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Wonder Woman is a superhero movie based off the comics starring Mila Kunus, Steve Trevor, Judy Greer, Chole Grace Mortez and Tania Reymonde.


Wonder Woman leavs Paradise Island for an emergency and gets herself caught up in a mess. After a Nazi plane guns her down Wonder Woamn nows something is happning over the coast. They find out that a group of villans known as the Nazi's  is producing toxic on an island and they find out that the person in charge is Doctor Posion who wants to destory the army with the deadly posion that she creats. Now it's up to Wonder Woman and her new friend Steve Trevor to stop the Nazi's and Doctor Posion before its to late.


Queen Hippolyta sends an Amercian boy to his death right in front of her daughter's eyes. Queen Hippolytla sends Dianna to the olympian gods where they give her several gifts making her beautiful, strong, swift and wise. Queen Hippolyta trains her daughter in till she's eighteen. One night when Dianna is walking home she sees a plane crash on the beach. She goes to help the person and finds intellengence officer Steve Trevor. This is the first time that Dianna has seen a man in ages. Dianna flies the invsible plane Steve back to Amercia in Washington D.C. and wonders arond feeling weird to be in a world with man around her.

She stops man santching a womans purse and meets Etta Candy. Etta invites her to her house where Dianna eats dinner with her family Soft Candy(Sister), Sugar Candy(Mom), Hard Candy(Dad) and Mint Candy(Brother). Dianna then goes back to the hospital and finds regester nurse Mala crying beacuse her fianca dosen't have enough money to come to the Amercia from South Amercia. Dianna flies in her invisible plane to South Amercia and brings Mala's fianca Patrick over to the hospital. Dianna checks on Steve and she starts to fly to Pardice Island but a nazi plane tries to shot her down.

The Nazi plane crashes to the ocean killing the people inside. Dianna tells her mom Queen Hippolyta and she uses her magic sphere to locate the Nazi's secrect island. Dianna flies back to Washington D.C. and finds Steve. He tells her thank you and Dianna tells her that she needs him to go to the Nazi island and fight them. Steve agrees and they fly to the secrect island where they see Nazi's producing toxic  gas.Dianna and Steve realise the gas killing the Nazi's and Steve almost gets killed.

While flying back to Amercia Steve gives her a superhero name named Wonder Woman beacuse she is beautiful, strong, swift and wise. Wonder Woman drops Steve back in Washington D.C. and flies back to Paradise Island and tells her mother that they destroyed the island. Queen Hippolyta asks Dianna why she keeps going back and forth to the states and Dianna tells her that she met a man and Queen Hippolyta gets angry and forbids her to stop going over there. Dianna tells her if she dose that then she'll tell everybody about the Amercian she killed.

Queen Hippolyta is suprised that Dianna still rembers that even though she was six at the time. Wonder Woman flies to the Washington D.C. and stays with the candys and vists with Mala and Patrick. Wonder Woman is walking down the street when Army Intellegence come up to her and says that the Nazis got Steve. Wonder Woman gets in but it turns out that there actully Nazis. They take them to another secrect island to Doctor Posion's headquartersa where she sees Steve and Wonder Woman gets locked in another Cell and loses her power.

Doctor Posion inteds to give Steve a truth serum but loses it when he goe sinside Wonder Woman's cell to taunt her. Dianna actully pin pocted the truth serum and Doctor Posion has the one that gives no effect. Steve then pretends to give up miltary secrects. Dianna's powers come back and she tries to leaves with Steve but the Nazi's capture him agauin. Doctor Posion uses her new drug called Rerverso to cause cahos in the army and causing the solders to do the oppiste of what there told by posining it in the showers and the water they drink. Wonder Woman  convinces the Candys, Mala and Patrick to help her fight the Nazis and Doctor Posion.

While Wonder Woman was held captive Doctor Posion told her th that her henchmen was going to have some prostitutes over to vist them. Wonder Woman has Etta, Soft, Sugar and Mala pose as the prostitutes while they are seducing the hunchmen by dancing to a song on the radio sedutivley. Wonder Woman finds Steve and Steve tells her that Doctor Posion is really a japanese princess named Maru. Maru then finds them and she and her henchmen then fight with Wonder Woman and Steve. Wonder Woamn and Steve kill all the hench man.

Doctor Posion sneaks away and drives off in her plane. Wonder Woman and Steve, the Candys and Mala and Patrick get into Wonder Woman's invisble plane and drive to Pardise Island. They warn Queen Hippolyta that Doctor Posion is some where on the island. Doctor Posion invaeds Queen Hippolyta's mansion and Wonder Woman posions Doctor Posion which kills her. Doctor Posion thinks she won and drinks a mountain dew that has posion which kills her. Wonder Woman, Steve and there team walks to the edge of the cliff and vow to fight again.


Mila Kunus as Wonderwoman/Dianna Prince

Christian Hall as Steve Trevor

Judy Greer as Queen Hippolyta

Queen Latifah as Doctor Posion

Tania Raymonde as Etta Candy

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mala

Sarah Romer as Soft Candy

Jamie King as Sugar Candy

Patrick Wilson as Hard Candy

Shia LaBeouf as Mint Candy

Thomas Dekker as Patrick

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