Wonder Woman 2: is a superhero movie based off the comics starring Mila Kunus, C
hristian Hall, Chad Micheal Murry, Gabriella Wilde, Alexandria Darrio, Thomas Dekker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Tania Reymonde, Jamie King, Patrick Wilson, Shila LeBeauof,



Wonder Woman complains to Steve Trevor that she wants to work in Amercia and Steve says he'll see if he can get her a job where he works at. Dianna Prince gets the job and Lila Brown Steve's secetary is jealous of her beacuse of her amazing typing and short hand skills. Steve finds out that a girl in his office is leaking  miltary secrects to the Nazi's and Lila suspects Dianna. General Darnell tells Dianna to do a health report on every girl in the building. While Dianna is testing Lila she finds out that Eve Brown Lila's sister has sent Lila a letter that contains information about a formla for airplane armor that Steve is sopossed to take to New York. The police search the building and the letter is in Dianna's desk and she is aresseted. As Wonder Woman Dianna escapes and breaks into Lila's house and confronts her about it. She revels that she stoled it from Eve before Eve could get it to an Nazi agent. Lila tells her that Eve has fallen for Herr Gross a Nazi agent that Dianna knows that worked with Doctor Posion. Lila tells her that he's in New York and Dianna is afraid that she won't be able to reach him in time so she calls up the Candy's and Mala and patrick for help.

Meanwhile Eve is on a train to New York with Steve. She goes up to Steve and convinces him that there's Nazi's waiting for him when he gets off the train. Steve dosen't believe her and when he gets off the train he realises that the Nazi's are going to kill Eve and he runs away with the formula but is then grabed by Herr Gross Meanwhile Wonder Woman is flying in her invisbile plane and sees one of the Nazi's boats and abords the boat. Eve is then captured by the Candys. Wonder Woman frees Steve and defeats all the Nazi's on borad.


Mila Kunus as Wonderwoman

Christian Hall as Steve Trevor

Chad Micheal Murry as General Darnell

Gabrielle Wisdle as Lila Brown

Alexandria Daddraio as Eve Brown

Shiloh Fernandaz as Herr Gross

Mary Elizabeth Winsteas as Mala

Thomas Dekker as Patrick

Tania Reymonde as Etta Candy

Sarah Roemer as Soft Candy

Jamie King as Sugar Candy

Patrick Wilson as Hard Candy

Shila LeBeuof as Mint Candy

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