Wonder Woman 3: The One That Got Away is the third movie in the Wonder Woman sereis a
nd its based off the comics starring Mila Kunus, Christian Hall



General Darnell asks Dianna Prince and Steve Trevor to invesagate the death of Candise Fling a coworker. She had beeen sick for a week. Carla Swanson has been reporting to be sick also. They find out that Candice had been staying with Baroness Paula Von Gunter.

Dianna goes to the apartmeant and finds no one there. But somebody comes out of the attic and throws Dianna out the window. Meanwhile Steve, Etta and Mala are trying to find out who that agent was that escaped.

Baroness revels to Carla that she is a Nazi agent and asks if she wants to join. Crala refuses and the Nazi lock her up in the Baroness dungeon. General Darnell tells Dianna about the costume party that the Baroness is throwing and she and him will go. Dianna dresses up like Wonder Woman so she can captured to know where the Baroneess dungeon is at. At the party Wonder Woman finds the dungeon through a secrect passage in the basement. She finds Carla in one of the cells and finds the keys and unlocks the cell.

Carla has been drugged and hypnotized to be the Baronesss slave. Wonder Woman then gets chained by the Baroness and loses her strengeth and is trapped with the other tortured girls. At that same time Steve was following the agent was lead to the Baroness base and he to is captured. He and Wonder Woman are brought before a firing squad, but when they fire she uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets, and to shoot off her chains. The Candy's, Browns, Mala and Paul,  also arrive, and with the now free and fully powered Wonder Woman make quick work of the Nazis. Paul Von Gunther escapes, but the slaves are free.

They find out that the Baroness was the agent that escaped and they think she flew away with Herr Gross. Eve tells Dianna that she thinks the Baroness is hiding out on the Octopus a submirine. A man name Esing Martin gives her a bottle to take to the Octopus. Wonder Woman opens the bottle and finds expolsives in there and hurls it into water. The Baroness and Herr Gross sink the submirine to the bottom of the ocean floot.

A few hours laterWonder Woman goes to get her invsible plane when Steve showes up. He tells her that his friend Esing Martin was sopossed to met him and disapperd. Wonder Woman tells him that he was just talking to her. Steve then notcies two boats away in the middle of the water out in the ocean. 


Mila Kunus as Wonder Woman/Dianna Prince

Christian Hall as Steve Trevor

Shiloh Fernandaz as Herr Gross

Blake Lively as Baroness Paula Von Gunter

Chad Micheal Murrry as General Darnell

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