Wraith is a 2001 American Supernatural Slasher Horror film written and directed by Richard Kelly starring Albert Brooks, Chris Pratt, Rachael Leigh Cook, Andrew Rannells, Anthony Mackie, Stana Katic, Nina Repeta, Taryn Manning, Omar Sy, Justin Randall Timberlake and Matt Frewer.

The film was made under a budget of $17 Million and grossed approximately $1,2768 million in its opening weekend making it an enormous financial success.

It received praise from critics and audiences for its take on the haunted house horror film, teenage slasher film and psychological suspense thriller.

It was distrbuted by Universal Picutures and Wraith is rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, sexuality and language

The film was awarded with a Saturn Award Nomination for Best Horror Film: 2001 as well as a Saturn Award Nominations for Best Actor/Horror/Thriller: Chris Pratt and Best Actress/Horror/Thriller: Rachael Leigh Cook.

The film secured two Empire Awards for Best Actress Horror: Rachael Leigh Cook, Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Mackie and Best Supporting Actress: Stana Katic.

The film has quickly become a cult classic in the annals of modern horror earning a position up with the likes of Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven's Scream and James Wong and Craig Perry's Final Destination.

The film's story served as a central spoof in the storyline of Keenen Ivory Wayans' hit parody sequel Scary Movie 2.

The film was released theatrically on September 20th, 2001 and was shot entirely on a constructed set in Manitoc, Wisconsin.

The film was released on Blu-Ray format on October 17th, 2009.

The Wraith of the film also served as an inspiration for the Wraith appearing in Joss Whedon's 2012 Horror hit The Cabin In The Woods.


Eight youths are thrown together to clear out a dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of their rural center town which belonged to their college's former dean and his wife after orchestrating an elaborate prank.

They are accompanied by the school's new Dean Marianne Fields (Nina Repeta) and her paraplegic brother Dwight (Matt Frewer).

The youths led by responsible valedictorian student Harrison Gilman (Chris Pratt) who was wrongly accused of participating in the prank along with many of the others come to discover that the former dean and his wife were murdered by an evil entity known as a wraith, one which after killing its victim claims its' soul and is an entity being controlled by one of the group.

The group becomes sealed inside the estate and its' grounds by the Wraith and begin to die one by one.

First Helen's (Rachael Leigh Cook) bestfriend Julian's (Anthony Mackie) twin brother Wes (Omar Sy) as in his gym set up room the Wraith comes to take possession of a sledgehammer which it uses to swing back and forth across Wes' face.

Wes is spiraled out a window by the ensuing frenzy and bleeds to death on the ground outside as a rainstorm pours in, the Wraith vanishes and the rest of the group including his brother Julian come to his bleeding body as passes.

The group then make various attempts to contact for help with their cell phones and escape the estate, but to no prevail as all their signals have been cut and the only electricity functioning seems to be the medieval lighting of the house.

Varsity College Football Jock Kirk (Andrew Rannells) along with his girlfriend Alice (Taryn Manning) attempt to smash down the large gates out of the estate with his jeep but the gate is only damaged a little whilst his jeep is almost completely smashed up.

In the jeep smash up Alice is impaled by various glass shards in the lower abdomen and the group are then forced back inside to gather up the first aid supplies from the kitchen and basement to tend to her wounds.

Helen upon gathering supplies from the basement with the clumsy Buster (Justin Timberlake) comes to hear various voices calling her name and telling her to go the music room.

In the foyer Alice is laid out by Kirk who then collapses as it is shown he too has glass shards embedded him, though only in his back and he is escorted upstairs to his and Alice's room where he is overlooked by Julian and flirtatious youth Clarissa (Stana Katic).

The group after having tended to the injured Alice and Kirk are called into an emergency room in the dining room by Dean Fields who tells that with the storm and everything that has just transpired over the past hour there is no way they will be leaving until morning so they will have to arm themselves with the artillery from the basement.

The group in arguing and theorizing on what's doing this are stopped by Dwight and Dean Fields who attempt to rationalize what happened as the work of an unstable caretaker named Hanson (Albert Brooks) who formerly worked for the former Dean of Whitford College and his wife and subsequently went mad after their deaths.

The next to die is Alice as she awakens from unconsciousness on the long wooden foyer table she was set upon as it begins to levitate a couple of feet above the ground and then shoot up towards the roof prompting her to propel herself off the table and to the ground.

In doing so she breaks her left leg and as she screams out the group come running but are barricaded off by the Wraith which takes possession of all the doors leading into the foyer.

The only ones who it make it down in time are Kirk, Julian and Clarissa who come Kirk's room as he sprouts up and pushes past them and they escape his room before it shuts off.

They come down the hallway and as the Wraith proceeds to smash up the main staircase a stumbling back and forth Alice is then killed before them as the chandelier attached to the roof above is possessed by the Wraith and dropped down upon her.

Alice is crushed and snapped back by the falling chandelier which then embeds in the ground and sprays her blood across Kirk, Julian, Clarissa and the now entering Dean Fields, Harrison, Buster, Dwight and Helen's faces.

The group then with their artillery proceed down to the basement after an enraged Kirk who smashes up most of the equipment in the basement in a rage before collapsing into Harrison, Helen and Clarissa's arms traumatized.

Dean Fields now also traumatized over Alice's demise attempts to rationalize her death to the group which sparks rage in Kirk who slaps her down and is held back by Harrison, Julian and Buster.

Dwight in his wheelchair in the corner tells his sister there is no point attempting to rationalize anything that has happened anymore, he tells that both of them aren't doing so well with the schoolboard at Whitford and cleaning up the Forbes Mansion estate and collecting any inventory which may have belonged to the school was their way of getting back into the board's good books, and them both maintaining their jobs.

Julian and Harrison crack down upon this and as does Clarissa and Kirk.

Dean Fields breaks down as the truth is let out about her and her brother and she separates from the group though Dwight attempts to follow but loses her as he comes into the foyer.

The others remaining in the basement happen upon a secret passageway and then the aforementioned unstable caretaker of the property Hanson who armed with a meat clever is dicing up pieces of a chicken and preparing a hoodoo spell.

He is instantly attacked by Kirk and Julian though Helen, Clarissa and Harrison are able to pull them off him as he is disarmed of his meat clever.

Hanson pleads with them and tells that he's not responsible for the terrible things that have happened to him tonight, he tells it is the work of a "Wraith", a supernatural phantom, a conjured entity which whilst under the control of a mortal practicing a specific type of dark hoodoo can be utilized to kill off desired targets.

He tells that the former owners he worked for were targeted by the creature and as was he but escaped and has returned after hearing through Whitford College's news that a group of youths along with the new Dean and her paraplegic professor brother were coming to the estate to clean it up.

He tells that the Wraith is a monstrous entity of the netherealm which after claiming the live of an individual also claims their soul for the netherealm and that they like him and the previous Dean and his wife who owned the mansion have been targeted by whoever is controlling the Wraith.

He tells the mansion contains a great many secret passageways in and out and he was able to slip in before the Wraith sealed the property off.

He tells after reading into hoodoo he has come with an inventory of ingredients for some protective spells to help ward off the wraith, release the souls of the former owners and their recently lost friends and a spell to break the barrier over the estate which bars their escape.

Kirk and Julian still hold their doubts on Hanson though Helen and Clarissa state they should consider what he's saying as what has happened to Wes and Alice is not your natural killings and they were there when the chandelier crushed Alice.

Hanson is taken along with him escorted by Harrison, Kirk and Julian along with his recovered Hoodoo supplies which they hold onto.

The group go to find Dean Fields and her brother Dwight but become lost as the Wraith has turned the foyer into a maze of rooms which are all interconnected and keep replicating.

Helen begins to hear the voices from the basement again and then is approached by Hanson who breaks free of Harrison, Julian and Kirk and comes to her and upon seizing her wrist states she can hear them too, he tells her to listen to what they say as they will guide her where they need to go and that's how got into the estate.

He is pulled away and subdued by Kirk as Clarissa comes to Helen's shocked side.

Helen focuses in as the rooms clear and becomes accessible again.

She is told once again by a clear by quiet voice to go to the music room which she coerces Clarissa to slip away with her to.

They discover a void near a bookcase and are then startled by Buster who has snuck away and followed them to the music room.

The bookcase opens up as Clarissa and Helen fool with the books on the shelves and open up a secret room with a shrine dedicated to the former Dean's wife and to the to their shock Helen.

The trio rendezvous with the others in the foyer and Clarissa proceeds up the broken staircase where she finds a bespectacled  Dwight wheeling around who tells him the rooms kept changing and he couldn't find his way out.

Helen and Kirk then race up the stairs as Harrison and Julian tend to Hanson with Buster.

Helen and Kirk hear Dean Fields call out as she wakes up within her room and the two head but have the door slam shut behind them and lock.

As Clarissa reaches for the doorhandle it burns up and catches fire as it melts away.

Dwight and Clarissa scream out prompting Kirk, Julian and Buster with Hanson to go up the foyer staircase after them but the already partially smashed staircase breaks up more and then collapses inward.

Hanson tells it's here and then as the mansion rumbles the Wraith begins to appear within Dean Fields' room.

A black cat named donning a belt with the name Simon appears and captures Dean Fields' attention and as she becomes entranced and approaches it becomes a demonic and lunges her.

It scratches at her throat viciously but she is able to pry the cat off and propel it through a transparent window.

A loud demonic, cat like screech then sounds hurting her, Helen and Kirk's ears as the windows blow out and Simon leaps back in at Dean Fields and attaching itself to her and pulling her head to the side with incredible velocity snaps her neck and then breaks the right section of her neck out, partially seperating her head killing her.

Kirk is then rendered unconscious and Clarissa outside at Dean Fields' room door is propelled back into a wooden table which smashes and she too is rendered unconscious.

Dwight is then killed as his wheelchair spirals him out the hallway window down to his death. Clarissa eventually comes to regain consciousness as Kirk fails to awaken prompting the group to drag him along to Hanson's little barred off secret chamber.

Harrison opts to stay and watch over him whilst Clarissa, Helen, Julian and Buster venture out with Hanson to open up the passage which should leave out into the grounds and one which connects to a place with stashed hoodoo inventory he can use once their out in the open to get rid of the Wraith.

Hanson guides Helen, Buster, Julian and Clarissa into the underground secret passages where they are seperated as the tunnels lights go out on the group.

Julian flees as the Wraith comes and knocks Clarissa and Helen apart.

He finds a cupboard room which he barricades himself in.

Eventually as the lights come back on and the group head to find Julian as Hanson slips away with Buster following him Clarissa takes off ahead of Helen and eventually finds the cupboard room Julian has barricaded himself in.

She then smashes through the door as a panicked Julian refuses to open it and is killed by a shotgun blast to the chest from Clarissa who then faints as the Wraith is expelled from her body as Hanson approaches with an amulet.

Helen tends to her in shock overlooking Julian's smoking corpse as Buster runs to them.

As the group gather up the supplies Buster kisses Helen and confesses he loves her and though she appreciates the gesture she confesses that part of the main reason she accepted the offer to clean up this death trap was because she likes Harrison.

Her and Buster cry it over as Clarissa regains consciousness tended to by Hanson and as the group pack up the rest of the supplies and head back for Hanson's secret room a fog of smokey air floods the tunnels and they are engulfed.

Buster is then hoisted up by the Wraith which has consumed enough souls to personify half a corporeal body which he uses to smash up Buster against the walls and wring his body in a complete, horrific twist in the air before dropping him to the ground dead.

Helen screams out in anger rushing at the Wraith and shooting at it and quickly tending to Buster's bloody body apologizing before Clarissa ushers her away along with Hanson who leads them out of the tunnels.

The group come back to Hanson's secret room and Kirk regains consciousness and armed with his pistol shoots Harrison before shooting away at Hanson, Helen and Clarissa.

He hits Helen in the back knocking her to the ground and Hanson is thrown through the entrance doors knocking him unconscious.

Clarissa then rushes away and comes to the foyer and from there is able to break into the garage where she is able to pry the doors open and get through with a minor arm graze before getting to her rich red Camaro.

The Wraith comes to take possession of the Camaro as Clarissa pulls out and prepares to surpass Kirk and Alice's jeep to smash through the gates herself.

Clarissa's camaro is also bombarded by a swarm of crows which leads to her swerving out of control and down a side grounds enbankement where she crashes into a small marsh.

She is able to escape the car as it explodes and sinks into the marsh but is ultimately killed upon fleeing into the woods and reaching an area leading out to the highway which has the barrier fading away allowing entry.

The Wraith takes possession of the trees which rips forth roots which slash her back and leave her to fall into a small creek.

Back at the Mansion Helen is able to make her way outside where the rainstorm increases in size and rages around creating a small flood whilst a severe windstorm whips in.

Helen calls out for Clarissa and sees her damaged car.

Hanson down in the secret chamber room beneath the foyer oversees a bizarrely acting Harrison who begins muttering over a slowly awakening Kirk and who is tightly grasping a golden chain necklace.

Hanson withdraws his revolver but is struck down as Harrison quickly turns and strikes him with a wooden board.

Harrison gleems as his eyes begin to bleed, he is then stabbed and knocked down by Kirk who quickly has face disintegrate in horrible burns. (A result of succumbing to possession from the Wraith)

As Helen comes back into the foyer and runs from room to room she is eventually stopped in the music room by Kirk whom she hugs but is stabbed and attacked by.

In an ensuing fight she is able to get down to the secret chamber room and there get ahold of the unconscious Hanson's revolver which she uses to shoot him down.

As he dies he utters thank you to her and bleeds to death in her arms.

A whimpering Helen looks up as Harrison awakens from unconsciousness and with the wooden board used to render Hanson unconscious renders unconscious as well.

The two are then taken to the foyer where Harrison plugs in a machine connected to a metal platform which acts on a frequency which he will use to corporealize the Wraith and have it act for him at full strength.

His full motives are revealed to an awakening bound Helen whom he tells that he had been failing until his occult dabblings and was discovered by the former Dean so he disposed of him and his wife and the information having been left for Marianne Fields the new Dean prompted him to take drastic measures to ensure her coming to the estate where he has bound the Wraith, as he needs to dispose of her but unfortunately that only comes with the plan of a clear out of inventory in which the school board would only permit a group for the task.

Harrison powers up the machine as Helen struggles with her restraints in time to see Hanson emerging from the hidden labyrinth of the house to Helen.

Harrison remains oblivious to this as Hanson proceeds to untie Helen whom informs that they need to shut down the platform as he is firing it up to summon back the Wraith and corporealize so as to have full control over it.

Helen armed with Kirk's knife she withdraws from table advances Harrison and the two struggle over as Hanson intercepting is able to disarm Harrison of the gun.

As Harrison overpowers Helen and pushes Kirk's knife into her chest after having Hanson swung across the ground he starts the platform and holds Helen's neck tightly in both hands proceeding to slowly strangle the life out of her.

Hanson however still conscious rolls over to the platform pulling forth many of the extension cords powering it up.

Hanson prepares to flee in quiet but then instead hops in between Harrison and her on the platform and wrestles with Harrison with the disarmed revolver.

The fight concludes as the revolver is tilted back towards Harrison and the gun discharges a single shot which blows through Harrison's neck up through the right corner of his head.

Hanson then pulls Helen and himself off the platform to the ground as it overloads and blows out all the windows of the mansion erupting at a high sonic frequency.

The two after the destruction look back in horror to see Harrison still alive with the Wraith now possessing his dead corpse and speaking in its' own frightening, booming voice.

The Wraith possessed Harrison makes its way stumbling towards a frightened Hanson and Helen but upon coming of the platform becomes entangled in the power cords which Helen and Hanson begin to switch back in and fire up, obliterating Harrison's body altogether and expelling the Wraith.

The Wraith which looms overhead in mid-air above them disintegrates into nothing as the sonic energy overtakes it.

Helen then helps a barely conscious Hanson out of the Mansion as tonnes of police cars roll in with ambulances.

The film ends as a year following a little blonde girl skipping along in the woods near the estate hears a voice call her name Allison and finds herself at the smoking ruins of the estate where an amulet unearths from the wreckage within the ruins, Allison then dons the amulet as smoke begins to form a figure behind her.


  • Albert Brooks as Hanson Llewis
  • Chris Pratt as Harrison Gilman
  • Rachael Leigh Cook as Helen Londes
  • Andrew Rannells as Kirk Peterson
  • Anthony Mackie as Julian Caan
  • Stana Katic as Clarissa Evans
  • Nina Repeta as Dean Marianne Fields
  • Taryn Manning as Alice Monday
  • Omar Sy as Wes Caan
  • Justin Randall Timberlake as Buster Keith
  • Matt Frewer as Professor Dwight Fields
  • Jonathen Banks as The Wraith
  • Sasha Pieterse as Allison Fairfield
  • Morena Baccarin as Helen's boisterous roommate Jeana
  • Joel Kinnaman as Royce Kirk's Varsity Friend
  • Jason Momoa as Tate Kirk's Varisty Friend
  • Lee Pace as Harrison's Suspicious Friend Jordan Mathieson
  • Kristanna Loken as Clarissa's outcast friend Andrea Michaels
  • Maggie Q as Clarissa's outcast friend Helen Jin
  • JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Alice's cheerleader friend Alison
  • MyAnna Buring as Alice's cheerleader friend Rita
  • Cote de Pablo as Alice's cheerleader friend Maria
  • Lindy Booth as Alice's cheerleader friend Samantha
  • Gil McKinney as Wes' Varsity Friend Roger Derricks
  • Justin Bruening as Wes' Varsity Friend Adam Campbell
  • Lee Pace as Julian's Stoner friend LeRoy Needleman
  • Amy Davidson as Julian's Stoner Friend Trisha Lowell
  • Vincent Kartheiser as Julian's Stoner Friend Dodge Braeden
  • Diego Luna as Julian's Stoner Friend Appleby Norris
  • Josh Cooke as Julian's Stoner Friend Kestle Burnes
  • Freema Agyeman as Julian's Stoner Friend Sera Castle
  • Adam Brody as Buster's bestfriend Eric Lloyd
  • Andrew Keegan as Buster's roommate Nathan Hawthorne
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Head Board Member Wilkins
  • Alexandra Paul as Board Member Talleren
  • Edie Falco as Board Member Trestle
  • Rupert Graves as Board Member Wyncott
  • Enrico Colantoni as Board Member Patterson
  • Cheryl Ladd as Board Member Walker
  • Helen Slater as Professor Patricia "Patty" Hargrove
  • Faran Tahir as Professor Ron Stalk
  • Tony Danza as Professor Robert Hilton
  • Tom Hollander as Marianne's Secret Lover Coach Winslow
  • Julian Sands as Dwight's tech guy Lance
  • Tommy Lister as Dwight's tech guy Rinaldo
  • Harrison Gilman
  • Helen Londes
  • Hanson Llewis
  • Julian Caan
  • Kirk Peterson
  • Dean Marianne Fields
  • Professor Dwight Fields
  • Buster Keith
  • Clarissa Evans
  • Alice Monday
  • Wes Caan


  1. Hash Pipe- Weezer
  2. Sing- Travis
  3. Black-Eyed- Placebo
  4. The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
  5. Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz
  6. Imitation of Life- R.E.M.
  7. Hey Baby- No Doubt
  8. Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse (Ending Credits Song)
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