Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a 2021 American 3D animated musical feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios written by Jodie Mack & Jackie Cockle. It is the third film adaption of Roald Dahl's 1964 children's novel of the same, following the 1971 Mel Stuart musical Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Tim Burton's 2005 musical fantasy version Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It is the 56th animated feature film in the Walt Disney Animated Canon and was released theatrically and in IMAX theatres on September 6th, 2021 becoming a commercial and critical success.

It features the voice talents of Eddie Redmayne, Finn Wolfhard, Sean Connery, Michael Fassbender and Virginia Williams.


The Oompa Loompas prepare Willy Wonkas' factory to re-open in a long time singing in unison the number Here Comes The Candyman.

As all the machines are restarted Golden Tickets are laid upon five lucky chocolate bars, and smoke rises from the factory chimneys outside looming is the silhouette of candymaker rival Arthur Slugworth.

Children of the surrounding village close to the factory join in song as Wonka bars and various candies are deployed across the world.

Young poverty stricken boy Charlie Bucket passes the local candy store and various adults and children enjoying such as with the small amount of money he was able to gather from paper delivery he has bought cabbage for cabbage soup for his family.

Both he, his mother, father and two sets of bedridden grandparents are fed by this as the announcement sounds that along with the re-opening Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, five lucky children who receive Golden Tickets will be invited for a tour of his factory, where a winner will be bestowed a grand prize.

Charlie's Grandpa Joe tells Charlie the stories of Willy Wonka, his discovery of Oompa Loompas in Loompaland, his humble beginnings as the son of the dentist Wilbur Wonka, Grandpa Joe's days working at the factory before it's close ten years before as a result of theft by Arthur Slugworth, and his associates Prodnose and Ficklegruber who took his recipes.

The five winners are then announced: Augustus Gloop the overweight son of a butcher in Dusseldorf, Germany, Violet Beauregard the American Gum Chewing record holder from Atlanta, Georgia, Veruca Salt the rich spoilt daughter of a peanut factory proprietor from Buckinghamshire, England, video gaming Denver, Colorado boy Mike Teavee and finally a boy from Cairo, Egypt.

The fifth winner of Egypt's ticket is later announced as a fake as Charlie's family faces eviction and with the last amount of money for cabbage, he instead stops by the candy store and purchases a Wonka Bar, in which is the fifth and final Golden Ticket.

He is immediately hounded by others offering money and prizes in return for the ticket, ushered out by the candy store clerk Charlie rushes home, stopped by Slugworth who offers immense wealth if when inside he gathers a new candy item on the market by Wonka: The Everlasting Gobstopper.

Charlie brings the ticket home, but claims the money is more important and that he should exchange the ticket. His parents and Grandpa Joe who has finally for the first time in years risen from the grandparents' shared quad bed convince him otherwise.

Allowed the company of one adult, Charlie and Grandpa Joe are set for the tour where they are met by the others: Augustus & his mother, Violet & her mother, Veruca & her father and Mike & his father.

Willy Wonka then unveils himself in a parade (overlooked by Slugworth) and walks the group through to the Chocolate room, overseen by a huge chocolate waterfall where he serenades the group exploring with 'A World of Pure Imagination'.

The group are then met by the Oompa Loompas who are mixing the waterfall before Augustus greedily sampling the chocolate river the group was warned not to, falls in and is then sucked into a pipe.

The Ooompa Loompas sing the cautionary song of 'Gloop in Goop' as he is directed by them away from the Strawberry Fudge Smelting room. Augustus' mother is then escorted away by the Loompas as a Candy ship arrives to take them onward.

From there they reach the inventing room where all the children are provided samples of Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopper, the children pocketing it, though Charlie doing so guiltily.

Violet samples Wonka's three piece meal chewing gum, though advised not to and when tasting the dessert flavor of Blueberry Pie, herself turns dark blue and inflates into a human blueberry, The Loompas appear to roll her away with the next cautionary melody: 'As Big As A Blueberry,' Violet's mother helping to roll her away.

Slugworth with Prodnose and Ficklegruber enter the factory thank in part to Mike Teavee's secret tinkering. In the third room The Nut Sorting room overseen by a bevy of squirrels, Veruca tries to claim one as a pet and is attacked by the hordes of threatened squirrels, who throw her down the garbage shoot in the middle of the room. Veruca's father is thrown in also and the Loompas preventing them being directed toward the factory incinerator sing 'The Bad Nut.'

Passing through the Fizzy Lifting Room, a parched Charlie and Grandpa Joe under Joe's suggestion try a fizzy lifting drink, leading them to temporarily separated and struggling to come to the ground again, doing so by burping.

Slugworth, Ficklegruber and Prodnose inside begin to tamper with the machines though Slugworth in an act of betrayal douses them in Nitrogen Candy that freezes them. Moving onward through the Great Glass Elevator the group are allowed to select a room: Mike selecting the Television Room.

Inside Loompas demonstrate with Wonka's explanation his new idea to teleport candy through to your local television sets. Mike offended by Wonka's ignorance to the idea of the teleportation of humans teleports himself. He is shrunken and teleported to the display t.v, where the Loompas reclaim and prepare to take him to be stretched in the Taffy Pulling Room, singing the final cautionary song 'Evil in Electronics.'

The tour concludes as Charlie is refused the Grand Prize Wonka revealing his knowledge of Charlie & Joe's sampling of the Fizzy Lifting Drink. Charlie deposits the gobstopper meant for Slugworth and the factory alarms sound. In the Glass Elevator as they fly across the village with Wonka for Charlie's final decision he is offered the factory, but at the expense of his family. Alarms sound from the factory as the Loompas struggle against the damage done by the intruding villains.

Returning Slugworth and Wonka face off, Slugworth tricked into trying an abandoned early sample of the Gobstopper resulting in him becoming a candy monster. Charlie, Grandpa Joe and the Loompas face off against the fiend, Joe seemingly sacrificing himself for Charlie. Wonka ultimately reverts Slugworth back into a now permanently rainbow shaded person. He is escorted out with the other losing four children and their parents to the gate.

Wonka agrees to Charlie's request, and Wonka signs a last will & testament to Charlie Bucket revealing his soon to be passing.

The Bucket family, Wonka and the Loompas enjoy a spectacular feast in their new home in the Chocolate Room.


  • Eddie Redmayne as Willy Wonka
  • Finn Wolfhard as Charlie Bucket
  • Sean Connery as Grandpa Joe
  • Virginia Williams as Mrs. Bucket
  • Michael Fassbender as Arthur Slugworth
  • Donald Glover as The Oompa-Loompas
  • Dennis Waterman as Prodnose
  • Mike Myers as Ficklegruber
  • Max Charles as Mike Teavee
  • Pixie Davies as Veruca Salt
  • McKenna Grace as Violet Beauregard
  • Ivo Pietzcker as Augustus Gloop


  1. Here Comes The Candyman- The London Philharmonic Orchestra & Donald Glover
  2. A Taste So Sweet- Michael Fassbender, Dennis Waterman & Mike Myers
  3. Tell You A Tale/Prince Pondacherry- Sean Connery
  4. Things Will Get Sweeter- Virginia Williams
  5. My Golden Ticket- Finn Wolfhard
  6. A World Of Pure Imagination- Eddie Redmayne
  7. Goop In Gloop- Donald Glover & The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  8. Which Way To Go- Eddie Redmayne
  9. As Big As A Blueberry- Donald Glover & The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  10. The Bad Nut- Donald Glover & The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  11. Lifted Up- Finn Wolfhard & Sean Connery
  12. Evil in Electronics- Donald Glover & The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  13. Up & Out- Eddie Redmayne & Finn Wolfhard
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