wrong turn 8 The movie begins with hunters this movie takes place before wrong turn 3. there 8 hunters they are penny a party girl Don Penny dad Ben Penny boyfriend Craig Ben's best friend Tanya Craig's girlfriend Henry Don's best friend Liz Penny best friend and Lou Liz boyfriend the group park there cars and go in the woods. Ben finds a dead rabbit which is gutted. Lou has to go poop. a girl who is naked screams run and a arrow go through her eyes. Its three-finger he shoots his arrow and it hits Tanya arm she runs they start shooting their guns. Lou hears this but two-toes puts a knife through Lou butthole then he dies. they think three-fingers is dead but he gets up start shooting arrows. they all run separate ways when Don notice Tanya Liz and Henry is gone they go back for them. three-finger throws a hatchet at Tanya back and two-toes throws a spear at Henry head killing him Tanya dies from blood loss Two toes take Liz. three-finger took Henrys shot gun three-finger shoots Craig they chase three finger and Don blows up on a land mine. three-finger shoots Ben and Penny and takes their bodies.

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