Wrong Turn 5: Detour is a 2012 slasher horror film and a prequel to Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, starring, Sarah Roemer, Nicholas D'Agosto, Agnes Bruckner, Chelan Simmons, Kellan Lutz, Ryan Merriman, Ian Somerhalder, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sean Faris, Arlen Escarpeta, Julian Richings, Garry Robbins and Ted Clark.


In 2005, Three Finger, One Eye and Saw Tooth's cabin is burned down and are forced to leave and abandone their new born child, Katie. 15 years later, Katie is now a teenager and is traveling through the woods haunted by her cannibalistic family to collect a bonus with her friends. Katie and her friends are sent to make a documentary and find the three cannibals and capture them to make the woods safer for people. When One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger make a wrong turn to memory lane, they find their long lost


The movie begins with Three-Finger, Saw-Tooth and One-Eye sitting around in their cabin and sharpening their weapons and nurturing their new born child. One-Eye looks out his window and sees a group tourists cornering their house with torches and they burn their cabin down, while the trio escape, leaving their baby behind. Twenty years later, the hillbillies baby, Katie is now an adult and is inlisting in a group of hunters who are setting out to capture One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger to make the woods safer for tourists. Who ever captures the trio gets a bonus. Katie, who does not know that Saw-Tooth, Three-Finger and One-Eye are her parents, attempts to win the bonus to buy a house for her and her Popstar pineapple, Aaron, who is also in the contest. The leader of the group, Ashton, chooses his nominees for the hunt, which are Katie, Aaron, Julia, Jenny, Travis, Chris, Nancy, Brad and Lucas.

Once they arrive in the woods, Ashton tells everyone to set up their cameras to record their progress. Lucas tries to hit on Jenny, but she rejects him. Nancy sets her camera down to go pee in the woods. When she returns, she finds her camera gone and someone taking pictures in the woods. As Nancy walks in the woods to see what's taking pictures, she sees One-Eye and runs away. One-Eye tells Three-Finger and Saw-Tooth that he hears someone and they go looking for Nancy. As Nancy proceeds to run, she trips on a finger and screams. Saw-Tooth arrives and slams Nancy against a tree and decapitates her with a machete. He then takes her head and throws it his tow truck. The group goes off in the woods without Nancy and come across the hillbillie's cabin. Jenny insists that they go in the cabin to see if there's any evidence of the hillbillies. While they explore, Brad runs off upstairs after seeing a figure move across a room. He walks into a bedroom and sees nothing. He slowly opens a closet and sees newspapers about the hillbillies. He attempts to take the newspapers and show the group, but when he turns around, Three-Finger appears infront of him and cuts him in half with an axe. He then drags the two parts of his body into another room and under the bed.

Chris discovers that his girlfriend, Nancy is missing and convinces the group to go out and look for her. While everyone goes outside looking, Katie and Aaron find blood on the ground and tell the others. Travis refuses to believe it and thinks it's just a prank. Ashton spots One-Eye and Saw-Tooth and attempts to shoot them, but Three-Finger shoots him through his head with a bow and arrow, and he falls down the hill. The group scream in terror and run around the woods. As the group run away, One-Eye jumps out from a tree and grabs Lucas and takes him back to their cabin. The group realize Lucas is missing and attempt to find him, but Chris tells them they have to keep running to be safe. While Lucas is strapped to a bed in the hillbillie's cabin, Three-Finger, Saw-Tooth and One-Eye gut him with hooks and eat his organs.

Julia begins to cry and tells the group they need to go back for Lucas, but Katie assures her that he has to be dead by now. Travis finds a tree branch that leads to a radio station. He tells them that they need to get to that radio station to get in touch with police. The group slowly and carefully walk the branch. Katie slips off and Aaron grabs her hand, telling her he will never let go. He brings her back up and embraces her in relief that she is safe. As Julia makes it in to the station, she calls the police over the radio and looks out the window to see if the hillbillies are there. Once a police officer answers her call, One-Eye breaks through the window with a drill and slashes Julia's throat with the drill. Katie screams and she and the group run off the branch. Saw-Tooth sneaks up behind Travis and stabs him through his head with a machete. Katie, Aaron, Jenny and Chris jump down into the woods and continue to run. One-Eye appears and attacks Chris. Chris grabs a tree branch and beats One-Eye with it, but One-Eye slashes Chris across his stomach with a machete.

The trio run off in the woods to find weapons. Jenny grabs a pocket knife, Aaron grabs an axe and Katie grabs a hunting knife. As Jenny gets seperated from Katie and Aaron, she finds Nancy's headless corpse and runs to tell Katie and Aaron. She thinks she sees Katie and tries to tell her, but she does not respond. When she touches Katie on her shoulder, she turns around and it is revealed to be Three-Finger. Jenny screams and Three-Finger stabs her in the stomach with a machete and she tries to run. Jenny collapses on the street and Three-Finger gets in his tow truck and runs her over. One-Eye hits Aaron over his head with an axe and knocks him out, while Saw-Tooth grabs Katie and takes her to their cabin.

Katie wakes up and finds herself bound and gagged to a bed. She tries to scream, but no one can hear her. She also finds Aaron lying on the floor, unconsious. One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger show Katie pictures of her childhood and she realizes that she is their daughter. Katie starts crying and begging them to let her go, but they refuse and try to comfort her. As the trio eat their dinner, Katie uses the time to use the hunting knife she found to cut herself loose and crawl into another room. Three-Finger realizes Katie is gone and goes looking for her. He looks in his bedroom and Katie jumps out of a closet and stabs Three-Finger in his chest and back with a hunting knife and he falls down. One-Eye and Saw-Tooth run in the bedroom to see what's wrong while Katie tries to wake Aaron up.

Aaron grabs his knife and he and Katie run out of the cabin, and into the woods. Three-Finger grabs his machete and runs after them. He jumps Aaron and fights with him. Aaron stabs Three-Finger in his leg, back and chest with an axe and he continues to run with Katie. Katie finds a shotgun and grabs it in a hurry. While Three-Finger is searching for Katie and Aaron, Katie shoots him in the chest with the shotgun and he falls down. Katie and Aaron get into the tow truck and run Three-Finger over, killing him. One-Eye and Saw-Tooth run outside looking for everyone and One-Eye grabs Katie. Aaron throws a machete to Katie, and she stabs One-Eye in the back and stomach with the machete. Saw-Tooth jumps Katie and tries to stab her with the machete, and Aaron shoots him in the face with a shotgun and he falls down, dead. Aaron helps Katie up and they share a kiss. Katie and Aaron get into the hillbillie's tow truck and drive away. The movie ends with Three-Finger lying on the road, and he slowly opens his eyes.


Sarah Roemer as Katie - One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger's daughter who joins a group of hunters to capture her family and win a bonus.

Nicholas D'Agosto as Aaron - Katie's boyfriend who comes to support Katie on her trip

Agnes Bruckner as Julia - Katie's best friend.

Chelan Simmons as Jenny - Travis' girlfriend.

Kellan Lutz as Travis - Jenny's recklass boyfriend

Ryan Merriman as Chris - Travis' recklass best friend and Nancy's boyfriend

Ian Somerhalder as Ashton - Inheritence owner who sends his group out to capture the hillbillies once and for all

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nancy - Chris' girlfriend

Sean Faris as Brad - Gas station attendent who joins the group to win a bonus and find a new job

Arlen Escarpeta as Lucas - Suave ladies man who has total confidence in winning the bonus and becoming a rich snob to inherit the woods

Julian Richings as Three-Finger

Garry Robbins as Saw-Tooth

Ted Clark as One-Eye


Nancy - Decapitated with a machete by Saw-Tooth

Brad - Cut in half with an axe by Three-Finger

Ashton - Shot through the head with a bow and arrow by Three-Finger

Lucas - Gutted with hooks by One-Eye, Saw-Tooth and Three-Finger

Julia - Slashed across the throat with a drill by One-Eye

Travis - Stabbed through the head with a machete by Saw-Tooth

Chris - Slashed across the stomach with a machete by One-Eye

Jenny - Stabbed in the stomach with a machete by Three-Finger/ran over by Three-Finger.

Three-Finger - Stabbed in the chest/back with a hunting knife by Katie, stabbed in the leg/back/chest with an axe by Aaron, shot in the chest with a shotgun by Katie and ran over by Katie and Aaron

One-Eye - Stabbed in the back/stomach with a machete by Katie

Saw-Tooth - Shot in the face with a shotgun by Aaron


Katie and Aaron

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