World of Jetix Official Trailer #3

(The trailer starts, while the camera switches to Haunted Asylum.)

(Then it swtiches to Alexander Paine)

  • Alexander Paine: What are you?
  •  ???: Hmph, hehe.

(Then it switches to A.T.O.M along with Louie, The Tick, W.I.T.C.H, Shade, Inspector Gadget, Goliath, Andy Larkin, Kick Buttowski Molly Wei and Ninja Turtles walking in the Tree Haven.)

  • Axel Manning: Tell me about Jetix Horde are evil?
  • Bill Winderson: Because, they are getting destroy.
  • Goliath: There need allies.
  • Andy Larkin: But my town hate me.
  • Bill Winderson: Then you telling pure good.

(In  the background, Warner Bros. Pictures, Jetix Cinematic Universe, Original Film and TimeWarner Logos appeared, Banner of Alliance and Horde.)

  • Bill Winderson: An evil villains beyond to us, now you will be revenge.
  • Leonardo: Is you!
  • Dr. Baxter Stockman: I saw everything, the cancelled.
  • Michelangelo: SEEEEEYYY WHHHHAAAAAAAAATT!!!!!!!!!

(The camera switches to Chichi and Lola learning be journey, Coop Burtonburger have arrived his town and Maxxor, he through so long be here in Chaotic Tournament.)

(The music stops.)

  • Maxxor: Who came here alonger!
  • Kick Buttowski: Look, we try to tell you.

(In the background while the title, "Warner Bros. Animation" appeared and it switches to "...and Legendary Pictures presents".)

  • Andy Larkin: Yikes!
  • Al Larkin: Andy!! How to you maniac are been here, that enough for pranks!
  • Goliath: Humality coward!

(Goliath fly away with getting Andy to base.)

  • Frieda Larkin: NO! Damn you! Why!!
  • Steve Rowgee Jr.: That weird deamon came out?

(Then swtiches to Paine, who was standing in front of Horde, ready to give orders. Then it swiches to Cyberlazers  flying and marching.)

  • Will Vandom: This is complete insane, there is no survived!
  • Mayor Stephen: There is only have to be continue.

(Singing to the Creeping in my Soul by Cyroshell as the title, "This June".)

  • Announcer: This June
  • Coop Burtonburger: Somewhere is merged! There is new once!

(Camera switches to The Ripping Friends smash all Cyberlazers and they will help then.)

  • Crag: So there is maked up for good heroes?
  • Axel Manning: Are you such are thing is?
  • Rip: Where The Ripping Friends! Bitch!
  • Catalina Leone: Oh yea, there nut.

(In the background as a stretching movie title, "World of Jetix"  Appeared. The movie title flips over into "In 4D".)

  • Announcer: World of Jetix. In 4D.

(Cuts to the voice cast same name from Jetix.  The screen switch to "In Theaters June 17, 2018 in 4D, Digital 4D and Real D 4D" with "Also playing in 4DX" below. The screen immediately cuts to black as the trailer ends.)

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