Wrong Turn 6"The Horror House is A Horror-Slasher-Thriller Movie and Six Part of the saga film Starning Sean Faris,Stephen Lunsford,Spencer Breslin,Dianna Agron,Alexa nicolas,Mark salling,Ashley Tisdale,robert Hofman,chelsea Kane,Adrienne Bailoon,Chelam Simmons,Nikki Browski,Michael Cera,Drew Van Acker,Bobby Campo,Sara Paxton,Dan Skene,Sean Skene,Scott Johnson and Avril Lavigne


Halloween night in a remote house a youth group trying to make a haunted house but mutates interviewed for about cannibals now you have to escape the cannibals if you want to date with life .... and they all die


Abs Sean Faris As Paul Davis/the principal a man of 24 years old that helps home renovation horror

Stephen Lunsford As Danniel Parish/stepbrother Paul, jenna and Nico

Spencer Breslin As Nico Davis/jenna and paul younger brother and Stepbrother of  daniel

Dianna Agron As Elaine Greene/jenna best friend is also helping in the haunted house and paul love interest

Alexa nicolas As Jenni Manson/Daniel's best friend

Mark salling As Dean simmons/

Ashley Tisdale As kelly Strong/

Robert Hofman As Jack Knight/Daniel's rival

chelsea Kane As Charlene Clarens/

Adrienne Bailoon As Hanna Lopez/

Chelam Simmons As Haley Clowner/

Nikki Browski As Kate Brown/Daniel's best friend

Michael Cera As Jake/Daniel's best friend

Drew Van Acker As Steven Loomis/jenna boyfriend

Bobby Campo As Scott Potter/jenna friend

Sara Paxton As Jenna Davis/She is the sister of paul and Nico and sister Daniel and leader of the committee's Halloween she is one of the first to die she is 18 years old

Dan Skene As One-Eye

Sean Skene As Three Fingers

Scott Johnson As Saw Tooth

Avril Lavigne As Deputy Grenne/Elaine Sister


Paul Davis,Danniele Parish,Nico Davis,Elaine Grenne,Deputy Grenne, Three Fingers and Jake (1st Ending)


Scott Potter-machete in the head when lying alongside and then is eaten Saw thoot

Steven Loommis-waist split with an ax By One- Eye

Jenna Davis-stabbed in the back with a butcher knife several times and then hang with a hook on meat freezer where dead encotrada by paul (Three Fingers)

Jake-pulled into the basement and is stabbed to death By one-eye,Three Fingers and Saw thoots. Survives in the 1st ending.

Kate Brown-divided and devoured By One-eye

Hanna Lopez-bitten in the neck By Three finger

Charlene Clarens-face torn with butcher knife By One-eye

Haley Crowner-arrow in the head By Saw Thoots

Dean simmons-arrow in the head and chest By saw Thoots

Saw Tooth-stabbed in the chest with a machete and beheaded by Kelly

Jack Knight-stabbed in the back and belly with a tube By one Eye after not beliving in the monsters and insulting the others.

One-Eye-head divided by kelly by steven and Elaine. Bashed to death by Jake (1st Ending)

Kelly Strong-sacrifices himself to kill three fingers burning down the house ==Ending 1== Jake is Alive and kills One-Eye

Ending 2

Jenna,Steven and Scott Death

Scott Part death

scott: who is there

(sawtooth out)

Scott: Sir what happened in the face needs a hospital

(sawtooth shakes his head)

Scott Lord doing with that Machete

scott: Lord please

Scott: Nooooooooooooo

(sound of machete in the head)

Steven Part Death

steven: Scott where these friend's time to go

(Steven enters the room and finds the lifeless body scott

Steven: oh my god scott who did this

steven appears behind one eye with a huge ax

Scott: you you best friend you did this motherfucker ami going to pay for that

one eye: diabolical laughter loose

David: (Shouting) runs Jenaaaaa

(but Jenna does not hear)

(one eye divides it with the ax)

another sinister laugh one eye

Jenna Death

Jenna: I know where they will be soon

Jenna: Guys

Jenna: David scott where are we ami I have to go home to shower

Jenna: Guys

(scott devoured the corpse on the table)

Jenna: (jenna screams) ¡noooooooow  Scott!

Jenna: David help me please

(in finds the corpse of her boyfriend empiesa to mourn her she sees one eye, three fingers and sawtooth)

Jenna: why they do this because it killed my friends tell me

(she does look like three fingers pulls a knife and threatens to run it empisa like three fingers)

Jenna: Help me please I do not want to die

(When you reach the gate three fingers stabbed in the back does jenna empisa to mourn and spit blood it goes on and on 'but before he makes it to his car three deos the horn stabs to kill her several times more)

then the screen goes black and comes in the name

jake Death

jake: Kate where are love

one eye: evil laugh

Jake: who you are or who you want

(one eye at points with his fingers then pulls and is stabbed by all)

Jake: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Help meeeeee, What's happening to me, what's happening to me.

The dies

Kate Death

kate: Jake are you

kate: You're fucking you

one eye the halved

one eye: JAjajajajaajajaj

WHILE empiesa to eat the intestines

Hanna lopez Death

hannah: I remain very well where is jenna

(Off three fingers of the closet with an ax)

hannah: I you scary me

Three fingers smiles

Hannah: Who are you David ahhh already true

Three fingers shakes his head

Hannah: ammmm are truly Scottt could use that ugly mask

Three fingers denies another look

Hannah: aaaaaa is not Ocurio before janna sorry friend you did not think you were going to dress up if you do get that rare where sharp teeth sacastes

Three fingers: to eat

(three fingers jump up and bite in the neck of hannah)

hannah, Let me please aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Charlene Clarensc Death

Charlene: where is hannah jenna told me the see here

sawtooth appears

Charlene: who the hell are you

not grab any sound

Charlene: I have to go

Sawtooth grabs her arm and throws it down

Charlene: I'll Kill motherfucker

sawtooth: yours is mine life after jumping over charlene and face descarra

Haley clowner and Dean Simmon's Death's

haley: what are those things

dean: not to be but it killed almost all we have to warn nuetras friends paul and others

Haley: you say that they are saved SOther not have to save

Dean: you'll have to escape only because I will not leave my friends for you

haley runs makes it to where is the gate but when you try to skip a fleca gives head and dies

Dean: paul where this friend I have something to tell you

Paul: Dean and dress happens to those things

Dean: If killed charlene and maybe to others and even jen

Paul: jenna know I found his corpse in freezer

Dean: And elaine where this

Paul: No creeo that daneil and Nico

kelly: Deaaaan paul (scream)

while being chased by sawtooth with crossbow

Paul: Oh, my god is kelly needs our help

Dean: looking for Elam I hate being in þos story... written by more and chest

kelly: dean nooooooooooo

paul elaine goes where was saved with her ​​siblings come quickly

one eye treatment kelly hit when guys came one eye is distracted

kelly: son of a thousand bitches jenna and dean this

begins to stab him in the chest and then decapitated

Jack Knight Death

jack: well guys

kelly: Yes

Jack: That Step

Kelly: All of this dead more

Jack: as

Paul: were killed by one crazy

Kelly: I gets one

Jack: ay more. Know what never mind, Fuck all of you.

Paul and will answer one eye saw the belly stabbed to Jack

Kelly: Jack noooooooooooooo

One eye Death

one eye: hahahahahaha

Paul: You'll pay for what you've done

starts a fight between paul and paul eye falls to the ground when wounded

elaine: paul not

'kelly: 'paul next to you is an ax

paul grab the ax achievement using elaine when one eye and his family atcar going 2 come running and halved

Kelly strong and three fingers Death

kelly: we have to carefully lower the house is on fire

Paul: ay a ladder

elaine: but there were three crazy

paul: and where this

(three fingers appears behind them)

kelly: care

paul easily dodges the ax

paul: run now

kelly: going down with cuydado

elaine down, nico and daniel

elaine: you do kelly

Paul Kelly pushed and fell in the bushes

kelly: I'll handle run this motherfucker

kelly came running and clashes with three fingers both fall into the fire

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