X'arn (pronounced "Sharn") is a fictional character and villain in the TV series Hunters (TV series).


X'arn first came to Earth in 1845, and possessed the body of a local priest. He enjoyed the power over humanity so much he continued to possess humans until 2007-2008, when he frequently possessed Jessica Mathews. His possessed host appears to have red eyes and differ barely from their usual appearance, except also that they have a deeper voice. X'arn appears frequently throughout season one, although he is finally banished fully by Dan Jones in Judgment Day. He returns in the Season Two episode Rampage and stays strong into the end of the second season. After Dan sells his soul to X'arn to save Jess, it appears that the demon is still possessing Jess. He is finally killed in the Season Three episode Rage. His soul is currently held by the Demon Council, and it is unknown if he will be freed with the death of Abaddon.

Powers and abilities

X'arn yields the usual demonic powers; possession, summoning, and mind control. He can use his power when in and out of a host, and is capable of shooting fireballs from his hands. He appears to have no weakness, although Dan manages to defeat him be keeping him from a host long enough that he is destroyed.

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