked it up and quickly skinned through it only to find was HER yearbook and all the pictures of her were either scratched out or non-existent.

All but ONE picture remained: The day Carrie slammed her face on the windshield

Chris: No....NO! NO!!

Pissed the hell off and fresh out of f__ks to give about what was happening, she blasts the year book and it set on fire completly

Chris: Alright, bloody Mary....I know you're behind this! Mind games....hallucinations....I-you.....*Scoffs* brought this ON YOURSELF, OK?! THEY SHOULD BE THANKING ME FOR--I--no....I-ARGGHH!!! NO ONE WILL FORGET ABOUT ME! NOW SHOW YOUR UGLY FACE!!      

That's when she got teleported, for some asinine cause.....and finds herself in a funeral home......and looks around to see.....a bunch of statues.

Chris: Oh my god.....are you s__tting me right now? The hell are you?

Frustrated, she starts smashing each of the statues one by one, but by the masses they kept showing up over and over and over again until they completely crowd Chris out by force.

She then lets out a HUGE scream of electricity that vaporizes all statues that were there. Unfortunately, as she tried to catch her breath, she turned around only to see Carrie popping out of ANOTHER statue and grabbing her by the neck before throwing her onto a support beam.

Chris: Ugh! Wha....

She gets up and suddenly, Carrie was gone. Vanished. Invisible. Nowhere in sight.

Chris: That does it! It's been hell of a ride, Carrie. But I'm getting off.

She quickly scurried over to the end and pulled a lever on a terminal, hoping to get the easy way out.

Chris: You know, I'll did have me scared a little bit back there. Ok, hold on.....Me? Scared?! Ha! What the hell do I have to be afraid of?

A dance with the devil......

Then.....a huge blanket a fire surrounded the platform she was on and she immediately became very hot. Like scorching 130 degrees HOT. As she began to hyperventilate, a train of hell suddenly appears and stops in front of the sounds of the devil start ringing in her head.....

But.....really, it was her worst nightmare.....

You're afraid of being nothing. You're afraid of being forgotten and discarded. Being thrown off the top of the food chain. Deny it all you want.....but you will be NOTHING more than a FOOTNOTE, Christine.......because of me.

All of a sudden, Carrie suddenly bursts out from the train exit and landed on the platform as Chris frowned. She immediately tries blasting her at high voltage but.....the electricity goes right through her and ends up having NO effect.

Chris: What the....

She kept on blasting again, but still, NOTHING happens.

Chris: This is NOT possible!

As she keeps going, her electricity gave away and she ran out of juice.

Chris: What the f__k! NO! What kind of playboy experiment ARE YOU?!?!

Carrie:'ve always wanted to know....If I'm no hero, if I'm no freak of nature.....and if I'm no pleague to the rich and poor then what am I? Took me awhile to realize that. The answer is simple: I'm who I WANT to be.

She grabs her completely with no use of her powers and faces her up close

Carrie: I am an X-men. I am the Angel of Havoc. You will remember my name. I. Am. Carrie!

Carrie threw her down Chris quickly got up and charged at her The two rivals fought onwards but Carrie kept knocking her down and threw her towards the train to hell

Carrie: Now I'm gonna SLAP SOME SENSE INTO YOU!!!!

She then slapped her around

(Oh yeah! Give it to her Carrie! Make her REALLY feel it!!)

Chris soon became woozy and barely able to stand on her two feet and then Carrie dropkicks her into the train as the devil laughed again.

Chris: No....NO!......*Gets up and runs*....NO, WAIT!!!!

Before she could even get to the door Carrie forced pushed her back inside and slams the door shut

Carrie: Now I'm gonna say this one last time. Goodbye, Chris.

Chris: Carrie, wait! Let me out ok?! I-I-I'm sorry! I admit it, I'm sorry! Please!

(Oh now she's sorry?! Guess Carrie did slap some sense into her)

Carrie: It's too late for sorry.....six years.....too late.....besides....I know you're lying. That's all you do, remember? If I let you out, you'd push me in there. You're NOT sorry.

(Guess not)


Carrie: Save it.......I'm SO done with you.

Carrie walked towards the lever and pulls on it yet again as the train horn toots and it heads for the tunnel of hell as Carrie looked back at her abuser one last time.

Chris: Carrie, Help me. I'll do anything you want.....I'M SORRY! PLEASE!

Before you know it, the train was gone forever.....which meant Chris was finally gone. As Carrie sighs heavily, she drops down to her knees, the camera zooms at her eyes.....still like Chris's but then......they turn back to normal.....

....and Carrie wakes up.

As she dawns on herself, and looks around, she finally realizes that it was over. Chris was gone permanently this time.

Carrie: Oh thank God......Am I.....*sees Kurt in front of her....*.......Kurt?

He heard the voice creeping up, behind him, and while phased, he knew something just happened for the better. Because he wasn't hearing Chris' voice anymore......which only meant one thing.

Kurt: Carrie......

Carrie immediately unshackled herself from the stroller, knocking it back on its side a second she went up and hugged him tightly.

Carrie: Oh baby, baby, baby. I'm sorry. It wa-it wasn't me.

Kurt: I know, I know. Aber es ist jetzt vorbei. (But it's over now.)

Carrie: Dachte nicht, Sie wieder zu sehen (I thought I was never see you again.....)

Kurt: Ich dachte ebenfalls gleichfalls (I thought the same of you) The Lord brought you back to me again.

Carrie: He always does.

They kissed for a long moment till.....

Kurt: Chris.....what happen to Chris...?

Carrie: She's gone....this time for good.

Kurt: How do you know for sure this time?

Carrie: I condamned her to hell. They took her. I don't think she can come back from that. I don't think anyone can come back from that.

Kurt: Least you can finally move on for real this time Mien Gelliebte (My love)

Scott on radio: Calling Nightcrawler! Come in Nightcrawler! This is Cyclopes! Do you read me?

Kurt: *Taps on his ear* This is Nightcrawler. Nur zu vorangehen. (Go ahead.)

Scott: Stick to english please Kurt? We need your help! Apocalypse looks like he's gonna crack the earth in half. We're pinned down by the remaning demons! We need help!

Kurt: Hold tight buddy. We're on our way.

Kurt turns to Carrie then she holds his hand

Carrie: Let's go save the world.

They hugged as they teleported

The two eventually ended up back at the battlefield to see about half the X-men gone and the others holding their own against Jillian and Ydrazil

Carrie: Rachel.

She quickly went up to her as Andrew held her up steady

Andrew: I wouldn't do that right now if I were you....she's worsening.

Rachel: Shut up....I'm fine.

Carrie: Rachel, you can't go on right now. And you know that.

Rachel: I-I--I'll be dancing in a minute.

She quickly loses her balance and falls flat on the concrete as Carrie once again tries to comfort her

Kurt then looks onto the battle field as Storm Psylocke Bobby and Kitty held their own against the demons Once again though they were struggling

Kitty: Argh!

Psylocke: Goddamn it!

Bobby: A little help here if it's NOT TO MUCH TROUBLE!!

Upon hearing that Kurt immediately teleported over and knocked the two demons into each other and spun them around with his tail until he let them go allowing Psylocke to cut Ydrazil's head clean off

(Unfortunately, that's STILL not enough)

Psylocke: Nice moves.

Kurt: Yout too.

Kitty: Welcome back Kurt.

Kurt: You t.....BEHIND YOU!

Jillian suddenly appears behind Kitty but just when about to pierce her Kitty goes through the flour and disapears again

At that point Bobby freezes her or TRIES to freeze her.....cause that didn't work out well

Jillian then turn to Bobby and he kept freezing her as much as he could but it barely slowed her down then.....Bobby the stomach 

(He lives)

Bobby fell holding his wound

Kurt: BOBBY!!

Jillian looked over and Nightcrawler attacked and teleported in confusion he appeared behind her and BIT her on the neck VERY deep

Jillian screamed in pain and fell

Kurt wipped the blood of his mouth then surprisingly....

Angel flew down to assist

Angel: Pardon me.

Psycloke: Hey, mind if I get a lift? 

Angel: You know how well that went before.

Psycloke: It's different now. I got this.

Without arguing any further he lifted her up from behind as he zoomed past Jillian who was just getting back up

And that's when she fallows them up

Kitty: Oh s**t this ain't good. CARRIE!

She runs over to her as she was still confronting Rachel

Kitty: Come on we need your help.

Carrie: But what about Rachel?

Rachel: I'll.....make're needed up there.

Carrie: No, you won't. I'm not gonna leave you.

Andrew: Hey, listen I gave her a few shots. It should keep her in check for a couple more minutes but we really need to do SOMETHING about those pyarmids. Those two got the demons taken care of right now.....Apocalypse is knocking on fate's doorstep as he's getting inches to taking over the world.

Again, Carrie grew worrysome but the fact that Andrew gave her more time to ment a lot to her. She couldn't stay mad.

Carrie: You might of well just earn my trust.

(Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 reference)

Rachel: Andrew....wel--you just made....congra.....

Andrew: Wait....what she say?

Both Carrie and Kitty smiled looking at each other.....

Carrie: I think she's trying to say is.....

Carrie and Kitty (Both): Welcome to the X-men.

Andrew: *Smirks* Then let's go bag a shadow (Apocalypse)

Rachel manged to stand in anyway she could then she Carrie and Andrew used full power force of their abilities like they did to close the aurora then.....

As the other as the last demon approached Angel and Psycloke all the three of the telekinetics hovered and blocked her path and pushed her back down to the ground and caught her in force Jillian couldn't move

And all made sweft yell blasting a wave obliderating her into nothing 

Unfortunately it drained their powers and fell and it worsen Rachel's condition

Carrie: Rach.....

Rachel: I-I'm alrught...ohh..... *Throws up*

Carrie: Rach!

Andrew: *Aids her* Hey, hey, I got ya. 

Carrie: Kitty, Andrew.Take care of her. Kurt? Come with me. We're gonna meet up with the others and we're gonna finish this now.

Andrew: Wait.....our powers are too low. Including yours. You'll never make it.

Carrie: That's why I need Jean. Does anyone know where she is?

Kitty: She took Logan back to the mansion. I think his condition is worsening.

Carrie: Not if he has Assex in his system.

Andrew: What??

Carrie: I'll tell you later. If we live through this. Kurt take us back to the mansion.

Kurt nodded and teleported as Kitty turned to Andrew

Andrew: So what'd we do? Rachel's out cold....and....

Kitty: I have thought a lot of what my last moments would be ever since I became an X-men. Cause....there are slight chances this world could end soon.

Andrew: You don't want to believe that.

Kitty: Still. Life's too short. And you don't want to go wasting every moment you got.

Andrew was confused at first and without hesitation Kitty kissed Andrew and he soon got sucked into it

Andrew: You really want this?

Kitty just nodded.

As the two hug it out down on the ground, we get back to Xavier's school, where Kurt and Carrie appear over in the medic room where Jean was trying to aid Logan.

Carrie: Jean.

Jean: Wha--Carrie? A-are you--

Carrie: No worries. I'm better now. How's Logan?

Jean: Well, apart from excessive coughing; with or without healing, he's hanging in there.

Carrie: Oh thank God.

Logan: Not a damn thing to worry about.

Carrie: *chuckles*

Xavier: Carrie.

Carrie: Huh?

Xavier: The pyramids......

Everyone turns to him.

Logan: What?

Xavier: Those pyramids.....he tries so long ago to convert my consciousness to him.....a failed attempt to enslave every human being on this Earth. He almost won........but now, we play a new game.

Bobby: English, please.

Carrie: New game......wait, he's onto something here.

Jean: Wh-what?

Carrie: Think about it: Andrew said Toomy went back in time to revive the guy. He's practically done what we need to do. We're gonna have to go back and deal with Apocalypse before he gets awakened, AND take care of this one before all hell breaks loose.

Kurt: That way, neither of them would even's suicide.

Storm: He's got a point. Even if we do stop him then half of us could get wipped out from existance and we'd be messing with the rules of nature. It's just a start of a nother paradox.

Carrie: Damn it....

Xavier: No....this'll work.....

Logan: You really think we have another shot at this?

Xavier: It's the only way.

Carrie: I'll do it.

Kurt: Carrie, the risks are too great. I don't want to loose you again.

Carrie: You won't. If we're able to stop Apocalypse this is our best chance. Just have faith.

Kurt: You know you are in my deep faith. But Carr even if you succeed half of history might change again. And....SHE (Chris) might come back again.

Carrie then saw Kurt had a point as much as she wanted to stop Apocalypse's rise she couldn't bare the cost of Chris returning again

Carrie: Professor are you sure there's no other way?

Xavier: Well.....There is one.....

It then cuts back to Apocalypse in space as he continuse to drain energy from all four pyramids......until it just stopped

Seriously the pyramids buggered out and he couldn't absorb any more energy from them

Apocalypse: What--what what madness?? I'm not in full power yet. How can this be?? Xavier.....You'll PAY FOR THIS!!

He flew straight down and we cut to in the pyramid in New York where an old friend lend some hands along with a few others in the other pyramids

Thor (Chris Hemsworth): That's one down.

In they pyramid in Jacksonville

Dr. Starnge (Benedict Cumberbatch) (Yep yep yep): This pyramid's down too.

In the pyramid in Los Angeles

Wanda (Elizabeth Oslen): Done here.

And finally Chamberlain

Vision (Paul Bettany): All clear.

(They only appear in these scenes)

Appears with their powers they were able to destroy the pyramids energy sources causing Apocalypse power from them and now is flying back to Xavier's

(Not good he doesn't look happy)

Back at the medical room

Xavier: I guess any cirumstances could lead to some shifts we may do in the past......however.....

Suddenly the wall burst open and they all looked over to see Apocalypse levitating inside and they all stared at him in horror

Apocalypse: I grow tired of your cowardness, Charles Xavier. You've taken out my pyramids now you will suffer the agony of my wrath. 

Jean: The pyramids?

Xavier: Someone must've taken them out for us.

Carrie: The Avengers. I knew they wouldn't abandon us.

Xavier: We only have one chance then. He's growing weak but not fast enough. Carrie Jean combine your powers NOW!!

Apocalypse immediately pushed all of them back but Carrie.....somehow still remained......

....despite the fact the G-forces were so strong that she really should have been pushed back

But after her encounter with Chris it somehow increased her powers even more

Apocalyose: Impressive.

Carrie: Why thank you......

At that point Carrie then applies her own force as she tried pushing Apocalypse back but when he tries pushing it back they both end up destroying the mansion completly but luckyly no one was harmed

but soon....

Xavier: Carrie, what'd you doing?

Carrie: Where's Rachel?

Jean: Taken of.....for how.

Carrie: Good enough for me.

Then out of no where Angel drops Pyslocke onto Apocalypse as she pierces the equilibrium of his head which allowed Carrie to push him back further but.....Kurt suddenly teleported all four of them......guess where they ended up in.....

The center of the EARTH

Angel: Where are we?

Carrie: The center of the earth.

Psycloke: And why the hell are we down here?

Kurt: Just go along with this I have a plan.

Soon Apocalypse arose and grew angry staring dead at them

Apocalypse: Kurt Wagner. Your little disapearing act has interfered in my affairs for the last time.

He opened his hands causing the ground to shake

They fell off their balance all but Carrie with her new increased powers Carrie slowly approached him as Apocalypse tried to force her away but barely slowed her down

Then both Carrie and Apocalypse stared dead at one another

Apocalypse: Mutation shall rule over this planet X-man. You have no power what's so ever to stop me.

Carrie: You threaten my world. Destroyed my home. And you attacked my family! NO MORE!

Carrie then had caught Apocalypse in a new extreme force he could not move and had him floating above the pit above the edge

(Hercules reference)

Apocalypse: This is---this is impossible! You--you can't over power me you'd have to be a......a Goddess?

The camera zoomed close at Carrie as she glow

Apocalypse: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She then swung her hands apart OLIDERATING Apocalypse into NOTHING

Carrie panted as she shinned then powered down and fell passing out then the place began to tumble

Kurt picked her up then turn to Psycloke and Angel


They held on to Kurt and vanished as the place fell apart

The pyramids around the world began to demolish themselves and fell into pieces and people cheered

Female reporter: It seems whatever happen to the pyramids they have been tumbled down by an unknown force. The ongoing threat seems to be dealt with. From the looks of things people are breathing a sigh of relief and expressing the excitement that the threat which could have the world to end has been prevented. For details are uncertain we may never know.

The four cut back to the destroyed mansion as the others cheered them on

Each time they hugged it felt like a triumphant victory well earned

Jean: You guys made it.

Carrie I found it hard to believe I was gonna do what I just did.

Psycloke: He's gone.

Kurt: For Guten. (Good.)

Angel: Indefinitely.

Logan: Well I'll be damned.

The four saw Logan appearing in crutches

Kurt: Schieza.....

Carrie: You ok??

Logan: Honestly Idk if the Essex is helping anymore. I think it's best if I.....step down. For good.And it's only fair I take Laura and Kayla with me.

Xavier: Logan....are you possitve?

Logan: I lived through this life the worst way you can possibly imagine, Charles. It's only fair I get peace.

Carrie got emotional listening to him and quickly hugged him

Carrie: Please don't go, we can find a way to fix this.

Logan: Kid, I know this is hard. But.....I don't know if whatever's happening to me can be fixed. I don't want you to waist your breath worrying for me.

Carrie: But trained and protected me all the years I been here. I don't want you to go.

Logan: Don't let your feelings cloud your judgement, Carr.'re ment to be here with everyone who need you more than I do.

Carrie: I.....I'm so sorry it has to be this way.

Logan: Hey, don't sweat it, Carrie. I'll still be here.....unfortunately.

At that point his phone rings excessivly and when he see's who it is he hands it to Carrie

Logan: It's Rachel.

Carrie immediately grabs the phone as she smiles at Kurt next to her

Carrie: Rachel?

Rachel: You made it.

Carrie: WE made it.

As the sun shines bright beatifully brighting up for a new beginning for our heroes.

A month later the mansion was already under construction again. The X-men had to adjust in the undergound shelter (The same one from X-C 2) but one day Kurt got up early for a drink only to see Carrie coming out of the bathroom

Kurt: Carr.....Guten tag.

Carrie: Guten tag miene Geliebte. *Kisses his cheek*  Um....I think we need to sit down and talk.

Kurt: Is there something wrong?

Carrie: least I hope not. Come on.

She took his hand leading them to the bedroom and sat on the bed

Carrie: Um.....I'm not sure how to say this but.....I think I figured out why I been so sick this whole week.

Kurt: Why?

Carrie: Well.....uh....Kurt I'm....

Kurt: Carrita whatever it is I can handle it.

Carrie: Well ok. Kurt....I'm....I'm pregant. (Yep, seriously)

Kurt: Wh-what?

Carrie: I'm pregant. I just took a test said I was.....

Kurt: My god.....that's.....

Carrie was worried at first till....

Kurt: Well that's--that's wonderful.

Carrie: Really?

Kurt: Ja. I mean....I dreamed of having children with you one day.....but now.....

Carrie: You mean you.....I mean I didn't know how to tell you.....

Kurt: No. I--I'm happy. I'm gonna be a Vater!

Carrie giggled then Kurt lifted her up spines her around happily

Carrie narrating: Life nor Death can never be fair. If we'd live in a world where things were so simple then maybe life wouldn't be filled with such tough choices. But even the odds are against us there are always second chances. That's one of the things that makes life meaningful as it is tough. That's where you go with it. Not how you start things. But how you end them.

(End Credits)

Post Credit Scenes

1. We cut to a room with candles lit and crosses and a young woman is tied up and gagged all scared and on the other side.....

Margaret White (Julianne Moore) was.....cutting her arm again....

Margeret: Oh Lord.....have mercy on this poor soul. As I offer it to you in your full support as I attempt to save my dear Carrita from her condemnation with those godless mutants. And repay my mistake....when I should have given her to you when she was born. 

The girl screamed in the dug tape on her mouth and Margaret BUTCHERED her (Not shown on screen just shadows on the wall)


Maragaret (Covered in blood): Lord, praise and keep her.

(Cuts out)

2. We cut to Starks Tower where Tony and Thor were discussing the events with Apocalypse

Tony (Robert Downway Jr.): was an actual pyramid. I mean earlier you thought it was Thanos....finally rising.

Thor: My predictions were wrong. matter. We made short work of it.

Tony: So I guess nothing to do but keep waiting.

Familiar voice: Wait no more!

The two looked back at the doors

(Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 reference)

Two figures appeared in a light behind them the room was silent they approached with one cut after another then the figures turned out to be......




Ominus music plays as the screen shows them both standing together

(Cuts out)


It's 4:32 in the morning and Logan was putting the last of their stuff in the back of the trunk of his car.

He was still having to use the crutches and was having trouble actually getting the last suitcase in the back.

Logan: Argh....god-damn it.

That's when the suitcase lifted itself up and placed itself in the trunk.

Carrie: You're welcome.

Logan: Thank you. You could say I needed it.

Carrie: That normally isn't like you, Logan. Guess having Laura around makes you more.....what's the word?

Kayla: Rusty?

Both (Logan, Carrie): No.....

Logan: The real word would have to be stable.

Kurt: Depending on if you can still walk without falling over.

Logan: Not helping.

Carrie: Logan, come on. You know you really don't have to leave. This is your home.

At that point, he just sighs heavily and puts his foot down as he looked at Carrie deep in the eye.

Logan: Kid, look at me. The Wolverine you're used to seeing is done. Finished. I can't heal like I used to anymore. If you guys had to worry about me again, I'd be holding you back.

Carrie: If you let us look into the problem, we--

Logan: You KNOW what's f__king me up, ok? I knew it would happen one day, but I guess I wasn't prepared for it. I have to hang up my boots for real, this time around. Besides, you already got enough on your plate now. There gonna need you more than me.

Carrie looked down, touching her stomach where her and Kurt's unborn child rests within her.

Logan: I know it's all bulls__t. But trust me, Carrie......its better this way.

At that point, he hugs her mildly as she soon latches on as well. But the hug was short lived.

Carrie: g-goodbye, Logan.

Logan: No such thing as "Goodbye"......It's "See you later."

Carrie: *chuckles* See you later......

Logan once smiled at her as him and Kayla got in the car, started the ignition and eventually, the car started to move. But luckily, Carrie caught a glimpse of Laura in the backseat of their car. She slowly waved at her as Laura waved back before the car finally disappeared into the night.

(Cuts out)


  • Carrie White
  • Logan
  • Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Charles Xavier
  • Rachel Lang
  • Storm
  • Jean Grey
  • Bobby
  • Scott Summers
  • Andrew Detmer
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Negasonic
  • Alistier Smythe


  • Colossus - Crushed into bits like a soda can
  • Magneto - Obliterated by Apocalypse
  • Apocalypse ~ Obliterated by Carrie
  • Chris Hargensen ~ Condemned to Carrie's personal train to Hell
  • John Hargensen - Fries himself upon realizing what Carrie will eventually become next.
  • Jillian - Obliderated by Carrie, Rachel and Andrews full abilities.
  • Minion - Thanks to impressive tag teaming, he along with Ginniyeh is frozen and obliterated by Bobby and Scott.
  • Ginniyeh - Thanks to impressive tag teaming, she along with Minion is frozen and obliterated by Bobby and Scott.
  • Ydrazil - Decapitated by Psycloke

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