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Wonderbolts is a 2016 action superhero film adaptation, based off the MLP squad of Pegasus ponies of the same name. It is directed by Brad Bird, written by Meghan McCarthy, Katie Dippold & David S. Goyer and stars Kate McKinnon, Jim Sturgess, Angelina Jolie, Emily Blunt and Bonnie Hunt.



  • Kate McKinnon as Sergeant Spitfire, Captain of the Wonderbolts.
  • Jim Sturgess as Soarin, a member of the Wonderbolts.
  • Angelina Jolie as Fleetfoot, a member of the Wonderbolts.
  • Emily Blunt as Lightning Dust, a member of the Wonderbolts.
  • Bonnie Hunt as Rainbow Dash
  • Zoe Saldana as Blaze
  • Elissa Knight as Surprise
  • Lucy Liu as Misty Fly
  • Rihanna as High Winds
  • Will Arnett as Thunderlane