Wrong Turn 7: Last Stand is a 2018 slasher horror film, intended on being the final entry in the Wrong Turn series. It will be written by Alan B. McElroy and directed by Rob Schmidt or Joe Lynch.


It has been Fourteen years since Jessie (Eliza Dushku) witnessed her friends being massacred by a group of deranged mountain men in the West Virginian woods. Since then she has joined the military and progressed to Staff Sergeant within the National Guard. However, when Jessie is put in charge of a seemingly normal training mission taking place in those very same woods she was almost killed, she is forced to come face-to-face with an evil she thought had perished all those years ago. Except this time, he's brought the whole family.

Meanwhile, a group of teenage friends decide to go on a weekend camping trip and inadvertently become entangled with the soldiers when the cannibalistic clan begin butchering them.

The story serves as the conclusion to Jessie's story while also giving more background to the cannibalistic clan.


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Primarily takes place in the West Virginian Woods from the first three films and particularly a small area of cabins that the cannibals have built nestled near a waterfall/stream. There are also a series of connected underground tunnels that the family use to hunt their prey. Other places include an old meat processing factory and some abandoned mines where the climax takes place.


  • Eliza Dushku as SSG Jessie Burlingame
  • Logan Marshall-Green as SGT Dylan Harris
  • Shannon Kane as PVT Sara Bennett
  • Gavin Stenhouse as CPL Austin Jarvis
  • Quincy Dunn-Baker as PVT Frank Kincaid
  • Jesse Bradford as PVT Diego Gonzalez
  • Kiernan Shipka as Juli Monroe
  • Ian Nelson as Will Hamilton
  • Allie DeBerry as Kennedy Roberts
  • Katherine McNamara as Gina Miller
  • Luke Benward as Logan Ackerman
  • Julian Richings as Three-Finger
  • Maria Olsen as Marguerite
  • Laura Ortiz as Jolene
  • Dan Yeager as Ed
  • Derek Mears as Two Tongues


  • Gina Miller - Chased, knocked out with the end of an ax, hanged from a tree with barbed wire while being slashed and set on fire (Three-Finger and Two Tongues)
  • PVT Frank Kincaid - Shot in the shoulder with arrow, Hit across head/face with a wrench several times and scalped (Two Tongues)
  • Logan Ackerman - Back slashed repeatedly, shot in the leg with arrow, falls into pit trap impaling himself and then set on fire (Three-Finger and Ed)
  • PVT Diego Gonzalez - Shot through the throat with an arrow, Shot all over body with arrows (Three-Finger)
  • PVT Sara Bennett - Shot in the side with an arrow, Knocked unconscious, Tied down to table with barbed wire, Legs partially flayed, Dismembered (Ed)
  • Kennedy Roberts - Captured, Tied to chair with barbed wire, Tortured and mutilated, Escapes but is hit with a shovel and pushed over a cliff (Two Tongues and Marguerite)
  • Will Hamilton - Captured, Put on meat hook and tortured, Hit with a shovel twice, Stabbed through back of neck/out through throat with throwing knife (Ed and Jolene)
  • Two Tongues - Shot twice, Stabbed in right eye, Tongue cut off with cleaver, Decapitated with ax (Austin)
  • Jolene - Bear trap latched onto face and blown away with shotgun (Juli)
  • Ed - Beaten, Tasered several times, Hooked through jaw/chin, Head blown off with shotgun (Dylan)
  • SGT Dylan Harris - Shot with several arrows, Head slammed against tree repeatedly, Beaten unconscious, Tied up with barbed wire, Tortured with knives, Pieces of meat cut off body and dies from blood loss/shock from wounds (Three-finger, Marguerite and Two Tongues)
  • Marguerite - Beaten with a pistol, Shot twice, Head rammed into TV and clock, Ran over three times and shot dead (Jessie and Austin)
  • Three-Finger - Shot multiple times, Stabbed in the back/legs and stomach, Pole rammed down throat/skewered and set on fire (Jessie)


  • Jessie Burlingame
  • Juli Monroe
  • Austin Jarvis
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