Woody's very Bad Mood is the episode to have Anger, issues, and violence


Woody is a Bad Mood at the fun day his Bad Language makes him into trouble until Scroop shows up


  • Tom Hanks:Woody
  • Emma Thompson:Captain Amelia
  • Jopesh-Gordon Lovett:Jim Hawkins
  • Cheech Marin:Lenny
  • Charile Adler:Wheezy
  • Michael Wincott:Scroop
  • Jack Black:Po
  • Frank Welker:RC
  • Annie Potts:Bo Peep
  • David Hyde Perice:Doctor Dilbert Doppler
  • Kesley Grammer:Stinky Pete/Mr Waternoose
  • Note non-speaking characters Flo Morph Zoff Roly Poly Clown Linda Waddlesworth Mr Arrow Simba and Bullseye


  • Tulio Sliver Blu Henry and Peter does not appear in this Episode
  • Simba appears but Andile Gumbi recorded no lines for him
  • this is the first Episode to have slow-motion
  • This is the First time That Linda will appear Without Fernando
  • Woody's Bad Language was cut from the US and UK version of the Episode
  • Due to the passing of the great and talented Joe Ranft, Lenny And Wheezy will be Voiced by Cheech Marin and Joe's brother, Jerome Ranft.
  • When Woody in anger sees hundreds of cans are red when Woody jumps screaming they're blue
  • RC is voiced by Frank Welker instead but during the schedule Madge Sinclair passed away while during filming of Toy Story but It was dropped Out
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