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Work is a 2005 black comedy crime film, starring Claud Marin. It is director Phil Derrick's debut film, and was released on May 10th 2005. While not commercially successful and not receiving a wide release, the film was a critical hit, and has since become a cult film.

The film centres on a forty-something office jock (Marin) whose life gradually deteriorates when his wife (Zara Clyne) cheats on him, and he become embroiled in a fraud scam and becomes a scapegoat for his boss (Paul Zsorywacsi).


Frank Thorne (Claud Marin) is a forty-something office jock for Darrell Industries, run by Aaron Darrell (Paul Zsorywacsi), who has ties with the Italian Mafia. Thorne is happily married to his wife Cassandra (Zara Clyne), and his son, Bobby (Andrew Martol). Thorne's life falls apart after his wife cheats on him, he becomes a scapegoat for his boss's criminal activities, and his son becomes embroiled in a drug underworld.


The film is divided into chronological order, detailing events from February 5 to March 1st, beginning with Frank Thorne entering the Darrell Industries building in San Francisco on February 5th. He stares at a photo of his family when his boss, Aaron Darrell, asks to see him in his office. Darrell praises Thorne for his commitment and dedication to the company, but is interrupted by thugs who enter his office and trash it, much to the bewilderment of Thorne. Darrell explains that the goons were sent by Ginno Pulazzo, who Darrell owes a large sum of money to.

Darrell then admits that he doesnt have the amount of money that Pulazzo wants, and bluntly tells Frank that he'll be his "Ponzi", convincing Pulazzo that it was Frank who gambled away his money. Frank demands that Darrell cannot treat him like this, all the while Darrell packs up his office, and promptly tell his him that if he's alive in a month to come and see him in the Bahamas. Driving home, Frank is almost killed in a car crash by a stray sniper bullet, and is then forced to walk home after the bus driver snaps. His wife Cassandra promptly tells him in his battered state that she is having an affair with a door salesman, Harold Gopchek. With his life crumbling, Frank tries to contact Pulazzo by arranging a bottom feeder drug runner called Gonzo. When he arrives at the meeting place he finds out that Gonzo is his son Bobby, who acts bored and depressed at home to mask his successes in the drug trade. In the middle of berating his son for lying and being a drug runner, Frank is kidnapped by Pulazzo's goons.

He awakens on February 24 in a dirty warehouse, only knowing of the date and his whereabouts by the only other thing in te room, a newspaper. He also reads in the newspaper that Darrell Industries has gone bankrupt, and that Cassandra has married Harold. He is finally introduced to Pulazzo, who confesses that he knows Frank is not involved in the debts, and that he will let Frank go if he finds Darrell. A week later, Frank arrives at the airport with a ticket to the Bahamas and a briefcase he isn't to open until he finds Darrell. Much to his chagrin Cassandra and Harold are on the flight also, en route to their honeymoon. Frank fortuitously runs into Darrell at the hotel bar in Nassau, albeit with a beard and heavily drinking. Offering Darrell, who has clearly forgotten him, a drink, Frank returns to his room to get his credit card and opens the briefcase, containing a sniper rifle and a note from Pulazzo instructing him to assassinate Darrell. Conflicted, Frank returns to the bar and considers how his life has fallen into decay, watching Darrell in his drunken state and Cassandra laughing. Deciding not to kill Darrell out of pity, Frank flies home, informing Paluzzo that he's not going to kill Darrell.

The film ends on March 1st with Frank disembarking at the airport and taking a taxi to Darrell Industries, where he sits in the abandoned building and lights a cigarette. The final shot is of Frank sitting, and the sound of cars pulling up and arriving, signalling Pulazzo's goons.


  • Claud Marin as Frank Thorne: A forty-something office jock for Darrell Industries. This was Marin's second English film role after 2000's Forever, and modelled his character's accent after a Boston one, although the film is set in San Francisco. This was the first collaboration between Marin and director Phil Derrick, he had a cameo in The Stroke and will appear in the upcoming Catching Time.
  • Zara Clyne as Cassandra Thorne: Frank's wife, and mother of his son Bobby. She is an aspiring actress, and cheats on Frank with a door salesman.
  • Paul Zsorywacsi as Aaron Darrell: The owner of Darrell Industries who has connections with the Italian Mafia. He uses Frank as a scapegoat when he becomes in debt to mob boss Ginno Pulazzo.
  • Christopher Morisannti as Ginno Pulazzo: A local mob boss who Darrell owes money too, he tries to kill Darrell, and later Frank when he becomes a scapegoat.
  • Gerald Smith as Harold Gopchek: The door salesman who Cassandra is having an affair with.
  • Andrew Martol as Robert "Bobby" Thorne: Frank's son, an underachieving high schooler who is involved in the drug trade. He traffics cocaine under the pseudonym "Gonzo"
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