Wrong Turn 7: Killer Weekend is a 2015 Horror film and the seventh installment to Wrong Turn. It stars Dianna Agron, Chris Zylka, Corbin Bleu, Kaley Cuoco, Ansel Elgort, Dylan O'Brien, Janel Parrish, Brenda Song, Aaron Yoo, Nina Dobrev, Claire Holt, Jensen Ackles and Jennifer Lawrence


A young woman is going with her friends to a cabin on a lake for a relaxing weekend after her sister's disappearance with no trace except for a lot of blood. But after her friends start going missing, she meets the one who killed her sister.


Aria Roberts (Kaley Cuoco) is screaming and running through the woods. She stops and rests against a tree. An arrow flies in and hits right next to her hand, scaring her as a cackle sounds through the woods. She runs to a building and starts banging on the door and screaming for help. She turns around and gasps for air as the laughing and running behind her stop. The door opens and her hair is pulled and she is dragged inside.

After the opening credits, two cars drive up to a gas station and the four in each get out. Kelsey Simmons (Dianna Agron) stays in the first car and her boyfriend, Jake, (Chris Zylka) checks on her. She makes him go away and he follows Sandy, (Janel Parrish) Her boyfriend, Kai, (Corbin Bleu) Peter, (Ansel Elgort) and his boyfriend, Tony, (Dylan O'Brien) to the store. Meanwhile, Simmone (Brenda Song) and Marcus (Aaron Yoo) are trying to find the directions to the cabin.

In the store, the friends check out their food and drinks while Sherrif Acker (Jensen Ackles) and his partner, Deputy Wilson (Claire Holt) questions the manager of the store, Candace. (Nina Dobrev) When the leave, Candace apologizes and explains the missing person, Aria. The group see a board covered with MISSING posters. They leave and drive to the cabin.

Tony helps Kelsey unpack in her room and they talk, which Kelsey says they haven't done in a long time. Kelsey explains that she just misses her sister, Jackie, (Jennifer Lawrence) and wants to know why anyone would kill her. Tony agrees and says everyone loved her. He then goes to meet Peter as Jake comes in.

Kai finds out they forgot the beer and sends Marcus and Sandy to go with him to get the beer. The three drive to the store and they find the beer. Candace asks for I.D. knowing they're underaged. They are about to leave, when the glass is shattered by an arrow, sounding the alarm. Cackling outside makes the group hide. Three Finger, Saw tooth and One eye jump in through the broken glass.

Candace makes a run for the door, but is hit in the face by razor wire set up at the door, slitting her eyes. She screams in pain as the cannibles walk to her, One eye and Saw tooth bite her arms. She screams louder until Three Finger bites her mouth and rips her tongue out. The others run to the window and jump out, running to the car. However, Marcus steps on a beartrap and falls on his face. He begs for help but the cannibles grab the chain and pull him towards the store, killing him off-screen. Sandy and Kai drive off, and the cannibles follow.

Simmone goes in the hot tub and relaxes. Tony and Peter are on the porch when Jake comes out and asks Tony to talk to Kelsey. He says she needs time to get over Jackie's death. Kelsey then comes out and tells them that the cops are there. The four run outside to meet Acker and Wilson. They explain about a break in that ended with Candace and Marcus dead. Simmone cries and Sandy and Kai drive up. They tell them about what happened. Wilson is shot with an arrow in her arm, pinning her to the car. Acker is about to pull out his gun to shoot, but steps in a razo wire snare, which drags him up into the trees. His body falls down, mutilated and bloody. They all run to the house as Wilson's throat is slit by One-eye.

They all panick and wonder what to do. As they all discuss, Kelsey hears something in the wall and walks to it. She looks through a crack and sees movement. She then hears it under them and she looks there to see One eye crawling towards the others. She screams to warn them as the cannible jumps out of the ground and attacks. He shoves Simmone onto the pool table and is about to stab her, when Kelsey stabs him with a kitchen knife. She does this multiple times, stabbing his head as well. Jake suggest there may be hidden tunnels. They fo to the basement and find an entrance to a tunnel and Jake volunteers to go.

While in there, Jake is tackled by Saw tooth, who wraps his arms in razor wire, gags him and drags him away.

The others wonder what is taking him so long and wait upstairs. Peter hears something outside and he looks to see Jake on the ground, bloody and dead. Peter calls the others to alert them. Kelsey screams and runs to the back room. Simmone follows and calms her. She says they'll make it out alive. The window is shattered and Three Finger knocks both girls back into a wall. Everyone else runs in and Three Finger shoots an arrow, hitting Peter in the shoulder. Simmone and Kelsey escape and run to the road, Kai and Sandy jump out the window and run down the lake, Saw Tooth seeing them. Three Finger prepares another arrow for Tony and Peter, but is distracted by a scream outside, allowing the two to escape.

Kai and Sandy stop and rest. Sandy says she knows they won't make it out of this and Kai leads her to a tree where they wait for someone to run by. Saw tooth comes up from behind and knocks Sandy into another tree. He cuts Kai's arm and throws him into Sandy. They both stand as Saw tooth throws and spear. Kai hugs Sandy to protect her and the spear penatrates Kai, but only goes partly in Sandy. She cries as Kai dies and begs for him to let her go. Saw tooth shoves the spear in deeper, killing her.

Simmone and Kelsey scream for help and run down the street. Simmone falls and sobs, saying, "Why are we trying? We're going to die!" Kelsey is about to reply, but Three Finger pushes her down and jumps onto Simmone. As he raises his knife, Kelsey notices a bloody bracelet. It was her sisters. She then yells at Three Finger and kicks him over, grabbing a rock from close by and hitting him with it multiple times. Simmone and Kelsey run to find Peter and Tony.

A weak Peter in following Tony, when he falls. Tony says they need to keep going, but Peter denies, saying he should go on and leave him there. Tony tries getting him to move and gets him to stand but Saw Tooth appears and shoves them down. They land on the lake and Peter pushes Tony to go to the docks. Saw Tooth comes up from behind him and stabs Peter in the chest. Tony bolts away and runs onto the docks. He is followed and pushed down, his head shoved under the water.

Kelsey and Simmone appear behind Saw Tooth and hit him with an ax and machete. Tony rises up and gasps for air. The three hug and cry, walking to the cabin. Tony runs to Peter's body and sobs over it. Peter suddenly wakes up and the two kiss.

Peter and Tony go in one ambulance and Simmone and Kelsey are getting in another. Jake stumbles out of the woods and smiles to see Kelsey. Kelsey sees him through the window as it closes. Just as he's about to walk to her, Three Finger appears behind him and throws Razor wire over his throat, cutting it open and dragging him back into the woods. Kelsey screams and the screen goes black as her scream echos on, followed by Three Fingers' cackle.


Dianna Agron as Kelsey Simmons, A teen who wants to know what happened to her sister.

Chris Zylka as Jake Evans, Boyfriend of Kelsey who wishes she'd put out more.

Corbin Bleu as Kai Johnson, A football player who owns the cabin.

Kaley Cuoco as Aria Roberts, A victim of the cannibles.

Ansel Elgort as Peter Wilkins, An openly gay football player who is dating Tony.

Dylan O'Brien as Tony Mallard, Peter's lovong boyfriend and Kelsey's best friend.

Janel Parrish as Sandy Montgomery, Kai's girlfriend and head cheerleader.

Brenda Song as Simmone Hunt, Richest girl in school.

Aaron Yoo as Marcus Chang, Simmone's boyfriend.

Nina Dobrev as Candace, the store manager.

Claire Holt as Deputy Wilson, Acker's deputy,

Jensen Ackles as Sheriff Acker, The sheriff.

Jennifer Lawrence as Jackie Simmons, Kelsey's sister who disappeared.


Jackie - Killed prior. (Three Finger)

Aria - Dragged into house, eaten (Saw Tooth/One Eye)

Candace - Razor Wore trap hit eyes, Arms/Tongue bitten. (Three Finger, Saw Tooth, One Eye)

Marcus - Bear Trap, dragged away. (Unknown)

Sheriff Acker - Snare, dragged off, mutilated. (Three Finger)

Deputy Wilson - Shot in arm, throat slit. (Three FInger, One Eye)

Jake (Alt. Ending) - Ripped in half. (Saw Tooth)

One Eye - Stabbed multiple times. (Kelsey)

Kai - Impaled. (Saw Tooth)

Sandy - Stabbed with spear, pinned with Kai, Impaled. (Saw Tooth)

Three Finger - Beaten with rock. (Kelsey) Returned.

Saw Tooth - Hit with Machete and Ax ten times. (Kelsey and Simmone)

Jake (Original Ending)

Jackie (Alternate Ending) - Throat slit with Razor Wire, dragged off screen. (Three FInger)






Three Finger

One Eye (Assumed)

Saw Tooth (Assumed)


The Store Death

Candace - Sorry about that. This town has had a lot of disappearances.

Tony - Not a problem. Do you know who it was?

Candace - Yeah, Aria Roberts. I went to High School with her. We weren't friends, but... It's sad.

Peter - Holy shit, Tony! Look at this. Pointing at the missing persons wall.

Tony - What the fuck? There has to be a hundred names here.

Candace - Well, believe it.

Sandy - Can we go now? I don't like this.

Tony - Gives money.

Candace - Thanks, don't die.

All - Leave.

Candace - Well, you're not coming back anythime soon.

Kelsey's Room

Kelsey - It's been so long since we've talked.

Tony - Well, there's a bunch of shit going on in your life.

Kelsey - Yeah. But I feel bad about not talking to you. How are you and Peter doing?

Tony - Smiling Good. You and Jake?

Kelsey - Awful. He doesn't understand what I'm going through. He just wants sex.

Tony - Ugh. I hate it when men are like that. I wish you could find a different guy.

Kelsey - So do I. See? Now we've caught up on each other's lives! It's just, ever since Jackie-

Tony - I understand. I'm gonna go find Peter.

Kelsey - Kiss him for me.

Tony - Dream on, bitch.

'We will get out of this.'

Kelsey - Screams and runs to the back room.

Simmone - Shit, Kelse! Follows her.

Kelsey - Simmone, he's dead! He's fucking dead!

Simmone - I know! I know how you feel right now. I lost Marcus but that doesn't matter. We need to focus on getting our assess out of here! Kelsey, listen to me. We will get out of this. But we need to stick together. Understand?

Kelsey - Yes. Hugs Simmone.

One Eye - Jumps in window. Knocks Simmone against wall.


Simmone - Screams as Three Finger raises knife.

Kelsey - Sees The bracelet. Jackie? Oh, my god.

Kelsey - HEY!

Three Finger - Turns around.

Kelsey - You! You killed my sister! That's her bracelet! You- You-

Simmone - Kelsey!

Kelsey - MOTHER FUCKER! Kicks Three Finger. Grabs rock and hits him five times.


Jake - Stumbles out of the woods to see Kelsey enter the ambulance. Kelse...

Kelsey - Looks out the window to see Jake. Jake...? Oh, my god. Smiles.

Jake - Walks towards ambulance.

Three Finger - Pops out and throws razor wire over Jake's throat.

Jake - Throat cut, Choughs out blood.

Kelsey - Jake?!

Simmone - Kelsey, what is it?

Three Finger - Drags Jake into the woods.

Kelsey - Screams.


  • Originally, Ashley Benson was going to play Kelsey but they settled on Dianna Agron.
  • Jake was originally ripped in half by two cars before the seperation scene, but that was changed.
  • Jennifer Lawrence, playing Jackie, is only seen in a flashback and an alternate ending where Jackie was alive the whole time and escaped the home of the Cannibles.
  • Nina Dobrev, playing Candace, was originally going to go to the cabin and hook up with Jake and bring the others to the store for beer.
  • It is assumed that One Eye and Saw Tooth may also be alive since Three Finger is.

Alternate Ending

Jackie struggles to escape her bonds and one wrist gets loose. She cuts the other out with clippers. She runs to the exit and feels the sunlight on her. She hears Sirens and chases after them

JACKIE - HEY! Over here, I'm here!

She runs to them and enters a clearing to see blood, dead bodies, cops and ambulances. She sees her sister, Kelsey, get into one.

JACKIE - Oh, my god...

She smiles and starts walking towards her sister, but Three Finger appears and wraps razor wire around her neck, cutting it open.

KELSEY - Jackie, no!

Jackie is pulled back, Kelsey is left screaming.

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