X-C 3: Divide & Conquer is a 2021 live action, action adventure, superhero genre film, which is a crossover to the X-Men and Carrie and the sequel to both X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister and Spider-Man: Right Hand Of Power. The film is directed and produced by Bryan Singer and is distributed by 20th Century Fox, TSG Entertainment and Marvel Studios.

The main cast will consist of Chloë Grace Moretz, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Alan Cumming, Lynn Collins, Liev Schreiber, Odeya Rush, Dane Dehaan, James Marsden, Halle Berry, Ramke Janssen, Anna Paquin, Taylor Kitsch, Portia Doubleday, Evan Peters, Ryan Reynolds and many more....


After the events of X-C 2, most of the X-Men had thought that Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) was gone. However, they're mistaken when she comes back to find out that the others, specifically Cyclops (James Marsden) and Storm (Halle Berry) don't really trust Logan (Hugh Jackman) as much as they used to to be around. It's all because of the fact that one of Logans former lovers, Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins) was cloned from Sinister, and since they couldn't take any chances, they have to take precaution. Unfortunately, Azazel (Jason Flemyng) is still lurking out there, as he has means to combine artifacts together for means of invading the planet. But what's priority #1?

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Mortez - Carrieta "Carrie" White
  • Hugh Jackman - Logan/Wolverine
  • Alan Cumming - Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
  • Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier
  • Lynn Collins - Kayla Silverfox
  • Liev Schreiber - Victor Creed/Sabertooth
  • Odeya Rush - Rachel Lang
  • Jason Flemyng - Azazel
  • Portia Doubleday - Christine "Chris" Hargensen
  • Dane Dehaan - Andrew Detmer
  • James Marsden - Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Halle Berry - Orono Monroe/Storm
  • Famke Janssen - Jean Grey
  • Anna Paquin - Rogue
  • Taylor Kitsch - Remy LaBeau/Gambit
  • Ellen Page - Kitty Pryde
  • Shawn Ashmore - Bobby Drake/Iceman
  • Kelsey Grammar - Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast
  • Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Evan Peters - Quicksilver
  • Stefan Kapaic - Colossus
  • Brianna Hildebrand - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • T.J Miller - Weasel
  • Kane - Minion
  • James Marsters - Ydrazil
  • Kelly Hu - Ginniyeh
  • Kat Dennings - Jillian



This takes place at the mansion late at night, right when Agent Ross (Robert Patrick) had confronted the X-Men with the contract, asking for their assistance in the matter of containing chaos.

Storm (Halle Berry) took another brief look at the contract and sighed softly....but then......she took the pen from nearby....and signed it.

Ross: Thank you very much, you two. I--I can assure you that this will impact you dearly in a good way.

Cyclops (James Marsden): Please....we already have blood on our hands. The sooner we resolve this, the better.

Ross: Agreed.

Storm eventually nodded, but we cut outside the mansion where Kurt (Alan Cumming) and Carrie (Chloë Grace Mortez) and the Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) were all dropped off by Logan (Hugh Jackman).

Carrie: Ahh, home sweet home. And it's already back in one peace.

Kurt: Almost. Just half-way there.

Carrie smiled and leaned her head onto him while Xavier noticed that Logan was out of the car and into his bike.

So he asked him....

Xavier: Logan? Aren't you coming?

Logan: I can't.

Carrie: What'd you mean?

Logan: There's a....certain someone I got to check up with....She'll need me to be there tonight. Now, I don't know when I'll be back.

Carrie: don't have to leave. We---

Logan: Kid, this is personal. But I'm not saying goodbye. I'm saying "See ya later".

Xavier: I think I understand. Carrie? This is something he has to do on his own.

Carrie just looked over at the Professor and breathed heavily as she looked over at Logan.

Carrie: careful, ok Logan?

Logan: Trust me, Carrie. I never have to be.

He restarts the ignition and Logan eventually drives off as all three of them look back at him. Kurt puts his hand on Carries shoulder and brings her closer to him.

Kurt: He can handle himself. No need to fret, babe.

Xavier: Well....let us get settled.

They were all about to walk inside the mansion until they noticed Ross walking out. They didn't really say anything, but they knew that something fishy was going on.

So they walked inside and saw Cyclops and Storm acting strange.....

Storm: Wha---C-Carrie? I---

Carrie: I know, I know......

Kurt: Hey....what are you two.....

Cyclops: I wouldn't ask questions you don't wanna know the answer to.

Both Kurt and Carrie just looked at each other in confusion.

Carrie: Uhh....excuse me. But...did we offend you? I mean...if this has anything to do with Kayla or Logan.....I understand, but.....

Storm: Carrie.....something's are better left unresolved. You'll understand soon enough.

Eventually, both of them walked out the main hall and Xavier just rolled into his office without saying a word.

Carrie: Kurt. This isn't right. I don't feel comfortable about this. You think Storm and Scott's behavior, Logan leaving and Tommy's dad showing up from S.H.I.E.L.D. is just a coincidence? Cause I don't think so.

Kurt: Trust me, I doubt it too, baby. I really think this homecoming wasn't so pleasant.

That's when Carrie hears the Professors voice in her head. Kurt can hear it as well.

Xavier: Don't worry about it, you two. Not everything is as predictable or uneasy as it seems. They're just under some stress. We all are. Now, you two should get to bed. It's late.

Carrie: Yes, Professor.

Kurt: Gute Nacht, professsor.

They both went upstairs, kissing each other goodnight, but then we cut to a helicopter landing on a rooftop and guess who came out of it.....

Azazel (Jason Flemyng)

As he got out of the helicopter, there was someone with him.

Man: Welcome, Azazel. Everything's on schedule.

Azazel: And my son?

Man: With them. Even the Professor. But here are the arrangements you ordered.

He handed him a briefcase and as Azazel opened it up, he smiled as he saw three bright glowing cubes.

Man: That's about all there was, anyway sir. If you don't mind me asking.....what is this for?

Azazel: The end....the end of the X-Men.

It zooms into the cubes and then......

~Title Sequence~

It then cuts to a where Logan gets off on his bike, and stops at a hotel and eventually walks into his hotel room as he lies down.

Logan: *sighs* When is this madness gonna end already?

He gets himself in the bed and tries to doze off, but he can't. A scent caught his attention (it's not Mystiques) and it annoyed him.

Logan: Jesus.....

All of a sudden, he pulls out his claws and a certain figure latched down from the ceiling, but Logan caught him and pierced him just in time.

Logan: Really? How much longer?

Victor (Liev Schreiber): It' to say....this won't stop anytime soon.

He tries to attack again, but Logan pushes Victor off his claws and Victor flew back as he hits the lamp, startling Kayla (Lynn Collins) who was in the bathroom.

Eventually, she came out.

Kayla: Logan, could you try not to.....*gets a good look over at Victor* Victor?

Victor: Kayla.....What a pleasant surprise....

Kayla: *to Logan* Logan.....don't think about it.

Logan: Why the hell not?

Victor: Last I heard, you were alive again, but I also were a clone. Is that why you're not staying at Neverland Manor?

Logan: Don't you dare talk to her like that!

Kayla: Logan!'re not an animal. And when are you two gonna stop fighting? You two are brothers.

Logan: You really expect me him that again.....after everything he's us.....

Kayla: The past is the past, James.

He paused and froze for a moment. She had just called him the name he wasn't called in a long time and he couldn't believe it. Kayla then switches eye-contact over to Victor.

Kayla: And you. Are you really gonna kill your own brother all because he wanted a life better than death and destruction? Is that REALLY what you want?

Victor: We can't deny who we are.

Kayla: At least you had a choice. I didn't. Nor my sister.

Victor: Yeah, but your sis went up to join Magneto after.....Jimmys episode. THAT was her choice.

Kayla: That's not what I'm saying. Just think for yourself for once and calm the hell down. Is fighting your brother really worth all this sh**? And even if you do kill him, what then?

Victor and Logan both calmed themselves down a notch as they put their claws away and backed up.

Logan: I...I need a drink.

Victor: Not too much.

Logan: I choose how much I get drunk, ok? It's my choice.....Creed.

Victor just stepped back and took a seat as Logan walked out of the room. Kayla just sat down in the bed and put a pin in her hair.

She turned over to Victor and saw he was knocked out.

Kayla: Two untamed animals.....what else could you ask for?

As Kayla got herself in bed and eventually dozed off, Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) arrived back with the black bird jet and had....well......urgent news.

But since, it was STILL night, he didn't want to wake anyone up. However, the Professor WAS still up at this time. He was In the lab working on an unconscious Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan), trying to clear his head while out cold on a table. That's when Colossus came in.

Colossus: Bad news, Professor. That other clone is on the move again. I saw her causing a blackout on Broadway

Xavier: I'd knew she was willing to go that far to get what she wants. Stubborn as ever.

Colossus: What about Carrie? I heard she was back, but....should she be warned?

Xavier: Perhaps....but for now, let her sleep. Right now, we have some personal matters with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Scott and Storm are, for some reason, taking terms with them.

Colossus: And....our friend here?

He glances over Andrew in the table.

Xavier: His mind's still out of focus with destruction and vengeance. I'm trying to clear his mind as much as I can.

Colossus: But is it safe to have him here with the children?

Xavier: I'm taking certain precautions, Piotr.  

Colossus: I'm positive you have the best of intentions, sir. But....what about the other clone?

Xavier didn't need a reminder to explain what Colossus was talking about. He knew he was talking about Kayla.

Xavier: Piotr.....I assure you, she can be trusted. I wouldn't have helped her back then if I wasn't confident.

Colossus: need to reconsider.....

Xavier then injected himself into his mind and tried to reason with him.....

Xavier: There shall not be conflict between us.....the last thing we want is another war between the humans or more of our kind.....

.....but it didn't work, unfortunately.

Colossus didn't really say anything.....but he did take Andrew off of the table and dragged him to over to the couch to let him rest properly. And he sat next to him.

Xavier finally let go of his powers and just sat back in his wheelchair.....

.....before hearing a voice.

Jean (Famke Janssen): Professor?

Xavier: Jean....come in.

She does.

Jean: Umm....We just caught another detection with the surebro and it detected Sabertooth in the area. Best hunch is he's following Logan, south east.

Xavier: Very good, Jean. I'll take it from there. Would you mind continuing with Andrew?

Jean: No problem.

Soon as the Professor left the lab, Piotr turned to Jean.

Colossus: Do you really think we can trust the clone Logan's been running around with? Sinister was after all the one who created her and the others.

Jean: If the Professor says we should, then we should. But.....

Colossus: Yes?

Jean: First time in my life.....I'm starting to have doubts.

The very next day, everyone was finishing the reconstruction for the mansion. Beast (Kelsey Grammer) was installing new security power, Jean was painting the walls as Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) was hanging.....patriots on walls

At that point, Carrie came out of her room to see it all and just as she was getting close to the steps, she had a close encounter with Rogue (Anna Paquin)

Rogue: Carrie??

Carrie: Rogue!

The two embraced each other with a tight hug since this was the first time they've seen each other since the battle with Sinister.

Rogue: Oh's great to see you. I mean, I heard you were still alive, but I wasn't sure.

Carrie: I know. Thor pulled me out of the castle just before it fell on me and.....I got stuck on Asgard for God knows how long. How you been?

Rogue: Well, the same except.....Check this out.

What Rogue showed Carrie was....well.....let's just say that after she absorbed Sinister's powers, it (for some reason) whipped out and replaced her old powers and HIS telekinesis and she demonstrated on one of the hallway tables.

Carrie was not only surprised since she didn't see Rogue use that, but that a lot changed since the battle with Sinister.

Carrie: How do you---I didn't think you had---

Rogue: I didn't before. Don't know what happened, but it guess I absorbed his abilities and replaced all of mines.

Carrie: That didn't seem wise.

Rogue: I know, but I had to get stop him somehow.

Carrie: So....that means you can't.....

Rogue: I guess. I'm "disease free" now and....honestly....I'd like to keep it that way.

Carrie: *chuckles*

Meanwhile, downstairs, in the training area, we take a glimpse of Bobby Drake (Shawn Ashmore), who was doing a practice test of his own to try and enhance his abilities, but he couldn't think straight because of....

Scott: Bobby.

The distraction causes Bobby to flunk and mess up.

Bobby: Ahh, come on, Scott. I was in the middle of something.

Scott: I can CLEARLY see that.....But I just wanted to know what the hell you doing goofing off when you're supposed to be helping fix up the mansion?

Bobby: I was just testing myself for a sec.

Scott: But who asked you to take a break?

Bobby: Hey. Hold on; man. Why are you being an asshole?

Scott: Why are you such a slacker?!

They almost burst into an argument till.....

Beast: Hey hey guys, calm down. There's no need for this hostility.

Scott: Stay out of this, Hank!

Jean: Scott! Please.....

Scott: Jean....not now. Stay back.....this is....this is on personal offenses.

Bobby: I get it. You're still pissed at Logan, right?

Scott: What the---who told you?

All of a sudden, he felt a force go through him, causing him to turn around.

Kitty: That would be me.

Next thing, you know they all just stared at Scott.

Beast: Summers, would you mind explaining why you're in such a.......feistive mood....

Storm: I can sum things up.

They all turned over as Storm walked in.

Storm: But we all need to talk about this privately.

So they gathered later in the lab and Storm told them of the contract she and Summers signed for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the fact that Logan was protecting was one of Sinister's clones

Jean: Scott. Since when were you into siding with government agency?

Scott: Since it's been one war after another. It has to end somehow. And that clone can't be trusted.

Beast: Hardly, my boy. The clone of Hargensen followed any orders from Sinister.

Scott: It's still not real. It's like it's suffocating him with his lies.

Colossus: And, of course, there's still the actions of Azazel. Poor Kurt. It would be hard for him to know what his father has been doing.

Storm: Which is why he can never know.

Bobby: That's like not telling a 8 year child that his parents just died in an accident.

Kitty: We can't risk the chance. He should have a right to know.

Scott: The bitterest truth sometimes is harder than the sweetest lies. Right now, no one says a word to him. But first things first, we need to find the clone.

Jean: Scott. You can't really blame Logan for wanting to protect her. He once loved her a long ago and he's been lonely since then. It's better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.

Scott: Jean. That's what he's not understanding. He has to move on. Besides, that clone was created by Sinister. How do we know that it's not waiting to come out and ---Ugh. I'm just saying it can't be trusted until further notice.

Beast: *Sighs* This is maddening.

Unfortunately, no one was aware that Carrie was standing by the door to the lab and heard the whole conversation.

Carrie: *Whispers* I got to warn Logan.

Meanwhile, back at Azazel's lair, he came into his control room for a brief update.

Azazel: So.....Is she ready?

Man: Yes, sir. Although, it was hard to keep her under control.....especially with her powers. But we manged to sustain as much as we could.

Azazel: Good. So bring her in, then.

The camera cuts to nearby elevator doors opening to the screen and we hear struggles as we zoom at Azazel.

Azazel: Welcome....Christine......


The camera cuts back to the elevator as some soldiers dragged Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) out of the elevator and dropped her in front of Azazel.

She looks up at him and smirks as she slowly gets up and stares at him.

Chris: Well, well, well.....thank you, sir.....

Azazel: Chris....I'm surprised to see you finally complying.

Chris: Why, of course. I wouldn't dare hope to irritate you.

(She's playing a trick, as usual. We all know this.)

Azazel: So.....*sits down* What exactly is your main priority, this time around?

Chris: Divide.....and conquer. The X-Men will be no more.

Azazel: Good. And what is your goal to insure their destruction?

Chris: When their war begins.....I decimate them....from the inside.

Azazel: Excellent. Now we shall begin with phase 2 of our operation. Come, my dear.

Azazel lead Chris downstairs where he opened the suitcase given to him earlier and showed her....the three cubes. But no ordinary cubes.

Azazel: Behold, my dear. Three of the four cubes of Neyaphem. Since the dawn of my race, the cubes have been the source of our power. Thee who holds all four and unite as one shall have command of all four warriors of Neyaphem: Ginniyeh.....Minion.....Ydrazil......and Jillian. Rumors foretell that Professor Xavier holds the last cube in his possession, which is the main reason I hired Mystique to capture him.

Chris: So, we tear the X-Men apart; we get the cube.

Azazel: Indeed.

Chris, however (Knowing her), had other ideas in mind. If she had the warriors at her command, she would finally fulfill her desire to kill Carrie and control the world. So.....

Chris: I'll get it for you. *Smirks*

While all of that was happening, we cut back to Logan who had decided to sleep in the lobby because.....well.....Victor.

He woke up a little buzzed, cause he couldn't resist drinking too much and he stumbled a little.

Logan: Heyyyyy.....carefffffuuullll, bub. I'm wal--walking here.

As he tries to will himself sober, he catches Victors scent and he focused....or tried to. But before he could even try to find him, Kayla stops him and puts her hand on his chest.

Kayla: Logan....bae....please relax....

Her powers were the same as before and they still worked now.

Logan, somehow, got sober through Kaylas powers and he stepped back and sat down again.

Logan: *breathing*

Kayla: I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you....

Logan: Forget it. You were right. No matter how much of a asshole Victor was, he's still my brother. I hate admitting it, but he is.

Kayla: I understand your pain, but I hate for you to be down here alone. Come back up with me.

Logan: You know I can't face him after all he's done.

Kayla just refused to leave Logan and sat on his lap while leaning her head onto him. And Logan just held her.

Kayla: I don't want you to lose you again.

Logan: You won't.

Victor: *From behind* Nice....touching.

Logan: Get the hell out of here, Victor.

Kayla: Logan.

Victor: Will you shut up, Jimmy? I'm actually here to help.

Logan: Why would you help me after everything?

Victor: I already heard what you just said. Besides, have you forgotten?

Logan: Forgotten what?

Victor: We're brothers, Jimmy, and brothers stand up for each other.

Logan just looked down and then back up at Victor. He then stood up in front of him and.....reached out his hand.

Logan: Don't. Shake. Unless. You mean it.....

Victor slowly reached his hand out and then shook it while smiling at Logan. And then they pulled themselves in for a hug.

(Bout time that got resolved)

It cuts back to the mansion where Kurt was praying about the current events that transpired.

He spoke in German 'till Carrie came by to him and remembers their PROPER introduction. And it didn't take long for him to notice her.

Carrie: This is like how we met.

Kurt: Actually, we met down in the lab and you panicked and used your powers on me.

Carrie: Yeah. I still regret that.....Baby, I think Logan may need our help soon.

Kurt: What makes you say that?

Carrie: Because they don't trust Kayla. All cause she's a cl---different. She seemed nice.....what's to judge?

Kurt: Well....we can't do it on our own.

Carrie: Agreed. We'll have to get some of our friends to help. I should call Rachel......

That's when Carrie had to drastically change the subject.

Carrie: Kurt? There's something else you should know too. You know that guy that....kidnapped you and the Professor before our battle with Andrew?

Kurt: Yes.

Carrie just looked at him sadly and it immediately cuts to at Azazel's lair where he stared at a magic image of his son in his palm.

Azazel: Kurt.....

Later that night with Xavier and Beast, he had finished clearing his head and soon released him from the restraints.

Beast: You sure about this, Charles?

Xavier: He has to feel given a second chance. He deserves it.

And then.....Andrew opened his eyes slowly and fully calm and looked up towards the Professor.

Xavier: Hello, Andrew.....

He slowly inched his way up from the table and looked around the place with a look of astonishment in his eyes.

Andrew: What....where am I?

Xavier: Home.

Andrew sits up and looks around the place and realizes something.

Andrew:'re Charles Xavier.

Xavier: I see you remember.

Andrew: I've just been....

Beast: *whispering* Charles.....

Xavier: *whispering* I got this.....

Little did they know, Kitty and Bobby were watching from upstairs and they were really confused.

Kitty: The hell is he?

Bobby: Frankly, I don't wanna know. But....don't do anything yet.

Then Andrew started getting a mind rush and he couldn't concentrate on anything.

Andrew: My head is spinning. I can't think!

Things began to float by his powers till Xavier spoke softly.

Xavier: Andrew....clear your mind.

He breathed heavily 'till he calmed himself and things dropped themselves.

Kitty: *Whispers* Whoa....He's got telekinesis like Carrie and Jean.

Bobby: And that other chick in New York.

Xavier: Andrew, what's the last thing you remember?

Andrew: I don't know......I remember....being on some jet or ship....There was a....a green monster, a blonde guy with a hammer and......

All of a sudden, his mind went linear and became laser sharp, for he had remembered Carrie.....and he wasn't satisfied.

Xavier: Andrew?

He didn't answer back. He just immediately walked his way upstairs, completely passing Kitty and Bobby and .....knocked on Carries door.

Carrie was asleep at the time and so was Kurt, but he kept on banging.

At that point, Kitty and Bobby had to stop him as they pulled him off.

Bobby: Hey hey hey! Careful, you're gonna end up waking everyone.

Andrew: That's gonna be the least of her concerns.

Kitty: Hey, watch it. Carrie did NOTHING to you.

Andrew's not what she did..... It's what I'm gonna do TO HER!!!

He was about to barge the door down till Ice-man froze him up to stop him but he broke free and pushed both Kitty and Bobby away till.....

Xavier's voice: *In Andrew's head* No, Andrew!

He screamed in agony and fell on his knees 'till he was out cold

Xavier: Hank, you were right. He's not ready yet. We'll have to progress with him even further.

Beast: Indeed.

Upon hearing this, he leaped his way upstairs to check on Bobby and Kitty.

Beast: Bobby, Kitty are you alright?

Kitty: Perfect.

Bobby: Never better. Please tell me this maniac isn't staying with us.

Beast: Don't fret yourselves. We would never endanger anyone. The Professor just wants to see if he can be stabilized.

Kitty: Last time he tried to stabilize that chick with the electricity, she burnt down the mansion.

Beast: We never slam the door to anyone. Ok? Now, help me get him back downstairs.

Bobby and Kitty reluctantly agreed and picked him up and carried him back to the lab.

Back at Logan's hotel, Kayla was asleep and Victor was....nowhere to be seen. Logan, however, was standing out on the balcony, having a cigarette 'till he saw....

CHRIS sneak into a stock exchange building.

Logan: Oh my.....You....just never stay down do you? *Presses out middle claw*

(I can never get enough of that) 

As he jumps down from the balcony and follows her, Chris walks into that building, only to get stopped by locks and stuff.

Chris: Damn it.....

So she goes around the back to find that the back door was unlocked. Seizing the opportunity, she burst through.

Chris: Hmph....I enjoy f**king s**t up....

Unfortunately, the wall on her right side broke down and she felt herself being tackled know they crash back to the front of the store.

As Chris got up and looked up at him, she was stunned and frustrated yet again, that she just can't seem to get rid of this guy.

Logan: Now, call me old fashioned, but I thought for a second that you were done with this kind of bullsh-t.....

Chris: F**king......what are you.....just...what in the living hell ARE YOU?!?!

Logan: The Wolverine.

Chris: *chuckles* You can't seriously think you can't keep me incarcerated forever, right? You really think an ant can beat a dinosaur?

Logan: Apparently, they can if the Dino is just a big, tall ugly tub of horsesh--.....


She then attacks, but Logan needlessly dodges every single one of her strikes and power attacks. She then blasted at Logan, but he slowly walked through the electricity healing with every step. It became clear that Chris just couldn't keep him down and as she was about to go for another pulse, he lunged out and then swung his claws RIGHT at Chris's face.

She screamed in agony and then looked at herself in broken glass. Chris saw the scratches and whimpered as she then turned to Logan.

Chris: Look at what you've......DONE TO ME!!

Logan: I warned you, bub. Stop harassing my friends.

Chris: If you're talking about Carrie White, when will you learn: SHE DOES NOT DESERVE FRIENDS!!!!

Logan: You son of a b**ch.

Logan was about to talk again till.....

Kayla: LOGAN!!

He turned over to see Kayla and Sabretooth standing by on the wall outside, then Chris smirked and unleashed a full fury of electricity bringing the entire building down.

Chris: See you in hell....

And then she vanishes. But Logan runs to Kayla and Victor as they make a beeline for the exit.

Logan: GET OUT!! NOW!!!

They all manage to get out of the building in time before it demolished down. Panicked citizens fled the streets as the Black Bird flew above the city by Cyclops and Storm

Storm: The hell's going on down there?

Cyclops: I don't know. I---

Suddenly, he had a good visual of Logan and Kayla running hand to hand with Victor behind them and with that image stuck in his head, it seemed clear to Scott that Logan had betrayed the X-men by joining back with his brother and frowned in furiousness.

(This keeps getting better and better)

The next day, back at the mansion after a class, Kurt stood by the door in Xavier's office and it didn't take him long to notice him

Xavier: Kurt....wouldn't want to be late for Colossus's training session.

Kurt didn't move. He just stood there.

Xavier: Is there something troubling you?

Kurt: Yes, sir. I--the thing my father?       Xavier didn't want to make things complicated for he said it.

Xavier: Yes.

Kurt just stood there, frozen with a small bit of anger building up inside.

Kurt: You knew all along and you never told me?

Xavier: Some things are better left unsaid around here. We never know what our upcomings could bring more or less out of and.....Kurt.....Kurt, he was a bad man....


Xavier just took a deep breath inside and sat back with a look of sadness in his face.

Xavier:.....I know. But either was for your own good.....

Jean couldn't help but overhear the conversation and, for once, she finally started to contradict what Scott had said before.

Kurt: My own good?! You could've told me from the beginning, Professor. I could've handled it in any-way I could. I gave you and everyone my full trust. But I see all couldn't trust me with the truth.

Xavier: Kurt, I--

Kurt: Save it.

Frustrated and angry, he teleports away.

Xavier just went face down and strolls to his desk as Jean came into the room.

Jean: I tried to warn Scott and Storm that it could come to this.

Xavier: It doesn't matter, Jean. We need to provide in anyway we can.

Downstairs, Colossus, Carrie and a few others came out of the danger room, exhausted. Carrie then pulled out her ponytail, out of breath and looked around to notice that Kurt never came in for training

Carrie: Rouge? Have you seen Kurt today?

Rogue: I figured he was with you.

Carrie: I didn't seen him since this morning

Negasonic (Brianna Hilderbrand): I saw him earlier going into the Professor's office.

Carrie just stops in her tracks when she hears that.

Carrie: Oh my god.....

Rouge: What is it, Carrie?

Carrie: I need to talk to you two alone for a minute.

They snuck away without Colossus noticing till.....he turned over and saw they were gone.

Colossus: Ppptt. Teenage girls.

So Carrie brought them out of the area and....told them about Kurts father.

Negasonic: Oh....god, no.....

Rogue: The professor didn't tell him ANY of that?

Carrie: No. But then again, if Kurt found out what Azazel did to him....I don't think he would've lived with himself.

Rouge just took a deep breath and backed up.

Negasonic: Now that....I think about it, I also saw Jean in the office as well.

Rogue: What for?

Negasonic: Hey, that's out of my jurisdiction.

All of a sudden, they heard a certain slam and they heard Scotts voice.

Scott: That son of a b**ch!

Colossus: Summers, what is the meaning of this?!

Scott: That little....aargh.....

Luckily, he was able to calm himself for a brief period of time and continued.

Scott: Alright....what I'm trying to say is.....

Storm: Logan....has turned on us.

Kitty: No.

Colossus: Preposterous!

Scott: Trust me, we saw him with the clone AND Sabertooth.

Bobby: What??

Jean: Scott, that's impossible. It--it can't be right. Logan and Victor are brothers, yeah; but they been arch rivals for years.

Scott: I know what I saw, Jean. They put civilian lives at risk by destroying a building in a densely packed area, no less.

Jean: That's just not like him.

Scott: My point, exactly.

Storm: Well, he made his choice. Now it's our turn to make ours. So if you're with us.....then be with us.

As the others looked around and just shrugged, Carrie and the other two overheard the whole thing

Carrie: *Whispers* What'd we gonna do? I know Logan and Kayla wouldn't do such a thing.

Rogue: *Whispers* I know. We got to find him before they do.

Negasonic: *Whispers* How?? I mean this will go against my better judgement, but I am sick of Summers's bullsh**. But our only problems are we don't know where to start and neither one of us can fly the Black Bird.

Carrie: Fly? Who says we need to fly?

Carrie grins as she looked up and the other two after and saw Nightcrawler hanging by his tail on the ceiling.

Kurt: Guten tag.

He jumped down and they all grabbed hold of him and teleported. But they were unaware that Beast had saw them across the room and.....

Eventually, he made his decision.....

He immediately pushed Scott and Storm back as the others backed up in shock.

Jean: Hank, what are you doing?!

Kitty: I think he's made his choice, alright.

Bobby: Hank, FREEZE!

He tried to freeze him, but Beast immediately made a run for it, but he got blocked by Colossus.

Colossus: Just where exactly do you think you're headed?

Beast: This is wrong and you know it. Logan is one of us. And we're just gonna turn our backs on him? Does it really matter if Kayla is a clone? She's never harmed anyone.

Scott: They destroyed a building, Hank!

Storm: And they've teamed up with Sabertooth.

Beast: We all have to team up with our rivals during desperate times. We had to work with Magneto to change history to save the world from the sentinels.

Bobby: That was different. The world was dying.

Beast: Well, it might be again....with the real enemy out there. Azazel. And why keep this from Kurt? He had the right to know his true heritage from the start and you kept it from him.

Storm: He wouldn't be able to handle it.

Beast: Well; he already knows, Orono.

Storm: What??!

Scott: Did you tell him?!!

Beast: No. But he still found out like he would anyway. Cause what if Azazel told him?

Kitty: Mr. McCoy , please don't make this worse.

Beast: I'm deeply sorry, my dear. But I will not abandon our friend like this. Cause we owe our lives to Logan.

Scott: We owe him sh**.

Beast: Then so be it.

Beast roared and jumped out the high window escaping before they all could get to him.

Storm: Damn it!

Scott: No worries. We're gonna need a few extra hands.

Colossus: Don't worry. I've got one.....The deranged, the unhinged and the completely insane.

After Beast bailed out the mansion, he took the Black Bird with him and took off.

Meanwhile, Kurt and the others Queens, New York.

(Yeah, that fast)

Rogue: Wait---where are we?

Negasonic: Is this the Big Apple?

Kurt:....New York.....

Carrie looked around and realized something.

Carrie: Rachel.....I gotta get to her.

Negasonic: Is that really necessary right now?

Carrie: We're low on options. With the X-Men at war, we need all the hands we could get. But I can't get there fast enough.

Rouge: Who said anything about being fast?

Carrie: Of course....*smiles at Kurt*....hold on to something.

They latched onto Kurt again and they transported right outside Peters apartment and they ended up in the lobby to find out that no one was there.

Negasonic: Quiet.

Rouge: Too quiet.

Carrie: Ok. You guys stay here and I'mma go get her.

Kurt: Babe. Try to use soft words, ok? This will be the first time she'll see you since Sinister.

Carrie: I know. *Kisses him* I love you. *runs up the hall*

While they waited, Negasonic was on her twitter (Again), Rogue went to the bathroom and Kurt looked around and encountered a janitor (Stan Lee) by the corner elevator.

Kurt: *Chuckles nervously* Guten Tag.

Janitor: A--am I dreaming?

Kurt: Why....yes. Yes, you are.

Meanwhile, Carrie walks up to the door of Peters apartment and gets cold feet. It's been since the battle of Sinister since they've last seen each other, so she had to make this count.

She rings the doorbell, and she hears some sort of movement inside.

Just a minute....

Carrie patiently waited outside. Eventually, Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) came out wearing a robe and answered and........her jaw dropped down to the floor as her eyes bolted.

Carrie: Hello, sis.

Rachel: C-C---Carrie???

She couldn't help but to burst out the door and hug her tight.

Rachel: H-How?? I thought--

Carrie: It's a real long story. But I need your help, Rachel. We're at war.....

Meanwhile, Rouge was still in the bathroom and SHE pulls a phone out of her suit to make a call to........

Rogue: Hey. Are you there?

Gambit (Taylor Kitsch): *over phone* Always, as ever, beautiful.....

Rouge: *Chuckles and blushes* Listen, I need your help. Can you meet me and some friends soon?

Gambit: Yeah, you got it. Where?

Rogue: I--I was thinking Central Park. I know you own a club near there. I thought---

Gambit: sweat, my lovely Rogue. I'll be there in an hour.

Gambit hung up and then turns around to discover....he had an unexpected visitor in his office.

Gambit: Why, Logan.....

Logan: No time to talk. I need your help. I'm NOT asking twice.

Gambit: Ahh.....Look, you want my help? Then you should come with me to the park. A certain friend that you and I have in common asked me to meet her and some friends.

Logan: Who?

We cut back to the apartment building as Rogue came out of the bathroom and Carrie and Rachel came downstairs to see everyone as Kurt walked to them.

Kurt: Hi, Rach.

Rachel: Oh, hi Kurt.

Rachel gave Kurt a soft hug then he asked:

Kurt: Where's Petey?

Rachel: He's off patrolling. I left him a note saying I'll be back.

Rogue: I got another friend who's gonna meet us at Central Park. Kurt?

Kurt: Grab on.

Negasonic: *Sarcastically* I LOVE this part.

They all held on to Kurt and teleports away as the camera rotates to the Janitor asleep on the couch as he snores loudly


At that point, it cuts back to Chris who, after her shuffle with Logan, turned her attention to the mansion, which the last remaining cube was being least, according to Azazel.

Chris: What's the purpose of building something up......*surges electricity to her hand*......only to send it crashing back down? *chuckles*

(This girl has lost her damn mind)

Meanwhile, back inside, Xavier was down in the surburo area and with a push of the button, on the panel.....he ascended up to a basement level, in which Xavier saw a briefcase ahead of him.

Xavier: *sighs*

He rolled over to the table, rotated the briefcase around and opened it to reveal......

.....The Last Cube of Neyaphem.

Xavier: The purpose of not to end.....

Meanwhile, back with Scott and....his team, they were following Colossus over to the Sister Margaret's bar.

Jean: Ok....why are we here again?

Colossus: Because he spends his time here when he's not out killing.

Scott: Why do we even need this guy?

Colossus: He's the only one who can outmatch Wolverine and Sabertooth. Trust me. He's a dangerous arsenal.

Kitty: I just hope you know what you're doing.

They walk in, just to see everyone drinking and playing pool; yet the bar table wasn't finished being rebuilt since Chris destroyed it before.

Most of them just stared at them since Colossus has a..... "Shinny appearance"

Colossus: Weasel.....

Weasel: (TJ Miller): Huh?! Oh Colossus. It's you

Colossus: We're here to see Wade. Is he in?

Weasel: Yeah, he uh.....he's over there. Just watch for know.

He points back to the pool table and they looked across the room to see a hooded guy in the back not showing his face. Then they cautiously walked over to him

Colossus: Wade? Is that you under there?

As soon as he heard the voice, he quickly turned around, revealing himself to be the legendary, infamous Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds).

Wade: Nah, it's Santa Clause. You been naughty or nice?

Scott: That's supposed to be the legendary Deadpool? I'm so not impressed.

Bobby: Not alone on that.

Wade: I may not look it right now, four eyes. But trust me. I'm a real pool of a f**king pool of blood.

Scott: What did you call me, you--?!

Jean: Scott.

He took a quick look over at Jean and calmed himself down.

Colossus: Let me do the talking, ok? *To Wade* Wade. We need you to help us just as we helped you. Our comrade Wolverine has....

Wade: Wolve---back up; did you say Wolverine?! Cause I sure as hell didn't hear you say Polverine.

Bobby: The hell?

Colossus: He's harboring a clone from Sinister and one of our arch rivals and he--

Wade: He's wha--- WHAT THE.....*Pulls off hood revealing his face*....SH** BISCUIT?!!

Jean and Kitty screamed looking at him.

Colossus and Storm just looked at each other as Wade was just being hysterical over Logan.

Storm: Wade.....listen....I....

Wade: My sh**.....

Scott: What?

Wade: WEASEL! Where's my props and sh**?!

Weasel: Just a sec. Hold on.

Weasel went to the back to get his "sh**" as Wade just broke a pool club into two and then......turns to the camera and imitates the 4th wall breaking.....but then Weasel comes back out to see it....


Wade: You might wanna put the kiddies to rest now, parents. Things are about to get.....

He threw the pool club at a random biker I the bar and it pierced through his head and hit a bullseye on a dart board.....and EVERYONE, except for Scott and the others cheered.

Wade: *back towards the camera*.....really violent. Watch the nuts.

Kitty and Jean recovered from Wades appearance and looked up at him again.

Jean: Listen, if you.....

Wade: I don't care what you have in store. But that son of a b**ch cut my freaking head off a little less then....6, 7....who gives a f--k when it happened....IT STILL HAPPENED! I couldn't be able to taste the clarity of Vanessa sexy lips or eat my own asshole if I had to. Do you even get half the sh** coming out of my mouth?

Weasel: You didn't have a mouth back in Origins.....

Wade: Not helping, Weasel.....GO GET MY SH**! *sighs and turns back to them*

Scott: were saying.....

Wade: *turns toward the camera again*.....Cue the music.....

(Lol again)

The music hits to Rage Against The Machines "Bulls On Parade" and Wade makes his choice.

Wade: Whoop-whoop! SIGN ME UP, fellas!

It then shows a montage of Wade suiting up and the camera rises up to his head revealing.....Deadpool!!

Deadpool: Ahh....tacos. The breakfast for champion, motherf**kers.

Scott: Nice red spandex. Can we go now?

Deadpool: Hold up, gaggles! Just want to give the viewers a proper introduction!

He immediately jumps up on the pool table and everyone in the bar starts chanting his name.

Dead Dead Deadpool!!!

Fire blows up behind him as a text of his name pops up.

Scott: Oooook......

Kitty: He was right about one thing: he is the COMPLETELY insane.

The record stretches and Colossus pulls on his ear.

Colossus: We're going.

Deadpool: Ow! Ow! Watch it, Shinny! I just grew this ear back!  

They end up dragging him out of the bar with his bag of weapons (No, he didn't forget this time) as it cuts back to the mansion as Xavier was just finished looked over the cube. He closed the suitcase and rolled outside to take it back....until he ran into Chris.

And then.....silence.

Xavier: Chris....

Chris: Hand it over, dipsh**.

Xavier: This is far out of reach for even of your kind.

Chris: And here I thought we were cut from the same cloth. If I don't bring this back to Mr. "Shout Of The Devil", he's gonna have my head on a silver platter. But I'll make sure he serves your head first. So, GIVE IT TO ME

Xavier: Never.

Chris: always make it hard for me, don't cha?

She immediately grabs Xavier and pushes him back into the mansion and once again proceeds to wreck sh** up.

It then cuts to Central Park, in which, Gambit (Remy Labeau) and Logan were just sitting down by a bench staring at the lake. Kayla and Victor were standing by the trees.

And that's when Carrie, Kurt and the others (Rachel, Rogue, Negasonic) appeared.

Gambit: *chuckles* Right on cue......

Rogue: Hey, Remy.

As she runs up to him and kisses him, the others just stared awkwardly at them.

Rogue: If I hadn't got rid of my old powers and took Sinister's, this couldn't be possible.

Gambit: Yes indeed.

Logan: You forgetting something?

They all turned to him and Rogue felt embarrassed her father figure had to see that. Carrie, however, smiled in joy when she saw him.

Carrie: Logan!

She ran up to him and hugged him. Logan had only one arm around her and wouldn't stop staring at Gambit

Gambit: Come on, bud. You know I'm not a bad guy.

Logan: Yeah? Well, just keep it to yourself. What'd you all doing here?

Negasonic: Little "Thank you" would be nice. We came to save your a**.

Logan: Who says I need saving?

Carrie: Logan, you don't understand. Scott and the other X-men think you demolished a building with Kayla and Sabertooth.

Kayla: What??

Kurt: It's true. We had to warn you before it was too late. And also....I just learned the.....terrible truth about my father.

Logan: Oh....I'm sorry to hear that.

Kurt: Did you know too?

Logan: Course not. I never know about stuff like this.

Victor: He's hardly kept in the loop.

Logan: Thank you.

Carrie: I don't want to believe it was you wasn't was it?

Logan: Course not. But.... *Sighs* Sorry to be the bare of bad news, kid was actually that brat that's been chasing you around.

Carrie: Wha.....

All of a sudden, the name she NEVER wanted to hear again echoed throughout her mind.


She balled her fists up and her eyes went black as the ground starts to rumble and shake.

Negasonic: Holy sh**.....

Gambit: Not again with this.....

Victor: Everybody back up! NOW!

As they all got away and took cover, it seemed like Carrie was about to explode....but she didn't.

Her eyes went back to normal and she just turned to Logan and said....

Carrie: Next time I see her......I'm going to BURY her.....

Kayla then wakes up to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.

Kayla: You're not an animal.

Rogue: Wait.....what is she doing?

Kayla's powers worked again, yet it took longer then usual, thanks to Carries abilities. Eventually, Carrie backed up and breathed softly.

Carrie: This won't end. Chris keeps coming back, and now the X-Men are at war with each other. What's left for us?.....I'll tell you what. They have their team. We have ours. The least we can do is.....

Logan: Kid....if we do this, we're gonna to ignite the flames of a civil war.

Carrie: Logan.....the flames of war have already been lit.....and there's not much we can do to extinguish it.

Victor: She's on to something there. It's unlikely they'll let us go freely if they win or worse.....

Kayla:....we'll be next to get buried.

Negasonic: Oh the game-plan.....we finish what we started.

Carrie: No....what THEY started. ALL of you....yes, you too, Gambit.....have to go deal with them. Me? I got teach Chrissy a thing or two about respect.

Rachel: At least, let me go with you.

Carrie just stared at Rach for a second as she suddenly smiled. She then held her hand as Kurt spoke out.

Kurt: I also have to find my father. I need to find out why he's doing this.

Carrie: We'll all do it together.

The three made a group hug and then soon heard jet noises and looked up and saw the Black Bird hovering down and they positioned

Rogue: Looks like they found us.

Rachel: No. I sense one mind up there.

It soon landed in the park and who came out of it?.....It was Beast, but in his normal self.

Carrie: Mr. McCoy! *Runs to him*

Beast: *Smiles* Hello, Carrie.

Carrie gave Beast a tight hug as Logan then spoke onwards.

Logan: So you siding with us, furball or you hear to turn us in?

Beast: Now, what does it look like, Logan? I see you have your reasons for protecting Kayla and your brother.

Victor: Blue oaf.

Kayla: Thank you.

Beast: *Nods* Listen, we cannot stay here. Scott and the others will surely find us out in the open. We must find cover.

Victor: We could try my place. It ain't fancy but it's big enough.

Gambit: I can get us all there, just like that *snaps fingers*.....Whatcha say, y'all?

As they all look over at each other, we cut back to the mansion as Scott and the others returned.....only to see the mansion trashed, equipment broken and lights blown out.

Kitty: *groans* Come on!

Scott: What the hell?!

Jean: What happened?!

Storm: Professor?!

Deadpool: Guess you really don't pick up after yourselves.

Bobby: Will you shut up buddy?

Deadpool: Hey, why you think they call me "The Merc with a Mouth", snow boy?

They eventually stopped bickering and looked around to see what happened. Storm came into Xavier's office to find a note on the desk. It was the most damning piece of evidence in there.

  • "If you want to see your precious bald headed professor again, bring me Carrie White at the construction sight on South Street at midnight. CH"....


As soon as Storm saw that, she went out the office and told the others. Upon hearing the news, Jean was forced to call for desperate measures. She picked up the office phone and made a call....

Jean: Pietro? It's Jean. We need your help.

Scott, however....well.....he went down to the lab where Andrew was having his sedated slumber and he was so desperate....   

He let him out of his state and Andrew's eyes popped opened black.

Scott: Woah woah woah woah. Buddy, buddy, relax. We're not the enemy.

Andrew: Then what are you?

Scott: An ally. Look , we're on a tight schedule here, so I'll make it simple. We need an extra pair of hands to subdue some convicts. Help us get through this, and we'll let you go.

Andrew: Carrie.....

Scott: What about her?

Andrew: I want a mono e mono chat with Carrie White.

Scott just passed around, frantic about what had happened upstairs and tried to get his point across.

Scott: Ok....if we find her, you two can talk things out, but....I'm asking you nicely: can you help us?

Andrew just gave him a blank stare until he finally smirked.

It then cuts to Azazels hideout, in which Chris brought Xavier in to him in his wheelchair with the last Neyaphem cube.

Chris: Sir, your package.....

(Yes, she had to go back into character)

Azazel: AHH.....well done, Hargensen. You've done us well.

Chris: Anything for us.....

As soon as Xavier looked up at Azazel, he looked back down almost immediately.

Xavier: Azazel. What is the meaning of this?

Azazel: Quite simple, my dear Professor.....There's a reason why I had Mystique bring you to my island. Why I had your boy Andrew to try destroy the Avengers. And why I've turned your precious X-Men against each other. The only way I could is to have Sinister clone your pet Wolverine's beloved Kayla.

Xavier: You had Sinister clone Kayla?

Azazel: Yes. (Surprising, isn't it?) You see.....I studied The Wolverine's past way before his memories were restored to him. That's when I learned of Kayla. Poor Logan was all alone and his second love interest Jean Grey never cared for him and I know of Scott Summer's arrogance so.....*chuckles*....I paid a visit to Kayla's grave and stole her bones and hired Sinister to clone her. And once the lone wolf was reunited, it became apparent Cyclops would never trust anything different and a clone of Kayla matches that perfectly. Trying subdue her and Logan protecting her was the beginning of the end...of the X-Men. See, even with the powers that I claim, I could never defeat the X-Men on my own; not even my own forces could. So....what better way to defeat your fighting fire with Fire?

Xavier: It was you from the beginning? You lead Sinister to our mansion? Kidnap me? Replacing Kayla to turn my students against each other? You were behind all of it?!!

Azazel: Yes.

Xavier: But why??!!!

Azazel: For my people. My race. And for.....this. *Shows him the cube*

Xavier became petrified when he saw the cube in his hand, as well as the other ines behind him.

Xavier: Azazel, you can't summon them.

Chris: Nuisance. Begging won't help.

Xavier: I'm telling you. Not even the wisest of warriors aren't reliable enough to be controlled. You're just begging for punishment if you summon them here.

Azazel: The only thing you'll be begging for is your life once I'm finished dissecting you.

Xavier: Dissec--

Chris then out a helmet on his head, similar to the one in his surburo, connected to an machine (similar like the one in the Avengers) and she put all four cubes inside separately.

Azazel: The re-awakening of my people also require the most unique mutant's power. Which is why I have selected you, Professor. Don't worry; the process can sting like a thousand bee's. Hehehehehehehe.

As the process commenced, Xavier screamed in agony and held on to his wheelchair as the cubes were united and shinned a light over Azazel and Chris as they grinned.

We cut back to Logan's team as they landed in a deserted land with the Black Bird and Victor was the first to step out followed by Logan in his yellow Wolverine suit.

Logan: This is where you live?

Victor: Time to time.

Kayla: Right about one thing: it'll definitely do for now.

Soon, Carrie and the rest all stepped out as they followed Sabertooth, but Carrie was getting shivers

Kurt: You alright?

Carrie: Yeah. Just.....little cold.

Kurt: Here. *Wraps arm around her* Better?

Carrie: Mmm.....couldn't get any better.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for her to feel a disturbance not too far behind them. She slowly moved back a foot and suddenly a laser beam was shot at them. While they backed up and ducked to avoid it, Carrie stopped the blast from reaching her and Rachel and reflected it. Eventually, they all looked over to see.....

Cyclops, Colossus and Storm staring dead at them.

Wolverine: So you guys are really willing to go this deep?

Cyclops: I think after what you three did to that building; I'd say yeah. You went deep first.

Rachel: Bulls**t.

Victor: How'd you guys even find us?

Storm: Tracker on the Black Bird.

Beast: Christ.

Storm: Hank, how could you back down like this after everything we been through together?

Beast: I'm not the one who's backed down, Orono. Clone or not, she's still an innocent. And a mutant. She should be one of us?

Cyclops: We don't take in filthy clones!

Carrie: Why are you guys doing this?

Wolverine: I know why. Really....I-I do. I was never really one of you, was I Scott? At least, according to you. Come to think of it, you should be relieved I'm not all over Jean anymore. It was pointless anyway. And you just hate Kayla cause you think she's not real.

Cyclops: She's NOT.

Kayla: Why does it matter to you? I've never done anything to any of you.

Carrie and Rachel both looked at Kayla for they could relate to her pain

Cyclops: You have no say in the matter clone!

Wolverine: Stop. *Presses claws out* Calling her. That.

Pretty soon, Carrie, Rachel, Kurt, Kayla, Victor, Beast, Rouge and Gambit stood battle ready.

Cyclops: *scoffs* Not willing to Cooperate huh? I hoped for nothing less. Colossus?

Colossus: WILSON!!     

Out of nowhere, Deadpool shot up over them and shoots at Logan and the others, but Gambit uses his staff as a shield to reflect the blasts.

As Deadpool landed and went to Scotts side, he said....

Deadpool: Ladies and gentlemen, it's your host: the anti-hero for hire, the mask for your task, the guy who won't die: DEADPOOL!

Victor: Are you f**king....

Logan: Wilson?!

Deadpool: Oh my.....*laughs obnoxiously*....what the f-ck is THAT you're wearing?! It looks like a rotten banana shoved up somebody's asshole and then smothered the thing with a paper shredder. to the others Hey, everyone.

The others just....uncharacteristically waved at him.

Negasonic: Oh great.....the deranged, insane and completely lunatic psycho is here. Well, where's member 5?

Eventually, Rachel felt a woosh of air and saw Jean landing next to Storm.

Rachel: Yeah, there's number 5.

Rogue: It's still 9 to 5.

Then they see Iceman carving his own path as well as Kitty Pryde popping up out of the ground.

Kurt: There's 6 and 7. Who's keeping count?

Carrie: Who needs to?

All of a sudden, they felt a very fast woosh 💨 that knocked Victor and Logan off their feet and as they got up, they saw Quicksilver (Evan Peters) by Scotts side.

Quicksilver: Make that 8. Although, 5 is my lucky number, babe. Cause I run in 5 seconds.

Carrie: Ok, him I remember.

Logan: *aargh* Nice one, kid.

Quicksilver just smirked and waved at him. And then that's when they felt some seismic activity below the and looked towards their side to see Andrew in the air, approaching with full force.

Gambit: I...uh...think that's number 9.

Negasonic: So now, we're even.

Carrie: ANDREW??!!!!

Andrew: You and I need to talk.

Carrie: In your dreams......

She pushed him back with her force. She then took off with Rachel as Andrew recovered and chased after them.

Cyclops took another shot, but Logan deflected his beam with his claws but Colossus punches him away, only to get knocked back by Negasonics precognition nucleokinesis.

Storm summons a heavy weather strike, blowing everyone back but Victor pounced on her, pinning her down on the ground

Victor: You still owe me a scream.

Storm: I owe you sh**.

She knees him "Below" to get him off (I know.....OW.) as Victor fell over, groaning in agony

As Logan recovered from the punch, that's when Deadpool appeared by him

Deadpool: Got to confess.....I really missed you buddy.

Logan: Save it, Wade. I liked it better when Striker sowed your mouth shut. And what's with the red suit? You look like a rotten tomato in that.

Deadpool: Oh, trust me Wolvey. I look pretty on the outside. But on the inside: I'm a f**king brain with legs.

Logan: Spare the joke, sh**.

Logan pressed his claws out and Deadpool unshieved his swords and it became a blade duel

(Finally, a fight between them)

Meanwhile, Kitty just casually walks up and confronted Kurt.

Kitty: We don't want to hurt you, Kurt. You're our friend. Please just come quietly.

Kurt: You know I can't do that. Carrie needs me.

Kitty: *sighs* Then forgive me.

She went through the ground then came out from behind Kurt and grabbed him. But Kurt teleported into the Black Bird as they recovered and tackled each other. was Ex vs Ex.

Bobby: Never thought it come this far.

Rogue: The past is the past. Besides.....I believe you already have a due date on schedule right about.....NOW.

Then Gambit jumped down, waving his stick, causing a shockwave that pushed Bobby back.

Gambit: How you doing?

Bobby: So you stole my girl, huh? I've SO been looking forward to this.

He blasted ice waves and at him, but Gambit either moved out of the way or waved his stick to deflect them.

Gambit: Little faster next time, will you?

He then vanishes and attacks him from behind.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Rachel continue to run for the hills until....their path was blocked by Andrew.

Andrew: I've got a few bones to pick with you, Carrie.

Rachel: Leave my sister alone, if you know what's best for you.

Andrew: Siblings, eh? I guess I have to dispose of the flies first?

Rachel: Excuse me?

She immediately charged at him and flew him trough a few fences and ended up on the roof of Victors apartment.

Andrew: You don't understand what real power is.

Rachel: I'll be sure that real power gets a magazine or something by the time I'm done with you.

And then they fought. They were evenly matched.

Rachel managed to knee Andrew at the last moment to get the upper hand. But, out of nowhere, Quicksilver zoomed by and knocked Rachel down immediately. But then he got pulled off by Beast.

They both crashed through the window and as Quicksilver got up, Beast grabbed him and slammed him down through a table.

Meanwhile, Gambit wasn't fairing up to well. His left arm was frozen and he had to dodge and try to attack with his other hand. But if that wasn't bad enough, Bobby had assurance from Jean.

Jean: I got it.

Bobby: I've been saving this one.....for a LONG time.

Gambit: you see me.....

He then vanishes. As Bobby looked around confused, Rogue attacked both Jean and Bobby from with HIS powers.

Rogue: Had enough?

Jean then gets up and says....

Jean: I sure hope you know what you're doing cause you don't wanna get to burned the fire once you get close.

Rouge: better not.....

Suddenly, Jeans eyes lit up with fire before Rogue pushed her back. But Jean blocked her force with her own and it got stronger as she unleashed......the full fury of the Phoenix, pushing Rogue back causing her to fly but Gambit caught her.

Back with Deadpool and Logan, they kept clanging at each other and slashing.....but they were evenly matched

Deadpool: Got to say; I hoped for a better school reunion but---

That's when Victor pounced on him and slashed around his neck. But Deadpool recovered.

Deadpool: Victor?

Victor: Wade?

Deadpool: Oh damn! I hadn't seen you since....

Victor: Striker's island. Yeah.

Deadpool: Well, what the hell?

That's when he kicked Victor in the head and the nuts....again.

Deadpool: I owed you that after ten years. Hehehehe.

Meanwhile, we cut to Negasonic and Beast trying to escort Kayla away from the battlefield, only to be confronted by Storm and Colossus in the apartment building.

Colossus: I taught you better than this, Negasonic.

Negasonic: Tough s**t. I was sick of hearing Scott's excuses all the time.

Storm: Hank, give yourself up and give us the clone and we can end this.

Kayla: I'm not your enemy!

Colossus: You were created by Sinister; we cannot take chances.

Colossus approached, but Beast roared and pounced on Colossus as Negesonic used her shock waves to blow Storm away.

Then Kayla looked over and saw Jean Phoenix approaching her, but Kayla however clutched her fists for the confrontation.

Back with Andrew and Rachel's fight, their odds were still fairly even

Rachel: You're not getting anywhere near my sister. I lost her once; I don't attend to let that happen again!

Andrew: You have power but no lack of it.

Carrie entered the apartment building and headed upstairs to try and join in the fight, but her path was blocked.....

Deadpool: HEY!!

Carrie was startled and she immediately pushed him out the window as he landed hard through the window shield of an old car

Deadpool: Uhhh....I'm alright. Nothing broken...Ahh.... *Gets up* Except a few ribs....and my ass.

Carrie hovered down, staring at him with black eyes

Deadpool: Hey, what happened to your eyes?

Carrie: None of your business.....

Deadpool:'re feistier than Vanessa. What's your name?

Carrie: Carrie.

Deadpool: Carr---What the sh**?! That's the 2nd coolest name ever!   

Carrie: It won't be for long.....

She held up and slammed him again on the car hold and then threw him halfway through the battlefield, accidentally knocking onto Bobby.

Deadpool, Heyy, Mr. Freeze, how u been?

Bobby: Get off me, man.

They dusted themselves off only to be slammed together and then choked by Nightcrawlers tail.

Nightcrawler: You missed me.

But then Kitty reappeared behind him AGAIN.

Kitty: Stay. DOWN!

Nightcrawler: Speak for yourself.....GAMBIT!

Gambit heard him and jumped up as he unleashed a flurry of cards.

Kitty: Oh god.....

Kitty had to down through the ground to dodge them. She reappeared out of the ground and knocks Gambit back.

Kitty: I never wanted this, you know.

Gambit, however, knocks his staff down and it causes a shockwave, knocking her out.

Gambit: Well, neither did I?

Meanwhile, Phoenix Jean had Kayla trapped in her force grip but then as Kayla began to choke on it....

Logan: JEAN!!

She looked over.

Logan: Please, don't do this.

Jean: You know we have no choice.

Logan: No choice? Jean, what would you do if you saw Scott die in your arms? Would you do anything to get him back?

Jean: I--I-

Logan: And even if he came back AS a clone or whatever the hell......would you still love him even if your friends wanted destroy him? Honestly?

Jean just stood there and clearly debating in her head, but as she lowered her grip on Kayla.....

Cyclops blasted at Logan as he flew across the area. As Logan recovered, Scott then turned to Jean

Cyclops: Jean. Get her to the jet and I'll meet you there.

He runs after Logan as Jean just looks at Kayla again.

Kayla: Is it worth losing your friends, Jean?

Jean then sighed, loosened her grip completely and then placed gently inside the Black Bird.

Then....the ultimate showdown began.

Logan: So it really has come to this?

Scott: You cannot imagined how much I dreamed of this.

Logan: You hate me that much, Scott?

Scott: Since you've had the hots for Jean. And harboring clones and accomplicing with your psychopathic brother just disguises me further.

Logan: You really are a d**k.

As Logan pressed out his claws as Scott armed his visor, we cut back to Rachel's fight with Andrew as he held her with a Darth Vader choke hold?

Andrew: Did you really think you would win?

Rachel: *choking* I didn't--need to-t--think it. I--I knew I wo--would.

Andrew just looked over his shoulder as Carrie launched a very powerful force knocking Andrew down and setting Rachel free as she recovered

Carrie: Rach, you ok?

Rachel: Never better. *groans*

They both take a glimpse of Andrew struggling to get up, but Carrie immediately grabs him with the force choke and just looks over at Rachel.

Carrie: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Rachel: Right behind you, sis.

She nodded with a smirk and took out her hairpin as both of them combined their powers, sending a massive force of energy in Andrews direction. Eventually, it overtook him and he crashed into the wall as ruble fell all over him.

Carrie and Rachel just smirked at each other and nodded.

But little did all of them know Xavier was in dire straits. He was literally struggling to sit up straight. It hurt him SO BADLY.

Xavier: Victory will not be earned by-

Chris: Trust me, the pain must be excruciating. Tell me, will you cooperate now?

Xavier: Never to you.

She looked over at Azazel as he nodded to her. Chris then cranked the switch to full power. The machine crunches Xavier to the point where he literally falls out of his wheelchair screaming in agony. Soon enough, the machine shoots a beam into the air and opens....ugh.....another portal.

(This is nowhere where the others are)

Meanwhile, back at the fight.....

Nightcrawler went after Storm, but she wasn't one to be fooled. Her eyes went blank as she changed the weather to (what else?) cloudy and mild rain, and then she launched thunder strikes at him.

Kurt shouts in German and teleports to escape. He then reappeared and punched Storm back.

Storm: You really begging for it, aren't you?

Nightcrawler: Come on, then.....

As we reached the climax of the battle, Deadpool was trying to freaking decapitate Rouge.

Deadpool: ARGH! Hold still, you son of a-

Before he could even do it, that's when Rachel put her powers into her fist and SWATS Deadpool across the face with force.

Deadpool: Ohh...wait up...that's my taco. *Passes out*

Carrie then used her powers on Storm and pushed her away from Kurt. They eventually made eye contact and smiled at each other as Logan and the rest of his team recuperated.

Cyclops, however, was staggering a little bit. He aimed his visor and was about to take a shot on Wolverine till.....

He was being lifted off the ground and wasn't by Carrie or Rachel but by......Jean???

Scott: Jean?! What the hell are you doing?!

Jean: I'm sorry, Scott. But this has got to stop NOW. *To Logan* Kayla's on the Black Bird. Take your group and go.

Logan: Thank you, Jean.

They all run off.

Scott: JEAN!!! NO!!!

All of Wolverine's team made it to the Black Bird 'till their path was blocked by Quicksilver

Quicksilver: Going my way?

Rachel immediately grabbed him as Carrie tied him up with nearby street lights. They eventually toss him aside.

Victor: Too slow, kid.

Quicksilver: Hey! No fair!

They ran up to the Black Bird and soon started up the engines and took off. As soon as they were gone, Jean released Scott.

Scott: Jean, why'd you do that?!

Jean: I'm sorry, Scott. But we have to save the professor from Hargensen. It's about an hour 'till midnight.

Up back on the jet, Beast was piloting as Logan was riding shotgun with everyone else in the backseats.

Gambit: Hey. You alright?

Carrie: Yeah. I just....I just wonder when is this all gonna be over.

Kurt: I think we'll know when we see it.

Carrie smiled and was about to kiss him till.....

Xavier's voice: Carrie. Carrie!

Carrie: What?! Professor?!

They all looked towards her in astonishment.

Rogue: Wait, he's alive?

Victor: Sounds like it.

Carrie: Stop for a minute, hold on. in her head Professor, what's happening with you?

Xavier: Systematic what's happening. They're....*grunts*.....using my brain as a---AAAHHHH!!!!!

Carrie: Professor?! Professor?!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!

She couldn't hear his voice anymore. And everyone just looked at her.

Negasonic: Carrie, Is he.....

Rachel: I don't think she knows.

Kurt: Well, I guess we'll find out soon anyways.

Suddenly, the tracker on the radar on the control scheme of the Bird in the pilots section went off.

Beast: Oh.....hold on. I got a signal here.

The clouds cleared up a little and showed the signal emerging from.....BELOW the WORLD TRADE CENTER.

Logan: Oh no.....

Kayla: What's wrong?

Logan: It's the same scene from 9/11, remember?

Kayla: Yeah, but I wouldn't worry about that.

She points up and Logan looks up to the sky to see the portal.....and four figures slowly appearing out of it.

Logan: Hank.....put us in stealth mode.

Victor: This doohickey got more tricks?

Logan: More then you think.

So, the Black Bird put up an cloaking device as the four guardians of Neyaphem made it through in one piece.





Each of them teleported through the building and ended up in Azazels underground lair as he turned around to see them and smirks.

Azazel: At race returns. *Turns to Chris* Alright, my dear. The professor's all yours.

Chris smirked and pulled Xavier out cold out of the machine.

Azazel: Ydrazi.

Ydrazi (James Marsters): I feel like it's been a life time.

Azazel: It's been two, really.

Minion (Kane): And so many years imprisoned.

Azazel: Minion.

Minion: It took you two centuries to find the cubes. That wasn't really a day at the spa.

Ginniyeh (Kelly Hu): All the more reason: The world has changed so much since the time of our race. Our highest concern is to rebuild our homeland.

Azazel: Ginniyeh.

Jillian: (Kat Dennings): There will be rebellion again.

Azazel: Jillian.

Jillian: The humans still still fear our kind which is why they will fight.

Azazel: No, my dear. Our downfall from Neyaphem was the mutants that sided with them. Now....thanks to my new allies and genius, we are free to smight the world as we did in days long past.

Chris: I beg to differ.

They all turned to her.

Azazel: Christine......

Chris: You been so kind to me, Azazel. The first in a long time. But you should know....I'm nobody's f**king lap dog.

She slowly removes the cube from the machine and grips it in her hand.

Chris: Now....with this in my hands, I have control over YOUR own forces. And as soon as I take care of you and humiliate and kill Carrie White, I will rule this miserable mudball myself! Now....warriors? if you would be so kind....EXECUTE.

They didn't do anything; they all just smirked at her

Chris: What....Did you hear me?! I said kill him!!

Azazel: They heard you, my dear. But their loyalty lies with me and me alone.

Chris: What?? Are you f**king kid---Ok. Didn't you say who holds the cube has--

Azazel: I KNOW what I said, Hargensen! But THAT was only a diversion. And I knew you couldn't resist. See....the cube is ONLY their key to freedom, not to control them. I took ALL the time their was to study you. I know of your arrogance and stupidity. Cause I study my allies just as much as my enemies. That way, I'll know who to trust and not to trust. Plus, I had the Professor read your mind. So....

Chris: son of a b**ch! YOU USED ME!!!

She was fuming with rage and was just about to blast him but....Nothing???

Chris: What the hell?? I'm out of juice?!

Azazel: *laughs* Of course, that's the best part. I actually stole samples of the mutant cure years ago and INJECTED you with it in your sleep last night, paralyzing your powers.....Permanently.        

Chris just looked down at her hands, now completely powerless as tears started to stream down from her eyes.


She balled up her fists and was about to make a move, but Jillian knocked her back into the machine, effectively destroying it and they laughed at her.

Azazel: Goodbye, Chris Hargensen. I have no use for you anymore.

The demon warriors laughed at her again and vanished, leaving her humiliated and dissatisfied AGAIN!!

Chris: *Wines* Why....why WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!! *Cries*        

Meanwhile, back outside, Carrie and the others exited the Black Bird. Beast was the only one who stayed inside.

Victor: Ok....I guess the million dollar question we gonna get underground?

Gambit: Is anyone here an earth-bender or something?

Carrie and Rachel looked at each other.

Rachel: Well....yes and no.....

Carrie: Let us show you we do.

Both Carrie and Rachel channeled their energy as they held hands and somehow, they managed to make a small crater in the ground.....close to the World Trade Center.

Logan: I guess they are.

Negasonic: As if we didn't have enough specialists.

Rogue: Guess we know where our next stop is. Let's move.

Carrie and Rachel went first and they got there the fastest since.....well....reasons.

Everyone just held onto Kurt as he teleported all of them down into the underground lair.

Logan, Kayla and Victor were the only ones, who were still above ground.

Victor: Jimmy, what are you waiting for?

Kayla: Logan?

Logan:...Uh......*sniffs* Don't you smell that?

Victor: Sniffs Yeah.

Kayla: What is it?

They heard fierce yells from behind and as soon as they turned around, Minion came running and grabbed Logan and Victor and slammed both of them down to the pavement. He then picked both of them up with his mind and scattered both of them.

Kayla: LOGAN!!!

Down with Kurt, Carrie and the others, they kept strolling in the facility till they heard.....

Maniacal Laughter

Negasonic: The hell?

Gambit: What's so funny, blue boy?

Kurt: I didn't laugh.

Azazel: Of course, you didn't......

They all turned behind them and saw him and the other three demons step out of the shadows. They slowly backed away and Carrie wrapped her arms around Kurt, beside him

Kurt: I--I know you.

Azazel: Of course, you do......SON.   

Kurt just looked down at him in dismay.

Gambit: Oh sh**.

Kurt: And here I thought that after all of this time, you were doing something that was of importance to me, let alone the other ones out there. This is what you spent all your time hatching up? Where's the flesh and blood that I finally sought to find???

Azazel: How dare you curse out your own father? Well, then I guess it's time for some discipline.

Azazel was about to attack until Kurt teleported away. He then reappeared and took Azazel with him.....

Carrie: KURT!

Rogue: Where'd he go?

Jillian: Oblivion and beyond, my dear. The only place he had left.

Negasonic: You son of a--

Negasonic took off her jacket, revealing her yellow suit and then charged up her energy.

Rachel: What are you doing?

Negasonic: Buying you time. The professor needs you. Now all of you, GO!

As the others went off to find the Professor, we cut back to Minion when he drops Logan again, and breaks one of Victors arms. Then he disappears.


Just like in the wars, Wolverine and Sabertooth stood back to back, trying desperately to hold back Minion when he came back; but suddenly a laser came out of nowhere and it blasted Logan back that also took out Victor too. Logan eventually stood up and looked towards across the area to see Cyclops standing in confrontation.

Scott: Unfinished business, traitor.

Logan: Bring it on, d**k. Bring. It. On.

They yelled and charged at each other and then.....CLASH!!!!

Then we cut to Azazel and Kurt's confrontation as they appeared in just a pitch dark room in the same facility.

Azazel: Kurt, you see.....

Kurt: I WANT ANSWERS!!! If you are my father, then you owe me the truth!! What happened to me?!! Why didn't you come looking for me?!! Who was my mother?!!!

Azazel: Kurt.....there were mutants from my time called Neyaphem were in a battle with the Cheyarafim. After the victory, I was the only one able to breach the dimensional void from time to time.

Kurt: That explains my powers.

Azazel: The only way I could've made it to Earth was......classified.

Kurt: Unclassify it. Parents don't keep secrets from their flesh and blood.

Azazel just sighed and laid back.

Azazel: I haven't seen or experienced love like I had with her. She was hesitant to leave, but I could tell she wouldn't leave me for him. And I couldn't do that to her.

Kurt: What---my mother? Who is she?

Azazel: You wouldn't believe me....

Kurt: Come on.....please...Vater (German for father).....

He didn't have to wait long for a response. Azazel only blurted out one word....


(I'm not joking. This ACTUALLY happened in the comics)

Kurt was visibly shaken. He immediately teleported and punched him back.

Kurt: STOP! Just--just STOP IT!!!

Meanwhile, it cuts to Carrie, Rachel and the others who were lurking around the facility, looking for Xavier.

Rouge: What the hell? NOTHING?!

Rachel: Wait....

She could hear a certain groaning sound from far away, and as she leaned closer and closer to a inclosed hallway, her hunch was correct.

Rachel: IN HERE!

They all run into that door when they then see both Xavier and Chris on the floor.

Rouge: Professor! *Runs to him*

Xavier: Uhh....Rogue?

Rogue: Easy, we got ya. We're getting you out of here.

As Rouge tries to get Xavier up, Carrie just stared down at the weak and vulnerable Chris with anger and vengeance for everything she did to her in the past. She clutched her fists tight as it didn't take long for everyone to notice.

Kurt:, everyone back up.

Gambit: Don't tick her off.

All of then eventually back up as Carries eyes go black again. Rachel was the only one that stayed beside her.

Chris: *Looks up at her* Well...the pig finally showed up. How's the mud? Or wait....I meant to say blood? I can definitely tell you had a marvelous time bathing in all of the blood and guts of the f**ktards that were there that night, didn't ya?

Carrie: This is more than you deserve, you b**ch.

(Oh yeah she finally said it)

That's when she kicked her up and then Darth Vader choked her 'till Rachel held onto her shoulder.

Rachel: Carrie, please....don't do this.

Carrie: Why not? She deserves to suffer after everything she's done to me!

Rachel: Maybe so. But if you execute her like this, you'll become the exact thing you swore to oppose.

Carrie's anger soon turned to emotion as Chris looked at her with sarcastic looks of grief.

Carrie: But.....if I let her live, she'll cause so much PAIN again!

Rachel: Not if we have anything to say about it. She's weak without her powers; she can't even touch you anymore. We'll turn her over to S.H.I.E.L.D. and they'll take her far from here.

Carrie: What if she gets her powers back?

Rachel: We don't know that for sure. All I do that you were the one who taught me mercy. Now you must do. What you. Believe in.

Carrie looked at Chris with one last angry looked, but sighed and.....released her.

That's when Gambit shackled her arms and legs together as they all escorted her and the Professor out of there.

Carrie just breathed heavily as she hoped she made the right choice, letting Chris go again.

We cut back to Nightcrawler and Azazel as Kurt was still paralyzed of the shocking truth of his heritage.

Kurt: E-even if what you're saying is true why still do this? You and her?

Azazel: We wanted you to experience this forsaken rock to see the cruelty of what it holds; but now that you know the truth, I'd like you to stand by me Kurt. As my successor. As my son.

Kurt: Why should I?

Azazel: Because it is your destiny. Join me and together we can rule the universe as father and son!

Kurt:.....*Thinks about Carrie* Nie.....I'LL NEVER JOIN YOU!!!!

Azazel: Then you will meet your DESTINY!!!

Azazel unleashed an earthquake (Idk if he has that ability but you never know) and Kurt fell into a nearby crater as Azazel jumped down after him.

But Kurt teleported away.

Azazel: Son....SON!!!!

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Wolverine were brawling around. Logan deflected every blast Scott threw at him with his claws and he even slashed him a bit. Even Scott had open shots at him, but Logan kept healing quickly.

Scott: Why won't you stay down?!

Logan: How long have we lived under the same roof, bub? You would know why.

They brawled on as Kayla saw it from afar.

Kayla: Oh god.....

She ran up to the knocked out Victor and tried to wake him, with little success at first.

Kayla: Victor, wake up....wake up please...

Then she saw Minion starting to wake up

Kayla: Oh s**t....

Minion slowly got up, saw Kayla and launched a Psycho Wave at her. Luckily, Kayla got out of the way.

Minion: This is.....nothing personal on your behalf. Sending people to just my specialty.

Kayla: Son of a---

But then Beast came curdling up above and slashed at Minion at anyway he could, but effect on him.

Beast: What is this madness?

Minion: Madness? MIGHT!

Back with Logan and Cyclops, Scott was getting exhausted and worn out. He just couldn't seem to get anything on Logan.

Cyclops: Just....STAY STILL!

Logan: Not a chance. Should've left her alone, you son of a---

HE then SLASHES OFF his visor and since his eyes were exposed, his laser went off non-stop until he fell over. He was forced to close his eyes and lied there as Logan got up on top of him. He seemed tempted to finish him.....but he didn't.

He remembered the past times they fought together and then he lowered his claws.

Logan: You know I could never hurt you, Scott. No matter how back and forth you and I go with this sh**. It's over Scott.

Scott: You....You don't deserve to wear that mask. It belongs to Xavier! That isn't yours!!!

Logan, without hesitation, pulled off his mask and threw it down

Logan: Do what you want with it.

As Logan walks away from Scott, we cut to where Carrie and the others got Chris and Xavier on the Black Bird and Rogue started up the jet.

Gambit: Alright, we better get the hell out of here.

Carrie: What about Kurt and the others? I won't leave without them.

Kurt suddenly teleported back and Carrie turned her head over to him

Carrie: KURT!!!

She ran to him embracing him in a tight hug, making Chris feel sick

Carrie: Are you alright?

Kurt: I am now.

Xavier: *Closes his eyes* Carrie?

They all looked over to him.

Xavier: Scott's here too. And the others are dealing with one of the Neyaphem warriors. Carrie, Rachel, Rogue, I'll need you three to draw them away. Kurt, you transport everyone back here.

Kurt: Yes, Professor.

Carrie: We won't let you down.

Gambit: You be careful out there; babe.

Rogue: I'm way ahead of ya. *Kisses him*

Kurt: Girls, grab hold.

The three held on to Kurt and teleported to the battlefield, just as Beast was being held down to the ground by Minion, and suddenly, Best felt a extreme temperature going through his neck.


Minion began to burn through Beast, making it through his suit and skin, and impales Beast through his neck, effectively killing and decapitating him.

Minion: That took long enough....

Kayla: No!

At that point, Ginniyeh appears right behind her.

Ginniyeh: Yes, my dear.....I'm afraid so.

She immediately paralyzed Kayla and....turned her to stone.

(Really, really)

She slowly walked towards her and her hand slowly turned into a But before she could do anything, Rouge jumped on her bag and put her in a sleeper hold.

But at the same time, she placed her hands on her forehead allowing her to drain her powers. But it would take more then that to stop a God.....dess. She immediately pulls her off as Carrie and the others made it by.

Ginniyeh: What an abosulte joke.

Carrie and the others made their way over there and soon saw Beast's lifeless body and were shocked

Carrie: Mr. McCoy!!!

All the other demons formed together (Yes including Azazel) stood together smirking as the remaining X-Men stood side by side with frowns and clutching fists.

Carrie: You are all going to pay for what you DONE!

Azazel: Foolish girl, your time here has been drifted.

Kurt: I THINK NOT....Vater.

He attacked and they teleported away again.

Carrie: Kurt!!

The other Neyaphem warriors attacked the heroes as they tried to hold them back in anyway they could. But Scott just refused to stand down. He had to get up and walk, covering his eyes for he could not open them without his visor hurting anyone.

Logan: Turn her BACK!! NOW!!   

Ginniyeh: You'd have to kill me to reverse my spell.

Logan: That can be arranged, b**ch!

He attacked, but Ginniyeh was too strong for him to handle. Victor tried to help but as soon as Ginneyah launched him back, Jillian appeared behind him plunged her hand through Victors back. And Logan was forced to witness that.

Victor: AHHH!!

Logan: VICTOR!!!

Victor: Jimmy.....

He just looks down at his wound, looks back up at Logan and falls dead. Logan gets all this tension building up and he immediately gets knocked out by Ginniyeh again.

The others were barely holding on.

Rogue saw Scott desperately trying to cover his eyes up and got an idea.

Rogue: Scott? Listen to me. Just listen. I'm gonna lure some varies your way. Don't open your eyes until I say so. Trust me on this....

She went over and "distracted" Jillian and Ydrazil to he point where she grabbed her.

Ydrazil: You have skill. Not disappointing....but not acceptable either. Good riddance.

Rogue: SCOTT! NOW!!!!

Scott hesitated 'till he finally opened his eyes, unleashing his full power. Rogue managed to get out of the way as the laser completely obliterates Jillian and Ydrazi. They screamed as they crumbled into dust and then Scott closed his eyes.

Luckily, Rogue wasn't the only one who witnessed that. Carrie had seen it as well as Ginniyeh.....and she wasn't impressed.

Carrie: Scott....

Scott: I'm sorry.

Ginniyeh: You're gonna be!

Carrie: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ginniyeh kicked him back, causing him to fly into Minion as he impales him through the stomach. As soon as he lets him go, Rachel distracts him.

(Really really again, he dies)

Carrie yelled full of rage and grabbed her in telekinesis and snapped Ginniyeh's neck like a twig. Unfortunately, Ginniyeh sat back up and twisted her neck back completely.

Ginniyeh: Seriously?

Carrie: Son of a---

Meanwhile, Rachel was dealing with Minion and she had nothing going for her. She had managed to get a few hits of offense on her....but then....(I've been waiting for this)....he grabs her by the throat and, in classic Kane style, he chokeslams her on the concrete.

Rachel: groans

Minion: Escape is inevitable.....

However, Gambit, from behind, uses his cards trick and each one of them go straight through Minions head as he slowly turned behind him to see him. .

However, his head regenerated and he turned towards him. As he moved inches closer, Gambit charged with his energy into his fist and when he struck, it knocked him out. It didn't kill him, but it laid him unconscious.

Gambit: Business before pleasure.

Gambit helped Rachel up.

Rachel: Your business sure has a since of timing.

We then cut to Kurt and Azazel's second round as they brawled and teleported everywhere.

Kurt: You're no father to me. You're a monster.

Azazel: We are all monsters, my son. Even the people fear you cause they know they are beneath you. Embrace your destiny; my son. Join me, my heir. And we can rebuild our kingdom.

Kurt: No....NO! NEVER!

Azazel: Oh...I see.....You reject your own heritage all because....of her?

Kurt: What?

Azazel: Yes. I know of your relationship of the girl. I must say....she would serve our kind; very well given with the vengeance in her......If you will not turn to Neyaphem race, then perhaps....SHE will.

Kurt: NEVER!!!!!

He attacks with rage as Azazel tried backing up as Nightcrawler kept coming at him with everything. He eventually lets himself get hit and then they kept on coming.

Nightcrawler: You DARE disgrace me when you disgraced YOURSELF!

Azazel then teleports out of harms way only to appear behind Kurt and try to attack, but Nightcrawler sees it coming as the brawl continues and when Azazel lines up for another strike, Kurt blocks, gets out of the way and pierces his tail through his fathers brain.

He slowly pulls his tail out of his fathers head as he watched him fall and burn into ashes.

Nightcrawler: Auf Wiedersehen, Vater.....

It then cuts back to the surface as Carrie and Ginniyeh continued to go at it. Ginniyeh turns Carrie to stone and then kicks her back, causing her to break out of the stone. Then Logan jumps from behind and impales Ginniyeh, but then she throws him over her, breaks his hands and knocks him out....again.

Just when the others were outnumbered, and Ginniyeh was about to put the screws into Gambit, Negasonic came up out of nowhere and used her precognition Nucleokinesis (the powers she had in the Deadpool movie) to push her back and damage her.

The others who were down, just looked up at her.

Gambit: What kept you so long?

Negasonic: Excuse me, these are f**king gods we're dealing with here.

Rogue: Does it look like we knew, Ellie?

(Yes, that's Negasonics real first name)

Rachel: Doesn't matter, Rogue. We have least for right now.

Ginniyeh slowly stumbles up and she just stares at Negasonic.

Ginniyeh: Hehehe....another suicidal idiot comes to challenge one of Neyaphem's greatest? How do you and your army plan to oppose me?

Negasonic: We're not an army.....We're family.

Then, from behind her, out came Storm, Jean, Colossus, Kitty, Bobby, Quicksilver.....and Deadpool. Eventually, Rachel, Rogue, Gambit and Logan got up and stood by them as well.

Deadpool: WHOOO! Kick f**king ass!

Logan: Wade.....

Deadpool: You can thank me later, Polverine.

Logan: Will you quit calling me that?!

Ginniyeh: ENOUGH!!! This will end now!!

Deadpool: Oh, how you doing sweetheart? I'm Pool. Dead. (Lol)

Ginniyeh: You will be. This is in honor of my people.

Ginniyeh was just about to turn Deadpool to stone too 'till Deadpool jumped up and impaled her with both swords. It impales her heart, breaking Kayla free of her spell and set her free form her Stoney prison. It hurt her a lot but...did not kill her.

Ginniyeh: Fool! Don't you know....nothing can kill me!

Deadpool: Uhhh.....who said the sword was suppose to kill you?

Ginniyeh: What??!

She saw the others racing towards her as they each take an individual shot at her one by one. Eventually, she kneeled down to a knee and looked up at them.

Ginneyeh: *breathes slowly* You will rue the day having defied me.

A massive aura then surrounds her and Minion as they vanish.


Logan: Wade...I hate to say it I mean really hate to say it....but nice work.

Deadpool: Hey hey, no sweat . But don't go mussy on me and sh**.

Logan: *To himself* I'll keep that in mind.

Storm and Jean came to face Logan in guilt of everything they've done or said.

Storm: Logan...I--we're sorry. For everything.

Logan: Look, I get your reasons but, clone or not, she's exactly the way I remember her from my forgotten past. She's still Kayla to me.

Jean: We understand.

Logan grinned as he and Storm shook hands.

Storm: Welcome back to the X-Men, Logan.

He nodded, but Jean looked around, concerned know who.

Jean: Where's Scott?

Logan just sighed.....until he heard a cracking sound and looked at Carries statue. As Carrie got out of the broken statue form and looked over at the others smiling at her, she gets up and starts to run toward them, only to be tackled by Chris.

(What a cockroach)

Chris: You didn't think you'd be able to walk away from this like it's f**king Monopoly, right? One way or another, these people will worship me and I will rip your head OFF! You hear me?!

Carrie spits in her face as Chris slowly gives her a death look.

Carrie: This. Stops. Here.

Chris: For once, we're thinking alike.

Carrie: Took long enough.

They tackled each other on the ground. It led to rolling around, pulling on one another and choking each other. Chris then head butts her as Carrie kicked her off and Chris fell onto her knees and hands.

Carrie: You've cost me so much for so long. You took away my life. Destroyed everything I held dear. Endangered my friends and family. NO MORE

Carrie was about to use her powers, but Chris swings a loose branch at her stomach and Carrie fell over. But then she gets back up.

Chris: No....I will cost you everything again.....Your happiness, your family! And your life. There's nothing that you could've done on Gods green earth that you could've to even ATTEMPT to save your shell of a mother.

When she said that, THAT lit up a fire in Carrie. She placed her energy into her fist and causally walked towards Chris. As soon as she got close, she punched her all the way back as she fell down and Chris gets impaled and stabbed through by....Logan's claws.

She groaned and looked down to see the adamantium claws pierce further and further through her, sucking every ounce she had left.

Logan: Next time, don't even think about coming back from the dead. Cloned or not.

He pulled out his claws and Chris breathed in agony as her chest leaked with blood and right before Carrie's eyes, the cruel woman that humiliated her in the past gave her one last evil smirk....and dropped dead.

Carrie panted, then Logan held out his hand as she gladly took it and he helped her up. Kurt then teleported back up to solid ground, next to the other X-Men. Carrie once again ran to him and hugged him.

Carrie: What happened to....

Kurt: I took care of him. I rather not talk about it.

Carrie: I understand.

She kissed him as Logan saw Kayla restored from the stoned spell and he hugged her. But everyone looked around at the lifeless bodies of their friends; even Scott's.

Carrie: I'm so sorry, Scott.

Kurt: We all are.

Logan: Victor....I don't know what else to say...for years, we...we've been at war against each other....and all these years I never came through for me....Kayla....all of us....I'll miss you, bro. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm really gonna miss you.

So the others wrapped up the bodies put them onboard the Black Bird....all except for one. As for Chris's body, they set it on a pile of sticks and hay all over it. Carrie just stared at it with anger, remembering the past she had left behind. Then.....she lit a match and set it on fire, watching Chris's body burn with Kurt and Rachel beside her as they wrapped their arms around her.

As Carrie looks down at what used to be Chris' body, Rachel hugs her.

Rachel: I know, I know. I'm sorry about what she did to you. But at least, you can move on, now.

Carrie: *sighs* I think....I might wanna stay with you for a few.

Rachel: Why me?

Carrie: I need to spend more time around family. Besides, I.....I need a break from all this.

Kurt: No worries, Carrieta. I'll let the others know about this.

Carrie: Even the Professor?

Kurt: He'll understand.

They both took hands and stared at each other before pressing on with a long, LONG kiss. Eventually, they let go as Carrie looked on with a tear.

Kurt: Be seeing you, Carrie.

Carrie: Be seeing you, Kurt.

Eventually, Kurt went back to the Black Bird as Carrie and Rachel went their own separate way.

It then cuts back to Victors apartment, as it zooms in on ruble. It slowly starts to rumble and then Andrew pops out of it, roaring with power.

As he breathed heavily, he looked over the surrounding environment as perched himself near the walls of Victors apartment.

He scrunches into his hair and pulls it out as he looks into the sky as he screams....


~Cut to credits~


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  • Rachel Lang
  • Rogue
  • Gambit
  • Storm
  • Deadpool
  • Minion
  • Ginniyeh


  • Ydrazil
  • Jillian
  • Beast
  • Chris Hargensen
  • Cyclops (again)
  • Victor Creed

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