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The saga of the X-men and Carrie crossover continues where another Stephen King Story takes place. After a hole of time is ripped to the present and Langoliers tare up the world Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) and the remaining X-men are left but one choice to save the world Xavier (Patrick Stewart) sends Carrie back in time and ends back in her past to change history she must find Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) and Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan) to close the old aurora that the plane flight 29 of America Pride (From the Langoliers movie) before anyone knows about it. Prepare for Carrie's ultimate adventure to not only save the world.....but the future.

Rated R viewers are advice and movie references in this

Main Cast

Chloë Grace Moretz - Carrie White

Odeya Rush - Rachel Lang

Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier

Hugh Jackman - Logan / Wolverine

Ian McKellen - Magneto

Dane Dehaan - Andrew Detmer

Halle Berry - Storm

Alan Cummings - Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler

Gaberilla Wilde - Sue Snell

Portia Doubleday - Chris Hargensen

Julianne Moore - Margaret White

Ansel Elgort - Tommy Ross

Alex Russel - Billy Nolen

Anna Paquin - Rouge

Ellen Page - Kitty Pryde

Nick Notle - Ralph White

Shawn Ashmore - Bobby Drake / Iceman

Taylor Kitsch - Gambit

Lynn Collins - Kayla Silverfox

Brianna Hildebrand - Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Liev Scrieber - Victor Creed/ Sabertooth


We fade into a future of darkness where the world is just completely destroyed and mearly chewed up

In Chamberlain 2021, it was just destroyed as everything else was and people were torn limb from limb lying on the grounds

Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) (Narrating): The bible always said....judgement day was to come unaware. And it did. But not all of us were unaware.

The camera zooms at wrecked streets and more torn up corpses all around

Carrie (Narrating): Innocents die. Fate had become cruel. And monsters....roam all over the world. And we cannot stop them. 

We cut to the destroyed New York where some street kids in coats came prowling around digging for food and stuff but.....found Wolverine's yellow mask

Carrie (Narrating): But the lord always leaves a sign. A sign of hope. Hope to look up to. A hope......for humans.....and mutants.

(Main title Sequence: X-C 4: The Langoliers of time)

We cut to Japan....(or what's left of it) where up above, the creatures known to be the Langoliers came down growling, buy in a storage unit, 7 X-men members along with Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) took shelter till Rach felt them coming

Rachel: They're here!

Kitty (Ellen Page): Then let's do it!

The rest of the team went for a classic divide and concure method, and spread out to different areas in the storage unit.

The rest of the Langoliers CRASHED in and try to look for them.....and apparently, it wasn't that hard. One of the first few X-men they found was Bobby Drake, the Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) who was too occupied with another Langolier down the hall.

The one behind him was just about to make it's move for the kill, but......

Iceman felt the disturbance and turns around just in time to freeze it.

It grows silent for two seconds before hearing a fa-CHNNG sound and the Langoliers BURST out but both cut in two by....Yukio (Rila Fukushima) with her sword out.

Bobby: What the--

Yukio: Stay down. There's more coming.

Bobby: Who are you? What business do you have here? Who sent you?

Yukio smirked briefly and tapped his shoulder letting him know it was ok to move.

At that point, Kitty and Rachel ran into Storm and Negasonic who were ready to stand guard. 

Storm: You two go what you need to do. We'll hold them off.

Kitty: Come on, Rach.

They ran into a cellar and Storm and Negasonic stood in postion ready for action

Rachel: You sure this will work?

Kitty: Course.....I did this during the sentinal war. You'll wake up a week before today and warn us of the Langoliers coming.

Rachel: Got it.

Rachel lied back and Kitty projects Rachel's mind a week before today.

Meanwhile, Yukio and Bobby saw more Langoliers coming.

They were ready for them but.....two of them burst out from the floor behind them and grabbed and ate Yukio.

(Really really but....you'll love what Rachel and Kitty are about to do here)

Bobby turned back and gasped as two Langoliers behind him pounced on him and tore him in HALF.

Negasonic: Doesn't sound good up there.

Storm: We can't hold back, now.

Kitty continues to project Rachel's mind.

But the door at the end of the hall was ripped open by the Langoliers

Negasonic: I SO did not sign up for this.

Storm created a heavy wind to keep them back but it barely held on for long then one.....BIT her hand off as Storm yelled in agony. Then two Langoliers flew on her and ate her too

(Awful, huh?)

Negasonic made a shockwave obliderating half of them, but five more came in and.....

Kitty heard Negasonic's screams from outside the cellar then the door was BURST off

Kitty: Too slow, you cannon balled sons of b**ches!

Two of them flew at the girls opening their mouths but.....

They all vanished the place was like it was before the Langoliers or any of the X-men came as if it never happened

(It may seem like days of future past all over again, but this one changes EVERYTHING of what's to come later this time)

Kitty, Rachel and the other half eaten X-men including Yukio reappeared in yet ANOTHER hideout in Tokyo and all of them were completly exhausted.

Rachel: What the....you didn't tell me you could teleport like Kurt.

Kitty: Technically, it wasn't me.

Yukio: Argh...then who did?

That's when someone from behind them cleared their throat and looked over at the far side of the room and saw the rest of the remaining members of the X-men entering inside with the light shinning behind them

Logan, Kayla, Xavier, Magneto, Colossus, Rogue, Quicksilver, Jean, Gambit and a shadowed figure behind them.

Magneto: You're a little early.

Bobby: Trust me....*Groans*....I think we didn't need an excuse to wait.

Negasonic: Those f**king cannibals do not f**k around.

Logan: Hmph, not at all huh?

He then turns to his left to see Yukio in....not the best ways

Logan: Yukio?

Yukio: H-hehe...L-Logan.....

Logan: Rouge? Could you....?

Rouge: It'll work, but it's gonna take a lot out of them.

But Rouge cautiously held on Logan as he held on to Yukio, Storm and Bobby

Logan: Do it.

Xavier nodded at Magneto and looked back nodding at the figure behind them and stepped foward

Rachel: *Gasps* Carrie!

Carrie: Rach!

The reunited sisters hugged each other and giggled

Carrie: Ohh, I thought I would never see you again.

Rachel: That's what I thought of you too.....

Kitty: Good to see you again, Carrie.

Carrie: You too. Where's Kurt?

Everyone looked down even Rachel

Carrie: What?? Guys, where is he??

Bobby: Carrie....I'm sorry....he didn't make it.

Carrie: *Gasps and cries* What? N-No....

Bobby: When we retreated, Kurt took the only chance to insure our escape in time. They got him.

Carrie: Kurt....no.....

Rachel: Shh.....

Xavier: Carrie. There's still a slim chance we can save him and everyone.

Carrie: How....?? It's not like we can change the past....

That's when everyone smirked and that confused her more then anything.

Carrie: What?

Logan: Kid, remember when I told you about the sentinels and I was sent back to prevent that?

Carrie: Yes.

Xavier: Both Kitty and Rouge even myself have an ability to project someone's mind into someone's younger self in the past.

Carrie: Are you serious??

Logan: It worked on me before.

Xavier: Carrie, listen to me carefully. When an aurora first ripped open three years before we found you, the states of time had transported some others into the state of the past. Nothing like going back further in history like our mind projections can do but it transported them to yesterday after it's moved on. That's when the Langoliers first accured to humanity. There were only six survivors....ONLY SIX that made it back in time. But when Derek Toomy became obsessed with this, he wanted to open an aurora himself. But he didn't realize of the disaster he unleashed.

Carrie: So....you want to send me back in time to stop this Toomy guy from opening it.

Xavier: Not quite. We need to keep him from knowing about it. We're going to send you and Rachel back to close the old aurora that was ripped open randomly and close it with full force of your powers. But....you'll need to find Andrew to help you.

Carrie: Andrew??!!

Xavier: Carrie, I realize what he tried to do to you back in Jacksonville. But only three telekinetics can close the hole. You'll have to convince him. Guide him. As I did for you.

Carrie paused for thought and the subject of going back three years before she was recruited into the X-men which meant.....everyone who died at prom including Tommy her mother and sadly....Chris and her friends (I know.....) even Billy but.....

When Kurt came to her thoughts, her mind was made up

Carrie: I'll do it.

Kitty: This could be risky, Professor. The only reason Logan was able to sustain it was cause of his healing factor. Carrie....she and Rachel maybe unique but.....it's unknown if they can make it through.

Logan: They can. *Turns to Carrie* You'll be fine.

Carrie: Course I will. You trained me.

Logan: *Chuckles*

Gambit: Girl's got a mighty fine soul filled with determination inside her. I think she'll make it.

Yukio: Just to be aware, these creatures aren't ordinary, right?

Magneto: Far from it.

We cut to later as Storm, Bobby and Yukio were healing up as Carrie and Rachel were up on the tables lying on their backs looking up to the ceiling, outside thunderstorm erupted and it caught Logan's attention

Logan: We got to hurry this up. The bubs will likely find us again soon. 

Xavier: Patience, Logan. We still have time.

Magneto: That we do, Charles. But better to be safe than sorry.

Negasonic: Ok....what's the plan? If there IS one.

Colossus: We stand to look out for the Langoliers. In hopes, we can hold them off till Carrie and Rachel mangaed to complete their mission.

Negasonic: If they complete it.

Kayla: There is no if.

Kitty and Rouge sat beside Carrie and Rachel as they gave each other stern looks and re-focused

Kitty: Ok....last time I did this, I almost lost my blood. *Looks at Logan*

Logan: What?? I said I was sorry.

Kitty: So, I'm take procautions for this.

Rachel: It's alright.

Carrie: *Sighs*.....So how does this work?

Rouge: We're gonna send your consciousness back to the past one at a time. Since neither of you have a healing factor like Logan, this put us all at great risk. But even if you do make it through, there's one catch.

Kitty: Make that two.

Rouge: One is that you two are the only ones that will have the memories of these events.

Carrie: Fair enough....and two......?

Kitty: *Sighs* The body isn't strong enough to live without the mind. We have a specific range in which we'll be able to contact you and a certian time frame to get this done and dusted, so this is the only chance we get at this. You'll only have 72 hours at best to close the aurora.

Rouge: But if either one of you bite it, we're gonna have to pull the plug.

Both Carrie and Rachel looked at each other in worry after she said that

Rachel: So....I guess that means if.....we die in the past.....

Carrie:....We die here too?

Kitty: Exactly.

Carrie and Rachel looked at each other again and held hands nodding.

Rachel: We'll take the chance.

Carrie: Let's do it.

Bobby: Do what ever you have to in there, but you must hurry....the Langoliers will find us....just like the Sentinels did.

Carrie: We won't let you guys down. I love you all.

Xavier: Good luck Carrie.

And then.......

Rouge projects on Carrie's mind as Kitty projected on Rachels

Magneto: This better work Charles. It's all over if they fail.

Xavier: I have confidence in them.

And then again.......

Wouldn't you know it, Carrie wakes up in her room at her.....OLD house in Chamberlain at age 16 and gasped as she looked around.

Carrie: Oh god.....

She got out bed in her night gown looking at everything what it used to be in her time and opened her closet door, showing her mirror.

Carrie: I'm home.

Margaret's voice from down stairs: Carrita?! You're breakfast is getting cold!

That voice made her turn her head and later Carrie came down all dressed and in her old jeaned jacket and button shirt and saw her mom brewing eggs in the kitchen

Carrie: Momma....

Margaret: Carrtia?

Carrie smiled widely and hugged her in tears

Margaret: Carrie, what's going on? Why are you...?

Carrie: It's a long and complicated story. I don't have time to explain it now. I have to borrow the car. I got to go.

Carrie was about to head out the door to proceed on her mission but......

Margaret: *Grabs her hand* You're not going anywhere. You have school.

Carrie: Momma....there's a lot going on you don't understand. That's why you have to trust me for once.

Margaret: That's it. You're going in your closet to pray for forgivness.

Carrie: Momma, there's no time!

Margaret: *Starts dragging her* You're going in there to pray for forgiveness 

Carrie: I'm sorry to do this again, Momma.

Carrie used her powers on Margaret to set herself free and she once AGAIN locked HER in the closet

Carrie: I'm sorry Momma. But I have to save the world. I missed you.....

Margaret pounded at the door as Carrie rushed to her mom's car but she forgot the keys

Carrie: Dammit!

She then.....had another she waved her hand turning the ignition with her powers and drove out of the drive way

Carrie: I really missed this place.....if I remember correctly she lived with Daddy in Flordia before S.H.I.E.L.D. got her.

And then she drove off to find Rachel

It then cuts to Rachel suddenly jolting awake in her room and in her PJ's as she slowly turns around and observes the room

Rachel: Wha-Carrie?

She quickly got up and looked out the window to see nothing other than the aftermath of a thunderstorm, but she then heard panting behind her and turned to see her dog Walter

Rachel: Walter??

He ran up to her and tackles her down as he licks her face Rach giggled in joy for Walter was gone in the her past time and was glad to have him back

Rachel: Good boy, Walter. Good boy. Um....where's Daddy? Is he awake?

A cut later he leads her down stairs where she's dressed and see's Ralph White asleep on the couch with an empty bottle of whiskey on the flour

Rachel: *Shakes his shoulder* Daddy? Wake up.

Ralph: Wha--What?? Rach....

Rachel: Oh dad....

She hugged him tightly for in the dark future he was lost to her and Carrie too

Rachel: I missed you.

Ralph: From what??

Rachel: Oh yeah I forgot....listen Carrie is gonna be coming soon. We have to....

Rach: Carr.....you know of your sister??

Rachel: Oh...forgot again....y-yeah we---met on email. Hehehehe....

We cut to Ewen High where in of the class rooms a teacher (The same a**hole from the poem scene) was giving a roll call

A**hole: Sue Snell?

Sue (Gabriella Wilde): Here.

A**hole: Chris Hargensen? (Ugh!)

Chris (Portia Doubleday): Here.

A**hole: George Dawson?

George (Detmetrius Joyette): Here.

A**hole: Tommy Ross? (Yep.)

Tommy (Ansel Elgort): Here....

A**hole: Cassie Write? (Really?!)

There was no answer so he called again

A**hole: Cassie Write?

The camera cuts to Carrie's empty seat which had Chris.....really disapointed for she had another cold gag planned for her and she wasn't there to get it

Chris: *Whispers* The f**k....

Tommy and Sue looked at each other in confusion for Carrie never had one absent day in her life

A**hole: Appears Miss Write is absent today. (Get her name right you jerk!)

The students laughed silently as Chris sat there unsatisfied AGAIN (Lol) no way to torment Carrie if she wasn't there

Tommy mouthed "What's going on?" Sue nodded "I don't know."

Hours later Carrie still driving her mom's car passed the sign saying "Welcome to Florida"

Carrie: Finally....

As she was driving along the road she saw another car moving up alongside her and at first and she paid no mind but she got a closer look at the inside and saw Rachel Ralph and Walter

She immediately used her powers to put a holting stop to the car and Carrie parked herself Ralph was completly confused as Walter barked at what was going on but Rachel already know what was going on

Carrie: Rachel?

Ralph: Wha-what?

Rachel: Carrie!

Carrie: Hold on, I'll let you out.

She opens the car door where Rachel was sitting and the two sisters hugged yet again

Carrie: I see you found our father.

Rachel: Well actually you know lived him before we found each other. So he wasn't that difficult to find, sis. Neither was my dog Walter.

Ralph: Carrita?

Walter: *Barks

Ralph slowly got out of the car as an adrenaline rush overcame him and slowly felt her

Ralph: It really is you. Wha--what's going on?!

Carrie: Oh dad....listen just get in my car and Rach and I will tell you everything. But we got less time. We've got to get to new york and find the professor.

Ralph: The Professor...??

Carrie: Like I said we'll tell you everything on the way.

Ralph didn't know what else to say so.....they all got in Margaret's car even Walter and headed their way and the girls told their father everything

Ralph: So....you two have telekinesis like your grandmother Caroline and you were sent from the future by your.....mutant teachers to stop the end of the world.

Carrie: But the only way we can is if we find the original rip in time and seal it before that plane that disapeared passes through it. And we only have days before it does. And before our time runs out in the time we came from.

Ralph: And those creatures that came from that hole....the langorlers?

Carrie: The Langoliers. They're some kind of....flying giant pac man's with mouths full of teeth with a bad additude. When the second aurora opened....they came through and.....they DESTROYED everything.....They got Kurt....they got Ms. Desjardin Sue....and *Tears up* Poor baby Carrie....*Cries* (I know.....).....they even got you....

Ralph: God have mercy.

Carrie: So....the professor sent Rach and I to change all that. We need to find Andrew to help close the hole and we need the Professor to locate him on surebro.

But.....the trio had a little complication......the car stopped and ran out of gas and they were out in the middle of NO WHERE

Carrie: Oh sh**!

Rachel: What?

Carrie: We're out of gas.

Rachel: Oh damn.'

Ralph: Jesus, Mary and Joeseph.....

Carrie: Rach, what's he doing?

Rachel: Going through his religous fit again.

Carrie just covered her ears (Lol) and turned away as Walter whimpered

Rachel: Shh shh it's ok boy.

Ralph: Of all that is right and true, I ask you to cover me and my children in your blood as you swear to protect us from any unknown and the......

Just before he could continue an familiar earthquake erupted and footsteps began ominously approaching and getting larger in sound Ralph was strucked by it but Carrie and Rachel already knew what it was

Carrie and Rachel (Both): Andrew.....

The steps finally reached a certian barrier and that's when Andrew himself finally showed up somehow Carrie with an inch of anger while getting out but Rachel stopped her

Rachel: You can't risk it. If you get up in his fist like this you'll blow the mission or worse hell he'll kill you.

Carrie: I know....and I also know if we're going to save our future we have to learn to forgive and forget....although.....I'm really getting sick of him.

Andrew: Who are you two?

(In this time he didn't know them yet)

All Carrie could think about was the past time when he herassed her non stop but had to stay focused on the mission

Carrie: Listen...you're gonna--find this hard to believe. But....we're your....ugh....friends. And we need to find.....Charles Xavier.

Andrew: Friends? Friends?! I have.....No friends!

That's where he pushed them both with force back into the car and it flipped over landing upside down

In the future the others saw the cuts and bruises randomly appear on them on the tables

Magneto: Good god.....

Xavier: They must've found Andrew.

Logan: I wish I knew what was going on.

Yukio: Calm yourself.

Back in the past Carrie crawled out of the car and her vision got dim but saw some jet like thing (Guess what it might be) hovering down then.....passed out

Back at Chamberlain at (Oh my god....) the Hargensen residents her Tina (Zoe Belkin) and Billy Nolan were sitting in the living room for Chris was still PISSED that Carrie never showed up for the prank she was planning to pull on her

Chris: Where else would she go? The only place she deserves to go is hell!

Tina: Hey we're more likely to see her next Monday.

Billy. Yeah. I mean what's the big deal babe?

Chris: The big deal's that my record is gonna go down in flames if I don't give that pig what she deserves! Tina PLEASE tell me you know her address.

Tina: I told you....she lives in a creepy part of town. That's all I know.

Billy: What the hell you gonna do, anyway? Burn the house to the ground?

Chris: I just want to give her what she DESERVES!

She slammed her fist on a coffee table releasing an electric pulse lighting up the table then crumbled down

Billy: HOLY SH**! Babe how'd you do that?!

Chris: I-I.....I don't know.

History was starting to change already since Chris's mutation didn't trigger till AFTER the prom disaster and now.....

That's when quantum causality kicks in (Meaning whatever happens in the past can effect the future) and it started an Earthquake of it's own down in the dark future

Yukio: That wasn't normal.

Magneto: Far from it.

Logan: Whatever it is it can't be good....

However Charles for some reason already had a glimpse on what was happening in the past

Xavier: Hargensen.

When everyone heard that name they all turned towards him

Magneto: No.

Logan: S**t.

Jean and Negasonic (Both): Oh god.....

Yukio: Wait, who's Hargensen?

(Ooh, Yukio you're in for a real nasy reality check.)

Logan: She's uh....to make a long story short, she went to high school with our friend Carrie here, before she came to ours. And....that b**ch was spoiled and selfish but most of all cold hearted enough to destroy EVERYTHING that had meaning to her.

Magneto: I found her years ago, dying. But her mutation triggered after she was attacked by Carrie. She was able to shock waves and electric pulses.

Logan: And she still came at Carrie non stop. Trying to humilate her further and kill her.

Yukio: That's.....Horrible. Just how Mariko's father use to be.

Logan: Trust me she's a thousand times worse. The worst than the worse. If she's still alive in there then the kids are in diar danger. We should pull them out.

Xavier: No, Logan. We stop now then all is lost.

Logan: But.....

Xavier: We already found them, after Andrew's attack. I saw the glimpse.

Logan: Then I just hope we believe her.

Xavier: We will. I will.

Cutting back to Chris's house in the past she was still looking at her hands after the shock wave

Tina: This is gonna sound weird but....I think you got superpowers.

Chris: What?? That's crazy talk!

She clutches her fists making another electric pulse blowing out the lights

Tina: Still think it's crazy?

Billy: Sh**! Babe you do have powers! We could make a fortune! We'll be f**king rich!

Chris looked at her hands again and......(Oh God help us all) made that smirk again

Chris: I got a BETTER idea.

(Oh man.....)

That's when we cut to this time's Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where it's still in one peace when Carrie woke up she was stunned like she was when she woke up back home

Carrie: The mansion.....

She turned over to see Rachel on another table and got up trying to wake her

Carrie: Rach. Wake up. We found the mansion.

Rachel *Wakes up* Wha...wh--how'd we get here?

Carrie: I think the Professor in this time found us off surebro.

Rachel: But where's dad and Walter?

That's when the doors open and they turned their heads over with their hearts pounding

Who came in was.....Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) Let's just say after the civil war in this time she had been spending causally time at Xaviers

Carrie: Wanda??

Wanda: How'd you know my name?

Rachel: *Slaps her shoulder* Carrie, did you forget? We're not in our own time anymore.

Carrie: Ohh right.....uhhh....I read minds. (Apparently true) We're looking for Professor X.

Wanda: Oh um....he's in his office. I'll show you.

Wanda reluctantly lead both of them up to Xavier's office and just as she was about open the door it opened by itself for some reason and Xavier just rolled his face towards them

Carrie: Professor....

Xavier: Carrie White...Rachel Lang....it's oddly fitting that you have come to your senses so sudden, but believe me we wish to help you.

Rachel: Great but first.....we're here to help YOU. And I think we should take this down stairs.

So they lead them down into the lab where Wanda tried to intervene but Carrie stopped her

Carrie: Not yet Wanda. It won't take us long.

Wanda: But-but what are you--

Carrie: It's for the good of all mutants....such as you and I.

(She's still uncertian if she's a mutant or not)

Then in the lab Rachel told Xavier the situation

Rachel: This is gonna sound crazy but....Carrie and I are from.....

Xavier: From the future. You both come to save your world and ours.

Apparently Xavier read Rachel's mind when she started talking so you all could say he already knew the situation

Rachel: Of course I keep forgetting you read minds.

Xavier: Logan did too once.....and for a greater cause. So I was anticapating the cause for the next visit

As that was going on Carrie rushed back down and looked over at Rachel with a dubious look

Rachel: He knows.

Carrie: Ah thank God.

Rachel: So since he knows we just need him to locate Andrew for us.

Carrie: One other thing. Do you know where our dad and Rach's dog is?

Xavier: They're both safe resting up stairs.

Carrie: You're the best, Professor. But then after we find Andrew, we need to find the aurora.

Rachel: Well....where did OUR time's professor say it was?

Carrie: Somewhere above the mohaby desert.

We then cut to somewhere in the moutians a secret meeting held by this time's Magneto

Some other enemies to the X-men even some who died but still alive in this time attended the meeting

Sinister (Oh yeah)

Azazel (Really really)

Mystique (No surprise)

And....Sabretooth (I'm not kidding you)

Magneto: My brothers and sisters. I have gathered you all here to face a new up coming war. For the humans still fear our existence. And worse things done was create a poison to make us like them. (He means the cure) And then they created machines to destroy us. (The sentinels) And it is time for us to fight back! We have faced MUCH worse than these homo sapiens. But we--we are truely God's blessed gifts. We are who the humans will worship; we will rule over this land. We will NOT be swept aside by the very beings that have once deemed us a part of their society.....

He stood up silently removing his helmet

Magneto: Brothers....Sisters....it is time to put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite! We will stand together.....and we will WIPE OUT THIS PLAGUE!

The force of his anger accelerated his powers to cause to cause every metal in the room to either bend or brake upon looking at him the other four members just stood there a little trimmed

Magneto: Our brotherhood, our legacy, will previal!

But, for some reason, that event caused another brake in the time-line

(Oh no.....)

In the future, Xavier saw a glimpse of that as well and leaned his head on his palm

Magneto: What is it?

Xavier: It's you. You've united Azazel, Raven Victor and Sinister to attack humanity.

Magneto: *Sighs* Charles....I would never act on my stubborness if I knew of this war here back then.

Logan: Well, that complicates things further. That b*ch is bad enough, but your stupid brotherhood about to attack again?!

Logan was about to loose his temper 'till Magneto caught him in his magnetic force

Magneto: We all have a cause for what we fight for. Now it's the same thing.

Logan growled but soon back down

Later that night in the past in Chamberlain Sue drove up to Chris's house and saw her and the other two chuckling and smirking and hoping into Billy's car and Sue didn't had a good feeling about it

Sue: Oh, what'd you up to now? *Grabs her her phone and speed dials* Tommy? Get George and Erika. There's something y'all got to know. It's urgent.

Later they gathered at HER house for a little meeting of their own the three were confused about it though

Sue: Look, I know y'all don't get the gist of this. But, we got to do something about Chris. She's up to something worse than usual and I don't like it.

George: I'm in.

Erika (Mouna Traore): Hey. She didn't say what she's up to yet. Just that she didn't like it.

George: Does it matter? She's always up to no good.

Tommy: Same here. I mean I don't think I told you guys about the zoo where she tried to push--

Sue: Can we focus please?!

The tone of her voice silenced the room for a moment.

Sue: *Sighs* Alright......So it's safe to say I'm done messing around with Chris. And I MEAN it this time. She's just way too full of herself and so cold hearted that....UGH!....She's not gonna stop until she see's Carrie humiliated more than she already is.....or worse.

Tommy: So in other words, you want us to take the law into our own hands. And stop her before.....what happens?

Erika: Before she possibly kills her.

George: What? There's no way she'd go that far.....would she?

Sue: She would. What Tommy was trying to say before I yelled.....Chris and Billy tried to push Carrie into the tiger's perserve during our field trip too the Chamberlain zoo.

Erika: Oh my god....

George: Damn. What a b**ch.

Sue: And here's the worst news: Tina gave her Carrie's address.

They all got worried.....

George: Then we better hurry.

But back at the White residents later, Margaret tried to tear off the wood from the closet door even though it was making her hands bleed but eventually she reached for the lock but......had a little trouble with the unlocking part but......Carrie running off was soon to be the least of her problems cause Chris and the entire gang including Nicki and Lizzie and even Billy's gang stood outside the house smirking and Chris clutched her electric fists.


We cut back to the Xavier's school where Carrie told this time's entire X-men everything even the upcoming Langolier apocalypse

Logan: Jesus Christ. If what you're saying is true, then we need to find that aurora before hell brakes loose.

Xavier: I 100% agree. However lately surebro has detected more heavy mutant activity lately. Something else is erupting. It could be Erik.

Storm: Or worse....Azazel.

That name caught Carrie's attention

Carrie: Azazel?! Kurt's father?!

Storm: How'd you know that?

Carrie: In my time....Kurt and I were......together. Like together, together. He's also one of the main reasons why I agreed to come here. And.....Azazel in my time, died along with that.....hag that tourmented me and.....oh god......

Funny that Carrie was actually the one that brought HER up this time cause....now that they're in years ago before then events happened she REALIZED Chris could still be alive in this time

Carrie: No....

Rachel: Sis.....Stay focused. Our friends in our time our counting on us.

Carrie: You're right, you're right. But we need to find Kurt before Azazel does.

Logan: I can give you a lift. He spends his quiet times at a church downtown.

Carrie: Thank you Logan, I'd always look up to you when I'm in diare straits in my time.

Logan: Really? I must be a hell of a guy.

Xavier: While you do that, I'll track down Andrew on surebro. Then Storm, Jean I'll need you two to take the black bird and try and pick him up.

At last things were going as planned....so far.....

Meanwhile back in the future Yukio Storm and Bobby were fully healed as Rouge and Kitty were damn near falling asleep trying to keep Carrie and Rachel's consciousness in the past

(You can't fall asleep on the job you know)

Logan on the other hand was still stuck wondering.....something he probably wondered since the beginning

Logan: How long, Charles?

Xavier: Hmm?

Logan: The sentinels, Magneto, the Langoliers, how much of this have you known? Did you know that everything that happened was going to happen before it did? And if you always know this stuff, what's the point keeping it from us when it's going to happen anyway?

Magneto: He doesn't ALWAYS know what's going to happen, Logan.

Logan: But--

Kayla: Hey....*Places her hand on her chest*....no need to be rash about this. 

Logan: How......

But then more thunder storms start to appear and from a distance Langoliers started popping out heading towards the X-men's postion and Logan smelled coming miles away

Logan: Oh s**t.

Kayla: What?

Logan: They found us. They're coming. This time there's more of them.

Rouge: Carrie, Rachel.....y'all better hurry up.

Back down in the past, Logan and Carrie were in one of the Professor's cars, driving down to the church that Kurt might be at. But as soon as they got down to the Brooklyn Bridge, something began to shake it

At that point, thats when they saw Magneto and his group approaching the bridge, pushing cars and trucks aside with his magnetic energy.

Logan: S**t! Stay here. *Gets out*

Carrie: Logan! *See's them and frowns* Magneto.

Logan then confronted the brotherhood while slowly pressing out his claws.

Magneto: Logan. What a surprise.

Logan: Get out of here, bub. I don't have time for this war between humans and mutants crap right now.

Sabertooth (Liev Schieder) Not even for family reunions, Jimmy boy?

Logan: VICTOR?!?!

Victor roared and pounced onto him as they rolled around on the bridge and eventually went off the edge.

That's when Mystique spotted Carrie hiding in the car.

Carrie: Raven.....

Mystique: Azazel, dear. I think banana boy (Lol) brought one of his sidekicks.

Azazel: No one I'm familiar with. Let's get acquainted.

They methodically approached Carrie and she got too scared to the point where she couldn't think fast enough. That is till......from behind them.....

Kurt (Alan Cummings): Happy father's day, Vater.

He wacked them both aside with his tail and Carrie gasped with her mouth wide open, seeing the man she loved alive again.

Carrie: Kurt.....?

Meanwhile, Logan and Victor continued to battle it out on the side of the bridge. There was slashing, head butting, lots of cursing. But of course, the battle was evenly matched.

That is, until Victor knocks Logan off his feet and then drags him to a steel support on the side of the bridge to try and press him into it.

Victor: C'mon, Jimmy. You know better then this. I told you that I wouldn't let you walk away.

Logan: I already did, asshole.

He hits him down in the balls and then tackles him as they both fall into the river below the bridge.

At the same time, Carrie slowly steeped out of the car and just stared at Kurt as he did the same, for something about her intrigued him.

Both of their hearts skipped a beat as one of them slowly approached the other. By the time they were face to face with each other, Carrie couldn't help but to put her hand on his face.

Kurt: ist diese Liebe (Is this love)?

Carrie: Baby.....

However, before anything else could be done, Azazel snuck up from behind Kurt and teleported him somewhere else.

Carrie: NO!

She suddenly balled up her fists and turned her attention to Mystique, who just so happened to be getting up.

Carrie: Raven!

Mystique: No deserves to call me that. Raven Darkholm is DEAD.

Carrie: She's not dead to me in my time.

She went in for a strike, but then Mystique quickly turned into (out of all the people she could've chosen)......Chris f*king Hargensen!

Chris (Mystique): Surprise!

The sudden re-image of the woman who once tortured her shocked her to no end as she immediately backed up in pure horror. She was angry and afraid again, but she still balled up her fists again as her eyes finally went black.

Carrie: I....am NOT....scared of you.

Chris: Awww, little piggys crying. No worries. I'll make this quick and painless for the both of us here. I can promise you that......*chuckles*......

Carrie gets flustered and furious and she finally attacks!

She tackles the mere image of Chris and pinned her up against the concrete. She was about to strike, but then Mystique then became.....Margaret!

Carrie gasped and held back

Carrie: Momma....

Margaret (Mystique): You are no where near out of the Lord's vision, little girl. He CAN see you wherever you go.

Carrie: N-no....NO! You're not my mom! You're not Chris! Is this really worth the loss of your son, Raven?!

Mystique: *Changes back* I told you NOT TO CALL ME THAT!

Carrie: But that's what Charles use to call you.

Mystique: *Stops* Charles....

Man by a wrecked car: Yes Raven. She speaks for both of us.

Mystique: Ch-Charles? Why are you here?

Man: To be here....

Xavier on surebro: for you. As I always was. Carrie?

Man: Get Logan. I've located Andrew. Jean will send you the cordinates.

Carrie: Ok....but I have to find Kurt first. *Runs*

Man: Raven, I know you think...

Xavier: you're doing what's best for us. But we both know this is wrong.

Mystique: How'd you know what's wrong, Charles? They hate us! They'll never understand us.

Xavier: I felt that way too. But at that night when you came to my house, things changed for both of us. Have I ever once....

Man: shut you out?

Mystique looked at him confused then looked back at the fight

Meanwhile Victor held Logan by his neck and stared into his eyes hostilety

Victor: I hate to brake it to you, Jimmy. But frankly I'm still disapointed.

Victor felt force that he was being lefted up by Carrie's powers

Carrie: I ought to tare you limb from limb. But.....you helped us in my time....so Imma let you go....just this once.

She threw him aside and helped Logan up

Logan: Damn. I really hope you and I are good friends in your time.

Carrie: Oh for sure. You helped me in so many ways. Listen the Professor found Andrew. Jean will send you the location. Go. I'll meet you there. *Runs*

Logan: Where you going?

Carrie: To find Kurt.

Logan: But you don't know where he is!

Carrie *Stops* Trust me. I know in my heart. *Runs again*

Logan: Sh**.

He got back in the car and drove off as Sinister approached but Magneto held up his hand to him

Magneto: Let him go. He's the least of our worries. For now.

But....back in the future Kukio Gambit Negasonic and Bobby stood outside for they could feel that the Langoliers were coming 

Yukio: They're not far.

Bobby: Carrie and Rach aren't gonna make it. We have to abort.

Gambit: There's no time. We have to hold them back as much as we can.

Negasonic: Those things will tare us to bits!

Gambit: We got no other option. Come on you guys hurry!


Logan: Time's running short, Professor. How are they? 

Xavier: My past self found Andrew. Rachel and your past self are on their way to meet Jean to find him but....

Logan: There's always a but.

Xavier: Carrie's going after Kurt and Azazel.

Logan: What?! What the hell's she thinking?

Xavier: She's acting out of love and loyalty. However, she's mainly trying to prevent Kurt's death from happening.

Logan: Those sons of b**ches are approaching us fast and soon, all this will be for nothing! She needs to hurry the f**k up.

Xavier: Have faith, Logan.

As it cuts back to the past, Carrie runs and runs until she gets to the church that Kurt would normally go to.

She cautiously steps inside and as she gets familiar with the environment that her mother used to be at all the time, she feels Azazels presence inside.

Carrie: Azazel! I know you're here. I'm not in the mood for any of this nonsense. Just tell me where Kurt is and we'll call it even.

She hears nothing.

Carrie: AZAZEL!

Rachel: Carrie.

She turns around and sees Rachel parched behind her, tied up along with Kurt against their will.

Carrie: Sis!

Azazel: No need to grovel over her. You'll be able to see her in the afterlife.

Rachel: NO!

She tries to break herself free with her telekinesis, but Azazel tightens the rope around her.

Rachel: Aargh!

Kurt: Vater.....

Azazel: Sohn? (Son in German)

Kurt: Lass sie gehen (Let them go)

Carrie: Kurt?

Azazel: ich kann nicht (I can't)

Kurt: Then it's your funeral.

He immediately teleports him and Rachel out of the rope trap and hands her to Carrie. He then teleports again and brawls with his father on the balcony.

But Carrie wouldn't let him do this battle alone.

Carrie: I gotta help.

Rachel: Carrie, we're wasting precious hours and time. We gotta got to get to Andrew and close the aurora and fast.

Carrie: Rachel....I love him. He's needed for this.

Rachel: I understand but....everyone of our friends in our time are in terrible danger. Along with our future. Including Kurt's.

Carrie looked back at their fight with worry and sadness

Carrie: Please don't die again mein Geliebte. (My love)

They headed off for Andrew's location

Meanwhile Chris and the gang drove across New York in Billy's car and soon they stopped and Billy got out and opened the trunk revealing......

Margaret tied up and dugged tape on her mouth (Those monsters)

Chris: How's the passenger?

Billy: Let's see if she's talkitive yet.

He pulled the tape off her mouth real hard Margaret let out an agonizing cry out

Billy: Alright Grandma. We fallowed your directions, now where's your daughter?

Margaret: You all have stains of sin....

Chris shocked her to shut her up

Chris: Blabber one more God and Devil sh** and your chicken fried! Billy?

Billy pulled her out and dragged her on the ground against her will

Billy: Ok boys. *Throws her down* Have fun.

Margaret seemed helpless as Billy's gang approached her and chuckled but then.....

An unknown force of telekinesis grabbed them and....KILLED them all including Tina and NIc and Lizzie by crushing the car with his powers changing more of history by the minute

Billy: The hell?!

Chris and Billy found themselves confronted by.....Andrew! Who appeared out of no where

Chris: Who the hell are you? Andrew said nothing he just walked up and confronted Billy and socked him down

Billy: Argh!

Chris: Billy! Hey dipsh**! Who the hell you--

She went to strike at him but his telekinesis stopped her from eaching him

Andrew: So weak.

That statement angered Chris and her fists charged up with electricity and struck him at the heart (Just in cardiac arrest) and pushes him to a near by gas station

Chris: F**king jokers and magic....ARGH! *To Margaret* Get your ass up freak show! Come on!

She starts unconscious Margaret back into the car but then.......

Out of no where.....

Carrie and Rachel fallowed Andrew's location and Carrie soon saw Chris

And didn't take long for her to notice her too

Chris: Well then....you finally decide to show up for the encore. After this you'll be having your s**t possessed vile you call of a mother's brains all over your coat!

She then saw her unconscious mother then once again lights her fire

Rachel: Carrie--don't....

Carrie: Why you....

Her eyes turned black again and struck at her but it barely dazed Chris at all Chris grabbed her by the throat and held her up

Chris: Bye bye.....

But just when Chris was about to snap her neck Rachel pushed her off her by force knocking her out

Carrie coulphed and Rachel helped her up

Rachel: You ok, sis?

Carrie: Not really. Everywhere I turn SHE always appears in my life trying to DESTROY IT!

Rachel: Listen, I understand how you feel but we'll worry about her later. Right now let's get Andrew meet up with the others find that aurora and. Cause time's running out and fast.

Carrie: *Sighs* Yeah.....

But that's when.....

Billy: I don't think so b**ches.

They turned over to see Billy pointing a gun at Margaret's head

Carrie: MOMMA!

Carrie was about to make a move till.....the gun clicked

Carrie: No.....

Billy: One wrong move and your poor mother's brains will be all over the ground

Carrie: What'd you want, Nolan?!

Billy: I want both of you to get down on your knees and beg for your lives. For my Chrissy.

Rachel: You animal...

Billy: Knees.

Carrie and Rachel slowly bent down on their knees then Billy pointed the gun at them

Billy this will definitely satisfy my Chrissy.

But then....Billy's chest was PIERCED from behind on his chest by.....The WOLVERINE!!

Logan: Go f**k yourself in hell, bub.

Logan pulled out his claws and Billy dropped.....DEAD!

Carrie: Logan!

She ran up to him and hugged him

Carrie: Always a since of timing.

Logan: Did I in your time?

Carrie: 100%.

Rachel then grabbed the out cold Andrew as Carrie held her knocked out mother

Rachel: Ok we found Andrew. Now let's get to that aurora.

Logan: Problem is we don't have a ride. This car's been crushed.

Sue: Need a lift?

They looked over to see Sue and the other three appear in their car

Carrie: Sue! George! Erika! T-Tommy??!

Tommy: You ok ace? You look like you saw a ghost.

Rachel: No time let's go.....

They soon left and Chris woke up groaning and.....saw Billy's dead body

Chris: Billy? No....Billy?! No.....*Sobs*

Chris grew from sad to angry....now it was personal!

She slowly got up and balled up her electric fists as they cracked in the electricity her eyes turned electric blue and energy surges through her until her screams unleash a shockwave causing a blackout around her

Chris: You....b**ch.....I. WILL. END YOU!!

It cuts to Carrie Rachel Andrew out cold still and Logan who had to squeeze in Sue's car were all on the road with them Carrie felt anxious with Tommy around cause the last time she saw him he died in her time

But she could not loose focus now

Carrie: Sue....I can't thank you enough.

Sue: For what? This? Look I know I was awful to you but....

Carrie: No I mean....*Remembers they're not in their time anymore* The past is the past. And I literly mean the past.

Sue: Huh?

Logan: They came from the future.

Everyone looked at them confused

George: Alright.....slow down. You actually said you're from the future??

Carrie: Yeah.

Erika: Like "Days of future past" future?

Carrie: What??

Tommy: You never saw that movie? I think.....I think I saw you were in it man.

Logan: Never saw it.

Rachel: Well do we even need to know right now? We're on a urgent matter here.

Tommy: What exactly are you guys trying to accomplish?

Logan: You're joking right?

They all nodded and Carrie sigh deeply

Carrie: Ok. I'll explain one piece at a time.

An hour later Carrie finished the WHOLE story and everyone just.....didn't know what to say

Tommy: Dude.....that's heavy. And....in your time I actually died at prom three years from now after a prank pulled on you by Chris?

Sue: And I have Tommy's baby and we're best friends and you're part of a hero team saving the world?

George: And your team sent you and your "half" sister to change the future from that apocalypse of flying man eating cannon balls?

Erika: And of course.....you two need that guy asleep there to close the aurora above the desert where this....Toomy guy lost his dad too and.....years later he tries to open another one and that's what let's those monsters out?

Carrie: Yes. It's our only chance. Sue, Tommy, listen to me. If things go well later myself in this time won't remember what will happen cause I haven't joined the X-men yet. My past self is still under depression no doubt. That's why after this if we succeed you must tell me everything I told you guys. Warn me of the prom prank. Uncover the truth of Chris and her friends who set me up. If you do this we can also prevent the deaths and the destruction I caused in my time. We can create a better future for all of us. But the only way we can, is that you two have to warn me of what's coming. Stop Chris and the others.....and allow the X-men to come to me later.

Tommy: Hey.....*Takes her hand* you can count on us. Now that we know what's to come we'll definitely stop Chris and the others from humiliating you at prom. Hell I even hate to be killed by being hit in the head by a bucket.

Carrie giggled and soon they met up with a few of the other X-men Jean Storm Xavier and Kurt even Ralph and Walter was with them

Carrie and Rachel hugged them and Carrie gasped of seeing Kurt and since he was from THIS time he was confused of her but....something in his heart was telling him different 

Kurt: I assume you and I have lots to talk about.

Carrie: We do. We'll tell you on the way.

They carried Margaret and Andrew on board the Black Bird and Ralph couldn't help but to look at his former wife remembering....that night....but also the times before

Before they were about to take off to find the aurora that sneakey "biatch" Chris smirked and sneaked into the cargo hold

We then cut back to the future as Kitty and Rouge were surprisingly running out of juice to keep the transmission going they wouldn't be able to to their consciousness for long and if that wasn't bad enough outside the Langoliers finally found the remaining X-men's hideout

Yukio: Oh no. Get ready, here they come!

Bobby: What?!


Xavier: The Langoliers, are here. You must go.

Logan: Kayla, you stay here. Ok?

Kayla: No. This isn't fair, I won't just--

Logan: Hey....a lot of people tried to kill me and I'm still here. That won't change anything on how I feel about you or anything.

He slowly kisses her but but pulls away when he hears

Gambit: Occupied I see? But mind giving us a hand Logan?

Logan: Shut up, Remy. I'm coming.

The X-men (What's left of them) perched themselves outside as the Langoliers came falling out of the sky one by one

Gambit: Oh boy.....

Negasonic: F**king perfect. We're never gonna make out of this alive.

Logan: Bulls**t. Until Carrie and Rachel shut that hole, we fight. *Presses out claws*

The Langoliers attacked and the remaining X-men held them off

Gambit swung his stick down creating a forced wave blowing away seven Langoliers

Negasonic blasts her shock waves at three of them

As for Logan and Yukio they cut through many of them as they could but they keep on coming

Magneto looked out in shame and looked back at his close friend then....went out

Xavier: Erik? Erik?!

Kayla: He just went out.

He moved his hover chair to catch up but Magneto sealed the doors with his powers

Xavier: NO, ERIK!

He looked out then created size magnetic energy obliterating only hafe of the swarm.....but it still wasn't enough.....cause thousands were now approaching (Ah crap! Carrie Rachel you guys better hurry up, time's just about up!)

Back in the past the Black Bird flew towards the desert in hopes to find the original aurora in time

Xavier tried to clear Andrew's destructive thoughts from his head

Carrie then.....came up to both her parents

Carrie: How is she?

Ralph: Still asleep.

Carrie: Are you ok, being around her?

Ralph: Possitivly.

Margaret then began to wake up and the first she saw was Carrie

Margaret: Carrtia.

Then looks over at Ralph (This. Should be intresting.....)

Margaret: Hello Maggie.....

And then she.....


She quickly moves away from him and breathed heavily as everyone in the black bird looked at her then....guess what happens

Another rip tares off the back doors and in comes Chris smirking and approaching them

Logan: You got to be goddamn kidding me.

He got out pressing out his claws yelling and charging but Chris blasts him leaving him stunned

Carrie: *Gets up* Chris you.....

Chris: It's time you be put in your rightful place. But first Imma take everything that has meaning to you AWAY from you!

That's when she was about to blast both Ralph and Margaret

Carrie: NO!

Her eyes turned black and levitated and grabbed Chris by the neck just when she was about blast at Ralph and Margaret and brakes a hole on top pulling her through it and came on to of the jet and sealed the hole to protect the others and threw Chris across the side of the edge of the Black Bird and both found themselves face to face once more on the jet 

Carrie: I've had it with you always coming into my life and try to destroy EVERYTHING I hold dear! This time I'm finishing this myself!

Chris: This time?! You're more stupider than I thought. You're talking like we went on a one on one many times! (If you only knew you twit)

Carrie: Trust me, Chris. I'm NOT the Carrie White you know me as anymore. I am......a Goddesss!

Chris: Hahaha!! Yeah right! You're the goddess of NOTHING! You hear me?! NOTHING!! Except of piggies and freaks! That's ALL you are!

Carrie: Says daddy's little girl! (Whoa Carrie.....)

Chris growled and they tackled each other on top of the jet 

Inside the jet Xavier had just finished stabilizing Andrew's mind

Xavier: That should do it. He'll be stable long enough to help close that rip

Jean: And I think we just found it.

The camera rotates showing the Black Bird approaching....the original aurora

We cut back to the future where Magneto flew above the others as millions of Langoliers came flying at them like heat seeking missles

Magneto: This war ends now.

He waved his creating more magnetic fields but....it STILL was not enough.....

Then Three Langoliers tore Erik limb from limb

Logan: NO!!!!

More approached them


They made a run for it but a Langolier grabbed Gambit by the legs and TORE them off

Logan: REMY!!!

He screamed in agony then Logan grabbed him helping him inside but he was bleeding out to death as they made it in and sealed the doors

Rouge saw and gasped as she kept her energy in tacked for Carrie

Xavier and Kayla looked at each other in fear then he turned to Rouge

Xavier: Go. I'll keep Carrie's conciousness intact.

Rouge acknowledge and went to the others as Xavier took her place to keep Carrie's conciousness stable along with Kitty to Rachel

However Rouge saw Gambit's body without his legs and Logan looked at Rouge after the door was sealed seeing her emotional

Rouge: R-Remy....no, no, no......

Logan: I'm sorry....

Yukio: Logan....

Logan: D-did you see his death?

Yukio: No....I wish I did.

Meanwhile back in the past Carrie and Chris continued to brawl on top of the Black Bird and Chris was surprisingly on edge

Chris: Oops....

Carrie: Shut up.

She grabbed her with her powers but Chris grabs her with her electric hands and shocks her and Carrie falls

Carrie: Argh!

Chris: Stings, doesn't it?

Carrie: *Breaths heavily* You might have been the predator, in high school but now the tables have turned. Now I'm about to kick to kick your little ass.

Chris backed up sarcastically then Carrie slammed Chris through the black bird and caused the entire jet to tip and loose altitude

Rachel: CARRIE!

Jean: I got to put it down!

Rachel: No! We land now and it's all over!

Jean: I'm just gonna lower it in the middle of it.

Logan: Hold on to something!

Jean lowered the Black Bird into the aurora's path as Andrew rosed emotionless and looked at Xavier

Xavier: You know what you have to do.

He nodded and stood up walking to Rachel

Rachel: You sure he's safe, now?

Xavier: Sure enough. Go!

They levitated up and saw the fight

Chris: I. Will. End. Your. Miserable life!

Carrie: Like I never heard that before.

They kept pushing on each other with force then Carr noticed the aurora was close and then.....pushes her off

Carrie: Keep fighting and this won't end well for you.

Rachel: That includes us!

The three telekinetics stood together to confront Chris but.....

She smirked and made a full electric blast knocking both Andrew and Rach down and Carrie looked at her long arch rival in anger

Chris: Let's finish this.

Carrie: You first.

Chris attacked in full charge wrapped around Carrie trying to fry her she yelled in agony but.....

Kurt teleported behind Chris knocking her off her with his tail and aided Carrie as she looked up at him

Kurt: I may not know who you are. But my heart tells me I have for a life time.

Carrie: There's something I want to show you.

Carrie placed her hands on his head and.....she gave him the memories they made together in her time

When they met when he saved her their first kiss their Christmas together even the time they spent together while looking for Ralph

Kurt: *Pants* We were....

Carrie: Yes.

And then.....they found themsleves kissing

Chris recovered and saw the kiss and....just got more PISSED off

Chris: Rrrrrr!!

She blasted Kurt off the jet and falls

Carrie: NOOOOOO!!!

But....were unaware Kurt teleported back inside the jet with the others (Fast thinking.)

Chris: You will NEVER have a happy ending. Not now Not EVER!!

Carrie: F--F**K YOU! (WHOA....)

They tangled again but Carrie's powers were drained and fell on her knees

Chris: I'm really gonna enjoy hearing you scream.

Chris was about blast full charge on her until.....

A bullet was fired on her arm

Chris: AAAAAAHHH!!!!

She looked back seeing Sue sticking out of the hole Carrie slammed Chris into with a smoking gun and she smirked at Chris

Chris: SUE?!?!?!


Carrie used her remaining powers to grab Chris by the neck and she choked

Carrie: Now.....for the very last time, goodbye CHRIS!

She then pushed Chris into the aurora


Once she was sucked in she VANISHED! FOREVER! (Good riddance!)

Back in the future.....time was UP for our heroes The Langoliers ate their way through the solid days and they seemed helpless....or were they.....

The Past

Rachel and Andrew recovered and stood by Carrie and the three faced the aurora

They kept looking at it and it started to spike

Rachel: Is that suppose to happen?

Carrie: I doubt it.

It once again start to excessively accelerate and it clearly was about to cause an explotion or some shock wave

They all immediately turned around and sprinted as soon as soon as the aurora overloads it causes a colorful explosive shockwave

All three of them ran to the back of the Black Bird as fast as they could but radius was quickly catching up to them but Kurt teleported behind them then back all into the jet

The shockwave of the blast covers the Black Bird and everyone holds on for dear life and the screen blacks out

Cuts back inside the Black Bird the power was out and they were on the ground Rachel struggled to get to her feet she tried to get to her unconsious father as did Carrie to her mother

But once they all recovered it turned out the explosive wave just made the aurora stronger and bigger and they saw the plain (Flight 29 from the Langoliers movie) coming then Carrie and Rachel were left with one option Carrie: This is our last chance.

Rachel: Right.

Andrew still under Xavier's influence he Carrie and Rachel took each other's hands and they levitated back up to the aurora as the others watched helplessly at them and the plain coming

Kurt: The Lord is our strength....the Lord is with us.....

In the future the Langoliers ripped apart Negasonic Storm Yukio then Jean now Logan Kayla Xavier Rouge Kitty Carrie and Rachel still in their trance were the only ones left and the Langoliers were coming at them fast

In the past the three telekinetics joined their powers together forming a force to cause the rip to slowly shrink

The Future: The Langoliers charged at the heroes Kayla turned away on Logan's chest with him holding her Kitty and Rouge cried as Xavier sweated bullets

The Past: The aurora shrinked further


Carrie Rachel and Andrew (All): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

And then.....the aurora closed!

The Future: The Langoliers opened their mouths about to eat them till......they ALL VANISHED

The Past: The trio felt exhausted their powers drained and in slow mode they fell then the Plain (Flight 29 of the Langoliers movie) just passed by Carrie's vision began to black out and then.....the screen fades

It dims back as the camera gets a view of a window of the sun shinning

Cuts where Carrie is waking up back in her room at Xavier's school

Carrie: Wha......

She leaned her head up looking around and....saw framed pictures on her dresser

Of her and Kurt hugging and smiling (The same one he gave her for Christmas in X-C 2) and her and Rachel smiling outside and of her and Peter smiling holding their arms around each other and all four of them together by a fountian and here's what shocked her more....

She saw a framed pic of Tommy and Sue holding little Carrie age 4 and one of both her parents Ralph and Margaret together (Yep. They're back together in this. History changed a lot. Even changed the history of the prom destrection like it never happened.)

Carrie: We did it......

She then....looked at her left hand and......(Guess what)

She saw an engagement ring on her finger (Oh yeah!)

Carrie: Oh god.....

Carrie then got up dressed and came out of her room and saw students walking and running and teachers teaching in classes and saw Kayla teaching physics (Yep she teaches here now) She even saw Rouge and Gambit making out on coutch

Carrie: Rouge?

Rouge: *Turns over* Oh hi, Carrie.

Gambit: Dito.


Beast: Morning Carrie.

Carrie: Mr. McCoy??

She later saw Scott teaching auto repair

Carrie: Scott......

Rachel: *From behind* Carrie.....I think we did it.

Carrie: Rachel....

The sisters hugged and cried in joy......

Carrie: We did it!

Kurt: Did what?

Carrie: Kurt.....

She ran to him and hugged him too

Kurt: Baby, are you ok?

Carrie: I am now.

Xavier: *Strolls in fallowed by Logan* Carrie, is everything alright? Don't you have classes to attend?

Carrie: If I knew which class to attend.

Logan: What'd you mean?

Carrie: I mean I could use a little reminder.....after the aurora.

Rachel: Me too.

Logan: *Grins* Welcome back.

Xavier: I seance we have a lot of catching up to do.

Carrie: Yes, we do. And Kurt? *Holds her hand up with her ring* Is this suppose to mean.....?

Kurt: Yes.....and the answers still the same isn't it?

Carrie: I hope the same answers yes. Cause yes.

He smiled as all the others smiled and fades back to the past where.....in slow mode Carrie and the other two were still falling but....the three were saved by Kurt teleporting up and back down with them Carrie fading with dim and......

(End Credits)

Post Credits Scenes

We cut another lair where Magneto set up shop and.....Azazel awaited him as he stood by a steal door

Magneto: Have you found Andrew?

Azazel: Sinister and Mystique are persuing him as we speak.

Magneto: And is....SHE ready?

Azazel: As scheduled.

The door opened automatically where they came into a dark room till.....the lights came one

Magneto: Morning Laura. How are we feeling today?

The camera rotates revealing......X-23! (Yep! the girl from Logan!)

She tilted her head up opening her eyes in anger......then the lights blinked as children's screams echoed then.....

(Cuts out)


Coming soon......


Coming soon.....

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