Worms: Fatal War is an 2019 epic science fiction drama psychological thriller war film that is directed, produced, written and edited by RaymanLover 2019, This is RaymanLover 2019's first film to use Ultra Panavision 70 2:76:1 aspect ratio, This film was released with IMAX 3D, IMAX, 3D, D-Box seats, Dolby Surrond 7.1, Dolby Atmos, Cinemark XD, Auro 11.1, and 2D, This film has 6 edited cuts, This film takes 2 years later after the story of Legends 6.


Set in year 2035, Fairies are now an existing creature in human dimension, Then a war between 2 dimensions begins called Fatal War, If one of the soldiers win, they stay alive, but if one of them loses, they get executed.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Cody J. Franklin, an 42-year-old worm from the Worm Dimension and he works for car wash.
  • Jamie Foxx as Jimmy F. Renalds, an 35-year-old worm that is Cody's roommate and partner for car wash.
  • Justice Smith as John R. McDonald, He works for comic books and he's also Cody's best friend.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Hytalo Valdez, an 26-year-old human that is Penny's husband since Legends 6, He has autism, sleeping problems and anxiety
  • Teresa Gallagher as Penny Fitzgerald, an 28-year-old fairy that is Hytalo's wife and Gumball's ex-girlfriend.

Edited cut

This movie has 6 edited cuts, Original cut (3 hours and 2 minutes long), Premiere cut (2 hours and 36 minutes long), Theatrical cut (2 hours and 44 minutes long), Restored cut (2 hours and 58 minutes long), Extended cut (3 hours and 32 minutes long), and IMAX cut (2 hours and 28 minutes long). The original cut is actually released in the YouTube release. The premiere cut also releases in YouTube, but only 1 hour after the release of Original cut, Then the theatrical cut releases 1 hour after the release of premiere cut, Restored cut releases 2 hours after the release of theatrical cut, then extended cut releases 2 hours after the release of restored cut, Then the IMAX cut releases 4 hours after the release of extended cut.

Worms: Fatal War: Blackout

RaymanLover 2019 planned a black and white version of the film, he actually had the black and white version idea from Logan: Noir.


  • This is now the number-one highest-grossing film based on video games with the total gross of over US$2.3 billion.
  • This film is released first in theatres in all countries, but in Europe, It's a Netflix original film.
  • This film is having a possible TV series annoucement along with Legends.
  • This film is from the same universe from Legends.
  • This film had a IMAX midnight premiere in theatres.
  • This film was originally gonna be called Worms: Revenge War.
  • This film was originally gonna be released at January 2019, then pushed back to June 2019, then pushed back again to Feburary 2019, then pushed back again to it's current release date.
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