Wrong Turn is a 2018 Canadian-Slasher film and reboot of the film series that began in 2003 and stars Lia Marie Johnson, Madeline Petsch, Evan Peters, and Tyler Posey. The film only alludes to the events of the first two films, and retcons the events of films 3-6. The film tells the story of a group of campers who stumble upon a a trio of mutated hillbilly cannibals.


Richie (Ian Somerhalder) and his girlfriend, Hallie, (Katrina Bowden) are mountain climbing. Rich gets up no problem, but Hallie is begging for help. He says she needs to just get up. He sits on the edge and waits for her. As she continues to climb, she slips but gains her footing. She looks up to see Rich drop and hang by razor wire. She screams as she is pulled up. She pulls her pocket knife out and tries cutting the rope but is pulled onto the edge. Two big mutant men grab her and hold her arms as a smaller one runs up to her. He takes her knife and taunts her, until she kicks him. The others let her go and she runs to the edge. The small mutant throws the knife, which stabs her back. She stumbles and slides but doesn't fall. One of them grabs her and pulls her away.

Chris, (Tyler Hoechlin) A medical student, drives through the backwoods and smashes into a van. A group of teens run from the woods. They ask if he's hurt and apologize. Jesse (Anna Kendrick) emerges from the woods, saying someone planted razor wire all around the area. Jesse, Chris, Carly, (Nina Dobrev) Scott, (Evan Peters) Danny, (Ansel Elgort) and Sherry (Sasha Pieterse) go look for help. Francine, (Lucy Hale) Evan, (Zac Efron) and Dina (Elizabeth Gillies) stay back.

The six walk through the woods and come across a bear's dead body. Carly makes them walk on and they find a cabin. Chris knocks and asks for help. No one answers. Jesse opens it and tells them it's abandoned. They look around, everyone finding human body parts.

Francine drags Evan into the woods and gives him a blowjob. Dina decides to listen to music to zone them out. Francine hears something and Evan tries to get her to ignore it. But she crawls to the sound and finds nothing. She turns to find Evan but he's gone. Francine starts to go back to the car but steps on something and falls. She looks to see Evan's ear under her foot. She screams and runs to the cars. She shakes Dina and tells her what happened. Dina suddenly screams and Saw Tooth tosses razor wire over Francine's mouth, tearing her cheeks apart. Dina runs away as Saw Tooth twists Francine's head, breaking her neck.

The others get together and hear a noise in the freezer. Jesse opens it to see Hallie, who begs for help weakly. They hear the cannibals truck and Jesse sadly apologizes and closes the lid. They run to the door but can't get out in time as the family walk towards the door. The friends all hide, Jesse and Chris under the table, Carly and Scott in a closet and Danny and Sherry under a bed. Francine's body is thrown onto the ground infront of Jesse and Chris. The cannibals then place her body onto the table and chop her up.

After the family eats, they fall asleep and the three couples slowly come out. They make their way to the door but Chris notices one of them wakes up. He bolts to the others, telling them to run. The six run for the woods as the truck starts driving.

Sherry falls to her knees and begs the others to just let her stay. Danny convinces her to get back up and run when an arrow shoots at them. They all run and make their way into a car graveyard. They all get behind a car as the truck pulls up and the mutant cannibal's jump out. Chris explains an idea to get them out of this. He then runs to the woods, yelling and screaming. One Eye has a shot gun and fires it, shooting him through the leg. The three run towards him but Scott distracts them as Carly sobs, Jesse and Sherry hold her back. Danny guides them to the truck, helping Chris as well. Carly opens the door and Evan's body falls out. She screams and jumps in with the others.

They drive on and Sherry finds Scott. He runs right into a trap, sending him up, dangling by his legs. Carly screams and tries to open the door, but the mutants surround him. Three Finger takes an arrow and shoots into Scott's leg, then stomach. Scott is slowly dying and Three FInger pulls both arrows out and sticks one in each of Scott's eyes. Carly screams as they drive off.

Chris gets the car stuck and they all start walking. Three FInger jumps down and cuts Danny's arm. Carly then attacks him with a tree branch. They all run off and end up at a river where Dina runs up to them. They all reunite and try to find a way out of this. Carly is grabbed by Saw Tooth and thrown down, Jesse starts screaming and running to her, but Chris pulls her away. Saw Tooth swings an ax at her, decapitating her from the jaw down. The last five survivors run down the river until they come across a cliff. The cannibals are closing in and they jump.

Chris pulls himself out only to hear screaming. Jesse is thrown down and grabbed by her hair and dragged into the woods. Danny is pulled by his leg. Sherry is lifted by three finger. Chris tackles him down and Sherry leads him away. She begs him to help find Danny and Jesse and he agrees. Dina has disappeared.

Jesse and Danny are both tied down to beds. As Saw Tooth starts cutting Danny's arm, Sherry knocks on the door, holding an ax. One Eye opens the door and Sherry hits him in the side of his face, destroying his other eye and killing him. Saw Tooth and Three Finger hollar and Sherry runs as they chase her. Chris comes in and unties them and they are about to leave when One Eye blindly grabs Danny's leg and bites it. Danny falls as he tries to bite again, but Jesse grabs the shotgun and shoots him in the head.

They lift Danny up and see Sherry drive a car up to them. They get in and drive. They manage to run over Three Finger and Saw Tooth.

Danny passes out and Chris tries his best to stop the bleeding. He manages but says they need to find a hospital. A fourth Cannibal jumps down and pulls Sherry's head back and cuts her throat. Jesse screams and is slammed into the car. Chris is grabbed by the throat and lifted up. The mutant is suddenly shot and Chris gasps for air. Jesse sees the police were the ones who shot the mutant and the three are loaded into an ambulance.

As they find body parts that are years old, two officers are searching around more. One steps on a trigger, which sets a barb wire net to trap them both. Three Finger cackles and grabs it, dragging the two screaming cops away.


Tyler Hoechlin as Chris Flynn, a 20-year-old medical student who gets in a car accident.

Anna Kendrick as Jesse Burlingame, a 19-year-old college student who has a crush on Chris when they meet.

Sasha Pieterse as Sherry Tyler, Jesse's roommate and best friend.

Nina Dobrev as Carly Freeman, a usually timid girl and Scott's bride-to-be.

Evan Peters as Scott Addams, A cocky college student and Carly's fiance.

Ansel Elgort as Danny Jensen, Sherry's boyfriend and captain of the football team.

Zac Efron as Evan Greene, a tough guy and sex lover.

Lucy Hale as Francine Lincoln, Evan's slutty girlfriend.

Elizabeth Gillies as Dina Jacobson, a pretty girl who loves the darkness.

Katrina Bowden as Hallie, A mountain climber.

Ian Somerhalder as Rich, A moutnain climber.


Rich - Hit in head with hatchet, (Saw Tooth) Hanged by razor wire. (Unknown)

Evan - Ear slit off, throat cut. (One Eye)

Francine - Razor wire cut cheeks, neck snapped. (Saw Tooth) Chopped up, eaten. (All Cannibals)

Hallie - Stabbed in the back, (Three Finger) Blood loss, Frozen. (Jesse, caused)

Scott - Snare, Shot with arrow in leg/stomach, stabbed in eyes. (Three FInger)

Carly - Head chopped off. (Saw Tooth)

Dina - Eaten by Cannibals. (Unknown)

One Eye - Hit in eye with ax, (Sherry) Shot. (Jesse)

Saw Tooth - Run over. (Chris)

Sherry - Throat slit. (Ripper)

Ripper - Shot (Police)

Two Police Officers - Trapped in barbed wire, eaten. (Three Finger)





Three Finger

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